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7JetSet7 Code: ABV
Status: Operational
Region: AFRICA
Country: GHANA
Employees 47
Telephone: +233 21 782 814
Fax: +233 21 782 816

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ABV-2009-12 GHANA-A
ABV-2009-12 GHANA-B

Formed and started operations in 2003. Subsidiary of Antrak Group, Ghana. Domestic & regional, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

50 Senchi Street
Airport Residential Area
Accra, Ghana

PO Box CT693
Accra, Ghana

Airline House, Kotoka International Airport
Accra, Ghana

Ghana (Republic of Ghana): Formed in 1957. Capital city: Accra. Official language: English. Population: 18 million. Area: 238,537 sq km.

September 2004: ATR42-300 (086, 9G-ANT), ATR leased.

June 2005: 2 DC-9-51 (9G-NAN) deliveries to improve its domestic and international operations. These airplanes will be used to launch new services from Accra, Kusasi, and Tamale to 12 cities in the West African sub region, including Abidjan, Bamako, Banjul, Cotonou, Dakar, Freetown, Lagos, Lome, Monrovia, Niamey, and Ougadougou. 1st West African service was Accra to Ougadougou.

December 2006: Antrak Air (ABV) has launched a weekly service between Accra and Dusseldorf, using A321-211 equipment, wet-leased from (LTU).

December 2008: World nations currently rated Category 2 by the USA (FAA) under the agency's International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) program are: Bangladesh, Belize, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gambia, Ghana, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Israel, Kiribati, Montenegro, Nauru, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Philippines, Serbia, Swaziland, Ukraine, Uruguay and Zimbabwe. The (FAA) rating prevents nation's airlines being allowed to fly into the USA. They have the option to fly to the USA with an airline who is approved under Category 1.

The (FAA) states that a Category 2 rating "may involve a country lacking laws or regulations necessary to oversee air carriers in accordance with international standards, or that its civil aviation authority does not meet international standards in one or more areas such as technical expertise, trained personnel, record keeping, or inspection procedures."

December 2008: L-1011 Tristar (1199, TY-KEQ), wet-leased from Royal Air for the Hadj.

April 2009: APG-Global Associates said it introduced Antrak Air (ABV) into the Airlines Reporting Corporation.

September 2010: Antrak Air (ABV) provides scheduled and charter, passenger and cargo, jet airplane services from its base at Accra Kotoka International airport throughout West Africa. Charter flights are also offered throughout West Africa.

(IATA) Code: O4 - 916. (ICAO) Code: ABV (Callsign - ANTRAK).

Main Base: Accra Kotoka International Airport (ACC).

Domestic, scheduled destinations: Accra; Kumasi; Takoradi; & Tamale.

International, scheduled destinations: Bamako; Dakar; Dusseldorf; Freetown; Monrovia; & Ougadougou.

August 2012: Antrak Air (ABV) has wet-leased ATR72-500 (824, EC-KVI) from Spanish wet-lease (ACMI) specialist, Swiftair (SWF). It now uses the airplane on its domestic routes from Accra Kotoka (ACC) to Kumasi (KMS), Takoradi (TKD) and Tamale (TML) airports. Antrak (ABV) currently serves Kumasi and Takoradi, while Tamale is served daily, but from August 16 it will introduce a third daily Kumasi flight at the expense of Tamale.

August 2015: Antrak Air (ABV) is in the process of acquiring a pair of ATR72-500s ahead of a planned restart during the last quarter of the year Ghana's "Citi Business News" has reported.

Having suspended operations in June to restructure its business model, Antrak (ABV) is now planning to resume domestic Ghanaian flights in early October.

However, unlike in the past, when it wet-leased an ATR72-500 from Spain's Swiftair ((IATA) Code: WT, based at Madrid Barajas) (SWF), Antrak has acquired its two 'new' Avions de Transport Régional (Toulouse Blagnac) turboprops outright. The first is currently undergoing pre-delivery checks and maintenance in Casablanca International ahead of its delivery to Accra next month.


Click below for photos:
ABV-ATR72 Fleet - 2015-08.jpg

April 2016:

1 737-244 (JT8D-17A) (859-22591, /82 ZS-SIL), GIDEON AIR LSD 2008-01. 14C, 94Y.

2 DC-9-51 (JT8D-17 HK) (861-47732, /77 9G-NAN; 864-47746, /77 9G-NIN), 2005-04. 47746; RTRD. 139Y.

0 A321-211 (CFM56-5B3/P), (LTU) WET-LSD 2006-12. RTND. 220Y.

1 L-1011 (1199, TY-KEQ), ROYAL AIR LSD 2008-12 FOR HADJ OPS.

1 ATR 42-300 (PW120) (086, /88 9G-ANT), EX-ROSSAIR, ATR LSD 2004-09. 46Y.

1 ATR 42-320 (PW121) (041, /87 9G-AAB), 2008-01. 46Y.

1 ATR 72-500 (824, EC-KVI), (SWF) WET-LSD 2012-08.




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