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7JetSet7 Code: BIN
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: POLAND
Employees 47

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Formed in 2011 and started operations in 2012. International, charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services and wet-lease (ACMI services.

ul. Poleczki 23F
02-822 Warsaw, Poland

Poland (Republic of Poland) was established in 1918. It covers an area of 312,683 km. Its official language is Polish. The population is 40 million. The capital city is Warsaw.

April 2012: New charter airline, Bingo Airways (BIN) has signed a lease contract with Mitsubishi Corporation Aircraft Partners (MCAP) for its first A320 airplane. (BIN) was set up by a group of Polish aviation professionals headed by Mr Marek Sidor – former Vice President of (LOT) Polish Airlines and (CEO) of Eurolot.

It will be backed with Luxembourgish capital and among the owners is THI, Travel Holding International, Luxembourg based.

The first (BIN) flight is scheduled for the beginning of May 2012. The additional two A320 airplanes are planned to join the (BIN) fleet by July 2012.

(BIN) will operate charter flights from two bases in Poland: – Warsaw Chopin Airport and, Katowice primarily to the Mediterranean Sea area. (BIN) plans to carry around 300 thousands passengers during this summer season.

Main Base: Warsaw Fryderyk Chopin Airport (WAW).

Hub: Katowice Pyrzowice Airport (KTW), and Poznan Airport.

Destinations: Antalya; Enfidha; Hurghada; Palma de Mallorca; Rhodos; Sharm el Shekh; and Wyspy Kanaryjskie.

Bingo Airways (BIN) is expected to operate its first charter flight on May 10. It will operate to the following airports: Antalya (AYT), Hurghada International (HRG), Enfidha Zine el Abidine Ben Ali International (NBE), Palma de Mallorca Son Sant Joan (PMI), Rhodos Diagoras/Maritsa (RHO), Sharm el Sheikh International (SSH), as well as the Canary Islands from Katowice Pyrzowice (KTW), Poznan Lawica (POZ) and Warsaw Fryderyk Chopin (WAW) this summer.

1 A320-233 (2118, SP-ABK), ex-Air Berlin Turkey (IZM), ex-(TC-IZA).

(BIN) is currently looking for cockpit and cabin crew.

May 2012: Bingo Airways (BIN) has started its commercial operations. The first Bingo Airways (BIN) flight took off from Katowice to Hurghada in Egypt on May 18th at 6.00 am Central European Time.

(BIN) will operate charter flights from two bases in Poland: Warsaw Chopin Airport and Katowice, primarily to the Mediterranean Sea area (Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain, and Tunisia). (BIN) A320s are configured in all economy 180Y seats, each powered with (IAE) (V2500) engines. The fleet will grow to 3 airplanes by the end of 2012. The first aircraft (MSN 2118) is leased from (MCAP) and was previously operated by IZair (IZM) in Turkey. (BIN) plans to carry around 300 thousands passengers this year.

August 2012: Bingo Airways (BIN) added another A320 to it’s small fleet. The A320-232 is leased from (ALC) Leasing (ALE) and was previously operated by Kingfisher Airlines (KFH) in India. The A320-232 (2645, SP-ACK - - SEE PHOTO - - "BIN-A320 - LOGOJET - 2012-08) was built in 2006 and is painted in a special promotional livery of the worldwide popular lollipops ‘Chupa Chips.’

On this special airplanes, all children will be able to taste the lollipops and join the Chupa Hero ‘Chupa Chuck’ on a photo! The nickname of the airplane is already known as ‘Chuck Force One.’

Bingo Airways (BIN) has already carried more than >70,000 passengers since May 2012 when (BIN) took to the skies for the first time.

April 2013: Bingo Airways (BIN) announced that it has signed a lease contract with Mitsubishi Corporation Aircraft Partners (MCAP) for another Airbus A320 airplane. The airplane (1723) was manufactured in 2001 and was previously operated by GB Airways (GBA), Easyjet (EZY) and Meridiana fly (ALS).

Bingo (CEO), Mr Marek Sidor commented, “We do appreciate the highest standards of (MCAP)’s teamwork spirit and deep knowledge of the market. Also in the future, we sincerely hope for building the best and still improving professional relations with (MCAP). The charter market in Poland is growing and we position ourselves as the reliable and increasingly important partner.”

The extension of Bingo Airways (BIN)'s fleet will allow the company to open a third operational base in Poland. It will be placed in Wroclaw and it is a beginning of a Bingo (BIN) partnership with the biggest Polish Tour Operator (ITAKA).

According to our contract with (ITAKA), new destinations will be added to the (BIN) network: Fuertventura, Madeira, Dubrovnik, Palermo, and Alicante.

July 2013: A320-232 (2645, SP-ACK) leased to Syphax Airlines (SYA).

January 2014: Polish charter carrier, Bingo Airways (BIN), which launched in 2012, has revealed plans to branch out into scheduled operations.

Bingo Airways (BIN) launched operations on May 18, 2012 and now operates a fleet of four 180Y-seat A320s from its three Polish bases at Warsaw, Katowice, and Wroclaw. It serves Mediterranean destinations for a range of tour operators, including Polish firms (ITAKA) and "Sun & Fun."

However, the fledgling carrier is now busy finalizing plans to branch out into scheduled services. “Yes indeed, we are working on such a project. However, due to commercial reasons, we cannot disclose any detailed information at this stage,” Bingo Airways (BIN) Marketing Director, Piotr Samson said.

Samson said commercial negotiations are underway to prepare for the scheduled launch.

June 2014: Ceased operations.


Click below for photos:
BIN-A320 - 2012-04
BIN-A320 - 2014-01
BIN-A320 - LOGOJET - 2012-08
BIN-A320-233 - 2012-05

June 2014:

2 A320-233 (V2527E-A5) (1723, /01 2013-04; 2118, /03 SP-ABK, 2012-04), 1723; EX-(GBA)/(EZY)/(ALS); 2118, EX-AIR BERLIN TURKEY (IZM), EX-(TC-IZA), MITSUBISHI CORPORATION AIRCRAFT PARTNERS (MCAP) LSD. 180Y.

1 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (2645 /06 SP-ACK - - SEE PHOTO - - "BIN-A320 - LOGOJET - 2012-08), EX-(EI-EXO), EX-(KFH) 2012-08, WITH "CHUPA CHIPS" TAIL LOGO. LST (SYA) 2013-07. 174Y.




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