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7JetSet7 Code: AZU
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: FRANCE
Employees 450
Web: aigle-azur.fr
Email: info@aigle-azur.fr
Telephone: +33 1 4151 0000
Fax: +33 1 4151 0010

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BP 24






MARCH 2001: 1 737-219 (22657) RETURNED TO ALTER BAIL.


JANUARY 2002: 737-3S3QC (1393-23788, /87 28 19 F-GIXH), EX-EUROPE AIRPOST (EUE), ANSETT (AWW) LEASED.

May 2002: 1 737-400 (CFM56-3C1), ex-Turkish Airlines (THY), Debis Finance (DEA) leased, owned by AerCo Ltd.

June 2002: 1 737-4YO (26066, F-GLXI), (GECAS) (GEF) leased.

July 2002: Successfully achieves its reorganization after takeover by the Air Fast Cargo group. Severs all links to WestAir (WSA), Brittany, and now concentrates its activities around Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG), on ad-hoc, and contract charter flights, both passenger and cargo.

March 2003: To add service from Paris (CDG) to Algiers and Bejaja. Receives route approval for scheduled services between Paris, Algiers, Annaba, Bejaia, Costantine, Oran, and Tiemcenia.

Provides charter and wet-lease services.

Plans to acquire 2 737-400's and 1 A321.

April 2003: 2 737-400's (23979, ex-(PGS); & 25177), ex-bmi British Midland (BMA), Debis AirFinance (DEA) leased.

June 2003: A321-211 (808, F-GUAA), GATX (GAX) leased, 196/214 PAX used on Paris to Algiers. Will also serve Algerian points from Lille and Lyon.

July 2003: 40 employees.

737-229 (20907, F-GVAC) sold to European Aviation (EUL).

October 2003: Mulhouse (Basle) to Constantine (2x-weekly).

November 2003: Toulouse to Algiers; & Toulouse to Oran (2x-weekly).

December 2003: Marseille to Constantine (2x-weekly).

March 2004: Aigle Azur (AZU) received most (a total of 1,460/year) of the Paris Orly (ORY) slots previously held by defunct Air Littoral, worth 2x-daily. COHOR also distributed former Air Littoral slots to Air Nostrum (104), Egyptair (EGP) (104), Montenegro Airlines (MNO) (936), Pulkovo Airlines (STG) (624), Sky Europe (SKP) (624), Turkish (THY) (434), and Tunisair (TUN).

Toulouse to Algiers (2x-weekly). Lyon to Oran (2x-weekly). In April 2004, Marseille to Oran (2x-weekly).

April 2004: 737-329 (23771), (CIT) (TCI) leased. A321-211 (823, F-HBAB), (GATX) (GAX) leased.

October 2004: In November 2004, Paris (Orly) to Annaba (weekly); Marseille to Tlemecen (weekly); Lyon to Bejaia (weekly).

November 2004: (http://www.aigleazur.net). (info@aigle-azur.fr).


1 A320-214 (888, F-HABC), ex-IberWorld (IBW), (GEF) leased.

February 2005: A321-211 (1017, F-OIVU), ex-Air Ivoire (VUN), (GECAS) (GEF) leased.

November 2005: Volito Aviation placed a 1995-vintage A320-233 (561, F-HBAD) ex-(LACSA) (LAC)/Taca International (TAC) with Aigle Azur (AZU) through May 2009. The airplane is financed by (DVD) Bank AG.

December 2005: A320-233 (558, F-HBAE), Volito Aviation leased. A321-211 (1006, F-HBAF), delivery.

February 2006: A320-211 (244, F-GJVF) AerCap (DEA) leased.

March 2006: A319-112 (2296, F-GXAG), ex-Independence Air (BLR), delivery.

May 2006: A319-112 (1846, F-GXAH), SkyService (SKB) leased.

April 2007: Employees = 450.

May 2007: Starts Marseille to Sal Island, using A320s.

March 2008: A319-114 (639, N573SX), ex-Skybus (SKS), (GEF) leased.

June 2008: Aigle Azur (AZU) provides scheduled passenger, jet airplane services within France and international services to Algeria, Morocco, Portugal, and Tunisia. Also offers charter cargo, and wet-lease services in France, S Europe, N Africa, and the Mediterranean.

Employees = 450.

(IATA) Code: ZI - 439. (ICAO) Code: AAF - (Callsign - AIGLE AZUR).

Parent organization/shareholders: Go Fast Transport (100%).

Main Base: Paris Orly Airport (ORY).

Hub: Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG).

Domestic, scheduled destinations: Basle/Mulhouse; Lille; Lyons; Marseilles; Paris; & Toulouse.

International, scheduled destinations: Algiers; Annaba; Batna; Bejaia; Constantine; Djanet; Hassi Messaoud; Marrakesh; Oran; Oujda; Tamenghest; & Tlemcen.

July 2008: Snecma Services signed a 4-year contract with Aigle Azur (AZU) covering Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) services for (CFM56-5B)s operated by (AZU).

April 2009: A320-214 (3852, F-HBII), delivery.

May 2009: A320-233 (561, F-HBAD) wet-leased to Belle Air (BEL).

June 2009: Aigle Azur (AZU) placed a firm order for 1 new (CFM56)-powered A319. (AZU) currently operates 3 A319s, 3 A320s and 4 A321s.

February 2010: Aigle Azur (AZU) will launch weekly A320-200 service from Basle/Mulhouse to Oran on April 1.

April 2010: Aigle Azur (AZU) took delivery of its 1st directly purchased (CFM56)-powered new A319-112 (4268, F-HCZI), joining its fleet of 3 A319s, 3 A320s and 4 A321s.

June 2010: Aigle Azur (AZU), which transports many migrant workers from French West Africa (particularly Algeria), is planning flights from Paris to Baghdad, Iraq in the fall.

September 2010: Aigle Azur (ZI/Paris Orly) has launched 3x-weekly A319-100/A321-200 service from Paris Orly to Bamako earlier this year and has also introduced a seasonal weekly A320-200 service from Lille to Tlemcen that operated between June 14 and September 6. It is also planning offer its passengers connections via Bamako to other African destinations thanks to a code share agreement with Air Mali (CMP).

November 2010: Aigle Azur (AZU) appointed (APG) as its commercial representative in 30 countries from November 1. (APG) will provide full General Sales Agent (GSA) services in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA, including sales and marketing activities, as well as call center and help desk support for (AZU).

(AZU) has signed for (APG) "GET" services, a hybrid (GSA) service for more limited routes, in 20 markets.

Aigle Azur (AZU) operates scheduled passenger services from France to Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Portugal, and Mali with A320 family airplanes. (AZU) will launch flights between Paris and Baghdad soon. It also operates charter, cargo and wet-lease services. Its main bases are at Paris Orly and Charles de Gaulle.

February 2011: A320-214 (4589, F-HBAO), delivery.

May 2011: Aigle Azur (AZU) took delivery of 2 new A320s (GE) Capital Aviation Services (GEF).

August 2011: Aigle Azur (AZU) has introduced new routes to its network between France and Africa:
Paris (CDG) to Tunis: 2x-weekly, seasonal A319-100 service between June 24 and September 5;
Paris Orly to Ouagadougou: 2x-weekly, A319-100/A321-200 service started on January 12.

January 2012: Aigle Azur (AZU) has wet-leased an ATR 72-200F freighter from Swiftair (SWF) to launch daily cargo services between Marseilles and Algiers. It has extended its 2x-weekly, A320-200 service from Paris Orly to Bamako to Kayes as of November, offering the destination in Mali as the only European carrier. (AZU) also has traffic rights for domestic passengers between Bamako and Kayes.

Hainan Airlines (HNA) is reportedly interested in taking a stake in Aigle Azur (AZU).

April 2012: Russian and French aviation authorities have agreed to designate a 2nd airline from each country to operate 7x-weekly services on the Paris Orly (ORY) to Moscow route.

According to Russia’s "Kommersant" newspaper, France may choose French Aigle Azur (AZU) as the 2nd designated carrier for (ORY) to Moscow service; in Russia, (S7) Airlines (SBR) and Transaero (TRX) will compete for the new routes.

Over the past several years, industry experts have warned that Russia’s Aeroflot (ARO) and AirFrance (AFA) have monopolized the high-demand Moscow to Paris route. The carriers, which are both SkyTeam (STM) Alliance members, have a code share agreement.

Earlier this year, airlines lobbied for the same changes to the Russia - Italy bilateral agreement.

May 2012: AirFrance Industries (AFI)/(KLM) (E&M) has signed a component support contract with Aigle Azur (AZU) covering (AZU)'s fleet of A320s. The contract is a flight-hour agreement and includes major overhauls (C-checks) on a non-exclusive basis.

June 2012: Aigle Azur (AZU) has introduced flights to Algiers (ALG) from 2 additional French airports, Nice (NCE) and Strasbourg (SXB). These are seasonal services operating weekly until the beginning of September. These are (AZU)’s only scheduled services from Nice and Strasbourg this summer. No other carrier operates the Strasbourg route but Air Algerie (ALG) offers 2x-weekly flights to Nice. (ALG) will operate 53x-weekly from Algiers to a total of 9 French airports this summer, with 28x- of those operating to Paris Orly.

(AZU) has received traffic rights to launch new routes from Paris and Nice Côte d'Azur (NCE) to Moscow later this year. It currently concentrates on flights from France to Algeria, Portugal and Tunisia and is exploring options to potentially launch flights to Russia in cooperation with Transaero Airlines (TRX).

July 2012: Aigle Azur (AZU) has finalized the schedule for its 1st route to Russia and will operate 4x-weekly flights on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays between Paris Orly (ORY) and Moscow Vnukovo (VKO) using A319s. (AZU) will also code share on the new service on the same route operated by Transaero (TRX). Both carriers recently became designated carriers on the route as part of the on-going process of liberalizing air travel between France and Russia. Until now, only the SkyTeam (STM) alliance members AirFrance (AFA) and Aeroflot (ARO) linked the 2 capital cities, each operating 5x-daily.

To make the capacity available for the new route to Moscow, it will wet-lease a 737 4x-weekly from Europe Airpost (EUE) from July 27 until September 16. (AZU)'s (CEO) Meziane Idjerouidene said this route is a step toward the diversification of (AZU)’s network.

The 737 will be used on scheduled services from Orly to Djerba Zarzis International (DJE), Lisbon Portela de Sacavem (LIS) and Porto Francisco Sá Carneiro (OPO). (AZU) was also designated on the Nice to Moscow route but flights will start no earlier than the (IATA) summer schedule 2013.

(AZU), which operates mainly routes in Maghrib countries, also has service to other parts of Africa and some destinations in Europe.

(AZU) plans to launch service from France to Asia. (CEO) Meziane Idjerouidene said the new routes will be announced at the end of this year or the beginning of 2013.

To begin its Asian expansion, (AZU) will add long-haul airplanes to its fleet, which now comprises 4 A319s, 5 A320s and 4 A321s. Idjerouidene said additional long-haul airplanes will also be from Airbus (EDS) but did not name the exact type or the leasing company.

August 2012: Aigle Azur (AZU) plans to launch service from France to Asia. (AZU) (CEO) Meziane Idjerouidene said the new routes will be announced at the end of this year or the beginning of 2013. He did not disclose possible destinations.

(AZU), which operates mainly routes in Maghrib countries, also has service to other parts of Africa and some destinations in Europe.

To begin its Asian expansion, (AZU) will add long-haul airplanes to its fleet, which now comprises 4 A319s, 5 A320s and 4 A321s. Idjerouidene said additional long-haul airplanes will also be from Airbus (EDS) but did not name the exact type or the leasing company.

(AZU) on July 27 launched service from Paris Orly to Moscow Vnukovo, becoming the 2nd French-designated carrier on the route following AirFrance (AFA). (AZU)’s (CEO) said this route is a step toward the diversification of the company’s network. (AZU) was also designated on the Nice to Moscow route, but flights will start no earlier than the (IATA) summer schedule 2013.

December 2012: Aigle Azur (AZU) launched weekly, Paris Charles de Gaulle to Algiers service on December 2, increasing to 2x-weekly, on December 7 and 3x-weekly on December 18.

April 2013: Russia and Finland authorities have agreed to designate second carriers on the Moscow to Helsinki route. The 1st designated airline from each side has “14 frequencies per week” and the 2nd designated airline from each side “will have 7 frequencies per week,” effective from the (IATA) winter season 2013 to 2014, according to a statement by Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia.

Currently, only Aeroflot (ARO) and Finnair (FIN) are allowed to operate flights between these cities. (FIN) operates 9x-weekly, 7x- of which are under a code share agreement with (ARO). (ARO) performs 14x-weekly, 7x- of which are a code share.

Over the last year, Russia has liberalized bilateral agreements with Italy and France, adding more carriers on routes connecting Moscow with Rome, Milan, Paris, and Nice. Russia’s Transaero Airlines (TRX) won the rights to fly from Moscow to Rome, Milan and Paris, while Rossiya Airlines (SDM), a member of the Aeroflot (ARO) group, launched flights from Moscow to Nice. (AZU) was allowed to launch flights from Paris and Nice to Moscow; it has already launched the Paris route and will launch the Nice flight later this year. Italian Blue Panorama (BPA) started Rome to Moscow flights at the beginning of April, while Meridiana Fly (ALS)/(EUY) was designated at Milan to Moscow.

Aigle Azur Airline (AZU) introduces 2x-weekly, Paris Orly to Nice; also offers Nice to Algiers, Nice to Lisbon, and 4x-weekly, Nice to Moscow A321 service. (AZU) boosts summer season flights: Paris (Orly and (CDG)) to Algiers increases to 35x-weekly; Paris (CDG) to Oran to 10x-weekly. (AZU) will increase Marseille to Algiers, 11x-weekly; Marseille to Oran, daily; Marseille to Constantine, 5x-weekly. Also increased are Lyon to Setif, 5x-weekly; Lyon to Bejaia, 2x-weekly. (AZU) increases Toulouse to Algiers to 3x-weekly.

June 2013: SR Technics (SWS), part of the Mubadala Aerospace Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) network, and France’s Aigle Azur Airline (AZU) will establish a joint venture (JV) to provide line and light maintenance activities for (AZU)’s A320s and future A330s.

September 2013: Aigle Azur (AZU) has signed a contract with SR Technics (SWS) covering "C"-checks on 2 A319 airplanes. The airplanes will be inducted in November and December of this year and the work will be completed out of SR Technics (SWS)’ narrow body Center of Excellence in Malta.

This agreement further extends the relationship between the 2 companies. In 2010, Aigle Azur (AZU) signed a long-term agreement with SR Technics (SWS) for the provision of "C"- and "A"-Checks on 12 of the (AZU)’s A320 family aircraft.

In July, the 2 companies entered into a joint venture for light and line maintenance activities for the (AZU)’s Airbus A320 family and future A330 fleets in France.

February 2014: Hainan Airlines (HNA) announced that it will code share with Aigle Azur (AZU) to launch regular flights between Beijing and Paris from June 28, making it the airline's 3rd destination in Europe following Berlin and Brussels. Under the code share agreement, (HNA) functions as the marketing carrier, while (AZU) is the operating carrier.

A brand new A330-200 will be deployed on the Beijing to Paris route, which is configured with 36C business class seats and 186Y economy class seats. Each seats is equipped with a (LCD) screen. The space between seats in the business (C) class reaches 72 inches, and every seat can be adjusted to a fully lie-flat bed, allowing passengers enjoy a more comfortable and colorful trip with personal entertainment system in all the cabins.

(HNA) will operate the new international service 3x-weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The outbound flight HU8531/ZI018 is scheduled to takes off from Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) at 1:50 am and arrive in Paris at 7:25 am; while the return flight HU8532/ZI017 will depart from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) at 1:50 pm and land in Beijing at 6:25 the next day.

April 2014: Aigle Azur ((IATA) Code: ZI, based at Paris Orly) (AZU) has set an April 3 date for its last scheduled A321-200 service. The route to be served is Paris Orly to Algier.

Following its withdrawal, airplane (1006, F-HBAF) will be transferred to Thomas Cook Airlines UK ((IATA) Code: MT, based at Manchester International) (JMA)/(GUE) where it will become (G-TCDZ).

Once gone, (AZU) will be left with 4 A319-100s and 7 A320-200s.

When Hainan Airlines (HNA) bought a 48% stake in the Aigle Azur Airlines (AZU) in 2012, Tan Xiangdong, a member of Hainan Airlines (HNA) board of directors, likened Hainan Airlines (HNA) to a huge fish stirring up stagnant waters inhabited by poorly performing airlines. "If everyone did nothing when times are hard, the water in the pool would turn increasingly bad. (HNA) is acting like a fish to stir up the water so things remain dynamic." "So even though the economic environment is bad, we still need to act quickly, so we don't miss good opportunities."

Aigle Azur Airlines (AZU) whose Europe to North Africa and Europe to East Africa routes are regarded as good assets, has become the 13th airline flying under the Hainan Airlines (HNA) brand.

Now the fish is stirring up more waters in Africa. It announced recently that on June 28 it will begin flights connecting Beijing and Paris, and then connect various African destinations through Aigle Azur Airlines (AZU), by sharing international flight codes.

Established in China's biggest island and southernmost province, Hainan, Hainan Airlines (HNA) now flies to 90 cities across the world, via its 500 routes.

In March, the company published its annual report for last year, showing its revenue had reached 30.2 billion yuan/US$4.86 billion, up by +4.7% compared with the corresponding period in 2012. Profit rose +9% to 2.1 billion yuan. (HNA) said it carried 26.3 million passengers during the year, +17% more than in 2012. It said it will buy another 27 airplanes, including 4 Boeing 787s, this year.

As Chinese investment and tourism in Africa has been surging over the past few years, Hainan Airlines (HNA) has bet big on the African market.

Cumulative Chinese investment in Africa was worth US$21.7 billion by the end of 2012, >3x- the volume of Japanese investment, and the trade volume was >US$200 billion, government figures said.

In 2006, Hainan Airlines (HNA) teamed up with Brussels Airlines (DAT)/(EBA) to attract more Chinese passengers, and they have carried an average of >50,000 passengers a year to Africa.

(HNA)'s flights reach 17 cities in 16 African countries, including Conakry, capital of Guinea and Dakar, the capital and chief port of Senegal.

In addition to Brussels Airlines (DAT)/(EBA) and Aigle Azur (AZU), Hainan Airlines (HNA) works with other European airlines, including CorsAir International (COR) in France. It is all part of (HNA)'s plans for Africa, said Luo Xianxiang, Assistant Manager International Business Development with (HNA).

Bah Thierno Maadjou counselor of the Guinea embassy in Beijing, said air transport between China and Africa still needs a lot of improvement. "In Guinea 80% of businessmen trade with China, and they frequently fly between Guinea and Beijing or Guangzhou to place orders," he said. "But they need to make transits once or twice in Addis Ababa, in Dubai, or in Paris. If there were more choices and transit times were shorter, it would certainly help China to Africa business. "In 2012, we established Africa World Airlines (AWA) in Ghana with the (SAS) Finance Group, (SSNIT) and China to Africa Development Fund." (AWA) flies domestic routes in Ghana.

"The (AWA) project is the 1st investment of Hainan Airlines (HNA) in Africa," the company said, "and (HNA) is among the 1st Chinese airlines companies with such links." "This targets the W African market, which is still very backward in ground transport."

Until last September, Hainan Airlines (HNA) has had flights linking Beijing, Abu-Dhabi and Angola but the flights have been stopped because of a lack of patronage, but (HNA) may resume if there is enough demand. (HNA) said many of its Chinese customers flying to and from Africa work for big enterprises such as Petro China, China Road & Bridge, and China Railway Group Ltd. Over the past few years, these companies have needed to send hundreds of staff to Africa, who are working on investment or aid projects.

Han Zhi, Manager of Hainan Airlines (HNA)'s Code-share, Interline & International Relations, Marketing & Sales Department, said the company may not start a direct route to Africa in the coming one or two years, so linking with European airlines is crucial to expanding its presence in Africa. "Through code sharing arrangements with many European airlines, we offer more choices for Chinese passengers, and certainly we share the economic benefits with our partners."

Wang Xiaodong General Manager of Brussels Airlines (DAT)/(EBA), General Sales Agent (GSA) China, said China to Africa routes via Europe are not as well developed as many other routes, but they have good potential. "Hainan Airlines (HNA) and Brussels Airlines (DAT)/(EBA) have different strengths," Wang said. "(HNA) is good at attracting passengers from the Chinese market, while (DAT)/(EBA) is traditionally strong in the Africa market."

Wang is also the General Manager of South Africa Airways (SAA), Beijing office. The airlines opened a direct flight from Beijing to Johannesburg in January, 2012. It has attracted many passengers flying to S and W Africa.

Brussels Airlines (DAT)/(EBA) started flying to Africa in the 1920s and now flies to 30 destinations there. It became a member of the Star (SAL) Alliance in 2009. Since last year, Hainan Airlines (HNA) and Brussels Airlines (DAT)/(EBU) have been jointly promoting the African routes.

Wang said: "Competition between European airlines is now intensive, and by partnering with China airlines (BEJ), we can reduce costs and make the best use of our advantages in Africa. We have been talking with Hainan Airlines (HNA) about sharing more international codes so we can take advantage of more opportunities in Africa."

Traditionally, Brussels Airlines (DAT)/(EBA) is strong in French-speaking areas in Western and Central Africa, and South Africa Airways (SAA) is strong in S and W Africa, Wang said.

Bah Thierno Maadjou, counselor of the Guinea embassy in Beijing, said air transport between China and Africa still needs a lot of improvement. "In Guinea 80% of businessmen trade with China, and they frequently fly between Guinea and Beijing or Guangzhou to place orders," he said. "But they need to make transits 1x- or 2x- in Addis Ababa, in Dubai or in Paris. If there were more choices and transit times were shorter, it will certainly help China to Africa business. "When we take French airlines, we need a visa very time we transit in Paris. I wish Chinese airlines could open more routes, preferably direct flights, to Africa, so we can bypass this hassle."

February 2015: Aigle Azur ((IATA) Code: ZI, based at Paris Orly) (AZU) will wet-lease an A320-200 from Latvian wet-lease (ACMI) specialist, SmartLynx Airlines ((IATA) Code: C6Y, based at Riga) (LAJ), for the upcoming summer season.

Beginning July 1, the twinjet will be based out of Paris Orly and used on flights to Annaba, Algier, Tlemcen, Constantine, Oran, and Setif until October 4.

March 2016: Aigle Azur (AZU) commenced 2 new connections from Lyon (LYS) recently, starting on March 28 with a link between the French city and Dakar (DKR) in Senegal, a route that will operate via (AZU)’s existing Marseille operation 2x-weekly (Mondays and Saturdays). The 4,041 km connection to the African destination will face no direct competition.

The 2nd route launched from Lyon was to Porto (OPO) on March 31, a 1,212 km link that will be flown by (AZU) 3x-weekly (Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays). Services to Porto will face direct competition from easyJet (EZY) and Transavia (TAV), which combined already offer 14x-weekly. Lyon is the 2nd route from Porto for Aigle Azur (AZU). (AZU) has been flying from the Portuguese city since 2006 when it launched services from Paris Orly.

Both of Aigle Azur (AZU)'s new connections will be flown by (AZU)’s 174CY-seat A320 fleet.

A320-214 (4758, F-HAAF), ex-(CC-BAN), Avolon (AZV) leased.

June 2017: 737-86J (32625, VQ-BMW), ex-(N625XA) AerSale leased.

December 2017: News Item A-1: "Aigle Azur to Branch into Long-haul with A330 Order" by Victoria Moores December 12, 2017.

News Item A-2: Aigle Azur (AZU) now connects Berlin Tegel (TXL) airport with Paris. 4x-weekly, (AZU)’s A320s operate the 877 km route from Paris Orly (ORY). No other carriers operate the airport pair, which commenced on December 1.

February 2018: Aigle Azur (AZU) plans to present a new strategic plan next month, as it shifts attention beyond traditional short and medium haul routes toward long-haul operations. In December 2017 (AZU) ordered 2 Airbus A330-200 aircraft, which are scheduled to join its fleet in the 1st half of 2018, adding to the 1 Airbus A319 and 9 A320s that make up its current configuration.


Click below for photos:
AZU-A320 2018-01.jpg
AZU-A320-200 - 2015-02

January 2019:

0 737-2K5 HGW (JT8D-17) (814-22599, /81 F-GMJD), EX-(HAP),

0 737-200 (JT8D HK), EUROPE AIRPOST (EUE) WET-LEASED 2012-07 - 2012-09.

0 737-219 (JT8D) (846-22657, /82 F-GLXF), (AFW) LEASED, RETURNED 2001-03.

0 737-229 (JT8D HK) (351-20907, /74 F-GVAC), EX-(SAB), (WSA) WET-LEASED, OWNED BY (WER) (WEST-AERO). SOLD TO (EUL) 2003-07. 130 PAX.

0 737-3S3QC (CFM56-3B2) (1393-23788, /87 F-GIXH), EX-(EUE), (AWW) LEASED 2002-01. RETURNED. 147Y/FREIGHTER.

0 737-329 (CFM56-3) (1430-23771, /87 F-GUYH), (TCI) LEASED 2004-04. RETURNED. 145Y.

0 737-400 (CFM56-3C1), EX-(THY), (DEA) LEASED 2002-05. RETURNED.

0 737-4YO (CFM56-3C1) (2301-26066, /92 F-GLXI), (GECAS) (GEF) LEASED 2002-06. RETURNED. 168Y.

0 737-4Y0 (CFM56-3) (1661-23979, /89 F-GLXK), EX-(PGS), (GEF) LEASED; 2176-25177, /91 F-GLXJ), EX-(BMA), (DEA) LEASED 2003-04. 25177 RETURNED 2004-04; LEASED TO (CRM) 2006-04. RETURNED. 168Y.

1 737-86J (CFM56-7B) (32625, VQ-BMW), EX-(N625XA) AERSALE LEASED 2017-06.

1 A319-111 (CFM56-5B5/P) (2870, /06 F-HBAL), (RBSA) LEASED 2010-04. 144CY.

1 A319-112 (CFM56-5B6/P) (1846, /02 F-GXAH), (TCI) LEASED 2006-05. 144CY.

1 A319-112 (CFM56-5B6/P) (4268, /10 F-HCZI). EX-(D-AVWP). 144CY.

1 A319-114 (CFM56-5A5) (639, /96 N573SX), EX-(SKS), (GEF) LEASED 2008-03. 144CY.

0 A319-132 (V2524-A5) (2296, /04 F-GXAG), EX-(BLR), (TCI) LEASED 2006-04. RETURNED. 144Y.

1 A320-211 (CFM56-5A1) (244, /91 F-GJVF), (GCP) LEASED 2006-02. 174CY.

0 A320-214 (CFM56-5B4/P) (888, /98 F-HBAC), EX-(IBW), (GEF) LEASED 2004-12, RETURNED. 174CY.

1 A320-214 (CFM56-5B4/P) (3242, F-HBIO), (SMBC) AVIATION LEASED 2013-04, EX-(D-ABDR). 174CY.

1 A320-214 (CFM56-5B4/P) (3852, F-HBII), (AEDR) LEASED 2009-04. 174CY.

2 A320-214 (CFM56-5B4/P) (4589, /11 F-HBAO; 4675, /11 F-HBAP), (GEF) LEASED. 174CY.

1 A320-214 (CFM56-5B4/P) (4758, F-HAAF), EX-(CC-BAN), AVOLON (AZV) LEASED 2017-03. 174CY.

0 A320-233 (V2527E-A5) (558, /95 F-HBAE; 561, /95 F-HBAD), EX-(LAC)/(TAC), VOLITO AVIATION 3 YEAR LEASED. RETURNED. 174CY.

0 A321-211 (CFM56-5B3/P) (808, /98 F-GUAA), (GAX) LEASED 2003-06. RETURNED. 200CY.

0 A321-211 (CFM56-5B3/P) (823, /98 F-HBAB), (GAX) LEASED 2004-04. 200CY.

0 A321-211 (CFM56-5B3/P) (1006, /99 F-HBAF), (GEF) LEASED 2005-12, RETURNED AND LEASED TO (JMC)/(GUE) AS (G-TCDZ) 2014-04. 200CY.

0 A321-211 (CFM56-5B3/P) (1017, /99 F-0IVU), EX-(VUN), (GEF) LEASED 2005-02. RETURNED. 200CY.

0 A321-211 (CFM56-5B3/P) (1451, /01 F-HCAI), (GEF) LEASED 2007-05. RETURNED. 200CY.

1 A330-200, 36C LIE-FLAT BEDS, 186Y.

5 ATR72-500.










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