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7JetSet7 Code: AUR
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Employees 300
Telephone: +44 1481 266444
Fax: +44 1481 266446

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AUR-2013-08 - 10 SUMMER ROUTES
AUR-2013-09 - 1ST E195 JET
AUR-2014-07-1ST E195
AUR-LOGO - 2013-08

Formed and started operations in 1968. A K A "Aurigny." Scheduled & charter, regional & international, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

States Airport
La Pianque Lane
Forest, Guernsey GY8 ODT
Channel Islands, United Kingdom

March 1968: Aurigny Air Services (AUR) was founded by Sir Derrick Bailey and started operations om March 1st, 1968 after British United Airways withdrew from the Alderney to Guernsey route. (AUR) operated Britten-Norman Islander airplanes originally, developing a highly efficient network linking the Channel Islands with each other and with France and the United Kingdom. During the first year of operations (AUR) carried 45,000 passengers between Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney.

July 1971: Aurigny Air Services (AUR) became the 1st commercial operator of the Britten-Norman Trislander and (AUR) remains the world’s largest operator of the type. Use of this larger airplane enabled the route structure to be developed to include the south coast of England and northern France.

April 1977: Aurigny (AUR) was the 1st airline in the world to ban smoking on all services.

June 1993: Aurigny (AUR) won a contract to carry mail between the Channel Islands and the UK, and in 1999 it began daily services from Guernsey to London Stansted Airport and Amsterdam Airport operated by Saab 340 airplanes. The latter route was later dropped due to poor demand.

May 2000: Ownership of Aurigny Air Services (AUR) passed from Aurigny Aviation Holdings to Close Brothers Private Equity on May 23 2000.

May 2003: Ownership of Aurigny Air Services (AUR) was wholly acquired by the States of Guernsey on May 15 2003 after British Airways (BAB) announced that it was to cease flying between London Gatwick and Guernsey (just 2 months before the Island Games). Aurigny also operates charter services, wet-leases airplanes to other operators and is a handling agent for various other airlines which fly into Guernsey, including Air Berlin (BER).

March 2008: Aurigny (AUR) celebrated 40 years in operation.

May 2012: (AUR) says it is considering deploying larger airplanes onto its Guernsey to London Gatwick route following news that Flybe (BEE) is to offload its entire slot portfolio at Gatwick to easyJet (EZY) for USD $30 million. The Guernsey Treasury & Resources Department is the sole shareholder in the airline and said it is considering leasing or buying airplanes outright to help service the route, seen as a vital lifeline to the British economic and financial hub. (AUR) currently operates 34 flights per week to Gatwick from Guernsey using its fleet of 3 ATR72-200s and ATR72-500s.

July 2013: Aurigny Air Services (AUR) operates scheduled passenger and freight services between the Channel Islands, Northern France, Southern England, and Amsterdam. (AUR) also carries overnight mail for the UK Post Office between Jersey, London Gatwick and East Midlands and undertakes emergency air ambulance charters between the Channel Islands and the UK. The origin of the name "Aurigny" lies in the Auregnais word for "Alderney."

(IATA) Code: GR - 924. (ICAO) Code: AUR - (Callsign - AYLINE).

Parent organization/shareholders: The States of Guernsey (100%).

Main Base: Guernsey Airport.

Hubs: Other airplanes and flight crew (FC) are based at Jersey Airport and Alderney Airport.


British Crown Dependencies:

* Alderney Airport;

* Guernsey Airport;

* Jersey Airport.


* Dinard/Saint-Malo (Pleurtuit Airport);

* Grenoble Airport (seasonal - ski).

United Kingdom:

* Bristol Airport;

* East Midlands Airport;

* London Gatwick Airport;

* London Stansted Airport;

* Manchester Airport;

* Southampton Airport.

Company slogan: "The Islands' Preferred Airline."

August 2013: According to’s analysis of schedule data for this month, just 2 carriers are operating turboprop airplanes into London Gatwick, the world’s busiest single-runway airport. The 1st carrier, flybe (BEE), recently announced that it would be terminating its operations at the airport (a total of 7 domestic routes), at the end of the winter season (March 29 2014), citing a disproportionate increase in landing charges for smaller airplanes, as the airport tries to maximize its passenger throughput. The other carrier is Guernsey-based, Aurigny Air Services (branded as (AUR), which operates up to 6 daily flights from Guernsey using its fleet of 3 ATR72s.

One of the routes that flybe (BEE) is dropping is, coincidentally, to Guernsey. This has led to (AUR) announcing that it intends to acquire a brand new 122Y-seat Embraer E195 to operate its Gatwick route from next June, though it will lease a similar airplane to operate the route from the end of March until June. This will not only compensate the market for the loss of flybe (BEE)’s capacity, but will also help reduce (AUR)’s unit costs on the route. However, this is still a major, and potentially risky, investment for an airline that has, in recent years, carried between 400,000 and 500,000 passengers each year.


Impressively, for an airline that operates almost entirely domestically, and operates small airplanes (in addition to the three 72Y-seat ATR72s, (AUR) also has 6 16Y-seat Britten-Norman Trislanders), (AUR)’s annual average load factor usually hovers between 65% LF and 70% LF. Although the Trislanders have 16Y seats, (AUR) confirmed that due to payload limitations, it only sells a maximum of 15Y seats on routes between the Channel Islands, and 14Y seats on the routes to Southampton and Dinard.

The Guernsey to Gatwick route already represents around 34% of (AUR)’s weekly seat capacity, though the Guernsey to Jersey route is flown with higher frequencies (up to 11x-daily), but with smaller airplanes. Upgauging the Gatwick route from the ATRs to an E195 would mean that the route would then represent nearly 50% of Aurigny (AUR)’s weekly capacity. However, in reality, the E195 will probably operate a maximum of 4 daily rotations, with ATRs operating the rest.

In summer, Aurigny (AUR) operates 10 routes, 8 of them from Guernsey Airport, where (AUR) accounts for almost 60% of all flights, and almost 50% of all capacity, as measured by available seats. flybe (BEE) and Blue Islands account for almost all of the other capacity, with airberlin (BER) operating seasonal services to Düsseldorf. Apart from daily flights to Dinard, Aurigny (AUR)’s only other route to mainland Europe is a winter-only service to Grenoble, aimed at the local ski market. At Alderney Airport, Aurigny is now the only commercial operator, with services to Guernsey and Southampton. SEE ATTACHED - - "AUR-2013-08 - 10 SUMMER ROUTES."

(AUR) currently serves 4 countries, 10 destinations and 12 routes.

September 2013: Aurigny (AUR) has appointed Mark Darby as (CEO) of the Channel Islands airline. Darby has been interim (CEO) since April. He is former (CEO) of FlyBaboo, a regional airline based in Geneva, Switzerland, which he led through a major restructuring. Before that, he was (CEO) of West Indies regional, (LIAT).

Aurigny (AUR) uses ATR42s, ATR72s and Britten Norman Trislanders to fly between the Channel Islands of Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney, and to destinations in the UK and Continental Europe. In August, (AUR) announced it was purchasing an Embraer E195 to replace lost capacity when Flybe (BEE) sold its London Gatwick slots to easyJet (EZY).

SEE ATTACHED - - "AUR-2013-09 - 1ST E195 JET."

(AUR) Board Chairman Jon Moulton said Darby has “worked closely with the States [of Guernsey] in formulating a plan to protect the island’s links to London Gatwick following the withdrawal of Flybe (BEE) in March next year. We are pleased that he will now be able to see his work come to fruition with the delivery of our new Embraer E195 in June next year.”

October 2013: Aurigny (AUR), which is wholly-owned by the States of Guernsey in the UK’s Channel Islands, has inaugurated flights on the 56 km island-hop between Jersey (JER) and Alderney (ACI). The 2x-weekly service (Fridays and Sundays), which began on September 20, will be flown by one of (AUR)’s 15-seat Trislanders (Aurigny (AUR) is the largest commercial operator of the type in the world). Currently, there is no competition on the route, which is being flown on a trial basis to establish whether there is long-term demand.

Aurigny Air Services (AUR) has signed a firm contract with Embraer Commercial Aviation (EMB) for one E195 jet. The transaction was announced at a press briefing in Salzburg at the Annual General Meeting of the European Regions Airline Association (ERA – Delivery is scheduled in the 1st semester of 2014.

The E195 is the 1st jet airplane to be added to the Aurigny Air Services (AUR) fleet. (AUR) currently flies turboprops on 6x-daily frequencies on its principal route between the London Gatwick Airport and Guernsey. With 122Y slim seats in single-class layout, the E195 will enable (AUR) to increase the number of daily flights to 8 and offer much-needed additional capacity.

“The acquisition of the E195 is a major step forward for our company,” said Mark Darby, (CEO) of (AUR). “The London Gatwick route is very important for us. We’ve been tasked by the State of Guernsey to increase capacity and upgrade the quality of our overall service so we decided to move up to a jet. The E195 was the natural choice.”

Since they entered revenue service in 2004, the E-Jets family has received >1,300 orders. The company recently delivered the 1,000th production airplane to Republic Airways of the USA. Currently, E-Jets are flying with 64 airlines from 45 countries. In Europe, 24 airlines have added E-Jets to their fleets. The versatile 70- to 130-seat, 4-airplane family is flying with low cost carriers (LCC)s, regional and main line carriers. Collectively, the E-Jets fleet has accumulated >10 million flight hours.

(AUR) was launched in 1968. Today, the Guernsey Airport based operator employs around 290 staff throughout the Channel Islands, UK and France. (AUR) which carried its 9 millionth passengers early this year, deploys turboprop airplanes on scheduled services between Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney, and to destinations in the UK and Continental Europe.

November 2013: Aurigny Airlines (AUR) plans to order 2 or 3 Dornier 228s to replace its fleet of ageing Britten-Norman Trislanders, following a successful 2-week trial.

Mark Darby (CEO) said that the Dornier 228's ability to operate during poor weather conditions was a key test during the trial, and that its performance was such that “we are not looking at anything else” as a replacement for the Trislander. "We had some severe weather, particularly in Alderney recently, which is 1 of the most difficult parts of our operation. While the Trislanders were grounded because of crosswinds, the Dornier was able to operate," he said.

The 2-week trial of the Dornier 228, which was leased from Portugal’s Grupo 7 Air, began on November 13th. The airplane was deployed on Aurigny’s scheduled inter-island services and one Bristol flight.

The trial was a success and (AUR) is looking at either leasing or purchasing 2 or 3 examples of the type during the 2nd half of 2014.

As a consequence, the airline’s fleet of 6 Trislanders will be retired next year. 1 aircraft dubbed "Joey," which is the subject of an on-line petition to save it, will be kept on a plinth at Guernsey airport.

January 2014: SEE ATTACHED - - "AUR-2014-01-UPDATE."

February 2014: Aurigny (AUR) has sought permission to operate to London City Airport in the heart of the UK capital’s financial district.

Aurigny Air Services ((IATA) Code: GR, based at Guernsey) (AUR) is set to pull out of its Guernsey to Jersey route completely effective May 31st. According to schedule data, from March 15 until the termination of the route, (AUR) will cancel all remaining up to 11x-daily Trislander flights on the route and will instead code share with Blue Islands ((IATA) Code: SI, based at Jersey) while operating 4x-weekly ATR72 services itself. As previously reported, (AUR)) intends to replace its fleet of 7 Trislanders with Do 228s. Blue Islands operates 5x-daily between the 2 Channel islands with a mix of ATR42-300s and ATR42-500s. (AUR) will continue to use its Trislanders on its routes from Guernsey to Alderney and Dinard as well as between Alderney and Southampton.

E190-200STD (0671, G-NSEY), ex-(PR-EGE), delivery.

July 2014: Aurigny Air Services (AUR) has taken delivery of an Embraer (EMB) E195 - - SEE PHOTO - - "AUR-2014-07-1ST E195," which will be used to add capacity on (AUR)’s Guernsey to London Gatwick route.

According to Embraer (EMB), the E195 is configured with 122Y slim seats in a single-class layout and is the 1st commercial jet for (AUR). Aurigny (AUR) will fly up to 4x-daily flights with the E195 between Guernsey and London Gatwick.

State-owned (AUR), based on the Channel Islands between the UK and France, also operates a single ATR72-200, 2 ATR 72-500s and 6 Britten-Norman Trislanders. The E195 order, placed in August 2013, was triggered by Flybe (BEE)’s decision to axe its competing Guernsey to London Gatwick flights.

“The 122Y-seat configuration is ideal for the Guernsey to Gatwick route. The E195 will deliver a seat mile cost that makes the airplane economical to operate even on the short sector, especially when you combine the quick turnaround time and high reliability of the E-Jet,” Embraer Commercial Aviation VP Europe, Middle East & Africa, Mathieu Duquesnoy said.

August 2014: Aurigny (AUR) will launch 10x-weekly, London City to Guernsey service on September 8, beginning with a Fokker F 50 and later transitioning to an ATR airplane.

September 2014: Aurigny Airlines (AUR), the de facto flag carrier for the States of Guernsey (GCI), launched services on September 8th to its third London airport, adding to existing flights into London Gatwick (39x-weekly) and London Stansted (daily), with the start of 10x-weekly flights into London City (LCY). Aiming to capitalize on the links between the financial corporations in Guernsey and this part of London, the 293 km sector will be flown by 50-seat Fokker 50s. There are no incumbents on this particular airport pair.

May 2015: Dornier DO 228-202K (8046, G-SAYE), ex-(D-IFLM) delivery.

August 2015: Aurigny Air Services ((IATA) Code: GR, based at Guernsey) (AUR) signed a firm order agreement with (RUAG) Aerospace (Lucerne) for one Do228NG during this year's Paris Airshow, the Swiss manufacturer has revealed. The aircraft (8305) is scheduled to arrive in the Channel Islands during the last quarter of the year.

The Guernsey-based carrier moved to replace its outgoing fleet of Britten-Norman Trislanders with 3 Dornier 228s (2 NewGens and 1 classic). The props are used on flights to nearby Alderney.

While the new fleet arrives, (AUR) has begun operating a pair of refurbished Do 228 classics (8046, G-SAYE; 8160, G-LGIS).

(AUR) currently operates 5 aircraft, to 4 countries, to 11 destinations, on 10 routes and 61 daily flights.

June 2017: Do 228-202K (8112, D-CAAD) leased from (RUAG).


Click below for photos:
AUR-ATR 72-500 - 2009-05
AUR-ATR 72-500-2014-02
AUR-E195 - 2013-10
AUR-E195 - 2015-04.jpg
AUR-E195 - 2015-08.jpg

November 2018:

1 ATR42-500.

1 ATR72-202 (PW124B) (449, /95 G-BWDB), EX-(F-WQNI) LIGHTHOUSE AVIATION LEASED 2009-03. 66Y.

2 ATR72-500 (PW127) (852, /09 G-COBO; 853, /09 G-VZON), EX-(F-WWEV & F-WWEW) 2009-03. 72Y.

7 BRITTEN-NORMAN MK 111-2 TRISLANDER (O-540-E4C5) (359, /73 G-XTOR; 1008, /91 G-ITEX; 1016*, /79 G-JOEY; 1027, /84 G-BOTO; 1035, /84 G-RBCI; 1053, /83 G-FTSI; 1057, /83 G-BEVT), *IN ISLAND TOUR COLORS. 15Y.

4 DORNIER 228NG-202K (8046, G-SAYE, 2015-05; 8112, D-CAAD, 2017-06; 8160, G-LGIS; 8305, 2015-11) TO REPLACE ITS FLEET OF AGING TRISLANDERS.

1 EMBRAER E190-200STD (0671, G-NSEY, 2014-06 - SEE PHOTO), (BEE) LEASED. 122Y.









Mike, 42, grew up in Guernsey and his hobbies are kayaking and photography.

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