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7JetSet7 Code: AJK
Status: Operational
Region: AFRICA
Country: NIGERIA
Employees 67
Telephone: +234 1 6594735
Fax: +234 1 4932431

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Formed in 1999. Partner company of (DAS) Air Cargo (DAR). International, charter, cargo, jet airplane services.

Nahco Cargo Building
2nd Floor, Murtala Muhammed Airport,
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

The Federal Republic of Nigeria was established in 1960, it covers an area of 923,768 sq km, its population is 125 million, its capital city is Abuja, and its official language is English.

October 2003: Also uses DC-10-30F airplanes wet-leased, when required.

December 2003: 727-247F (22534) bought from (JLT) (WP) Aircraft.

November 2004: (ICAO) Code: AJK (Callsign - BAMBI).

June 2005: 707-351C (19411, 9Q-CKR), ex-DAS Air Cargo (DAC), leased to Hewa Bora Airlines (EXD).

December 2005: Allied Air (AJK) of Nigeria will add a 2nd 727-200F to its fleet this month.

727-217F (21055, 5N-RKY), ex-AllCanada Express (EXM), delivery, after maintenance and painting by Miami-based Commercial Jet.

March 2006: 727-217F (21056), ex-AllCanada Express (EXM), delivery.

October 2006: The European Commission (EC) updated its list of airlines banned in the (EU), adding Kenya's DAS Air Cargo (DAC) and Uganda's Dairo Air Services (DAR), due to "the serious safety deficiencies identified in these twin airlines in the last few months," as well as Ariana Afghan Airlines (AFG). The (EC) also banned all 27 companies certified in Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Air (KYR), owing to "the national control authority's inability to supervise them effectively."

68 carriers (19 from the Democratic Republic of Congo, 21 from Liberia, 18 from Sierra Leone, and 10 from Swaziland) have been removed, as they ceased operating because they lost their Air Operator's Certificates (AOC)s. 8 recently created airlines in the (DRC) have been added. Air Services Comores (COM) of Comoros, previously banned outright, now is subject to operational restrictions, and will be allowed to operate services bound for Europe with an airplane recently fitted with appropriate safety equipment. The (EC) also decided to keep Phuket Air (PHK) and Air Koryo (KOY) on the list.

The Commission and the member states' aviation safety experts examined 6 other individual cases, including Pulkovo Aviation (STG), Pakistan International Airways (PIA), Ghana's Johnsons Air (JON) and Ajet (HCY) (the former Helios Airways). It concluded that it did not consider an immediate banning measure was called for on the basis of air safety criteria, but stated that it will "be keeping a watchful eye" on those operators' implementation of the corrective action they and their respective national authorities have promised.

September 2008: World Airways (WLD) signed a 2-year contract with Allied Air (AJK) to operate 1 MD-11F on a full-time basis between Belgium and Nigeria. World Airways (WLD) will begin the Allied (AJK) service on October 1, flying from Ostend to Lagos, and continuing on to Nairobi to uplift perishables. The flights will be operated 3 to 4 times weekly. (AJK) operates 4 727F freighters, working with its worldwide sales agent (ANA) Aviation Services to provide scheduled flights and ad hoc charter services.

July 2009: World Airways (WLD) extended its contract with Allied Air (AJK) to operate an MD-11F freighter on a full time basis through December 2011 on an Ostend - Lagos - Nairobi - Ostend routing. It has been operating the MD-11F on the route for Allied since October 2008.

November 2010: Allied Air Cargo (AJK) operates scheduled cargo jet airplane services from Lagos, primarily to African destinations, including Accra, Entebbe, Freetown, Malabo, and Monrovia. Also operates regular international services linking Lagos, Nairobi and Ostend, including offering cargo charters. Executive jet charter services are flown by Allied Air (AJK)'s Executive division.

(IATA) Code: 4W. (ICAO) Code: AJK - (Callsign - BAMBI).

Partner company of (DAS) Air Cargo.

Main base: Lagos Murtal Mohammed International airport (LOS).

June 2012: ACCDT: A Nigerian 727-227F (JT8D-17R HK) (1796-22540, /82 5N-BJN) cargo jet landed in a pool of water during heavy rains before overshooting the runway at Ghana’s Accra-Kotaka airport (ACC) on June 2nd, authorities said.

The 727-2270F, operated by Allied Air cargo (AJK), rammed through the airport fencing and crashed into 2 cars on a nearby street, killing at least 10. “What we know for now is that it was raining at the time and the plane landed in a pool of water and that created some challenges to the pilot (FC),” Doreen Owusu Fianko Managing Director of the Ghana Airports Company told reporters during a visit to the crash site by President John Atta Mills.

Fianko said a joint team, including external aviation experts would be announced later to begin investigations into the crash.

The 727-221F which had taken off from Lagos in Nigeria, failed to stop at the end of the runway and crashed into a taxi cab and mini-bus on a nearby street just after 1900 GMT, killing 12 people.

Fianko said the plane was carrying general goods including textiles, perfumes and clothing from Nigeria to the Ivory Coast via Accra.

All four crew (FC), including two pilots (FC) survived the crash. “They are all in good health and are receiving treatment at the clinic,” Fianko said.

A "Reuters" witness saw a badly mangled minivan and ten bodies next to the crashed plane, which had parts of its nose, wing and undercarriage torn off.

The airport perimeter wall near the road was smashed. Ambulances, police and military security had cordoned off the area.

A doctor at the airport medical clinic near the runway said he heard “a loud bang and screeches” and then went outside, where he saw a plume of smoke rising from the accident site.

Operations at the airport remained normal with all flights on schedule, Fianko said.

June 2nd’s crash was the 1st in decades in Ghana, whose airspace has a fairly high safety record, compared with other countries in the West Africa region.

December 2012: Allied Air ((IATA) Code: 4W, (ICAO) Code: AJW), based at Lagos Murtala Muhammad airport (LOS)) (AJK) will shortly introduce its 1st 737-406F to its fleet. Former Our Airline ((IATA) Code: ON, based at Nauru International airport (INU)) (NAU) 737-406F (24529) is currently being prepared for the Nigerian cargo carrier at Jacksonville Cecil Field airport (VQQ) in Florida. (AJK) so far operates with a fleet of 3 727-200F airplanes with an average age of >26 years. Its latest fleet addition was originally delivered to (KLM) Royal Dutch Airlines in passenger configuration in 1989.

May 2013: Allied Air (AJK)) is set to replace its fleet of 3 aging 727-200Fs with 3 737-400s, the 1st of which, (26081), is set to undergo conversion into a 737-400F at Aeronautical Engineers, Inc in Jacksonville Cecil Field (VQQ) in June. (AJK) already operates a 737-400F (24529, 5N-OTT), on behalf of (DHL) Aviation (South Africa) (DHV, Lanseria (HLA)). Allied Air (AJK) has also been taking steps to expand its regional West African market presence of late with the recent introduction of a 1x-weekly Ostend Brugge International (OST) to Freetown Lungi International (FNA) via Lagos Murtala Muhammad (LOS) flight operated with one of its 3 MD-11Fs wet-leased from World Airways (WLD).

April 2014: Swiftair ((IATA) Code: WT, based at Madrid Barajas) (SWF) has deployed its first 737-400F (25261, EC-MAD) to West Africa where it is under contract for (DHL) Express. Based out of Abidjan, it was recently spotted in service in Lagos replacing its predecessor, an Allied Air ((IATA) Code: 4W, based at Lagos) (AJK) 727-200F (21056, 5N-JNR).

July 2015: The Nigerian government on July 10 said it has no plan to ban Liberian airlines from coming into the country, following a fresh outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease in the West African nation.

A fresh case of Ebola was detected in Liberia, nearly 2 months after the West African country was declared free of the virus by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Liberian authorities are monitoring at least 100 people thought to have been in contact with a 17-year-old boy, Abraham Memaigar, who died on June 28 in Margibi County, Liberia.

Spokesperson for the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) Fan Ndubuoke said in Lagos, the country's commercial hub, that both inbound and outbound passengers were being screened for the virus by Port Health Officials.

He told reporters that the Ebola Prevention and Control was a collaborative effort by relevant agencies, saying adequate facilities were in place at the Port Health Office, where inbound and outbound passengers were adequately screened.

According to him, rather than banning the airlines, the various agencies have intensified necessary preventive measures at all the international airports in the country.

He assured the public and intending passengers that all government agencies were on their guard not to allow any passenger who refused to be screened into the country.

He added that the authority would not hesitate to sanction any airline that violated the mandatory screening at its various check points.


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September 2017:

0 707-351C (JT3D-3B HK) (540-19411, /66 3C-QRO), EX-(DAC), EMOTAN FLT SVCS LSD, TO (EXD) 2005-06 AS (9Q-CKR). FREIGHTER.

1 727-2Q6F (JT8D-17HK) (1540-21971, /79 5N-BMQ), EX-(N727WF) 2009-07. TO REPLACE WITH 737-400SF IN 2013-06. FREIGHTER.

1 727-217F (JT8D-15HK) (1117-21055, /75 5N-RKY), EX-(EXM) 2005-12. EX-(C-FACR). TO REPLACE WITH 737-400K IN 2013-06. FREIGHTER.

0 727-217F (JT8D-15HK) (1122-21056, /75 5N-JNR - SEE PHOTO), EX-(EXM) 2006-03. REPLACED WITH SWIFT AIR (SWF) 737-400SF (25261, EC-MAD) 2014-04 UNDER CONTRACT FOR (DHL) EXPRESS. FREIGHTER.

0 727-221F (JT8D-17R HK) (1796-22540, /82 5N-BJN, IN ACCDT SEE 2012-06), EX-(5X-TON) 2006-09. FREIGHTER.

1 727-247F (JT8D-15 HK) (1738-22534, /81 5N-OTI), BF JLT WP ACFT 2003-12. TO REPLACE WITH 737-400SF. FREIGHTER.

1 737-400SF (CFM56-3C1), FREIGHTER.

1 737-400 (CFM56-3C1) (26061), TO CONVERT TO FREIGHTER 2013-06. FREIGHTER.

1 737-406SF (CFM56-3C1) (24529, /89 5N-OTT), EX-OUR AIRLINE (NAU)/(KLM) 2012-12. OPS FOR DHL SOUTH AFRICA. FREIGHTER.

3 MD-11F, (WLD) WET-LSD 3 YRS 2008-09. FREIGHTER.




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