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7JetSet7 Code: BKV
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: UKRAINE
Employees 27
Email: ruclana-stct@mail.ru
Telephone: +380 3722 43211
Fax: +380 3722 43214

Formed and started operations in 1992. International, charter, passenger jet airplane services and wet-lease (ACMI) services.

30 Chkalova Street
Chemovtsy 274009, Ukraine

Ukraine was established in 1991, it covers an area of 603,700 sq km, its population is 53 million, its capital city is Kiev, and its official language is Ukrainian.

April 1992. Established as Chernovtsky Aviation Enterprise.

September 2008: Receives its first MD-82.

July 2010: MD-82 (49505, UR-BKM), ex-(G-CEPD), delivery.

August 2010: Bukovyna Airlines (BKV) provides charter and wet-leasing (ACMI) services.

(IATA): BQ - 616. (ICAO) Code: BKV - (Callsign - BUKOVYNA).

Main Base: Chernovtsy Airport (CWC).

MD-82 leased to UM Air (UKM).

October 2010: MD-83 (53184, UR-BHJ), leased to Caspian Airlines (CPN) through uM Air (UKM).

January 2011: MD-82 (49519, UR-CIK), leased from Jetran (RRM), ex-(N915MD).

March 2011: MD-82 (53162, UR-CHX), leased to Iran Air Tour (IRB).

July 2011: Bukovyna Airlines (BKV) has started operating three ex-Onur Air (ONU) MD-88s on behalf of Taban Air ((IATA) Code: HH, based at Mashad International airport (MHD)) (TBM). It is planning to add two more later this year.

October 2012: Iran Airtour Airline ((IATA) Code: B9, based at Tehran Mehrabad) (IRB) plans to add its first Airbus Industrie airplanes to its fleet shortly. It currently operates two MD-82s and wet-leases 11 MD-82s from Ukrainian charter carrier Bukovyna Airlines (BQ, Chernovtsy). (IRB) will add two ex-Saga Airlines ((IATA) Code: SGX, based at Istanbul Atatürk) (SGZ) A310-300s (519 and 562) and an ex-Khors Aircompany ((IATA) Code: KO, based at Kiev Borispol) (KHO) A320-200 (414).

January 2012: Bukovyna Airlines (BKV) has taken delivery of a first ex-Air Dolomiti (DLA) B Ae 146-300 that it will operate on behalf of Mahan Air (MHN). It has also added a 12th ex-Spanair (SPP) MD-82.

May 2012: Taban Air ((IATA) Code: HH, based at Mashad International airport (MHD))) has wet-leased 737-400 (25112, TC-TLC) from Turkish charter carrier, Tailwind Airlines ((TWI). Taban Air currently operates a single MD-82 itself and wet-leases five MD-88s from Bukovyna Airlines (BKV).

February 2013: Qeshm Airlines ((IATA) Code: QB, based at Tehran Mehrabad) (QES) is planning to wet-lease three ex-(KLM) cityhopper (UKA) Fokker 100s from Ukrainian wet-lease (ACMI) specialist, Bukovyna Airlines (BKV) with the airplanes currently being prepared for the operations in Iran at Kiev Borispol according to Skyliner Aviation. (QES) already operates four Fokker F 50s on domestic flights and international services between Gheshm and Dubai International.

March 2013: Qeshm Airlines (QES) has wet-leased A320-200 (607, EY-631) from Tajik start-up Asian Express Airline (Tajikistan) ((ICAO) Code: TXP, based at Dushanbe) further increasing its fleet after having just recently agreed to wet-lease three Fokker F 100s from Ukrainian wet-lease ACMI specialist, Bukovyna Airlines (BKV).

May 2013: Qeshm Airlines (QES) is planning to add five Airbus Industrie (AIB, Toulouse Blagnac) A300-600Rs, formerly with Turkey's Onur Air ((IATA) Code: 8Q, based at Istanbul Atatürk). (QES), which specializes in operations from Qeshm Island to various cities around Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), currently operates four Fokker F 50s and leases four Fokker F 100s from Ukrainian charter specialists, Bukovyna Airlines (BKV).

June 2013: Kyrgyz Trans Avia ((IATA) Code: 6K, based at Bishkek) (KTA) along with Ukrainian carriers, Bukovyna Airlines ((IATA) Code: BQ, based at Chernovtsy) (BKV) and UM Air ((IATA) Code: UF, based at Kiev Borispol) (UKM), has been slapped with sanctions by the USA Department of the Treasury for "leasing and selling airplanes to Mahan Air ((IATA) Code: W5, based at Tehran Mehrabad) and Iran Air ((IATA) Code: IR, based at Tehran Mehrabad) as they attempt to circumvent sanctions" and support Iran's alleged involvement in Syria via the Assad regime. UM Air (UKM) was identified as having leased Mahan Air (MHN) several ARJ-100, ARJ-85 and B Ae 146-300 airplanes, as well as helping to train and certify (MHN) pilots (FC) and engineers (MT) on B Ae 146s. Bukovyna Airlines (BKV) was sanctioned for "providing financial, material and technological support to Iran Air (IRN) by leasing airplanes to them." (BKV) and (UKM) have upwards of twenty five airplanes in Iran now that are registered in their names with them being used by (MHN) to fly to Syria on "numerous occasions". Kyrgyz Trans Avia's airplanes that have been supplied to (MHN) are used it is claimed, "interchangeably, to move suspected illicit cargo to the Syrian regime and provide civilian passenger flights to Europe and Asia." (KTA) has announced that despite the embargo, it will still also operate Hajj flights from Kyrgyzstan to Jeddah in September as planned.


April 2016:

1 MD-82 (JT8D-217A) (1381-49505, /88 UK-BKM), EX-(G-CEPD) 2010-07. 12F, 133Y.

2 MD-82 (JT8D-217) (1514-49510, /88 UR-CHW; 2010-53162, /92 UR-CHX), PHOENIX ACFT LSG LSD 2009-09. 53162; LST IRAN AIR TOUR (IRB) 2011-03. 169Y.

3 MD-82 (JT8D-217) (1548-49512, /88 UR-BXL; 2063-53169, /93 UR-CHZ; 2065-53170, /93 UR-BXI), PHOENIX ACFT LSG LSD 2009-09. 147Y.

1 MD-82 (1658-49519, UR-CIK), JETRAN (RRM) LSD 2011-01, EX-(N519MD).

2 MD-83 (JT8D-219) (1405-49569, /87 UR-BXN; 1817-53149, /91 UR-BVO "KISH ISLAND"), 2009-06. 164Y.

1 MD-82 (JT8D-219), EX-(SPP) 2011-11.

1 MD-83 (JT8D-219) (2088-53184, /94 UR-BHJ), 2008-09. EX-(SPP). LST CASPIAN AIRLINES (CPN) 165Y.

5 MD-88, EX-(ONU) WET-LST TABAN AIR (TBM) 2011-07.

1 B AE 146-300, EX-(DLA) 2011-11, WET-LST (MHN).

4 FOKKER F 100 (tay 650-15) (11444, /93 UR-CKT; 11462, /95 UR-CKU; 11475, /93 UR-CKV; 11477, /93 UR-CKW), QESHM LSD 2013-02. 50C, 50Y.




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