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7JetSet7 Code: ACG
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Employees 60
Web: acg.aero
Email: info@acg.aero
Telephone: +49 6543 50 8400
Fax: +49 6543 50 8409

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Formed in 2008 and started operations in 2009. Formerly "(ACG) AIR CARGO GERMANY." Later, became (ACG) Air Cargo Global when bought by Slovakian tycoon, Igor Bondarenko, with former Aeroflot (ARO) Cargo boss, Andrey Goryashko, holding a minority stake. International, scheduled & charter, cargo jet airplane services.

Building 1335
Frankfurt-Hahn Airport
D-55483 Germany

Germany (Federal Republic of Germany) was established in 1949, it covers an area of 356,945 sq km, its population is 85 million, its capital city is Berlin, and its official language is German.

February 2009: 1st of 2 747-400SFs (Special Freighters) (D-ACGA), ex-China Airlines (CHI), converted by Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) Bedek, leased from Avion Aircraft Trading.

SEE ATTACHED PHOTO - - "ACG-747-400SF-2009-03-A."

Plans to begin operations with charter work in March, then in April offer scheduled cargo services on Frankfurt/Hahn to Moscow to Shangai, and later, Frankfurt/Hahn to Istanbul to Mumbai to Hong Kong.

September 2009: ACG Air Cargo (ACG) took delivery of a 2nd 747-400SF. The start-up carrier, which received its air operating certificate (AOC) in July, operates charter flights out of Frankfurt Hahn and said it expects to secure traffic rights for scheduled operations shortly.

October 2009: (ACG) Air Cargo Germany is soliciting pilots (FC) with a (JAA) (ATPL), typed in airplane and a working permit for the European Union (EU). (FC) should visit http://www.FltOps.com for more information.

July 2010: Air Cargo Germany (ACG) is a German air freight company based at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN). It specializes in global air freight transport to Asia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Russia and Turkey. Later developments include expansion into the North and South American markets.

(IATA) Code: 6U. (ICAO) Code: ACX (Callsign - LOADMASTER).

Main Base: Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) - - see http://www.hahn-airport.de

Destinations: Hong Kong; Istanbul; Moscow; Mumbai; & Shanghai.

747-412BCF (24061, D-ACGD), ex-(PH-MPP) delivery.

September 2010: (ACG) Air Cargo Germany took delivery of its 4th 747-400BCF on September 11, leased from Martinair (MTH). (ACG) plans to increase frequencies to Hong Kong, New Delhi and Shenyang.

November 2010: (ACG) Air Cargo Germany launched 2x-weekly, Hahn Johannesburg flights. Stops will be made in Tripoli (southbound) and Nairobi (northbound).

December 2010: (ACG) Cargo Germany is not currently posting any vacant Flight Crew (FC) positions.

February 2011: (ACG) Cargo Germany named Markus Gloeckler as (CFO).

(ACG) is not currently posting pilot (FC) positions.

December 2011: Air Cargo Germany (ACG) is not hiring pilots (FC) at this time. See FltOps.com and FAPA.aero.

March 2012: Volga-Dnepr (VDA) is planning to buy Frankfurt Hahn-based carrier Air Cargo Germany (ACG). Germany antitrust authorities said that Amsterdam-based, Volga-Dnepr Logistics sought approval for the deal March 1. A decision is expected this month.

(VDA) representatives in Russia did not comment on the deal but market experts said (ACG) is not a profitable asset. (VDA) wants to buy (ACG) for its market share and to launch new flights from Europe.

At the end of February, AirBridgeCargo (ABC), a member of Volga-Dnepr Group, failed to get 5th-freedom rights for flights from Frankfurt-on-Main to Chicago.

(ACG), founded in 2008, operates four 747-400s on routes including China, South Africa, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

(VDA) has finalized the acquisition of a 49% stake in Air Cargo Germany (ACG). The 2 carriers plan to jointly operate new routes to North America which both, (VDA)'s scheduled cargo carrier AirBridge Cargo (ABC) and Air Cargo Germany (ACG), do not yet serve.
The value of the deal has not been disclosed but (VDA) Senior VP, Sergey Shklyanik said the group refinanced (ACG)s debts for 15 million/$19.5 million as part of the deal.

(VDA) subsidiary, AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) will synchronize its schedule with (ACG), (ABC) Executive President Tatyana Arslanova said. (ABC) will still attempt to get 5th-freedom rights for flights from Frankfurt Main to Chicago, Arslanova noted.

May 2012: Air Cargo Germany (ACG) announced it will evaluate adding three additional 747-400F freighters to its fleet. (ACG) already operates 4 747-400Fs.

September 2012: Air Cargo Germany (ACG) currently serves 15 countries, 19 destinations and 47 routes.

Air Cargo Germany (ACG) will add 2 747-400ERF freighter airplanes to its fleet of 4 747-400SFs next month.

The 2 747-400ERFs will be transferred from AirBridgeCargo (ABC), the scheduled operating unit of Volga-Dnepr Group (VDA), which holds 49% in (ACG).

(CEO) Michael Bock said (ACG) will use the new 747-400ERFs to develop additional markets, which could include nonstop routes to Mexico and the Far East.

Next year, (ACG) will return the 4 747-400SFs to lessor Martinair (MTH) and will consider replacing them with either 4 newer 747-400Fs or 747-400ERFs.

(ACG) also announced it will add 3x-weekly, Hahn - Beijing flights by the upcoming winter schedule.

October 2012: Air Cargo Germany (ACG) is recruiting First Officers (FC).

See FAPA.aero: Pilot Career Conferences & Job Fairs

... For Future & Active Pilots (FC).

November 2012: Qatar Airways ((IATA) Code: QR, based at Doha International airport (DOH)) (QTA) is planning to withdraw from Cargolux ((IATA) Code: CV, based at Luxembourg Findel International airport (LUX)) (CLX) after serious disagreements with the government of Luxembourg that controls the majority of the shares in the carrier directly and indirectly via state owned companies. It currently holds a 35% stake in (CLX) the loss making cargo carrier and will now reportedly sell the stake back to the government which in turn will then look for a new strategic investor. The 2 parties could apparently not agree on a (CEO) that would lead Cargolux (CLX) going forward and on a new strategy for the carrier with Qatar Airways (QTA) subsequently deciding to offer its shares it had only acquired back in 2011 for sale. According to press reports in Luxembourg, Volga-Dnepr Airlines ((IATA) Code: VI, based at Ulyanovsk Vostochny airport (ULY)) (VDA) is 1 of the potential investors the government is currently talking to. Volga-Dnepr (VDA) also owns scheduled cargo carrier AirBridge Cargo ((IATA) Code: RU, based at Ulyanovsk Vostochny airport (ULY)) (ABC) and 49% in (ACG) Air Cargo Germany ((IATA) Code: 6U, based at Frankfurt Hahn airport (HHN)) which both have a similar business model as Cargolux (CLX).

April 2013: (ACG) Air Cargo Germany ((IATA) Code: 6U, based at Frankfurt Hahn airport (HHN)) has announced that it has suspended all of its cargo operations with immediate effect as of April 18 for the time being. (ACG) has a fleet of 4 747-400Fs that have been used for routes from both Hahn and Frankfurt International (FRA) to cargo destinations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. According to (ACG) (CEO) Michael Schaecher posted on (ACG)'s website, the suspension of services is only temporary with the airline and its shareholders (that include Volga-Dnepr Airlines ((IATA) Code: VI, based at Ulyanovsk Vostochny airport (ULY)) (VDA) which owns a 49% stake) currently reviewing a solution.

(ACG) Air Cargo Germany could be thrown a lifeline in the form of bank-loans brokered by the Rhineland-Palatinate state government, though nothing official has been made public as yet. The move comes after the Luftfahrtbundesamt, Germany's civil aviation authority, recently revoked (ACG)s air operating certificate (AOC) citing "its apparent non-compliance with European Community (EC) Directive 1008/2008," which allows the authority to revoke an airline's operating license should it be found incapable of financially sustaining its operations over a 12-month period. In this case, the (LBA) has claimed that (ACG)'s heavy debt burden has compromised its security oversight. The offer of state-backed loans has been met with criticism from the German aviation community at large, who claim that the planned bailout would distort market conditions.

May 2013: (ACG) Air Cargo Germany and its shareholders have unanimously moved to declare insolvency following the temporary suspension of its Air Operating Certificate (AOC). According to the cargo carrier, insolvency proceedings will provide both management and shareholders with breathing space in which "to create an opportunity to restructure the company and restore operational activities." Using a fleet of 4 747-400Fs, (ACG) had specialized in global airfreight operations until the Luftfahrtbundesamt (LBA), Germany's civil aviation authority, revoked it's (AOC) in early April citing European Community (EC) Directive 1008/2008. According to the (LBA), (ACG)'s security oversights had been rendered inadequate owing to the company's precarious financial state.

July 2013: Air Cargo Germany (ACG), which suspended operations April 18, has received interest from an unidentified American investor, several German media outlets have confirmed. (ACG) declared insolvency the same month.

(ACG) (CEO) Michael Schaecher said that management and shareholders want to restructure the company and restore operations.

2 of its 4 grounded 747-400SFs have been transferred from Frankfurt to Hahn Airport for maintenance (a possible sign it is renewing flights). The 2 airplanes, leased from Iceland-based Avion Aircraft Trading, had been parked at the deicing area close to runway West in Frankfurt. The other 2 airplanes have been returned to owner Martinair (MTH).

It is unclear if negotiations with current single major shareholder Air Bridge Cargo, a Volga-Dnepr Airlines subsidiary, will be successful.

August 2013: According to FAPA.aero, Air Cargo Germany (ACG) is presently not recruiting pilots (FC).

September 2013: Efforts to resurrect insolvent freight carrier, Air Cargo Germany (ACG) have failed, after no new investor could be found - - SEE ATTACHED - - "ACG-2013-09 - AIR CARGO GERMANY CLOSES DOWN."

747-409SF (24311, OM-ACG) is returned to Avion Trading and later leased to new operator (ACG) Air Cargo Global (based in Bratislava).

April 2014: (ACG) Air Cargo Global (Bratislava) has secured its Air Operators Certificate (AOC) from the Slovakian Civil Aviation Authority (Letecký Úrad Slovenskej Republiky - LÚSR) "CargoForwarder Global" has reported.

(ACG)'s next step in its quest for certification is the inspection of its 747-400F, leased from Iceland's Avion Aircraft Trading, by Frankfurt Hahn-based Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) specialists, Haitec. (ACG)'s 1st ex-(ACG) Air Cargo Germany 747F freighter leased from Avion is (24311, OM-ACG).

Among the initial routes to be served are Frankfurt to Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok via Dubai International and occasional services from Bratislava Milan Tastislav Stefanik Airport (BTS), Slovak Republic to neighboring Eastern European capitals.

(ACG) is now majority owned by Slovakian tycoon, Igor Bondarenko, with former Aeroflot (ARO) Cargo boss Andrey Goryashko, holding a minority stake.

July 2014: Air Cargo Global (ACG) is to establish a base at Frankfurt. (ACG)'s predecessor, Air Cargo Germany, which ceased operating last year amid financial difficulties, was based at nearby Hahn, but it is understood that a new hub at the city's main airport is one of the conditions placed upon the resurrected airline by its unnamed Chinese backers.

It is anticipated that (ACG) which has applied for a new Air Operator's Certificate (AOC), will initially operate 2 747-400Fs on services to Hong Kong via Dubai and occasionally, Bratislava.

August 2014: 747-409F (24311, OM-ACG) entered service.

February 2015: AeroTranscargo (ATG) 747-409F (24312, ER-AJC), ex-(4L-BCC), ferried Jakarta (CGK) to Sharjah.


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December 2017:

0 747-400ERF, (EX-(ABC) 2012-10. 2 RTND TO (ABC). FREIGHTER.

2 747-400F. FREIGHTER.

1 747-409SF (PW4056) (869-24311, /91 OM-ACG - - SEE ATTACHED PHOTO - - "ACG-747-400SF-2009-03-A;" 954-24312, /92 D-ACGB), EX-(CHI), AVION TRADING LSD 2009-07. CONV TO F BY (IAI). 24312; RTND. 24311 RTND AND LSD TO NEW START-UP (ACG) AIR CARGO GLOBAL (BRATISLAVA) 2014-04. FREIGHTER.

0 747-412BCF (24061, D-ACGD, 2010-08; 24975, D-ACGC, 2010-05), (MTH) WET-LSD. RETURNED. FREIGHTER.







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