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7JetSet7 Code: AWN
Status: Operational
Region: AFRICA
Country: NIGER
Employees 77
Telephone: +90 212 598 03 00
Fax: +90 212 598 98 34

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AWN-2013-10 - ATRAK AIR

Formed in 2007 and started operations in 2013. Domestic, regional, & international, scheduled, charter and wet-lease (ACMI) jet airplane services.

Florya Caddesi Florya Konaklari
A Blok D:9
Florya Istanbul, Turkey

Niger (Republic of Niger) was established in 1960, it covers an area of 126,700 sq km, its population is 9 million, its capital city is Niamey, and its official language is French.


Niamey, the capital city of Niger, is located in the southwest part of the country. The city, which has developed during the French colonial era, became the capital in 1926. Niamey, situated on the east bank of Niger River, is the country's center of commerce, culture, and economy. The French influence is still perceived in the country, which has declared its independence in 1960. 98% of the population is Muslim. One of the worst flood disasters of the last 100 years took place in September 2012, in Niger. Nigerien media extensively covered news pertaining to the relief efforts. Prior to visiting Niger, you need to be vaccinated against yellow fever. The most suitable months to visit Niamey are between December and February, when the weather is mild and dry. The time period between June and October are when there are rain showers.

June 2013: Air Niamey (AWN) is expected to launch operations in the near future after its first of two A320-231s (314, N389VL) was transferred from the USA airplane registration to the Nigerien one on June 19. The A320-321 was originally intended for Thai carrier, U Airlines ((IATA) Code: YL, (ICAO) Code: ULG, based at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi). Interestingly, the airline maintains an address in Istanbul, Turkey, leading to some speculation about potential Turkish Airlines (THY) involvement. While Niamey had announced a partnership with (THY) in setting up Niger Airways (Niamey) in February this year, Turkey later refuted the claims, stating that nothing had been agreed to.

A320-231 (0314, 5U-AND), Volito leased, ex-(N389VL), ferried Niamey - Istanbul (SAW).

August 2013: Air Niamey (AWN) has reportedly signed a wet-lease deal with Iranian operator, Atrak Air (based at Tehran Mehrabad), for the use of its sole Airbus A320-200 (314, 5U-AND). The 21-year old airplane was recently ferried from Istanbul Atatürk to Tehran Mehrabad, where it is awaiting entry into revenue service.

October 2013: Air Niamey (AWN) has begun wet-leasing the sole remaining 747-300 (23032, TF-AME) of (ACMI) specialist Air Atlanta Icelandic (AID), for use on its Hajj operations. It is to be recalled that Air Niamey (AWN)'s sole A320-200 (314, 5U-AND), is currently on wet-lease to Atrak Air (based at Tehran Mehrabad) in Iran ( Tel: +98 44669172

November 2013: Air Niamey (AWN) is a scheduled/charter airline based in Niamey, Niger. It was formed as a successor to Air Niger, which previously operated wet-leased (ACMI) airplanes during the Hajj/Umrah periods. (AWN) intends to operate scheduled flights, twice weekly to Jeddah/(KSA) and start domestic operations in Niger.

(IATA) Code: A7. (ICAO) Code: AWN - (Callsign - AIR NIAMEY).

Main Base: Diori Harnani International Airport.


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AWN-747-300 -2013-11
AWN-A320-231 - 2013-06

April 2016:

1 747-312 (JT9D-7R4G2) (603-23032, /84 TF-AME), (AID) WET-LSD 2013-10 FOR HAJJ OPS. 22F, 25C, 496Y.

1 +1 ORDER A320-231 (V2500-A1) (314, /92 5U-AND), WET-LST ATRAK AIR, IRAN 2013-10, EX-(N389VL) 2013-07. VOLITO LSD. 12C, 138Y.

1 YAKOVLEV YAK-40 (AI-25) (9630450, /76 5U-ACK), 2010-06. 32Y.



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