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Name: BH AIR
7JetSet7 Code: BGH
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Employees 211
Web: bhairlines.com
Email: office@bhairlines.com
Telephone: +359 2 981 0189
Fax: +359 2 981 0187

Formed in 2001 and started operations in 2002. A K A "Balkan Holiday Airlines." Domestic, regional, & international, charter passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

7 Dyakon Ignatii Street, 2nd Floor
BG-1000, Sofia, Bulgaria

Dostoevsky Street 6, Ent 1, Apt 5
BG-1000, Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria (Republic of Bulgaria) was established in 1878 and covers an area of 110,994 sq km, with a population of 9.2 million. The capital city is Sofia and the official language is Bulgarian.

August 2003: In October 2003, Sofia - Zurich (2/week).

October 2003: 1st 9 months pre-tax = +BGL 1.1million/+$714,000.

Balkan Holidays Airlines (BGH) has ordered 2 Tu-214's.

April 2004: 2 A320-214's, ex-MyTravel (PRH), Hemus Air (HMS) wet-leased.

May 2004: Balkan Holidays Airlines (BGH) is a joint venture of Balkan Holidays Bulgaria and Hemus Air (HMS).

March 2005: A320-212 (221), ex-Air Luxor (LXA), (GEF) leased.

April 2005: A320-212's (221, 294), wet-leased to Virgin Nigeria (VNA).

January 2006: A320-211 (029, LZ-BHA), leased to Pacific Airlines (PAH).

March 2007: A320-212 (294, LZ-BHB), wet-leased to Mihin Lanka (MIH).

June 2007: (TAP) Maintenance & Engineering signed a seven-year contract with Bulgaria-based BH Air (BGH) for overhaul of (CFM56)s powering its fleet of four A320s.

August 2007: 4 TU-154Ms (706; 707; 743; 832), to KMV (KMV).

December 2007: A321-231 (1421, TC-OAN), ex-(D-ALAP), Onur Air (ONU) leased.

June 2008: The USA (FAA) announced that Bulgaria has been raised to a Category 1 safety rating from the Category 2 imposed in September 2003. It said Bulgaria was in compliance with (ICAO) standards in a January reassessment.

AJW Aviation (AJW) expanded its power-by-the-hour contract with BH Air (BGH) to include an additional three A320s.

September 2009: INCDT: A320-212 (349, LZ-BHC) on wet-leas to Air Vallee (RVL) was involved in a tail-strike on take-off from Verona, Italy on September 1st, resulting in "substantial" damage to the underside of the rear fuselage. It was to be on the ground for at least six weeks.

August 2010: BH Air - Balkan Holiday Airlines (BGH) is the charter arm of Balkan Holidays International, dealing primarily with the Bulgarian market. Jet airplane flights are to traditional charter destinations - mainly the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, Israel, and Switzerland, with ad hoc charters to other destinations. Departure airports include Sofia, Varna, Bourgas, and Plovdiv.

211 employees (including 52 Flight Crew (FC), 62 Cabin Attendants (CA); & 65 Maintenance Technicians (MT)).

(ICAO) Code: BGH (Callsign - BALKAN HOLIDAYS).

Parent organization/shareholders: Balkan Holidays International (100%).

Main Base: Sofia International airport (SOF).

Hubs: Varna International airport (VAR); Plovdiv airport (PDV); & Bourgas airport (BOJ).

BH Air (BGH) has wet-leased an A319-100 to Air Namibia (NAM).

September 2010: BH Air (BFH) signed an airplane and landing gear maintenance services contract with Turkish (THY) Technic, which covers RIB-5 inspection (modification and corrosion repair as required) of three A320s and landing gear overhaul for specified airplanes. The work will be carried out at Turkish Technicís facilities in Istanbul, through the end of March 2011.

BH Air (BGH) has wet-leased its A320-200 (2844, LZ-BHG) to MAI - Myanmar Airways International (BRM) for the winter season which generally sees the highest tourist arrivals in Myanmar.

September 2012: 2 A320s (GEF) leased.

October 2012: A J Walter Aviation (AJW) signed power by the hour agreements with four customers; Air Moldova (MOL) (A320s), Cosmo Airlines (COS) (A320s), BH Air (BGH) (Airbus airplanes) and Aerosvit Airlines (UKA) (737CL/NGs).

June 2013: Bulgariaís BH Air (BGH) has added +3 more A320s to its Power By the Hour (PBH) contract with A J Walter Aviation (AJW).

June 2014: See video "BGH - BULGARIA TRAVEL GUIDE" - -

August 2014: A330-200 (255, LZ-AWA) leased to Air Madagascar (MAD) for summer operations.

May 2015: A320-232 (3125, LZ-BHI), ex-(F-WTDR), Macquarie AirFinance leased.

July 2015: BH Airlines (BGH) ceased operations.


Click below for photos:

October 2015:

1 A319-112 (CFM56-5B6/P) (3139, /07 LZ-AOA; 3188, /07 LZ-AOB), 3139 STORED. 3188; WET-LST AIR NAMIBIA (NAM) 2010-08. 1 WET-LST ERITREAN AIRLINES 2012-04. 150Y.

2 A320-200, (GEF) LSD 2012-09.

1 A320-200 (2844, LZ-BHG), EX-(VT-INA), (GEF) LSD (2012-08), WET-LST (BRM) 2012-09 FOR WINTER SEASON.

0 A320-211 (CFM56-5A1) (029, /89 LZ-BHA), (SIL) LSD 2003-05. LST (PAH) 2006-01. 157Y.

1 A320-211 (CFM56-5A1) (221, /91 LZ-BHD), EX-(LXA), (GEF) LSD 2004-12. WET-LST (VNA) 2005-04. 72CY, 102Y.

1 A320-212 (CFM56-5A3) (294, /92 LZ-BHB), EX-(ANS), (GEF) LSD, (HMS) WET-LSD 2004-04. 294 WET-LST (VNA) 2005-05. WET-LST (MIH) 2007-03. 177Y.

1 A320-212 (CFM56-5A1) (305, /92 LZ-BHE), (GEF) LSD 2006-04. 20C, 120Y.

1 A320-212 (CFM56-5A3) (349, /92 LZ-BHC), (GEF) LSD 2004-04. WET-LST (RVL) 2009-09. 177Y.

1 A320-214 (CFM56-5B4/P) (1087, /99 LZ-BHF), (ILF) LSD 2011-06, IN ERITREAN AIRLINES COLORS. 33C, 138Y.

1 A320-232 (3125, LZ-BHI), EX-(F-WTDR), MACQUARIE AIRFINANCE LSD 2015-05.

0 A321-231 (V2533-A5) (1421, /04 TC-OAN), EX-(D-ALAP), (ONU) LSD 2007-12. RTND. 220Y.

1 A330-200 (255, LZ-AWA), LST (MAD) 2014-08), RTND.

1 IAI 1126 GALAXY (PW306A) (011, /99 LZ-FIB), WHITE COLORS & BLACK STRIPE. 2006-03. 8F.


0 TU-154M (D-30KU-154-II) (706, /84 LZ-HMI; 707, /85 LZ-HMW; 743, /86, LZ-HMQ; 832, /90 LZ-HMN), (HMS) LSD. ST (KMV) 2007-08. 157Y.

2 ORDERS TU-214.



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