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Name: ASKY
7JetSet7 Code: AKY
Status: Operational
Region: AFRICA
City: LOME
Country: TOGO
Employees 47
Telephone: +228 220 88 18
Fax: +228 223 03 10

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Formed in 2007 and to start operations in 2009. Domestic, regional, & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

Operation Centre
PO Box 2988
Lome, Togo

Togo (Togolese Republic) was established in 1960, it covers an area of 56,785 sq km, its population is 4.5 million, its capital city is Lome, and its official language is French.

November 2007: Meeting of the Board Directors of the Regional Airline Promotion Company (SPCAR) and, Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders in Lome.

* Creation of Asky (AKY) (Africa Sky), and modelling itself on the defunct Air Afrique (AFR);
* The Articles of Association of the new Airline, drawn up by a team of lawyers from Anglophone and francophone countries, were adopted;
* The authorized capital was set at CFA F 60 billion/US$120 million);
* The Head Office is to be located in Lome.

November 2007: Mr Gervais K Djondo was appointed Chairman of the Asky (AKY) Board of Directors.

June 2008: A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) that defined and specified the conditions for a global partnership agreement between Asky (AKY) and (ETH). (ETH) took the commitment to give assistance for the start up and development of the airline and to take an important stake in (AKY)'s capital.

July 2008: Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) and privately held Togolese start-up Asky (AKY) signed a Memo of Understanding (MOU) to form a strategic partnership covering marketing, operations, maintenance, training, financing, and management contracts, (ETH) announced. It will hold a 20% stake in the start-up, which is expected to launch services in 2009 with eight airplanes likely to be leased from (ETH). "(ETH) has been engaged in the process of identifying a hub in West Africa in order to serve the region better and connecting it to the rest of the world," CEO, Girma Wake said. "Following our successful operations and management of the Addis Ababa hub, we are now determined to build Lome as the second largest hub in Africa for (ETH)." (ETH) serves Lome four-times-weekly.

(ETH) currently flies 28 airplanes to 51 international and 30 domestic destinations.

September 2008: Asky (AKY) plans to launch operations in 2009 with two medium and three long-haul airplanes, probably leased from Ethiopian Airlines (ETH). (AKY) is considering flights from Africa to Europe, Asia and finally to the USA.

March 2009: Asky (AKY), West Africa’s new airline will start operations in April 2009.

Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) has a 25% stake in (AKY). The management team of (AKY) will be formed by (ETH) executives. (ETH) will provide long haul flights for (AKY), if new airplanes are not delivered by the time of the launch.

(ETH) CEO, Girma Wake has been quoted as saying, “We expect to make the maiden flight by April when we expect the first set of airplanes would have arrived. If not, we will even use (ETH) airplanes to launch the new airline.” He also said that (ETH) would shift its main aviation hub in the region to Lome, before the launch of (AKY). This would enable (ETH) to connect regional routes to Lome, from where (AKY) will be able to connect passengers to other countries.

As per the contract signed between (AKY) and (ETH), (ETH) will facilitate the launch of (AKY) and manage (AKY). (ETH) will hire staff and train new staff for all (AKY) services.

December 2009: Asky (AKY), a Togolese start-up affiliated with Ethiopian Airlines (ETH), plans to launch service to regional destinations on January 15 with two 737-7K9s (34401, ET-ANG; 34402, ET-ANH), ex-Cimber Sterling Airlines (STR), on lease from (ETH) and said it intends to serve Europe, the Americas and Asia in the future. Shareholders include (ETH) (20%), Ecobank Group, Ecowas Bank for Investment and Development, West African Development Bank and the Sakhumnotho Group of South Africa.

January 2010: First flight of Asky (AKY) on January 15 from Lome to Abidjan and Banjul. Plans to initially serve Abidjan, Accra, Lagos, and Niamey.

June 2010: Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) is seeking to expand its African presence by creating airline start-ups across the continent. It launched Lome-based, Asky (AKY) in January. (ETHY) CEO, Girma Wake previously said that (ETH) has a 25% stake in Asky (AKY), which has a diverse ownership spread among individuals and institutions in 11 African countries. (AKY) operates to 11 destinations and will take delivery of its third 737NG during the summer. "Asky (AKY) has become profitable already," Wake said.

He said (ETH) is evaluating launching additional airlines in southern or northern Africa. "But first, we want to [solidify] Asky (AKY)," he explained. He did not rule out investing in existing African carriers. "We are talking to [some airlines]," he revealed. A further possibility could be to join forces with another major African airline to launch a start-up, he said. He also reiterated that (ETH) would like to join the Star Alliance (SAL).

August 2010: DHC-8-Q402 (4320, ET-ANW - - SEE PHOTO - - "AKY-DHC-8-Q402-2010-08"), delivery, Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) leased.

September 2010: Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) increased its cooperation with Asky (AKY), in which it has a 25% holding, and introduced new connectivity between West Africa and (ETH)'s network through its hub, Addis Ababa. (ETH) has announced it will transfer its Monrovia operations to Asky (AKY).

December 2010: Asky (AKY) is an African regional airline linking the West African capitals of Abidjan; Accra; Bamako; Banjul; Brazzaville; and Ouagadougou. Services are planned to Addid Ababa; Harare; Johannesburg; Khartoum; Nairobi; & Windhoek.

(IATA) Code: KP. (ICAO) Code: SKK.

Main Base: Lome airport (LFW).

January 2011: 737-790 (33012, ET-AOK - - SEE ATTACHED PHOTO - - "AKY-737-790-2011-01"), ex-Alaska Airlines (ASA).


June 2011: Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) said that ASKY Airlines (AKY), in which it now holds a 40% stake, is preparing to start long-haul operations. "This is the next step, routes to Europe and to Johannesburg," Ethiopian CEO, Tewolde Gebremariam said. "Maybe [AKY] will get a 767 for these new operations.

(AKY) operates three 737-700s and one Bombardier DHC-8-Q400.

Though (AKY) is looking to spread its reach, Gebremariam noted that competition on routes between Africa and other world regions is fierce. International routes to/from Africa "have become overcrowded with many foreign airlines like Emirates (EAD) or SkyTeam (STM) alliance member carriers" attempting to gain market share. "Inner-African routes are still better business," he added.

(ETH) and future Star (SAL) Alliance partners, Egyptair (EGP) and South African Airways (SAA) are evaluating whether to establish a carrier in Central Africa, Gebremariam said. There are six potential countries where the carrier would be based, he explained. "With our membership in the (SAL) Alliance, the alliance will become the dominant player in Africa before SkyTeam (STM) alliance and Emirates (EAD)," he predicted.

Regarding (ETH)'s network, (ETH) will launch its second North American destination when it starts Addis Ababa - Toronto Pearson flights in December. Currently (ETH) serves Washington Dulles daily from Addis Ababa (ADD) using a 777-200LR. The launch of (ADD) – Damascus service has been postponed until further notice owing to the unrest in Syria.

(ETH) is expecting the delivery of two new 777F freighters on lease from (GECAS) (GEF) by the end of 2012. Gebremariam noted that "15% of our business comes from cargo." He added that (ETH)'s passenger fleet modernization is proceeding smoothly. "Two of 10 new 737NGs [on order] just arrived and we have 12 A350s and 10 787s on order. The first 787 should be delivered in January 2012 and (ETH) expects to bring a total of four 787s into service next year."

(ETH) currently operates 11 767-300s, with eight of the type slated for retirement by 2016. It also operates four 777-200LRs, eight 757-200ERs, five 737-700s, five 737-800s and eight Bombardier DHC-8-Q400s.

December 2011: Ethiopian Airlines (ET) said that ASKY Airlines (AKY), in which (ETH) holds a 40% stake, is looking for potential investors to enable (AKY) to operate as a multi-hub system within Africa.

(ETH) CEO, Tewolde Gebremariam said that (AKY), which was founded in 2009, is operated by (ETH) via a five-year management contract. “We are looking for investors like South African Airways (SAA) or Egyptair (EGP) and others.”

Gebremariam said (ETH) is also considering creating a new carrier in Central Africa. “The plan is [to create] a new African airline with (SAA) and (EGP), but we still have to work out the details.”

ASKY (AKY) announced in June it would start long-haul operations.

(AKY) operates three 737-700s and one Bombardier DHC-8-Q400 and should grow “with several airplanes every year,” he said.

October 2012: Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) is close to an agreement with the government of Zambia to establish a new hub for Southern Africa at Lusaka International airport (LUN) according to the "African Aviation Tribune." Zambia's Ambassador to Ethiopia has confirmed that the two countries have agreed to a yet to be signed air services agreement that would pave the way for (ETH) to set up a base in Lusaka. (ETH) had previously announced back in July that it was actively looking at establishing a third base in the South of the continent following its joint venture ASKY Airlines (AKY), which operates a hub at Lomé Tokoin airport (LFW) in cooperation with (ETH) already.

December 2012: Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) is trying to imitate the international joint venture (JV) strategy pioneered by (LAN) Airlines and copied with much success by AirAsia (ASW) and JetStar (IMU). (ETH) already owns 25% of African Sky or ASKy (AKY), which flies from Lome, Togo, and which just recently announced service to Senegal (finally). (ETH) badly wanted to serve Dakar, one of western Africa's busiest markets, but until now has been blocked by various protectionism restrictions. (AKY)'s new Dakar flights will operate three times per week from Lome via Bamako in Mali. In the meantime, the amazing (ETH) has its designs set on Malawi, Zambia and perhaps some other under-served markets.

January 2013: Asky Airlines (AKY) inaugurated operations in Senegal on 25 December, as it extended its existing route from Lome (LFW) in Togo to Bamako in Mali with thrice-weekly services to the Senegalese capital of Dakar (DKR). All flights on the 2,300 km route are operated using 737-700s.

Parent, Ethiopian Airlines (ETH), based in one of the world's poorest countries, has had an impressive track record in recent years. It joined the Star (SAL) Alliance and became the first African airline to take delivery of the 787. Now, with its 787 fleet growing, (ETH) has to make the next transformation—upgrading its on board product to industry-standard levels. (ETH) aims to build a long-haul network between Africa and Asia, so it must compete not only with the on board products of Asian airlines, but also with those of the big three Persian Gulf carriers ((EAD), (EHD) & (QTA)). In its efforts to quadruple sales by 2025, (ETH) also has to further develop its African network and its Togo-based affiliate, ASKY Airlines (AKY).

August 2013: Ethiopian Cargo is partnering with African regional carrier, ASKY Airlines (AKY) to set up a cargo hub in Lomé, Togo.
(ETH) is set to launch Lomé as its second cargo hub outside Addis Ababa with effect from August 15. In addition to direct flights to Addis Ababa and to Liège, regional operations will include flights to Accra, Douala, Bamako, Abidjan, Abuja, Malabo, Ouagadougou, Port Harcourt Omagwa and Cotonou to be operated using a 737-400F.

Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) will dry-lease a former Brussels Airlines (EBA) 737-43Q, (28493), from Aviation Capital Group (CGP) following its conversion into a 737-400F freighter. The airplane will likely be deployed to the airline's newly inaugurated Lomé cargo hub where, it is understood, it will be wet-leased to Ethiopian's West African subsidiary, ASKY Airlines (AKY), as part of a joint venture (JV) initiative.

ASKY Airlines (AKY) is reportedly considering turning Kumasi in central Ghana into a secondary hub through the launch of direct flights to various West African capital cities and commercial centers. Mr Busera Awel, the (CEO) of (AKY), said that in line with its strategy to link all capitals in Africa, (AKY) is choosing regional over domestic routes with initial destinations to include Abidjan and Ouagadougou. "Very soon, the airport will be ready for operations. It [flying directly from Kumasi to other West Africa Countries] was part of our 2015 plan. But very soon the airport will be ready and we will fit it into our plans. It’s easy [to operate from Kumasi to other West African destinations]. It doesn’t need a lot of investment.” The Ghana Airport Company states that Kumasi is currently undergoing rehabilitation and repairs to its terminal and its runway with improvements to the tune of US $173 million. Meanwhile, Ghanaian domestic carrier, Starbow Airlines ((IATA) Code: S9, based at Accra) (IKM), says it will resume regional flights to Cotonou and Abidjan but only when "market dynamics are right." Starbow (IKM) is also amongst the contenders for a possible Accra to Lagos route, pending the necessary approval by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority. Africa World Airlines ((IATA) Code: AW, based at Accra), Antrak Air ((IATA) Code: O4, based at Accra) (ABV), Fly540 Ghana ((IATA) Code: 5G, based at Accra) (FOX) and even Gambia Bird ((IATA) Code: 3G, based at Banjul) (GMQ) have all announced plans to begin flights to Nigeria, but claim their moves have so far been blocked by the Nigerian authorities.

September 2013: ASKY starts twice weekly DHC-8-Q400s to Guinea-Bissau connecting with its Lome - Accra - Monrovia flights on September 15th - - SEE ATTACHED - - "AKY-2013-09 - STARTS BISSAU 2X WEEKLY." Bissau (OXB) is the capital city of Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. The new 820 km addition between Monrovia and Bissau gives the total operation a 2,165 km sector length. Asky Airlines (AKY) operates the flights with no competition.

December 2013: ASKY Airlines ((IATA) Code: KP, based at Lomé) (AKY) is planning to launch its first dedicated extra-African flights to Beirut, Lebanon, (CEO), Yissehak Zewoldi told Ethiopia's "Reporter" news service. Speaking on the sidelines of the just-ended 45th African Airlines Association (AFRAA) annual general assembly in Kenya, Mr Zewoldi said his airline is looking to tap into the growing Middle East - South American market. “We want to establish a natural route. If you look at a map, it will be a straight flight from Beirut to São Paulo Guarulhos via Lomé. We will feed passengers to Ethiopian Airlines (ETH). This route will be the shortest from the Middle East to South America,” Zewoldi said. As an Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) subsidiary, ASKY (AKY) offers flights to Brazil albeit as a code share with Ethiopian (ETH). In likely preparation for the launch of the new flights, likely to also coincide with the launch of its first Southern African flights to Johannesburg O R Tambo, the Togolese carrier is due to take delivery of its first 737-800 (37936, ET-AOA).

Asky (AKY) currently operates 10 airplanes, to 23 destinations on 54 routes, operating 35 daily flights.

June 2014: ASKY Airlines ((IATA) Code: KP, based at Lomé) (AKY) said it is open to offers from investors and organizations interested in acquiring a stake in (AKY). South Africa's "BusinessDay" newspaper claimed South African Airways (SAA) had considered acquiring a stake in the Togolese carrier with plans to relocate its hub from Lomé to Accra. “Any purchase of shares is highly welcome by any individual or organization,” ASKY (AKY) spokeswoman, Traoré Afsath, told "Bloomberg" newswire.

(SAA) is now reportedly in talks with Ethiopian Airlines (ETH), which owns a 40% stake in the Togolese-based airline.

Established in 2009, ASKY (AKY) is a profitable joint venture (JV) between Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) and various West African banks and private investors. Serving over >23 destinations scattered throughout West and Central Africa, (AKY) has now set its sights on launching long haul flights with Johannesburg O R Tambo and Beirut flights on the cards.

For its part, (SAA) has pointed to an increased African presence, as the panacea to its financial woes. As part of its latest turnaround strategy (its ninth) (SAA) said an increased West and Central African presence will allow it to compete more effectively with its fellow African rivals Kenya Airways (KEN), Ethiopian (ETH), EgyptAir (EGP), and Royal Air Maroc (RAM). However, (SAA)'s record in the joint-venture (JV) department has been less than stellar.

In 1995, (SAA), in conjunction with the Tanzanian and Ugandan governments, their respective national carriers Air Tanzania (TNZ) and Uganda Airlines (QU, Entebbe/Kampala), and various private east African investors, moved to establish a new long-haul carrier Alliance Air (Uganda) ((IATA) Code: Y2, based at Entebbe/Kampala) (ALF), which offered flights between Europe and East Africa using a leased (SAA) 747SP. The venture collapsed just four years later having racked up debts totalling USD50million.

Then, in 2002, (SAA) acquired a 49% stake in Air Tanzania (TNZ), only for that venture to collapse in 2006 again on the back of heavy sustained losses.

Asky (AKY) operates 10 airplanes and serves 20 countries, 23 destinations, 56 routes and 29 daily flights.

August 2014: ASKY Airlines (AKY) has suspended its flights to the Guinean capital, Conakry, effective immediately. The Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) subsidiary said the worsening Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa had forced the airline to take drastic action.

"The Ebola virus continues to spread in the sub-region forcing many states in Africa to close their air borders," it said. "Due to increasing concerns and all restrictions, ASKY (AKY) has to suspend all flights to Conakry."

ASKY (AKY)'s Conakry route profile includes flights to Abidjan, Bamako, Bissau, and Dakar.

Earlier this month, Emirates (EAD) extended its own moratorium on flights to Conakry.

September 2014: The West African Development Bank (BOAD) will increase its investment in Togolese carrier (ASKY) (AKY) and take a stake in Air Côte d’Ivoire (VRE).

December 2014: News Item A-1: INCDT: An Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) Boeing 737-400F freighter, operating for Togolese carrier ASKY (AKY), skidded off the runway at Accra in Ghana, causing substantial damage to the airplane.

(ET-AQV) was operating ASKY (AKY) flight number KP4016 from Lome to Accra when the incident occurred at 11:05 local time on January 10.

According to (ETH), the airplane “skidded off of the runway with flat tires upon landing,” but the crew disembarked safety and returned to their hotel after undergoing medical checks.

“Three persons (flight crew) were on board the airplane, but no casualties were recorded,” according to The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, which added that “preliminary investigations are underway to determine the cause of the incident.”

Images from the scene show the airplane resting on its belly in a grassy area, with substantial damage to its nose, wings and engines. The starboard engine appears to have detached and is resting in front of the airplane's nose, while the cowling is lying near the forward fuselage, in front of the starboard wing.

(AKY), which is one of (ETH)’s equity partners, launched operations in 2010 and started cargo services from its Lome hub in late 2013. All of (AKY)’s airplanes are leased from Ethiopian Airlines (ETH).

This latest accident will be a further blow for (ETH), which suffered a fire on one of its Boeing 787s parked at London Heathrow (LHR) in July 2013, and had one of its Boeing 767-300ER hijacked by a co-pilot (FC) seeking asylum in February 2014.

July 2015: The Nigerian government on July 10 said it has no plan to ban Liberian airlines from coming into the country, following a fresh outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease in the West African nation.

A fresh case of Ebola was detected in Liberia, nearly two months after the West African country was declared free of the virus by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Liberian authorities are monitoring at least 100 people thought to have been in contact with a 17-year-old boy, Abraham Memaigar, who died on June 28 in Margibi County, Liberia.

Spokesperson for the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) Fan Ndubuoke said in Lagos, the country's commercial hub, that both inbound and outbound passengers were being screened for the virus by Port Health Officials.

He told reporters that the Ebola Prevention and Control was a collaborative effort by relevant agencies, saying adequate facilities were in place at the Port Health Office, where inbound and outbound passengers were adequately screened.

According to him, rather than banning the airlines, the various agencies have intensified necessary preventive measures at all the international airports in the country.

He assured the public and intending passengers that all government agencies were on their guard not to allow any passenger who refused to be screened into the country.

He added that the authority would not hesitate to sanction any airline that violated the mandatory screening at its various check points.

January 2018: News Item A-1: "Ethiopian Airlines to Take 45% Stake in Zambia Airways" by (ATW) Victoria Moores January 16, 2018.

Star (SAL) Alliance carrier Ethiopian Airlines (ETH) has finalized a strategic partnership with the Zambian government on the re-launch of Zambia Airways (MBA), taking a 45% stake in the airline.

On January 16, (ETH) announced it had finalized a shareholders’ agreement with the Zambian government, which will retain a controlling 55% shareholding. Lusaka-based Zambia Airways (MBA) will become Ethiopian’s strategic partner for Southern Africa, building on its existing regional partnerships with ASKY Airlines (AKY) in Lomé (Togo) and Malawian Airlines (AML) in Lilongwe (Malawi).

(ETH) Group (CEO) Tewolde Gebremariam said the move fits with (ETH)’s multiple hub approach, which forms part of (ETH)’s 15-year Vision 2025 strategic plan. He added that the partnership will improve Zambian connectivity, boosting investment, trade, tourism and socioeconomic growth.

Zambia Airways (MBA) will initially serve national and regional routes, before expanding to international flights. “As an indigenous and truly pan-African airline, we firmly believe that it is only through partnerships among African carriers that the aviation industry of the continent will be able to get its fair share of the African market, currently heavily skewed in favor of non-African airlines, and play its rightful role in availing efficient air connectivity within Africa as well as with the rest of the world,” Gebremariam said.

(ETH) serves >100 international passenger and cargo destinations using a fleet of Airbus A350s, Boeing 787-8s and 787-9s, 777-300ER, 777-200LRs and 777-200Fs, with Bombardier Dash 8-Q400s on its regional routes.


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March 2019:


3 737-7K9 (CFM56-7B24) (2216-34401, /07 ET-ANG; 2270-34402, /07 ET-ANH), EX-(STR), (ETH) WET-LEASED 2009-12. 16C, 102Y.

1 737-790 (CFM56-7B) (33012, ET-AOK - - SEE ATTACHED PHOTO - - "AKY-737-790-2011-01"), EX-(ALA) 2011-01. WITH WINGLETS. 12F, 108Y.

1 737-800 (CFM56-7B).

4 BOMBARDIER DASH 8-Q402 (4320, ET-ANW - - SEE PHOTO - - "AKY-DHC-8-Q402-2010-08"), (ETH) WET-LEASED 2010-08. EX-(C-GEUN).




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