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7JetSet7 Code: AEF
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: GERMANY
Employees 360
Web: flyaeroflight.de
Email: info@aeroflight.de
Telephone: +49 6171 899 00
Fax: +49 6171 899 219

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Formed and started operations in 2004. Regional, charter, passenger and cargo, jet airplane services.

Lessingstrasse 7-9
PO Box 2029
D-61440 Oberursel/Taunus, Germany

Germany (Federal Republic of Germany) was established in 1949, it covers an area of 356,945 sq km, its population is 85 million, its capital city is Berlin, and its official language is German.

Aero Lloyd (ACH) may be reborn next spring 2004, in a slimmed-down form with only 6 airplanes and a new name as a low-fare airline with a new business plan. The investor who intends to make this possible is travel-industry entrepreneur, Bogomir Gradisnik, 82, co-founder and former part-owner of (ACH). He will invest EUR 30 million/$37.2 million to launch the new airline, which will be named Aero Flight (AEF). (ACH) has leased 6 A320's to USA tour operators through April 2004, and another through October 2004.

February 2004: Dusseldorf - Turkey (A320-200). In April 2004, Frankfurt - Hurghada (weekly charter).

April 2004: To add 2 A320-200's previously assigned to MenaJet (MNJ). 2 A320-214's (2108, D-ARFD; 2128, D-ARFF), CIT (TCI) leased.

May 2004: A320-232 (575, D-ARFE) delivery & A320-214 (580, D-ARFC), (TCI) leased.

October 2004: In spring of 2005, from several European airports to Sajajevo.

2 orders A321-200's, ex-Aero Lloyd (ACH) leased.

November 2004: Selects Lufthansa (DLH) Systems for its integrated-solution Multi Host System.

July 2005: Aero Flight (AEF) operates services to Turkey in conjunction with Aero Lloyd (ACH)'s former tour operator subsidiary.

(IATA) Code: GV. (ICAO) Code; ARF.

International, scheduled destinations: Adana; Alicante; Ankara; Cairo; Catania; Fuerteventura; Hurghada; Istanbul; Luxor; Pristina; Santa Cruz de la Palma; & Sarajevo.

November 2005: Aero Flight (AEF)/(ACH), a German charter airline, suspended all services owing to financial problems and had its Air Operators Certificate (AOC) lifted November 1. The carrier was an offshoot of Aero Lloyd (ACH), which went bankrupt in 2004. It operated six A320s, employed 360 and flew mainly to destinations in southern Europe and Egypt.


November 2005:

0 A320-214 (V2527-A5) (2108, /04 D-ARFD), (TCI) LSD 4/04, WET-LST (BER) 4/04. TO (VIM) 3/06. 174Y.

0 A320-214 (V2527-A5) (2128, /04 D-ARFF), (TCI) LSD 5/04. RTND. LST (AKZ). 174Y.

0 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (575, /96 D-ARFE), 5/04. RTND. 174Y.

0 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (580, /96 D-ARFC), (TCI) LSD 3/04. RTND. 174Y.

0 A321-231 (V2533-A5) (1218, /00 D-ARFA; 1199, /00 D-ARFB), (ILF) LSD 4/04. RTND, LST (ABU) 1/06. 210Y.




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