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7JetSet7 Code: AGA
Status: Operational
Region: CIS
Country: RUSSIA
Employees 1777
Telephone: +7 3952 287 830
Fax: +7 3952 287 830

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AG-2015-05 - AN-148 Service.jpg
AGA-Cabin Attendants-2015-05.jpg

Formed and started operations in 2000. Domestic, regional passenger & cargo jet airplane services.

2/13 Shiryamova Street
Irkutsk, 664009, Russia.

Russia (Russian Federation) was established in 1991, it covers an area of 17,075,400 sq km, its population is 148.4 million, its capital city is Moscow, and its official language is Russian.

March 2014: Angara Airlines (AGA) operates scheduled passenger flights in Siberia, particularly in the eastern region around its primary base in Irkutsk, but also in Chita and Novosibirsk. Also offers fixed-wing and helicopter flights throughout Russia and provides emergency medical flights, search and rescue plus wide ranging aerial work, including patrol of transmission lines and support of construction and installation work.

(IATA) Code: 2G. (ICAO) Code: AGU - (Callsign - SARMA).

April 2014: Angara Airlines (AGA) has delayed until 2015 a decision on whether or not to exercise options on five additional An-148-100s. The domestic Russian carrier currently operates three of the type with an additional two of the previously contracted five airframes due before year-end.

According to, the decision to delay the arrivals hinged on several factors namely: market conditions, the status of production at the Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company, the price of the airplanes and the possibility of obtaining federal grants.

The Antonov An-148 is a regional jet aircraft designed by Ukraine's Antonov Design Bureau (Gostomel) and produced by Ukraine's Kiev Aviation Plant, AVIANT and Russia's Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company (VASO).

Angara Airlines (AGA) currently operates 3 jet airplanes domestically and serves 14 destinations, 16 routes and 13 daily flights.

May 2015: Angara Airlines (AGA) has introduced a weekly (Saturday) service on the 2,997 km Russian domestic sector between Nizhnevartovsk (NJC) and Krasnodar (KRR). The route, which launched on May 23 and will operate until September 12, will be flown by (AGA)ís Antonov An-148-100s and will compete with the existing weekly service offered by UTair (TYU). Angara Airlines (AGA) operates a fleet of 18 airplanes (a variety of Antonovs) and 15 helicopters. (AGA)ís on-line booking tool lists a total of 23 airports from which scheduled services are offered including Kazan, Novosibirsk, Ufa, and Vladivostok. Formed in 2000, (AGA)ís primary operations are in Siberia.


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June 2016:

1 ANTONOV AN-24B (AI-24A) (17307410, /72 RA-47848), 48Y.

5 ANTONOV AN-24RV (AI-24A) (17307107, /72 RA-47818; 37308804, /73 RA-46625; 47309410, /74 RA-46662; 47309908, /75 RA-46697; 57310408, /75 RA-46712), 48Y.

2 ANTONOV AN-26-100 (AI-24VT) 2709, /75 RA-26543; 6808, /78 RA-26511), COMBI.

1 ANTONOV AN-26-100 (AI-24VT) 7802, /79 RA-26655), FREIGHTER.

5 +5 OPTIONS ANTONOV AN-148-100E (D-436-148) (4107, /12 RA-61711; 4110, /12 RA-61713; 4201, /12 RA-61714), 2012-11. 75Y.

10 MIL-8T (TV2-117A), (6916, /76 RA-22267; 5882, /75 RA-25975), UTILITY.



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