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7JetSet7 Code: AGH
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: AFRICA
Country: GHANA
Employees 17
Web: airlift.aero
Email: operations@airlift.aero
Telephone: +233 21762886
Fax: +233 21286311

Formed and started operations in 2008. Charter, domestic, regional & international, cargo jet airplane services. Also provides wet-lease (ACMI) services to other cargo carriers.

321 Aviation House
No 2 Aviation Road
Accra, Ghana

Ghana (Republic of Ghana): Formed in 1957. Capital City: Accra. Official language: English. Population: 18 million. Area: 238,537 sq km.

September 2010: The European Commission (EC) amended its list of airlines banned from the European Union (EU) for safety reasons to include Ghana's Meridian Airways (CPB). It also placed restrictions on another Ghanaian carrier, Airlift International (AGH, banning it from operating three of its airplanes to (EU) airspace.

(EC) VP Responsible for Transport, Siim Kallas said, "We cannot afford any compromise in air safety. Where we have evidence that air carriers are not performing safe operations or where the regulatory authorities fail in their obligation to enforce the safety standards, we must act to guarantee to exclude any risks to safety."

The (EC) said in a statement that Meridian (CPB) was banned "as a consequence of a series of very poor results from inspections involving not only their airplanes but also facilities used by the airline in the (EU)."

It added that an inspection of an Airlift (AGH) airplane "indicated a standard well below that required by international standards," leading to the banning of the inspected airplane as well as two that the wet-lease (ACMI) cargo carrier has in storage. The (EC) said (AGH) now has just one airplane it can operate to the (EU). (AGH) on its website said it operates a fleet of five DC-8F freighters.

The (EC) published the 14th update of its "blacklist" earlier this summer.

(ICAO) Code: Callsign - AIRLIFT GHANA.


November 2013:

1 DC-8-63F (JT3D-7) (496-46093, /69 9G-RAC), 2008-10. FREIGHTER.


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