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7JetSet7 Code: AVB
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: BELGIUM
Employees 127
Web: avcargo.co.uk
Email: info@avcargo.co.uk

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AVB-2013-12 - MD-11 CONVERSION

Formed and started operations in 2013. International, scheduled & charter, cargo jet airplane services.

Unit 6, London Road
Wiltshire SP4 7RT, United Kingdom

March 2013: Start-up cargo airline AV Cargo (AVB) operates cargo services between Europe, Africa and the Middle East on behalf of Zimbabwe-based cargo specialist, Avient Aviation (AVE).


April 2013: Avient Aviation ((IATA Code: Z3, based at Harare International airport (HRE), Zimbabwe) (AVE) is set to continue operations despite its sales arm, Avient Ltd, going into administration following crippling losses. According to transport publication, "Loadstar," the new sales wing, to be called AV Cargo Airlines (based at London Gatwick airport (LGW)), has been “approved by its administrators, Portland Business Recovery, to operate existing commitments on behalf of Avient Ltd.” AV Cargo Airlines (AVB) has already obtained funding and has secured new airplanes. The 1st of a possible 3 MD-11Fs (48746, ex-(N278WA)) is set to enter active service shortly, with a 2nd scheduled for delivery in May. Avient (AVE) Zimbabwe’s only registered all-cargo operator, specialized in the Europe to Africa market with scheduled services offered from its hubs in Liège Bierset (LGG) and Dubai International (DXB) to Lagos Murtala Muhammad (LOS), Bamako Sénou International (BKO), Ouagadougou (OUA), Pointe Noire (PNR), Brazzaville Maya Maya (BZV), Port Harcourt Omagwa (PHC), Freetown Lungi International (FNA), Khartoum (KRT) and Entebbe/Kampala International (EBB) airports.

July 2013: Avient Aviation ((IATA) Code: Z3, based at Harare International) (AVE) continues to operate cargo flights to various destinations in Africa from its European cargo hub at Liège. The flights are operated under contract to AV Cargo which now acts as Avient Aviation's worldwide general sales agent. AV Cargo replaced the previous General Sales Agent (GSA), Avient Limited, which is now in administration. Avient Aviation operates 2 MD-11F freighters (48410, Z-BVT) (currently in Zurich for maintenance) and (48746, Z-BAM). It is expecting to introduce another 3rd MD-11F shortly.

Avient Aviation (AVE) has applied for a Belgian air operator certificate (AOC) and is planning to increase its cargo services from Europe once it has received it. (AVE) currently has 2 long-haul freighters, a DC-10-30F and MD-11F, based in Liège.

(AVE) currently serves 2 countries, 2 destinations, and 11 routes.

August 2013: Zimbabwean-registered Avient (AVE) entered administration on April 5th although the operating arm of the company continues flying between Africa and Europe as AV Cargo Airlines (AVB), using a former World Airways (WLD) McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (48743, Z-BAM "Liege Lady"). The Avient (AVE) DC-10-30F (47818, Z-ALT) continues flying under the AV Cargo name to Lagos, Bamako, Ouagadoudgou, Pointe Noire, Port Harcourt, Freetown, and Entebbe during the transition period. A 2nd MD-11F is expected to join the fleet this year, with the former Avient MD-11BCF (48410, Z-BVT) awaiting overhaul by SR Technics (SWS) at Zurich.

MD-11F (48756, Z-BPL), ex-(N279WA), Boeing leased.

October 2013: Boeing Capital Corporation has completed the transition of two MD-11BCF Boeing converted freighters (BCF) on multi-year leases to the UK’s AV Cargo (AVB). It has begun service from the operator’s base in Liege, Belgium, on routes primarily to West Africa.

Boeing (TBC) said it delivered the 1st of the MD-11BCFs to the operator in May 2013. The 2nd cargo airplane began revenue service recently. “This 2nd delivery is an important milestone in our strategic business plan that will allow us to further penetrate and optimize our planned scheduled services, providing us with the necessary redundancy to ensure our customers with frequent and reliable services,” Boeing Capital Senior Director Asset Management, Frank Duckstein said.

AV Cargo (AVB) will operate its MD-11BCF freighters into key Africa cities including Lagos, Nigeria; Bamako, Mali; Entebbe, Uganda; Port Harcourt, Nigeria; Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo; Freetown, Sierra Leone; and Pemba Island.

AV Cargo (AVB) (CEO) Simon Clarke said (AVB)’s 3rd MD-11BCF is expected to enter service in early 2014. “It will reinforce our schedules services and significantly increase our ad hoc charter capacity and complete phase 1 of our business plan,” Clarke said.

The MD-11BCF freighter is the leader in the 90-ton freighter class, with 175 airplanes in active service with cargo operators and freight forwarders worldwide, including FedEx (FED), (UPS), and Lufthansa Cargo (LUB).

Saudi Airlines (SVA) Cargo and AV Cargo Airlines (AVB) signed an interline agreement for service through Saudi’s cargo hub in Lagos to Bamako, Freetown, Pointe-Noire, and Ouagadougou. (SVA) will fly 747Fs and AV Cargo (AVB) will fly McDonnell Douglas MD-11Fs.

June 2014: SR Technics (SWS) and AV Cargo (AVB) have signed an exclusive five-year agreement for (PW4000) engine maintenance and engine condition monitoring.

June 2015: MD-11BCF (48410, Z-GAA) ex-(Z-BVT), sub-leased to Global Africa Cargo ((IATA) Code: Z5; (ICAO) Code: GAA, based in Harare, Zimbabwe).


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AVB-MD-11BCF - 2013-10

December 2017:

1 DC-10-30F (CF6-50C2) (305-47818, /80 Z-ALT), AVIENT AVIATION LSD 2013-04. FREIGHTER.

3 MD-11BCF (PW4462) (495-48410, /92 Z-BVT; 597-48746, /96 Z-BAM; 48756, Z-BPL), EX-(KAL), AVIENT AVIATION LSD 2013-04. 48410, SUB-LSD TO GLOBAL AFRICA CARGO 2015-06. FREIGHTER.




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