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7jetset7 is dedicated to bringing up-to-date airline/operator information to aviation technical personnel and jet airplane enthusiasts around the world. You have the opportunity to become a 7jetset7 member here, on our website. A search feature enables you to locate where individual jet airplanes are located and whom is operating them. Your membership will give you access to a comprehensive database covering most of the world's current jet fleet, as well as a chronological list of those airlines'/operators' progress over the past decade.

To help you locate an airline/operator in a particular country, our World Map search feature separates all of the 7jetset7 airlines/operators into nine regions spanning the globe.
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This feature allows you to acquire data and chart the progress of each individual airline/operator. The collection of information includes news of the past ten years, various airplane transactions and routes started, and operational performance information (traffic, capacity, load factor, financial records). You will also have access to a list of airline/operator executives, flight operations, and technical management personnel, as well as information regarding current owners and major shareholders. Click here for a free sample.

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Don’t know where to start? We’ll guide you through the search process and explain exactly what you’ll find at with an easy-to-use tutorial.
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Customer Quotes
"Thank you for listing us on your web site. The aviation community has noticed it. We are forging ahead with our plans. Like anything worth while, it is an uphill climb but not impossible.

I look forward to meeting you sometime when I am back in Seattle. I have forwarded a business plan to someone there and maybe we will see some interest in investment from your city. All the best to you as you build your database.

Respectfully yours,
Scott Duncanson
President & CEO
Winnjet Airlines Limited"

"This website is a very useful tool, for a number of reasons. With a few keystrokes, anyone can look up airline/operator history, including route structure, fleet size, number of employees, location and purchases/options for new aircraft - both for Boeing as well as for Airbus products, etc. It is also a nice touch to have a variety of operator telephone numbers, websites, e-mails to choose from in a pinch. I would like to hope that this website cab be kept up-to-date, and alive for many years to come."
- - Boeing, Designer, Customer Support
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