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7JetSet7 Code: APN
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
City: Gatwick
Country: United Kingdom
Employees 7000
Telephone: +1 888 247 7278

Air Partner (APN) (aircraft broker) handles aircraft charter services, air freight services and private jet hire.

2 City Place
Beehive Ring Road
Gatwick, West Sussex RH6 0PA
United Kingdom

April 1971: Air Partner (APN) was launched in 1961 by Tony Mack Snr, Trading as Airways Training. It began as a school for military pilots (FC) converting to civilian licences using flight simulators and a fleet of Beagles. It was initially based in the art deco Beehive Terminal, Gatwick’s original terminal, with its grass runways, which opened in 1936.

Following the years as a flying school, Air Partner formed an air taxi operation with a fleet of Chieftain, Piper Aztec 125 and C550 aircraft. At this time, the company name was changed to Air London to reflect the change in business focus.

June 1983: Air London decided to move away from the air taxi business and concentrate on aircraft broking. The company remained in the same location and the name was not changed from Air London to Air Partner until the global offices were introduced.

January 1995: Air Partner (APN) became a public listed company (PLC) in 1995 when they achieved full listing on the London Stock Exchange.

March 2011: Air Partner (APN) was voted the best private jet company in Europe by "Global Traveler" magazine, a monthly, (ABC)-audited magazine for frequent business and luxury travelers.

August 2015: News Item A-1: "Air Partner (APN) Acquires Aviation Safety Business" by (ATW) Victoria Moores, August 20, 2015.

UK-based aviation services group, Air Partner (APN) has bought Baines Simmons, an aviation safety consulting business, for £6 million/$9.4 million.

London Gatwick-headquartered, Air Partner (APN) is primarily a charter broker, active in business and commercial aviation, including freight, while Baines Simmons specializes in aviation regulation, compliance and safety management. “Baines Simmons will provide (APN) with the opportunity to extend the group’s service and product capabilities, which will complement and enhance its existing aircraft broking business,” (APN) said.

Founded in 2001, Baines Simmons has worked with around 750 aviation organizations and more than >40 aviation authorities, including Airbus (EDS), British Airways (BAB), (EASA), (KLM), Rolls Royce (RRC), (SAS), The Isle of Man Government, Thomas Cook (JMA)/(GUE), Thomson (ATZ)/(TFY), and Virgin Atlantic (VAA). It has three business areas: consulting, training, and outsourced services.

Following the acquisition, Baines Simmons will maintain its brand, remain headquartered at Fairoaks Airport in Surrey, and continue to be managed by its existing team, led by Managing Director, Andrew Parker.

In 2014, Baines Simmons achieved a £700,000 pre-tax profit from £5.4 million turnover. Air Partner (APN) has agreed to pay £5.4 million in cash for the business, plus a further £0.6 million due in January 2018 depending on performance. It expects Baines Simmons to be “earnings enhancing” in its first full year of ownership. The group will release its interim results on September 24.

Liberum, which acted as lead advisor to Air Partner (APN), estimates Baines Simmons will boost the group’s revenues by +7% in the first year, without assuming synergies.

The deal, which was announced August 19, builds on Air Partner (APN)’s recent acquisition of aircraft re-marketing specialist, Cabot Aviation.

News Item A-2: Cabot Aviation provides comprehensive re-marketing programs for all types of commercial and corporate aircraft to a wide range of international clients including flag carriers, regional airlines, operating lessors, manufacturers, insolvency practitioners and financial institutions, as well as high net worth individuals - See more at: or contact by phone: +1 214 357-7998.

Cabot's Directory of Aircraft for Sale/Lease includes:
2 747-400 for sale;
2 747-400F for sale or lease;
2 757-200ER for sale or lease;
4 777-200ER for sale or lease;
1 A320 for sale;
5 E195-200LR for sale or lease.

News Item A-3: Kenya Airways (KEN) has brought in aircraft-remarketing broker, Cabot Aviation (see Air Partner (APN)) to sell four of its Boeing 777-200ERs.

The 777s (33681, 33682, 33683 and 36124) were all delivered new to (KEN) between 2004 - 2007 and have been used on (KEN)’s scheduled network. They are configured with 28C business and 294Y economy seats, and powered by Rolls Royce (RRC) (Trent 892) engines.

Kenya Airways (KEN) operates a fleet of 46 airplanes, including Boeing 777s, 787s, 737s, Embraer E190s and Embraer E170s. In 2014 - 2015, it completed its fleet renewal program, which involved acquisition of five long-delayed Boeing 787-8s, two 777-300ERs and three 737-800NGs.

“This tops off an excellent few months for Cabot, in which a number of transactions are nearing completion,” Cabot Aviation (CEO) and Founder, Tony Whitty said. Cabot Aviation was acquired by UK charter broker, Air Partner (APN) in May.


April 2016:

2 747-400 for sale.

2 747-400F for sale or lease.

2 757-200ER for sale or lease.

4 777-200ER for sale or lease.

1 A320 for sale.

5 E195-200LR for sale or lease.






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