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7JetSet7 Code: ANV
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: CIS
Country: RUSSIA
Employees 27
Web: avianova.ru
Email: info@avianova.ru
Telephone: +7 4956619050
Fax: +7 4956619051

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Formed and started operations in 2009. Domestic, & regional, scheduled & charter, low cost carrier (LCC), passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

Zvenigorodskaya 2nd Street
Building 13, Block 15
Moscow 123100, Russia

Russia (Russian Federation) was established in 1991, it covers an area of 17,075,400 sq km, its population is 148.4 million, its capital city is Moscow, and its official language is Russian.

July 2009: Its first service was operated from Moscow Vnukovo airport to Sochi.

September 2009: AviaNova (ANV)'s main shareholders are the Alfa Group and Indigo Partners (INZ).

(ANV) launched operations with 2 A320s, (ILF) 5 year leased, serving Sochi/Adler, Krasnodar, Naberezhnye Chelny, Rostov-on-Don, and Samara.

(ANV) Director General, Vladimir Gorbunov said (ANV) hopes to add two airplanes in time for the winter schedule, the "Moscow Times" reported.

(ILFC) (ILF) announced a lease deal for two used A320-232s (0661, EI-EEI - - SEE PHOTO - - "ANV-A320-232-2009-10," ex-(US Airways (USA), to Avianova (ANW) for 58 and 59 months, respectively.

October 2009: Avianova (ANV) scheduled its seventh route: Moscow Vnukovo - Kazan, starting next month. (ANV)’s main Low Cost Carrier (LCC) rival is Sky Express (SEX).

January 2010: Avianova (ANV), which launched low-fare service from Moscow Vnukovo last August, will transfer its operation to Sheremetyevo's Terminal 1 on March 28. Sheremetyevo has more terminal space now after its recent expansion. (ANV) is also expanding its network to Perm and Ufa.

(ANV) said it carried more than >130,000 passengers in its first five months of operation. It currently operates 180-seat A320s to seven Russian destinations.

February 2010: Avianova (ANV) has launched four times weekly, A320-200 service from Moscow Vnukovo to Kazan on November 10. It has added a third ex-easyJet (EZY) A320-200 to its fleet.

(ANV) said it signed a lease contract with Aviation Capital Group (CGP) for two (V2500)-powered A320-232s. (ANV) currently operates two of the type and will take delivery of its third next month and the fourth in April. (ANV) is transferring from Vnukovo to Sheremetyevo in late March. It plans to launch service to Ufa on March 5 and Perm on March 6 and already serves seven destinations from Moscow.

March 2010: All services were transferred from Moscow Vnukovo airport to Terminal B at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport (SVO).

April 2010: Aviation Capital Group (CGP) reported first-quarter activity comprising a lease of one new A320-200 by Avianova.

(IATA) Code: AO.

July 2010: Avianova (ANV) will launch service to Kaliningrad from Moscow Sheremetyevo (five-times-weekly) and St Petersburg (four-times-weekly) on October 31.

August 2010: Avianova (ANV) launched its fifth destination from its second home at St Petersburg with flights to Yekaterinburg.

(ANV) has added two additional ex-easyJet (EZY) A320-200s and now operates a fleet of five airplanes. It has added what it calls a virtual base in St Petersburg:
Moscow Sheremetyevo - Anapa: 2x weekly seasonal A320-200 service between July 28 and August 28;
Moscow Sheremetyevo - Ekaterinburg: daily A320-200 service started on April 23;
Moscow Sheremetyevo - Gelendzik: 5x weekly A320-200 service started on May 30;
Moscow Sheremetyevo - Kaliningrad: 5x weekly A320-200 service started on October 31;
Moscow Sheremetyevo - Perm: 2x weekly A320-200 service started on March 6 (originally served from Vnukovo);
Moscow Sheremetyevo - St Petersburg: 3x daily A320-200 service started on April 23;
Moscow Sheremetyevo - Ufa: 3x weekly A320-200 service started on March 5 (originally served from Vnukovo);
Moscow Sheremetyevo - Ulyanovsk: 4x weekly A320-200 service started on April 2;
Moscow Sheremetyevo - Volgograd: 3x weekly A320-200 service started on June 2;
St Petersburg - Adler/Sochi: 4x weekly service started on May 23;
St Petersburg - Arkhangelsk: 3x weekly A320-200 service started on May 25;
St Petersburg - Ekaterinburg: 3x weekly A320-200 service started on July 29;
St Petersburg - Kaliningrad: 4x weekly A320-200 service started on October 31;
St Petersburg - Krasnodar: 3x weekly A320-200 service started on May 25.

October 2010: Avianova (ANV) is withdrawing from the Moscow - Kazan route.

November 2010: Avianova (ANV) is a start-up low cost carrier (LCC) operating domestic services from Moscow to Astrakhan, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Naberezhnye Chelny, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Sochi/Adler, St Petersburg, Ufa and Yekaterinburg.

(IATA) Code: RD. (IATA) Code: VNV.

Parent organization/shareholders: Luch, A1, Alpha Group (51%); Texas Pacific Group (TPG) with David Bonderman (35%); and Indigo Partners (INZ) (14%).

Main Base: Moscow Sheremetyevo airport (SVO).

December 2010: Avianova (ANV) will increase service to Kaliningrad from Moscow and St Petersburg to daily service, citing high demand.

(ANV) named Dmitri Mirgorodsky Chief Operations Officer. The main tasks in his new position will be to ensure “operational excellence” and “drive the operational growth of the airline” as it continues its “aggressive expansion plan," (ANV) said.

January 2011: Avianova (ANV) will launch thrice-weekly, Moscow Sheremetyevo service to Tyumen and Surgut on April 9 — and between Tyumen and Surgut themselves. (ANV) said it intends to increase frequencies to the two Siberian cities before its summer season begins.

But operating a business in Russia is nothing if not challenging. (ANV)’s latest run-in with bureaucratic frustration came when Pulkovo airport in St Petersburg refused to provide "appropriate economic conditions,” forcing it to cancel expansion plans and withdraw existing flights. (ANV) didn’t mince words, saying the “attitude of Pulkovo is very disappointing.” It plans to reallocate airplanes to “more cooperative” airports.

March 2011: Avianova (ANV) will launch thrice-weekly, Krasnodar service to Surgut (April 30), Yekaterinburg (June 15), and Sochi (June 15), as well as thrice-weekly, Sochi - Yekaterinburg service (June 15).

April 2011: Avianova (ANV) will launch four-times-weekly, Moscow - Simferopol service on June 15.

June 2011: Andrew Payne, CEO and Michael Hayden, CCO, were locked out of their management offices in a "coup" by Avianova (ANV)'s major shareholder A1.

October 2011: Avianova (ANV) has set up an emergency office to handle the fallout from Avianova (ANV)'s apparent collapse, after the airline failed to confirm that it would operate further services.

The airport operator said (ANV) "did not respond" to an urgent message demanding an explanation for its terminating ticket sales, and seeking confirmation over its summer and winter flight schedules.
Shareholders of (ANV) are placing the carrier in bankruptcy, according to the management team which has been caught up in a bitter power struggle between the airline's owners, investment firms A1 and Indigo Partners (INZ), since June.

(ANV) had served a network of some 20 destinations from Sheremetyevo, as well as a handful of routes from St Petersburg, Krasnodar and Sochi, using a fleet of six A320s.

Sheremetyevo's operator said it is setting up an "operational headquarters" at the airport to "ensure uninterrupted service" as well as support to Avianova (ANV) passengers.

(ANV)'s (CEO), Andrew Pyne, claimed (ANV) was in "great shape" before a bizarre turn of events on 24 June when the management team said it was locked out of the airline's offices in a coup by one of the shareholders.

Pyne, who was still laying claim to be the head of the airline even though the management could not exercise any control over its operations, said the closure of the carrier was "a tragedy" for those affected as well as the Russian economy. "The airline's collapse was the most unnecessary and avoidable of outcomes," he added.

Pyne added the dispute had "turned a success story into a disaster" and that he would support and co-operate with a thorough investigation by the authorities. He specifically points out that Russian federal air transport regulator, Rosaviatsia, which had been monitoring (ANV) opted in August to extend the airline's operating certificate for a year, having been convinced by documents showing the carrier could obtain loans "sufficient to carry out operations".

Pyne believes that the authority was not aware of the true state of the airline's financial position.

Sky Express (SEX), Russia’s first low-cost carrier (LCC), will lose its air operator’s certificate (AOC) and operate under a new single (AOC) with Russian regional carrier Kuban Airlines (KIL).

Alexander Neradko, the head of Rosaviatsia (Russia’s Department of Aviation/Ministry of Transport) announced the (AOC) changes as part of the consolidation process between Sky Express (SEX) and Kuban (KIL), which is based at Krasnodar International Airport in Southern Russia.

The owner of Kuban (KIL), Russian investment company Basic Element, announced its intent to buy Sky Express (SEX) in 2010.

The new combined airline will operate under the better-known, Sky Express (SEX) brand, but it is not clear if it will remain an (LCC).

Sky Express (SEX) was launched in 2007 by a group of foreign investors, including the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development and Altima Capital. It started operations with two 737-300s operating several domestic routes and offered a promotional fare of 500 rubles/$18. Later, however, (SEX) was forced to enter the charter market because it could not sustain the (LCC) business model in Russia. In 2010, it carried 1.66 million passengers.

On October 11, the Department of Aviation suspended the (AOC) of a second Russian (LCC) (Avianova) (ANV)). Avianova (ANV) started flights in August 2009, but investors American Indigo Partners (INZ) and Russian A1 stopped funding. (ANV) ceased selling tickets on October 3 and made its last flight on October 9. Avianova (ANV) carried 1.54 million passengers in 2010.



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October 2011:

2 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (543, /97 EI-EEL; 661, /97 EI-EEI - - SEE PHOTO - - "ANV-A320-232-2009-10"), EX-(USA), (ILF) 58 & 59 MTH LSD 2009-09. 159Y.

3 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (1918, /03 EI-ELD; 1969, /03 EI-ELE; 1993, /03 EI-ELN; 2157, /03 EI-ERH), EX-(EZY), (CGP) LSD 2010-04. 1918; RTND. 159Y.






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