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7JetSet7 Code: BLD
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: ROMANIA
Employees 200
Telephone: +40 21 208 86 86
Fax: +40 21 208 8612

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BLD-2005-04 - 737-33A
BLD-2005-09 - 737
BLD-2005-09 - 737-53A
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BLD-Cabin Attendant 2018-09 w.jpg
BLD-FC Cabin Attendants 2018-08.jpg
BLD-First Officer 2018-07 PA.jpg
BLD-Flight Crew 2018-08 Peter.jpg
BLD-Flight Crew 2018-09.jpg
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BLD-Flight Crew and Cabin Attendants 2018-07.jpg

Formed and started operations in 2004. Full name: (Blue Air Transport Aerian). Domestic, regional, & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

24 Sevastopol Street, Sector 1
013695 Bucharest, Romania

Romania was established in 1859, covers an area of 237,500 sq km, its population is 23.3 million, and its capital is Bucharest. The official language is Romanian.

November 2004: 737-33A (2600-27267, YR-BAA), AWAS (AWW) leased.

December 2004: Launched operations from Bucharest (Baneasa) to Timisoara, Lyon, Milan (BGY), & Reus.

January 2005: The founder of Italy's Azzurra Air (AZR) acquired (AZR)'s assets after it ceased operations, and moved it to Bucharest's downtown secondary airport, Baneasa (BBU). This is located approximately 6.2 miles/10 km from the city center. The airline was renamed "Blue Air" and was established as Romania's 1st low-cost carrier (LCC).

Regular charter flights are operated for Regional Air Tours to Milan (Bergamo - Orio Al Serio), Barcelona (Reus), Lyon (St Exupery), & Istanbul (Ataturka).

737-3K9 (24213), ex-Euro Atlantic (MAE), Bavaria (BAV) leased.

May 2005: Bucharest Baneasa downtown airport to Istanbul (737-300, 3/week). Later in year, to Budapest.

June 2005: 737-53A (24785), ex-Rio-Sul (ROS), Orix (OXA) leased following maintenance and repaint by Mexicana (CMA).

August 2005: 737-377 (23653, YR-BAC), bought from Airwork (ANX).

March 2006: Blue Air (BLD) (Romania) (JOR/Bucharest Baneasa) will launch 2x-weekly 737-300/-500 service from Bucharest Baneasa to Valencia on March 14. It will, however, give up its routes from Baneasa to Istanbul Ataturk and Paris Beauvais by the end of March.

April 2006: Blue Air (BLD) operates low-cost jet airplane services to destinations in Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, and the Netherlands.

(IATA) Code: OB. (ICAO) Code: JOR - (Casllsign - BLUE TRANSPORT).

Parent organization/shareholders: CAN Srl (44%); Fogar Viaggi SRL (38%); & Friulia SpA (18%).

( ( (

Domestic, scheduled destinations: Bucharest; & Timisoara.

International, scheduled destinations: Barcelona; Cuneo; Istanbul; Lyons; Maastricht; Madrid; Milan; Paris; Rome; & Verona.

September 2006: Blue Air (BLD) will inaugurate nonstop service from Bucharest Banese to Brussels Charleroi Airport on October 29th. (BLD) will operate 4 flights a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, & Sundays, using a 737-300. (BLD) will inaugurate nonstop service from Bucharest Banese to Cologne on October 29th. (BLD) will operate 4x-weekly, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, & Sundays, using a 737-300. (BLD) will inaugurate nonstop service from Bucharest Banese to Bologna on October 29th. The airline will operate 3x-weekly, on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, using a 737-300. (BLD) will discontinue service from Bucharest Banese to Bergamo on October 28th. The airline currently operates 3x-weekly, on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, using a 737-300. (BLD) will discontinue service from Bucharest Banese to Maastricht on October 28th. (BLD) currently operates 3x-weekly, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Sundays, using a 737-300.

March 2007: Starting March 27th, Cluj - Barcelona, using 737-500s.

February 2008: Blue Air (BLD), Romania's 1st Low Cost Carrier (LCC), placed an order for 2 737-800s plus 2 purchase rights valued at $150 million at list prices - see photo. (BLD) has a 787-800 arriving on lease later this year. "We have doubled our passenger traffic every year since starting our operations [in December 2004]," General Manager Gheorghe Racaru claimed. It currently operates 1 737-500, 2 737-400s, and 2 737-300s.

Blue Air (BLD) will launch 3x-weekly, Bucharest Baneasa - Berlin Schoenefeld on March 31.

737-329 (28733, OM-HLA), Seagle Air (CGL) wet-leased.

June 2008: Romania's Blue Air (BLD) signed for 3 737-900ERs, adding to the 2 737-800s ordered earlier. This order is worth $238.5 million at list prices. (BLD) launched in December 2004 at Bucharest Baneasa and now operates 5 737 Classics. It will add 2 leased 737-800s this year and a 3rd in early 2009.

September 2008: According to the worlds foremost Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) survey run by Skytrax Research of London, the best low-cost airline – Eastern Europe final standings:
1. SkyEurope Airlines (SKP).
2. Wizz Air (WZZ).
3. Blue Air (BLD).

Blue Air (BLD) will commence 2x-weekly, Brussels - London Stansted on October 23, becoming 3x-weekly on December 11.

May 2009: Aviareps was selected by Blue Air (BLD) to serve as General Services Agent (GSA) in Germany and the UK.

October 2009: Introduces domestic feeder services with Saab 340s turboprops supplied by Direct Aero Services.

January 2010: Blue Air (BLD) will launch 3x-weekly, Warsaw - Larnaca on March 28. It has also announced other new routes:
Bucharest Baneasa - Dublin: 3x-weekly 737-500 service starting on March 29;
Bucharest Baneasa - Florence: 5x-weekly Saab 340 service starting on March 29 (operated by Direct Aero Service (Bucharest Baneasa));
Bucharest Baneasa - London Luton: daily 737-500 service (replacing Stansted route);
Bucharest Baneasa - Salzburg: weekly seasonal 737-300/-500 service between December 12 and March 27;
Bucharest Baneasa - Stuttgart: 3x-weekly 737-500 service starting on March 30 (replacing combined service with Sibiu);
Cluj - Paris Beauvais: 3x-weekly 737-300 service (already launched);
Larnaca - Milan Orio al Serio: 3x-weekly 737-500 service starting on March 29;
Larnaca - Vienna: 3x-weekly 737-500 service starting on March 28;
Larnaca - Warsaw: 3x-weekly 737-500 service starting on March 29;
Sibiu - Cologne/Bonn: 3x-weekly 737-300 service starting on March 28;
Sibiu - London Luton: 4x-weekly 737-300 service starting on March 29 (replacing Stansted route);
Sibiu - Stuttgart: 4x-weekly 737-300 service starting on March 29 (replacing combined service with Bucharest);
Sibiu - Valencia: 3x-weekly 737-300 service starting on March 28.

It will give up its Milan Orio al Serio - Naples and Thessaloniki - London Stansted routes on March 26.

May 2010: 737-8Q8 (32841, YR-BIF), (ILF) leased, ex-(G-SAAW).

August 2010: Blue Air (BLD) resumed 2x-daily service between Bucharest Baneasa and Timisoara on March 29 using Saab 340s wet-leased from Direct Aero Services. It has added 2 additional ex-Air Berlin (BER) and ex-Fly Globespan (FGC) 737-800s. It will give up its routes from Larnaca to Milan Orio al Serio, Vienna and Warsaw on September 15. (BLD) had already stopped serving Bucharest Baneasa - Arad - Verona route on March 28. At the same time, its partner Direct Aero Services has also stopped routes from Suceava via Baia Mare to Rome Fiumicino, Venice Marco Polo and Vienna. (BLD) has entered into a cooperation agreement with Italian low-cost carrier Blu Express offering passengers connections from Bucharest Baneasa to Rome Fiumicino and then from there to several domestic destinations in Italy.

September 2010: A precarious financial situation with the airline results in Blue Air (BLD) laying off 300 of its 500 employees, returning 5 of its 11 airplanes and closing its base in Cyprus. It is receiving a lot of competition from Wizz Air (WZZ).

February 2011: Blue Air (BLD) will launch 2x-weekly 737 Bacau to Brussels service on May 30.

October 2011: Blue Air (BLD) operates low-cost carrier (LCC) jet airplane services to destinations in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and the Netherlands from 4 Romanian airports: Arad, Bacau, Bucharest, and Cluj Napoca.

(IATA) Code: OB. (ICAO) Code: BMS - (Callsign - BLUE MESSENGER).

Parent organization/shareholders: Privately owned (100%).

Main Base: Bucharest Baneasa Airport (BBU).

Hub: Bacau Airport (BCM).

Domestic, scheduled destinations: Arad; Bacau; Bucharest; Cluj Napoca; & Timisoara.

International, scheduled destinations: Barcelona; Cuneo; Istanbul; Lyons; Maastricht; Madrid; Milan; Paris; Rome; Stuttgart; & Verona.

January 2012: Blue Air (BLD) is planning to build its own new airport south of Bucharest at Aduantii-Copaceni in cooperation with other local investors to establish a low-cost airport within the next 2 to 3 years to replace Bucharest Baneasa. All airlines operating to Bucharest Baneasa could potentially already be forced to move to Bucharest Otopeni as of March 25 as the Romanian authorities want to stop commercial airline operations at Baneasa. The airport is served by (BLD) and Wizz Air (WZZ) that both have several airplanes based there as well as Germanwings (RFG).

(BLD) has introduced new routes:
Bucharest Baneasa - Sibiu - Stuttgart: 2x-weekly 737-500 service has started on October 30 (replacing non-stops);
Bucharest Baneasa - Venice Marco Polo: 3x-weekly 737-400 service starting on March 25.

August 2012: 737-377 (23653, ZK-SLA), to Airwork (ANX), New Zealand.

January 2013: Romanian budget carrier, Blue Air (BLD) has terminated its order for 5 Boeing 737NGs following financial difficulties at one of its major shareholders.

Blue Air (BLD) said it has reached an agreement with Boeing (TBC) over the cancellation of the airplane order. “Based on the current troubled financial situation at Romstrade (SRL), the major shareholder of (BLD), SC Blue Air Transport Aerian SA is not in a position to continue the commitment for the $462,200,000 obligation to The Boeing Company (TBC),” (BLD) said.

The deal was agreed in 2 transactions in 2008, for delivery in 2015 - 2016. The 1st transaction, announced in February 2008, covered 2 737-800s and purchase rights on 2 more. Later that year, in June, Blue Air (BLD) placed a follow-on order for 3 737-900ERs. At the time, the deals were valued at $150 million and $238.5 million, respectively, at list prices.

“Since the airplanes were to be delivered in 2015 to 2016, this business decision does not affect in any way the activity of the Blue Air Company. All flights are operated normally, according to the schedule,” (BLD) said.

In 2010, Blue Air (BLD) axed 10 routes after reportedly suffering financial problems. (BLD) launched operations in December 2004 and is based at Bucharest Baneasa Airport.

May 2013: Airline Management Solutions, which comprises a group of 4 Romanian investors, is to acquire the assets of low-cost carrier (LCC) Blue Air (BLD) from former majority owner, Romstrade.

MD-83 (4920, YR-HBH), ex-(EC-LMY).

August 2013: Blue Air (BLD) has been operating since December 2004, but its future is far from certain after some recent issues regarding (BLD)’s ownership and investors. With a current fleet of 6 737s (4 737-400s, 1 737-300, and 1 737-500), (BLD)’s summer schedule comprises 18 routes from Bucharest Otopeni Airport, 8 routes from Bacau Airport, and 1 from Sibiu Airport. In terms of weekly departures, there are 79x- from Bucharest (71%), 29x- from Bacau (26%) and 3x- from Sibiu (3%). In total, 9 different country markets are served, with Italian routes accounting for 43% of (BLD)’s weekly flights, followed by Spain, with 14%.

* Blue Air’s other route, between Sibiu and Stuttgart, is a niche route aimed primarily at workers in the automotive industry.

* The last 2 routes to be launched (last summer) were both from Satu Mare, to Cuneo and Venice. Both routes were short-lived and are missing from (BLD)’s schedule this summer.

* According to (BLD), this winter will see frequency increases (compared with last winter) on routes to Brussels, Catania, Naples, and Rome.

September 2013: Blue Air (BLD), acquired by Air Management Solutions in August, will continue to use Commsoft’s (OASES) maintenance software for its single Boeing 737-300, 4 737-400s and 1 737-500.

October 2013: easyJet (EZY) recommenced services to Bucharest, the Romanian capital on October 17th, this time to Bucharest Otopeni (OTP) from London Gatwick (LGW), having originally linked the London airport to Bucharest Baneasa (BBU) from October 2007, before switching to Otopeni and then ending the service on June 1st, 2008. The 4x-weekly service on the 2,086 km route is flown by a mix of A319s and A320s. There is no direct competition on this airport pair, however, British Airways (BAB) (2x-daily) and (TAROM) (TRM) (10x-weekly) fly from London Heathrow to Otopeni, with Wizz Air (WZZ) (2x-daily) and (BLD) (4x-weekly) providing further competition from London Luton. The UK - Romania market has grown fourfold since Romania joined the (EU) in 2007, and this winter, seat capacity will be up +40% on last year, thanks to new routes from (EZY), (TRM) and (WZZ).

Joining the (EU) on January 1st, 2007 meant that Romania’s air transport market with the rest of the (EU) became liberalized, thus enabling new carriers to start services to and from Bucharest and other cities in the country with relative ease. In the UK to Romania market, Wizz Air (WZZ) was the first to grab the opportunity (on January 15) by starting flights between Bucharest Baneasa and London Luton, followed before the end of the year by both (BLD) and easyJet (EZY), who also operated flights from Bucharest’s 2nd, ‘low-cost’ airport to London. (EZY) withdrew from the market on June 1st, 2008, but after a 5-year hiatus, has just re-entered the market.

Since then, other routes have been launched, frequencies increased, and the market has shown solid year-on-year growth ever since, a rare achievement for any market from the UK during this period. Annual passenger numbers have grown almost fourfold, from a pre-(EU) level of around 200,000 to just <800,000 in 2012. Much of that growth has come from new routes to airports in Romania other than Bucharest, though at the UK end, all services are still operating to and from London. In the 1st 6 months of 2013, passenger numbers were up once more, this time by just <8%.


* easyJet (EZY) stopped service between London Gatwick and Bucharest at the end of May 2008.
* Blue Air (BLD) service from Bucharest to London moved from Stansted to Luton at the start of the 2010 summer season. (BLD) also moved its Sibiu service from Stansted to Luton in March 2010, before discontinuing the route completely at the end of October 2010.
* All flights to Bucharest Baneasa (BBU) were transferred to Bucharest Otopeni (OTP) at the start of the 2012 summer season, when (BBU) was closed to commercial flights.

easyJet (EZY)’s decision to re-launch flights to Romania is an interesting move as it will compete indirectly with British Airways (BAB) and TAROM (TRM) (from Heathrow), as well as Blue Air (BLD) and Wizz Air (WZZ) (both from London Luton).

Apart from easyJet (EZY)’s return to the market, this winter sees some additional changes to the UK to Romania market. (TAROM) (TRM) is switching its 2x-weekly Iasi flights from London Heathrow to London Luton, while Wizz Air (WZZ) is starting 2x-weekly flights from Craiova on October 29th, its 5th Romanian route from London Luton. It is also increasing frequencies on its Bucharest route, presumably in response to easyJet (EZY)’s arrival. As a result, seat capacity between the UK and Romania is up a massive +40% in November 2013 when compared with November 2012. However, despite a small presence in Romania (2 Italian routes from Constanta, and 2 routes from Targu Mures), Ryanair (RYR) has yet to enter the UK to Romania market.

December 2013: 737-4Q8 (25371, YR-BAR), EX-(N707DB), (AWW) LSD 2013-12. 737-405 (24644, YR-BAZ), ex-(LN-BRI), Aerotron leased.

February 2014: Acquires former Sky Airlines (SYC) 737-4Q8 (25371, YR-BAR), painted in new Blue Air (BLD) livery.

SEE PHOTO - - "BLD-737-3Q8-NEW LIVERY-2014-02."

July 2014: Blue Air (BLD) begins 3x-weekly, Liverpool to Bucharest Boeing 737-400 service on December 15.

October 2014: Blue Air (BLD), the Romanian low-cost carrier (LCC), expanded its presence in the Italian market, adding its 2nd route to Cuneo (CUF) from its Bucharest (OTP) base on September 30th. The 1,466 km sector to the city in Piedmont, Northern Italy will be operated 2x-weekly (Tuesdays and Saturdays), utilizing (BLD)’s 162Y-seat 737-400s. Blue Air (BLD) is already serving the Italian destination with 4x-weekly operations from Bacau in Romania. No other operator serves this route.

Blue Air (BLD) launches 2x-weekly Liverpool to Bacau, 737-400 service on March 2015.

December 2014: Blue Air (BLD), the Romanian low-cost carrier (LCC), commenced its 3rd route to the UK with the addition of 3x-weekly flights (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) from Bucharest (OTP) to Liverpool (LPL) on December 15th. The 2,314 km sector will be operated utilizing (BLD)’s 162Y-seat 737-400s and will face no competition from other operators. (BLD) is also serving the UK market with daily flights between Bucharest and London Luton and 5x-weekly services from Bacau to Luton. (BLD) is also gearing up to commence 2x-weekly flights (Tuesdays and Saturdays) from Bacau to Liverpool starting on March 31st 2015. Commenting on the new addition, Tudor Constantinescu (COO) (BLD), said: “We are particularly happy to see our new route starting today as fruit of a joint collaboration with Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Business travelers and tourists will enjoy the benefit and comfort of a direct connection linking NW England with Romania. Shortening the travel time from Liverpool to Bucharest and later to Bacau creates in our view the premises of future economic, social and cultural cooperation and development to the benefit of both regions.”

April 2015: News Item A-1: Blue Air (BLD) commenced its 2nd route to Liverpool (LPL) on March 31st, this time from its Bacau (BCM) base. The 2,248 km sector will be operated 2x-weekly (Thursdays and Saturdays), using (BLD)’s 162Y-seat 737-400s. No other carrier serves this sector, while Blue Air (BLD) already flies to Liverpool from Bucharest with 3x-weekly departures. This summer (BLD), the Romanian low cost carrier (LCC) will fly to 9 destinations from Bacau; 4 in Italy, 2 in the UK, and 1 each in Belgium, France, and Ireland.

News Item A-2: Fokker Services has received an order from Romania’s Blue Air (BLD) for introduction of (TCAS) 7.1 into (BLD)’s 737s fleet.

May 2015: 737-79P (30651, YR-BMA), ex-(F-WTDV), AerCap (DEA) leased and 737-85R (29037, YR-BMB), Aircastle (CSL) leased.

June 2015: 737-4Z9 (25147, YR-BAT), ex-(UR-GAO), AerCap (DEA) Leased.

October 2015: Blue Air (BLD) commenced services from Iasi (IAS) on October 25 to 4 European capitals including a domestic link to the Romanian capital, Bucharest (OTP). Services to London Luton (LTN), Paris Beauvais (BVA) and Rome Fiumicino (FCO) were also launched. All 4 routes will be operated by (BLD)’s 737-400s and 737-500s, with only services to Paris Beauvais not facing direct competition. Apart from services to Bucharest, which will operate 12x-week, the rest will operate either 2x- or 3x-weekly. Blue Air (BLD) plans to further expand its operations from Iasi with the introduction of routes to Barcelona, Brussels, and Cologne Bonn next summer.

Iasi (IAS) to Bucharest (OTP) 737-500 12x-weekly, vs Tarom (TRM) 27x-, to London Luton (LTN) 737-400 2x-, vs (TRM) 2x-, Wizz Air (WZZ) 2x-, to Paris Beauvais (BVA) 737-500, 2x-, to Rome Fiumicino (FCO) 737-500, 3x-, vs (TRM) 3x-.

November 2015: Blue Air (BLD) is to begin 2x-weekly, Liverpool to Cluj service on June 6.

December 2015: Blue Air (BLD) launched services between Bucharest (OTP) and Glasgow (GLA) on December 17. The 2,478 km sector will operate 2x-weekly on Thursdays and Sundays, with the route being flown by (BLD)’s 737-400s. The city pair will face direct competition from Wizz Air (WZZ), which operates the route 2x-weekly on Mondays and Fridays using its A320s. From next year, the 2 carriers will also directly compete against each other on another UK to Romanian city pair, when they both commence operations from Bucharest to Birmingham.

January 2015: Blue Air (BLD) will begin Luton to Larnaca and to Turin in summer 2016.

February 2016: Blue Air (BLD) will make its Timisoara debut later this summer with the launch of charter flights to Greece and Turkey for and on behalf of an undisclosed Romanian tour operator.

Between June and September, (BLD) will serve Heraklion (starts June 7), Rhodes (begins June 17), and Zakinthos (begins June 13) in Greece as well as Antalya (begins June 8), and Bodrum Milas (begins June 16) in Turkey.

737-86N (34251, YR-BME) EX-(TC-SNL), (GEF) leased.

April 2016: News Item A-1: Blue Air (BLD) will increase Larnaca to Athens to 14x-weekly and to Thessaloniki to 5x-weekly. Constanta Is was added with 2x-weekly service.

Blue Air (BLD) began 2x-weekly, Bucharest to Hamburg service.

March 2017: 737-8K5 (27980, YR-BMH), ex-(N980CS), Capstar Aviation leased.

April 2017: Blue Air (BLD) opened its newest base, Constanta (CND), initially opening routes to Paris Beauvais (BVA) and Rome Fiumicino (FCO). (BLD) airline will also add Brussels, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Oradea and Timisoara from its Constanta base in the coming weeks.

Along with opening its newest base, (BLD) also expanded from its Liverpool (LPL) and Turin (TRN) bases, with the UK airport (LPL) gaining a link to Alicante (ALC) and the Italian hub (TRN) welcoming a connection with Malaga (AGP). The only route that will face direct competition is the connection between Liverpool and Alicante.

The average weekly frequency of the new routes is 2.7, while the average sector length is 1,621 km.

July 2017: Blue Air (BLD), which has just announced that it will purchase 6 737 MAX 8s, with a further agreement to lease 6 737 MAX 8s and 6 737-800s, has added 3 new routes to its network. The 1st of the trio of routes to be launched was a connection between (BLD)’s bases of Larnaca (LCA) and Liverpool (LPL), with (BLD) basing a 3rd airplane at the Cypriot hub. Launched June 27, the 3,500 km city pair will operate 2x-weekly (Tuesdays and Saturdays) on a mixture of (BLD)’s 737-700s and 737-800s. The next inauguration was the 904 km connection from Turin (TRN) to Trapani (TPS), a new airport for the airline. Commencing on June 29, Blue Air (BLD) will offer 4x-weekly flights between the Italian and Sicilian airports on a mixture of 737-400s and 737-500s. The 3rd and final launch of the week occurred on June 30, with (BLD) now linking Constanta (CND) to Brussels (BRU), (BLD)’s 4th route to the Belgian capital. Operated weekly (Fridays), the summer seasonal 1,928 km link will be flown on its 737-500s. The only service of the 3 that will face direct competition is the Cyprus - UK connection, with easyJet (EZY) already offering 2x-weekly flights, also operated on the same days as Blue Air (BLD).

December 2017: Blue Air (BLD) will launch 2x-weekly Liverpool to Palma de Mallorca service June 2 to September 2018.

April 2018: Romanian low cost carrier (LCC) Blue Air (BLD) is preparing to take delivery of the 1st of 6 Boeing 737 MAX 8s in July 2019. The introduction of the new airplane and its new type of engines is a challenge for us,” (CEO) Gheorghe Racaru said on the sidelines of the European Regions Airline Association (ERA) conference. “We have 6 737 MAX 8s on order, plus 2 options. With lessor Air Lease Corporation (ALE), we have an additional 7 737 MAX 8s in the pipeline.

October 2018: "Blue Air has Bought Air Moldova."

Blue Air (BLD) joined a small consortium including 2 Romanian businessmen to buy Air Moldova (MOL), which is the national carrier of Moldova. (BLD) bought the airline for 50 Million Moldovian lei/€2.76 Million/USD $3 million). Included in the deal is (MOL)’s debt.

(MOL) has a fleet of 7 aircraft. It aims to operate 14 planes by 2021. Its new owners (BLD) are planning to keep (MOL)’s 29 destinations and current route schedules.

(BLD) said that they are happy (MOL) has joined the (BLD) family. (BLD) has also commented that they are not planning to make any extensive changes to (MOL), but will rather change (MOL)’s business structure to allow it to make a profit. (BLD) wants (MOL) to be an airline that Moldovians will be proud of and will choose for their travels. Many people do, however, they alsosay that this purchase is without meaning. This could be related to a lack of information on the deal.

Many argue that this purchase was not a good move for (BLD) because (BLD) operates an all Boeing fleet, while (MOL) operates a mix of aircraft. In addition, (BLD) has almost no experience in (MOL)’s market.


Click below for photos:
BLD-737-400 YR-BAJ 2018-08.jpg
BLD-737-4Q8-2014-03-NEW LIVERY
BLD-737-82R YR-BMN 2018-06
BLD-SAAB 340-2010-06

November 2018:

0 737-3K9 (CFM56-3B2) (1794-24213, /89), EX-(MAE), (BAV) LEASED 2005-01. RETURNED. 148Y.

1 737-322 (CFM56-3B1) (1730-24453, /89 YR-BAF), AIRCORP LEASED 2008-05. 141Y.

0 737-329 (CFM56-3B2) (1441-28773, /87 OM-HLA), EX-(DHI)/(SAB), (TCI) LEASED, (CGL) WET-LEASED 2008-01. RETURNED. 148Y.

0 737-33A (CFM56-3B1) (2600-27267, /94 YR-BAA), (AWW) LEASED 2004-11. RETURNED.

1 737-377 (CFM56-3B1) (1260-23653, /86 YR-BAC), EX-(ANS) 2003-11. BOUGHT FROM (ANX) 2005-08. WHITE COLORS, BLUE TAIL WITHOUT TITLES. TO AIRWORK (ANX) NEW ZEALAND. 136Y.

1 737-4Q8 (CFM56-3C1) (2195-25371, /91 YR-BAR), EX-(N707DB), EX-SKY AIRLINES (SYC). EX-(TC-AKY) 2014-02. 170Y.

1 737-4Q8 (CFM56-3C1) (2620-26302, /94 YR-BAM; 2653-26306, /94 YR-BAN), 2012-02. 26302; LEASED TO (ONX) 2013-08. 162Y.

1 737-4YO (CFM56-3C1) (1680-24314, /89 YR-BAI), (BBB) 2010-12. 170Y.

1 737-4Z9 (CFM56-3C1) (25147, YR-BAT), EX-(UR-GAO), (N947NZ). 162Y.

0 737-405 (CFM56-3C1) (24644, YR-BAZ), EX-(LN-BRI), AEROTRON LEASED 2013-12. 162Y.

2 737-430 (CFM56-3C1) (2323-27002, /92 YR-BAJ; 2359-27005, /92 YR-BAK), 2010-12. 162Y.

0 737-46N (CFM56-3C1) (2886-28723, /97 YR-BAE "RADIO ZU"), (FNBC) LEASING 2007-12. 162Y.

1 737-5L9 (CFM56-3B1) (1816-24778, /90 YR-BAG), WELLS FARGO BANK LEASED 2009-07. 126Y.

4 737-500 (CFM56-3B1). 126Y.

1 737-505 (CFM56-3C1) (2035-24274, /91 YR-BAH), (NBB) LEASING LEASED 2010-11. 120Y.

0 737-53A (CFM56-3C1) (1882-24785, /90 YR-BAB), EX-(ROS), (OXA) LEASED 2005-06. RETURNED. 123Y.

1 737-79P (CFM56-7B) (30651, YR-BMA), EX-(F-WTDV), AERCAP (DEA) LEASED 2015-05.


1 737-8AS (CFM56-7B) (YR-BIA - - SEE PHOTO - - "BLD-737-8AS-2008-09"), EX-(RYR). 189Y.

1 737-8AS (CFM56-7B) (29926, YR-BIB), WET-LEASED TO (TSF) 2010-06. 189Y.

1 737-8K5 (CFM56-7) (45-27980, YR-BMI - SEE PHOTO), EX-(N980CS), CAPSTAR AVIATION LEASED 2017-03.

0 737-8Q8 (CFM56-7B) (32841, YR-BIF), (ILF) LEASED 2010-05. EX-(G-SAAW). RETURNED.

1 737-82R (CFM56-7B) (YR-BMN), SEEN 2018-06 WITH (LOT) MARKINGS.

1 737-85R (CFM56-7B) (29037, YR-BMB), AIRCASTLE (CSL) LEASED 2015-05.

1 737-86N (CFM56-7B), EX-(TC-SNL), (GEF) LEASED 2016-02.

9 737-800 (CFM56-7B),

0 ORDERS 737-900ER (CFM56-7B27/3) 220 PAX, TERMINATED 3 ORDERS JANUARY 2013.

6/7 ORDERS 737 MAX 8:

0 MD-83 (4920, YR-HBH), EX-(EC-LMY) 2013-05.



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BLD-1-Gheorghe Racaru 2018-04.jpg



A one-time General Manager of Romania's national airline, TAROM (TRM), who was the founding General Director of Blue Air (BLD) serving 2004 - 2009, and returning to this job in January again this year, after the "amicable" departure of Sherif Ussama (shown on right on attached photo).












Adrian graduated from The Polytechnic University in Bucharest and the (EMBA) program of the University of Seattle and Kennesaw University in Atlanta USA.

He started working for (TAROM) Romanian Air Transport (TRM) in 1980, and during his career worked in Line Maintenance, the Engineering Department, and had management roles as Engineering Manager, Technical Contracts & Administration Manager. In 1997 he took responsibility for the development of (TAROM) (TRM) Base Maintenance.

He joined Romanian low cost carrier Blue Air (BLD) in 2007 taking charge of Technical Services, and in 2009 became (CEO). In 2010, he became Executive Director/Deputy General Director of (BLD).

Starting with 2014, he is Third Party Contracts Director for (BLD).







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