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7JetSet7 Code: BDS
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: ORIENT
Employees 17
Email: saal@connectbd.com
Telephone: +880 2 881 40 59
Fax: +880 2 988 5647

Formed and started operations in 2003. International, charter, cargo, jet airplane services.

Box 67
Road 1, Block 1, Banani
Dhaka, 1213, Bangladesh

16 Kemal Ataturk Ave
Tower Hamlet, Banani
Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh

Bangladesh (People's Republic of Bangladesh), was established in 1971, it covers an area of 143,998 sq km, its population is 122 million, its capital city is Dhaka, and its official language is Bengali.

General Information for Visitors to Bangladesh:

The People's Republic of Bangladesh, is located in South East Asia. It is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, the Gangetic plains of India, and the forests of Myanmar. The country is primarily a low-lying plain of about 144,000 square kilometers, criss- crossed by innumerable brooks, streams, and rivers, including the Padma, Jamuna, Meghna, and Karnaphuli. It is a fertile, deltaic land, mostly flat except for a range of hills in the southeast. Much of the land is characterized by wooded marshland and jungle. Although Bangladesh emerged as an independent country in 1971, its history stretches back thousands of years, and it has long been known as a crossroads of history and culture. Hindus, Mongolians, Buddhists, Muslims, and Europeans have, at various times, all exerted considerable influence over the land. Today Bangladesh is a predominantly Muslim country, but one in which people of different religions and cultural backgrounds live in harmony. Agriculture predominates the Bangladesh economy. Major products include rice, jute, wheat, potato, pulse, sugarcane, tea, and tobacco. Jute, tea, seafood, and handicrafts are among the country's primary exports. The industrial sector is growing rapidly, and Bangladesh is gaining an international reputation for products such as garments and leather goods. Bangladesh's climate is subtropical, with temperatures ranging from daytime lows of 8 degrees celsius in the cool season to 40 degrees celsius in the summer. Annual rainfall ranges from 160 cm in the west to 400 cm in the northeast, with heaviest rains during the monsoon (June - September). Autumn (October - November), winter (December - February), and summer (March - May) make up the country's other seasons.

The Offical Website of People's Republic of Bangladesh:

March 2004: 707-3K1C (20803, S2-ADU), delivery.

December 2010: South Asian Airlines (BDS) is an international cargo, jet airplane operator, with services from Dhaka to Sharjah.

(ICAO) Code: BDS (Callsign - SOUTH ASIAN).

Parent organizations/shareholders: Alidul Nannan & family (100%).

Main Base: Dhaka Airport (DAC).

Hub: Dubai International airport (DXB).


June 2014:

1 707-3K1C (JT3D-3B HK) (878-20803, /74 S2-ADU), FREIGHTER.



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