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7JetSet7 Code: AVS
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Employees 77
Telephone: +370 5 200 1040
Fax: +370 5 200 1050

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AVS-LOGO - 2013-04

Formed and started operations in 2005. Formerly called (UAB) Nordic Solutions Air Services. Charter flight services and airplane wet-lease Air Crew Maintenance & Insurance (ACMI) company.

UAB "Avion Express"
Rodunios Kelias 34
LT-02187, Vilnius, Lithuania


Vilnius is the capital and the largest city of Lithuania. It is also the municipal center of Vilnius county and the surrounding region. It is worth mentioning that the city is situated in the actual geographical center of the European continent. Vilnius boasts impressive historical, archaeological and cultural heritage as well as numerous breathtaking churches built in different eras. The city hosts countless cultural and entertainment events for people of various tastes and interests. Moreover, Vilnius is the fastest developing capital in the Baltic States with a real potential and ambition to become the most attractive political, economic and cultural center in the context of the surrounding neighboring countries. Its old town is one of the largest in Eastern Europe and in 1994 due to its archaeological uniqueness as well as distinctive historical aura, it was placed on the (UNESCO) World Heritage List.

Vilnius is a baroque city which is characteristic of a truly cosmopolitan spirit and comfort. In the summer, the city hosts many music festivals for all tastes thus becoming a true capital of entertainment for its citizens and visitors from all over the world. The city is exceptionally beloved by those who appreciate high quality beer, good-looking women and basketball. Vilnius is also a popular choice for exciting stag parties. Those looking for a more culturally enlightening pastime can lose themselves in numerous museums, architectural monuments, churches with angelic sounds of bells and unique souvenir shops located all over the center of Vilnius.

For more on Vilnius, please visit:

March 2005: The company was established in 2005 and at that time it was called (UAB) Nordic Solutions Air Services and its main purpose was to operate charter and wet lease flights for customers around Europe and beyond if needed.

September 2005: Avion Express was granted its Air Operators Certificate (AOC).

June 2008: The company was re-branded as Avion Express.

August 2009: 1 SAAB 340A wet-leased to (TNT) Airways (TNB) to operate to/from 5 airports within Scandinavia.

September 2009: Avion Express (AVS) extended its contract for a wet-lease (ACMI) contract with Scottish airline Loganair for 1 year more. “Flying Royal Mail routes in Scotland on behalf of Loganair is a very demanding and challenging operation with zero tolerance for any delays. During the past 6 month, Avion Express (AVS) has proved its reputation of reliable and customer focused service provider by achieving 99%+ dispatch reliability >600 flights operated on this contract. We are looking forward to maintaining the highest possible level of customer satisfaction and to expand our co-operation with Loganair in the future”, said Aleksei Lupitski Managing Director of Avion Express (AVS).

Avion Express in co-operation with Vulkan Travel and Storuman Airport opened a new destination in Sweden by adding a stopover at Kramfors/Solleftea airport to the route between Storuman and Stockholm-Arlanda. The inaugural flight departed from Kramfors on September 15th, 2009. Avion Express offered 11 round trip flights per week to/from Kramfors to cater business and leisure travellers demand. The route was operated with a Saab 340 airplane with 33 seats. Passengers were offered complimentary snacks and soft drinks during the flight.

March 2010: Avion Express (AVS) was awarded a contract to operate a daily cargo service in Norway on behalf of Bridges Worldwide, a leading provider of neutral network solutions to the international courier and express community.

September 2010: The company was acquired by French investment company Eyjafjoll SAS, formed by Avion Capital Partners of Switzerland along with strategic industry investors. The new owner's long term plan was to develop the airline as a wet lease specialist.

October 2010: Avion Capital Partners, along with strategic industry investors, concluded the purchase of Lithuanian based airline, UAB Avion Express. The airline operates four SAAB 340A cargo and passenger airplanes on wet-lease (ACMI) and charter basis for various european clients. David Masson, Chairman of Avion Capital Partners, said that the long term plan is to develop the airline as a wet lease specialist. Furthermore, he said that Avion Capital Partners and Avion Express will be working closely with lessors in utilizing distressed or troubled assets and to offer a range of flexible and competitive solutions to airlines.

For more info, please contact David Masson at phone number +41 79 651 59 32 or Gardar Forberg at phone number +41 79 917 69 61.

December 2011: Since Avion Express (AVS) has thoroughly exhausted its office space at Vilnius Airport, it has moved to a new office space on the 12th floor of the Vilnius Verslo Uostas building at Lvovo 25, right in heart of the financial district of Vilnius city.

January 2012: Avion Express (AVS) is currently accepting applications for Saab 340 Flight Crew (FC) Captains and First Officers

May 2012: 2 A320-200s to be leased to Wow Air (WOW).

June 2012: A J Walter Aviation (AJW) won a (PBH) support contract from Avion Express (AVS), covering (AVS)’s fleet of 3 A320 airplanes, and growing to 5 later this year. Terms include a lease for the provision of a local main base kit.

(AVS) has announced plans to lease its 1st A319-100 later this or early next month as well as a 5th A320-200. (AVS) currently operates four A320-200s on wet-leases on behalf of Cubana (CUB), Cosmo Airlines (COS), and (WOW) air as well as 3 Saab 340AF freighters.

July 2012: Monarch (MON) Aircraft Engineering signed an agreement with Avion Express (AVS) to provide world wide support for its A320 fleet under its Specialized Monarch (MON) Airplane on Ground (AOG) Response Team program.

A320-212 (0528, LY-COM), ex-(VP-BRB), (ILF) leased, wet-leased to Cosmo Airlines (COS).

August 2012: A319-112 (1263, LY-VEU), ex-(EI-EWA), (GEF) leased.

September 2012: Hispania Airways (HSP) based at Granada (GRX) plans to wet-lease an A320-200 from Avion Express (AVS) from December to launch new scheduled flights from Granada. Hispania (HSP) plans to launch operations on December 6 offering 4x-weekly flights to Madrid Barajas (MAD) as well as 2x-weekly services each to Barcelona El Prat International (BCN), London Gatwick (LGW), Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG), and Rome Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci International (FCO). Granada has lost most of its international routes with the exception of a seasonal summer service to Paris Orly (ORY) by Transavia France. Hispania (HSP) will however compete with Air Nostrum on the Madrid route and with Vueling Airlines (VUZ) on the Barcelona route with both competitors operating 4x- to 5x-daily on these key domestic routes. Hispania Airways (HSP) has already announced Las Palmas Gran Canaria International (LPA), Lisbon Portela de Sacavem (LIS), Marrakech Menara (RAK), and either Tenerife Norte (TFN) or Tenerife Sur (TFS) as additional planned destinations.

October 2012: (IATA) Code: N9.

(ICAO) Code: NVD - (Callsign - NORDEVIND).

Monarch (MON) Aircraft Engineering (MAEL) has signed a line maintenance technical handling agreement with Avion Express (AVS) to provide support for (AVS)’s fleet of A320 airplanes operating at London Gatwick airport.

November 2012: Avion Express (AVS) will operate 3 A320-200s on behalf of Virgin Atlantic (VAA) from March 2013 as part of (VAA)'s plan to launch domestic flights from London Heathrow to Aberdeen Dyce (ABZ), Edinburgh (EDI) and Manchester Ringway International (MAN) airports.

April 2013: Avion Express (AVS) has partnered with Fokker Services to introduce the Electronic Flight Bag Solution (EFB) for iPad® on their Airbus (EDS) fleet. Fokker Services and Avion Express (AVS) have concluded an agreement covering the introduction of the Fokker Services’ (EFB) solution for iPad® on (AVS)’ A320 fleet.

The Fokker Services (EFB) solution for iPad® is a Class 2B, (EASA)-certified installation including mounting and power supply. Its simplicity allows the advantages of an (EFB) to be achieved at a fraction of the cost and downtime of other solutions currently being offered.

Avion Express (AVS) will be using the (EFB) solution for iPad® on their entire A320 fleet. This will provide savings in weight, as well as enhanced accessibility of information and performance data. Aleksei Lupitski, Managing Director at (AVS) stated, “We are very enthusiastic about the (EFB) solution for iPad® offered by Fokker Services. It provides a simple, fully approved solution to be able to implement this solution quickly and cost-effectively.”

The Fokker Services (EFB) solution for iPad® covers not only the hardware to mount and power the iPad®, but also the associated certification and supporting data, such as manual supplements, to ensure that airworthiness compliance can be demonstrated.

March 2014: Vueling Airlines ((IATA) Code: VY, based at Barcelona El Prat) (VUZ) will wet-lease 3 A320-200s from Avion Express ((IATA) Code: X9, based at Vilnius) (AVS) from now until the end of October. The A320s will be used to supplement the Spanish Low Cost Carrier (LCC)'s summer operations which, among other highlights, will see the establishment of two new bases in Italy - Rome Fiumicino and Palermo.

August 2014: (AJW) Aviation has signed a 10-year power-by-the-hour (PBH) extension with Avion Express (AVS).

A320-233 (0558, LY-VEO), ex-(F-ORAD), sub-leased from Avion Express (AVS) to Vueling Airlines (VUZ).

September 2014: A320-214 (1005, LY-VEW), ex-(N114MT), delivery.

January 2015: A320-233 (1626, LY-VEN), ex-(CC-COM), Avion Express (AVS) leased to Cubana (CUB).

June 2015: News Item A-1: (AJW) Aviation has signed an agreement for an additional 2 A320s under its 10-year power-by-the-hour (PBH) contract with Lithuania’s Avion Express (AVS).

June 2016: A320-233 (558, LY-VEO), returned from Cobalt Air.

March 2017: A320-214 (828, LY-VEF), ex-(9A-SLA) delivery.

May 2018: Avion Express (AVS) signed a 6-year agreement with AviaAM Leasing for 2 Airbus A321 aircraft, which will be operated for Thomas Cook Airlines (GUE)/(JMA) during the summer season.


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AVS-A320-212 - 2012-02

December 2018:

0 MD-82 (49619, EC-KCX), EX-(N814NK), WET-LEASED 2013-06.

1 A319-112 (CFM56-5B6) (1778, /02 LY-VET), EX-(N718CT), 2013-04. LEASED TO CUBANA (CUB). 8C, 114Y.

0 A319-112 (CFM56-5B6) (1263, LY-VEU), EX-(EI-EWA), (GEF) LEASED 2012-08. 158Y.

1 A320-200 (CFM56-5B6). 158Y.

1 A320-211 (CFM56-5A1) (211, /91 LY-VEV), EX-(M-YRGW) 2012-08, LEASED TO (CUB). 8C, 150Y.

2 A320-212 (CFM56-5A3) (299, /92 LY-VEZ; 375, /92 LY-VEX), WET-LEASED TO CUBANA (CUB) 2012-07 FOR (CUB) FLIGHTS TO CANADA. 8C, 150Y.

1 A320-212 (CFM56-5A3) (419, /93 LY-VEY), (WOW) LEASED 2012-06. 168Y.

1 A320-212 (CFM56-5A3) (528, /95 LY-COM), EX-(VP-BRB), (EX-(VLK), (ILF) LEASED 2012-12. WET-LEASED TO (COS) 2012-08. (WOW) AIR WET-LEASED. 528; LEASED TO (ALG) 2013-06. 12C, 138Y.

1 A320-214 (828, LY-VEF), EX-(9A-SLA) 2017-03.

1 A320-214 (1005, LY-VEW), EX-(N114MT) 2014-09.

1 A320-232 (CFM56-5A3) (466, LY-VES), EX-(N466AG) LEASED TO (RSU) AIRLINES 2013-09.

1 A320-232 (4270, LZ-MDC), EX-(F-WWBS), (WOW) WET-LEASED 2013-04.

1 A320-233 (0558, LY-VEO), EX-(F-ORAD) SUB LEASED TO (VUZ) 2014-08.

1 A320-233 (1626, LY-VEN), EX-(CC-COM) LEASED TO (CUB) 2015-01. RETURNED FROM COBALT AIR 2016-06.

5 A321-100.

0 SAAB 340A (CT7-5A2) (037, /85 LY-NSC), WET-LEASED TO (TNT) AIRWAYS (TNB) IN 2009-03. FREIGHTER.


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Mr Lupitski was born in Estonia in 1977. He has a university degree in management. He started his aviation carrier in 1997 and since then worked as Commercial Director for Enimex Airlines and Director Operations for JP Air.

Aleksei has a deep knowledge and valuable experience in airline management, sales and regulatory requirements.

Mr Lupitski joined the company in 2009 as Managing Director.

Mr Knipas was born in Lithuania in 1948. He began his flying career in 1967 and has since accumulated a total flying time of more than >11,000 hours on piston, jet and turboprop airplanes. He began his administrative careeer in 1976. Since then, he has been in the position of Flight Operations Manager and Flight Instructor in various companies in Lithuania such as Air Lithuania, Aviapaslauga and Amber Air. Mr Knipas has during his aviation career gained a wealth of experience and regulatory knowledge which serves the company well.

Mr Knipas has been with the company since it was founded back in 2005 and has held the position of Flight Operations Manager during the whole time. He has also had the responsibility of liaising with various agencies in Lithuania and has carried out other administrative duties.

Mr. Šapola was born in 1977 in Lithuania. He graduated from the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Antanas Gustaitis Aviation institute in 2002 with a Master degree in Engineering.

He started his aviation carrier as a maintenance engineer in 1997 and worked at a few different companies with big success in the general/military aviation until 2003. From 2003 until 2005 he worked as an Airworthiness Inspector at the Lithuanian Civil Aviation Authority where he was responsible for aircraft registration, airworthiness, as well as for production and maintenance organizations approvals and supervision.

He has attended various training programs in general/quality systems management, auditing, international/Europe/National aviation law and regulations, as well as type training for several airplanes. He joined the company as Maintenance Manager when it was founded in 2005.

Mr Žakys was born in Lithuania in 1979. He graduated from the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University with a Masters Degree in Avionics.

His aviation carrier started in 1997 as an avionics engineer where he worked as such for various companies until 2003. From 2003 until 2006 he worked as an Airworthiness Inspector at the Lithuanian Civil Aviation Authority and was responsible for aircraft airworthiness, as well as for production and maintenance organizations approvals and supervision.

Parallel to his career, he has attended various training programs in quality systems management, auditing, international aviation law and regulations, as well as type training for several airplanes. He joined Avion Express in in 2006 as Quality Manager.




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