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Name: BLUE1
7JetSet7 Code: BLF
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: FINLAND
Employees 430
Web: blue1.com
Email: blue1@blue1.fi
Telephone: +358 20 585 6000
Fax: +358 20 585 6001

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Formed in 1987 and started operations in 1988. Formerly Air Botnia. Domestic, regional & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

PO Box 168
FIN - 01531 Vantaa, Finland


January 1998: Scandinavia Airlines (SAS) acquired Air Botnia.

January 2004: Air Botnia (BLF) has been re-branded as "Blue 1."

November 2004: Blue 1 (BLF) becomes the first regional member of the Star Alliance (SAL).

December 2005: All airplanes are painted with the slogan "Well connected with (SAS)."

Blue 1 (BLF), the (SAS) subsidiary in Finland will add three MD-90s, ex-Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) to boost (ASK)s (capacity) >+70% and increase its destinations from 14 to 25 with the start of the summer season in March. The Star Alliance (SAL) regional member will add Athens, Barcelona, Dublin, Dusseldorf, London, Madrid, Nice, Paris, Rome, Warsaw and Zurich to its network. "This heavy expansion is our response to the market need," said Stefan Wentjarvi, President & (CEO). (BLF) said it already is the biggest operator between Finland and Scandinavia.

January 2006: Blue 1 (BLF) carried 111,000 passengers in December 2005, an increase of +19%. From the beginning of the year, 1,456,000 passengers have flown with (BLF), +28% more than last year. The total passenger traffic (RPK) increased by +17% during December and the capacity (ASK) went down by -3%. The load factor increased during 2005 by +11.1% units to 61.5% LF: Domestic 66% LF and international 61% LF.

(BLF) will commence 2x-daily Helsinki - London Stansted service March 26 aboard 166-seat MD-90s.

February 2006: Blue 1 (BLF) carried 115,000 passengers in January 2006, an increase of +22%. The total passenger traffic (RPK) increased by +19.5% during January and the capacity (ASK) with +8.5%. The load factor increased by +5.6% units to 60.1% LF: Domestic 64.1% LF, and international 53.9% LF.

The (SAS) Group returned to profit in 2005 after 4 years of red ink, reporting net income of +SEK255 million/+$32.9 million compared to a -SEK1.77 billion loss in 2004. The group was profitable on an operating basis for the 1st time since 2002. (CEO) Jorgen Lindegaard attributed the positive results to "the biggest change in the group's history, Turnaround 2005," which has led to savings of -SEK14 billion since 2002. However, he noted that the Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Businesses "remain unprofitable" despite slashing unit costs by >-30% in the past 3 years. New cost-cutting measures amounting to -SEK2 billion are being implemented.

Full-year revenues rose +6.5% to SEK61.89 billion and operating expenses - - before income from asset sales - - grew +3.6% to SEK61.32 billion. Operating income after asset sales and results of affiliated companies totaled +SEK1.37 billion, reversing an operating loss of -SEK792 million in 2004.

For the 4th quarter ended December 31, (SAS) had net income of +SEK198 million against a loss of -SEK627 million in 2004. Operating revenues rose +8% to SEK16.29 billion. Operating profit was +SEK670 million versus a loss of -SEK119 million in the year-earlier quarter. Most of the current-period income was attributable to gains from the sale of European Aeronautical Group, Jetpak and 67% of (SAS) Component. Income before capital gains and nonrecurring items was +SEK228 million compared to a loss of -SEK320 million in 2004.

Turning to the business units, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Businesses posted positive annual (EBIT) of +SEK610 million and trimmed its pre-tax loss to -SEK48 million. This was much improved over an operating loss of -SEK763 million and a pre-tax loss of -SEK1.46 billion in 2004.

Spanair (SPP) had a small pre-tax profit of +SEK47 million, reversing a loss of -SEK52 million in 2004. Wideroe's annual pre-tax profit dipped to +SEK77 million in 2005 from +SEK84 million a year earlier and (BLF) earned +SEK62 million versus a pre-tax loss of -SEK 111 million. Airline Support Businesses, comprising (SAS) Ground Services, (SAS) Technical Services and (SAS) Cargo Group, had pre-tax income of +SEK287 million, down -43.4% compared to 2004.

In the beginning of March, (BLF) will inaugurate non-stop flights to Athens, Barcelona, Paris and Rome. In connection with the summer traffic program, starting on March 26th, flights besides Zürich, will be opened also to Dublin, London, Nice and Warsaw. (BLF) will inaugurate nonstop service from Helsinki to London's Stansted Airport on March 26th. The airline will operate 2x-weekdays and 1 on Sundays. (BLF) will increase the frequency of flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi from March 26th and operate 4 flights on weekdays, 1 on Saturdays and 2 on Sundays. (BLF) (KF/Helsinki) will launch daily ARJ-85/MD-90-30 service from Helsinki to Zurich on March 26.

March 2006: Swiss International Air Lines (CSR), which joins the Star Alliance (SAL) next month, will code share with (SAL) member (SAS) between Switzerland and Scandinavia as well as with Blue 1 (BLF) from Zurich to Helsinki. (CSR)-Spanair (SPP) cooperation will be offered between Zurich and Barcelona and Madrid. Code sharing will be initiated with Croatia Airlines (CRH) between Zurich and Zagreb and with Darwin Airline on the Bern - London City sector. The code sharing is set to begin March 26, at which time agreements with Malev (HGA), Finnair (FIN) and Qantas (QAN) will be terminated.

April 2006: Blue 1 (BLF) said it will open a route to Budapest next month.

May 2006: Blue 1 (BLF) inaugurated nonstop service from Helsinki to Budapest and operates 3 flights a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, using an MD-90.

July 2006: Blue 1 (BLF) will inaugurate nonstop service from Helsinki to Brussels on October 29th and operate 2x-weekly on Fridays & Sundays, using an MD-90.

November 2006: 1st 9 months Blue 1 (BLF) 1.05 billion passenger traffic (RPK) (+50%), and 1.36 million passengers (+21.6%).

January 2007: For 2006, Blue 1 (BLF) had 1.43 billion (RPK)s (+51%); and 1.85 million passengers (+21.8%).

October 2007: Blue 1 (BLF) signed long-term lease extensions on 4 RJ-85s. (BLF) currently operates a fleet of 9 Avros, along with 3 MD-90s.

November 2007: 1st 9 months = 1.11 billion (RPK)s (+6.3%) traffic; 1.35 million passengers (-7.1%).

December 2007: MD-90-30 (53457, OH-BLE), (SAS) leased.

January 2008: 2007 statistics: 1.45 billion (RPK)s passenger traffic +1%; +.5% capacity (ASK)s; +.4 load factor for 67% LF.

Blue 1 (BLF) will replace its current Helsinki - London Stansted service with a daily, London Heathrow - Helsinki flight from March 30 and operate with an MD-90.

September 2008: Finnair (FIN)’s rival Blue 1 (BLF), owned by (SAS), will start flights from Helsinki to Split and Dubrovnik next summer. Both are Croatian cities along the Adriatic Sea coast.

November 2008: 1st 9 months = 1.07 billion (RPK)s traffic (-3.7%); 1.23 million passengers (-9.1%).

January 2009: Blue 1 (BLF) is a regional, jet airplane airline feeding traffic into the (SAS) system via Stockholm and Copenhagen, from five cities in Finland. Also operates from Helsinki to several cities in Europe.

506 employees.

(IATA) Code: KF - 142. (ICAO) Code: BLF (Callsign - BLUEFIN).

Parent organization/shareholders: (SAS) Group (100%).


Alliances: Star Alliance (SAL) & Swiss International Airlines (CSR).

Main Base: Helsinki Vantaa airport (HEL).

Hubs: Copenhagen Kastrup airport (CPH); & Stockholm-Arlanda airport (ARN).

Domestic, scheduled destinations: Helsinki; Kittila; Kuopio; Oulu; Rovaniemi; Tampere; Turku; & Vaasa.

International, scheduled destinations: Amsterdam; Berlin; Copenhagen; Gothenburg; Hamburg; Oslo; & Stockholm.

April 2009: (SAS) Scandinavian Airlines, Wideroe and Blue 1 (BLF) signed a 10-year agreement to adopt the full Amadeus Altea Customer Management platform to manage global sales and reservations, inventory and departure control processes. Amadeus will implement the new technology platform "through a phased migration process" starting next year. Altea is the heart of the common Information Technology (IT) platform adopted by the Star Alliance (SAL) a few years ago.

May 2009: Blue 1 (BLF) will furlough each of its 450 employees for 2 to 4 weeks, a spokesperson told Finnish national broadcaster "YLE." Leave will be staggered and will not affect scheduled flights. The (SAS) Group subsidiary serves 24 destinations.

July 2009: Amadeus won a 5-year contract from the (SAS) Group for a full-content agreement that guarantees travel agents access to the full range of fares and inventory of (SAS) Scandinavian Airlines, Wideroe, Blue 1 (BLF) and Estonian Air (ENA).

August 2009: The (SAS) Group launched a new -SEK2 billion/-$272 million cost-saving program after posting its 7th consecutive quarterly consolidated net loss, a -SEK1.05 billion 2nd-quarter deficit that compared to a -SEK422 million net loss in the year-ago period.

The new initiative, which includes cutting another -1,000 to -1,500 jobs and a -10% to -20% pay and pension reduction for cabin crew (CA) and pilots (FC), is in addition to the -SEK4.5 billion "Core (SAS)" cost-cutting plan initiated in February. "Additional measures are required to manage the unique, fierce competition in today's highly challenging market," President & (CEO) Mats Jansson said.

"Accordingly, it is essential that we now completely close (SAS)'s cost gap with our competitors. This is a matter of competing on equal conditions and, ultimately, about the survival of (SAS)."

The Core (SAS) restructuring resulted in a 1-time charge of SEK1.03 billion in the reporting quarter. Before nonrecurring items, net earnings totaled +SEK38 million.

Second-quarter revenue fell -15.2% to SEK12.2 billion, with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), Blue1 (BLF) and Wideroe all reporting falling revenue to -SEK10.8 billion, -SEK510 million and -SEK875 million, respectively. (SAS) posted 2nd-quarter income before nonrecurring items of +SEK11 million, a sharp plunge compared to the +SEK370 million earned in the year-ago period owing to the "prevailing difficult market condition."

(SAS) reduced capacity -18.1% in the quarter to 8.6 billion (ASK)s. Traffic fell -17.7% to 6.5 billion (RPK)s and passenger numbers plunged -18.5% to 5.9 million. Yield declined -8.2%, which "provides further confirmation of the extremely difficult situation in which the entire aviation industry finds itself," (SAS) noted.

First-half group net loss was -SEK1.79 billion, widened from a -SEK1.58 billion deficit in the year-ago period. (SAS) posted a 1st-half loss before nonrecurring items of -SEK727 million and (BLF) a SEK75 million deficit. Group operating revenue fell -12.1% to SEK23.5 billion.

September 2009: Blue 1 (BLF) will resume operating seasonal service from Helsinki Vantaa to Kuusamo (November 29 - April 11), Ivalo (December 6 to April 11), Kittila (November 6 to April 18) and Rovaniemi (December 4 to April 11) and from Kittila to Paris Charles de Gaulle (December 16 to April 3) and Dusseldorf (December 17 to March 11).

November 2009: The (SAS) Group posted its 1st quarterly profit since the 2007 3rd quarter, a +SEK152 million/+$21.5 million surplus in the 3 months ended September 30 that represented a reversal from the -SEK1.99 billion deficit suffered in the year-ago period. (SAS) credited cost and capacity cuts achieved through its "Core (SAS)" program, rising load factor and a +SEK427 million gain from the sale of its stake in bmi (BMA) to Lufthansa (DLH). Income before nonrecurring items in continuing operations fell -87.7% year-over-year to +SEK37 million.

President & (CEO) Mats Jansson said that "Core (SAS)," launched in February, contributed SEK1.3 billion to (SAS)'s bottom line through September and that (SAS) is "continuing the implementation . . . with full vigor." The total impact over 2009 to 2010 is expected to be SEK3.9 billion, and 1,884 full time employees have left the company so far, he said.

Group revenue fell -16.6% to SEK11.08 billion, and operating income rose +38.5% to +SEK259 million from the +SEK187 million reported in the 2008 3rd quarter. Its airlines transported 6.2 million passengers, down -14.7%, while (RPK)s fell -16% to 6.87 billion. Capacity declined -18.4% to 8.96 billion (ASK)s and load factor rose +2.2 points to 76.7% LF.

(SAS) Scandinavian Airlines suffered a -SEK531 million operating loss, widened from a -SEK77 million deficit in the year-ago quarter, as revenue fell -19.5% to SEK6.89 billion. Traffic slid -17.3% to 6.32 billion (RPK)s on a -20% cut in capacity to 8.14 billion (ASK)s, lifting load factor +2.6 points to 77.6% LF. The Blue1 (BLF) subsidiary reported a -SEK56 million operating loss before nonrecurring items while Wideroe was +SEK6 million in the black. The group had 257 airplanes on September 30 - - 212 with (SAS), 30 with Wideroe and 15 with Blue1 (BLF).

9-month loss of -SEK1.64 billion was +54% improved from the -SEK3.57 billion deficit reported in the first 9 months of 2008. Operating loss, however, deepened to -SEK1.67 billion from -SEK414 million.

(SAS) said that "the existing cost gap relative to relevant competitors will diminish but not close completely" as a result of "Core (SAS)" and that a "large part" of the remainder "is associated with collective agreements." It said negotiations with cabin crew (CA) in Sweden and Norway and ground staff in Denmark have produced -SEK130 million in savings. It has not reached agreements with its 3 pilot (FC) unions or Danish flight attendants (CA). "A number of counter demands have been made in the final stages of negotiations, which the (SAS) management and board . . . cannot accept," it said.

January 2010: Blue 1 (BLF) is resuming 2 routes it had previously served:
Helsinki - Berlin Tegel: daily ARJ-85 service resuming on March 1;
Helsinki - Brussels: 2x-daily ARJ-85 service resuming on March 29;

Lufthansa (DLH) will code share on the route to Berlin.

April 2010: Blue 1 (BLF) is increasing the frequency of its Helsinki - London Heathrow service from daily to 2x-daily from April 26.

August 2010: Blue 1 (BLF) is a regional, jet airplane airline feeding traffic into the (SAS) system via Stockholm and Copenhagen, from five cities in Finland. Also operates from Helsinki to 17 cities in Europe, including seasonal services to Biarritz, Dubrovnic, and Split.

Employees = 430.

(IATA) Code: KF - 142. (ICAO) Code: BLF (Callsign - BLUEFINN).

Parent organization/shareholders: (SAS) Group (100%).


Alliances: Star Alliance (SAL) & Swiss International Airlines (CSR).

Main Base: Helsinki Vantaa airport (HEL).

Hubs: Copenhagen Kastrup airport (CPH); & Stockholm-Arlanda airport (ARN).

Domestic, scheduled destinations: Helsinki; Kittila; Kuopio; Oulu; Rovaniemi; Tampere; Turku; & Vaasa.

International, scheduled destinations: Amsterdam; Berlin; Copenhagen; Gothenburg; Hamburg; Oslo; & Stockholm.

Blue 1 (BLF) will launch 12x-weekly, Helsinki Vantaa (HEL) - Amsterdam service and will increase 6x-weekly, (HEL) - Paris Charles de Gaulle service to 12x-weekly on January 31. Both routes will be operated with 717s.


Blue1 (BLF) took delivery of its 1st 717. (BLF) will have 9 120-seat 717s in its fleet by the end of March 2011.

September 2010: Blue 1 (BLF) launched daily Helsinki – Munich flights aboard a 717.

(BLF) took delivery of its second 717 configured with 120 seats.

October 2010: Blue 1 (BLF) in cooperation with Estonian Air (ENA) will launch 2x-daily, Tallinn – Helsinki service on January 31 aboard 72-seat ATR 72s.

December 2010: 717-235 (55064, OH-BLP), ex-(EC-KNE), (SAS) wet-leased in Star Alliance (SAL) colors.

January 2011: Blue 1 (BLF) introduced its 5th 717 in commercial operations, on scheduled service from Helsinki to Oslo Gardermoen. (BLF) will have 9 717s in its fleet by the end of March.

February 2011: (SAS) Group Airlines operated 1.72 billion (RPK)s traffic in January, up +5.4% from the year-ago month, on a +8.2% rise in capacity to 2.69 billion (ASK)s. Load factor fell -1.7 points to 63.9% LF.

Boeing (TBC) Training & Flight Services reached a long-term agreement with Blue1 (BLF) to provide 717 training capabilities in Stockholm beginning in the 1st quarter.

June 2011: The (SAS) Group said Finnish subsidiary, Blue1 (BLF) will phase out its remaining 5 Avro RJ-85 airplanes and focus on operating 717s. The phase-out of the Avro fleet is expected to start in August and will result in a maximum of -85 job redundancies at (BLF0, (SAS) said.

(SAS) said it will close of a number of European destinations and will make some capacity adjustments on Finnish domestic routes. At the same time, a Tampere - Copenhagen route will be opened.

(SAS) Group Deputy President & (CEO) John Dueholm said, "We strongly believe this is an important step for (BLF) in order to strengthen its position in the Nordic market. The streamlining of the fleet is in line with the (SAS) Group's ambition to simplify and harmonize the fleet at our home bases. This is also consistent with our core (SAS) strategy to focus on the Nordic region as our home market."

January 2012: Blue 1 (BLF) has announced further network restructuring plans that will include a wide range of new feeder routes into the hubs of parent (SAS) Scandinavian Airlines at Copenhagen Kastrup and Stockholm Arlanda:
Helsinki - Berlin Tegel: 5x-weekly 717-200 service resuming on April 30 (operates to Berlin Brandenburg International from June 3);
Kokkola/Pietarsaari - Stockholm Arlanda: daily Saab 2000 service starting on March 25 (operated by Golden Air);
Oulu - Stockholm Arlanda: daily 717-200 service starting on March 26;
Pori - Stockholm Arlanda: 2x-daily Saab 2000 service starting on March 25 (operated by Golden Air).

From Copenhagen Kastrup it plans to add Kittilä, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Oulu, Turku, and Vaasa later this year.

Blue1 (BLF) has, however, also given up its Helsinki - London Heathrow route on October 30.

February 2012: Blue1 (BLF) will launch up to 2x-weekly seasonal Helsinki - Budapest service from June to August.

April 2012: Norwegian (NWG) launched low-frequency operations between the Swedish capital airport Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) and Vaasa (VAA) on Finland’s west coast on 13 April. The 430-km route is operated 2x-weekly with 737-800s. Competition comes from Blue1 (BLF)’s 17x-weekly. This is (NWG)’s first route to Vaasa.

October 2012: Blu 1 (BLF) will gradually be transformed into a wet-lease operator for parent, (SAS) Scandinavian Airlines from November 1 with all of its flights to be sold under the (SAS) brand and SK flight numbers. (BLF) is fully owned by (SAS) and currently operates a fleet of 9 717-200s. It also wet-leases 2 ATR 72-500s and four Saab 2000s from Golden Air (Sweden) ((IATA) Code: DC, based at Trollhättan Vänersborg airport (THN)) for regional services. (BLF) mainly operates feeder services from Finnish airports to the (SAS) hubs at Copenhagen Kastrup (CPH), Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) and Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) as well as some limited domestic services in Finland and Sweden. During the summer season, (BLF) has previously also operated some seasonal flights from Helsinki to the Mediterranean.

December 2012: (SAS) expanded in Finland on December 12, as it launched flights from its Copenhagen (CPH) hub to Ivalo (IVL) in the north of the country. 2x-weekly flights will be operated on the route by (SAS)’s subsidiary, Blue1 (BLF), using 717s.

January 2013: Blue1 (BLF), (SAS)’ Finnish subsidiary, launched a weekly seasonal service from Helsinki (HEL) to Geneva (GVA) on January 12. The low frequency 717-operated route will be served until March 23 and compete with existing services from Finnair (FIN) (14x-weekly flights) and TUIfly (HAP)/(HLX) (1).

December 2014: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has announced plans to “reboot” its Blue1 (BLF) subsidiary by replacing its 9 Boeing 717s, most likely with 737-600s, and using it as a wet-lease provider.

(SAS) (CEO) Rickard Gustafson said the 717s would be divested by the end of 2015. “The 717 is a bit of an odd bird, creating unnecessary complexity,” Gustafson said.

The 717 also has high unit costs and, under the current plan. The last 5 717s will be replaced with 737-600s. Blue1 (BLF) will then be “rebooted” as a wet-lease provider for (SAS).

“(SAS) has reduced capacity at (BLF) by about -40% as a result of the decision to divest 4 Boeing 717s. The 5 remaining Boeing 717s will be phased out in 2015,” said (SAS) in its 2013 - 2014 full-year report.

Gustafson said this strategy has been boosted by a new agreement with Blue1 (BLF)’s unions, which makes (BLF) more “effective and competitive.” This includes a provision for grounding airplanes during off-peak periods, which will give (SAS) greater flexibility in its capacity management.

(SAS) also recently announced plans to acquire 100% of Danish regional Cimber (STR), which was set to close in April 2015. Under the deal, (SAS) will transfer its 12 Bombardier CRJ900s to Cimber (STR)’s air operator’s certificate (AOC). (STR)’s staff, its CRJ200s and ATR 72 are all still slated to leave the company.

Since it was nearly pushed to bankruptcy in 2012, (SAS) has slimmed its fleet from nine airplane types down to 4. Gustafson described this as a “significant step.” The (SAS) mainline operation will focus on airplanes with 120 seats or more, such as Airbus A320s and 737s, while Blue1 (BLF) and Cimber (STR) will cover lower-capacity operations, supported by (SAS)’ other wet-lease providers, Flybe (BEE) and Jettime (JTM).

Through this model, (SAS) is aiming to right-size its network, support (SAS)’ hub operations, maintain thinner routes and support routes during off-peak times.

Blue1 (BLF) is a Finnish carrier, headquartered in Helsinki, which was founded in 1987 and has been owned by (SAS) since 1998. It also has a hub at Copenhagen airport and serves around 28 regional and international destinations.

August 2015: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) (which announced plans in December 2014 to “reboot” its Blue1 (BLF) subsidiary by replacing its 9 Boeing 717s with 737-600s from its mainline fleet) is now rethinking the plan. (SAS) had also planned to transform (BLF) to a role as a wet-lease operator for the parent company, operating lower-capacity routes and providing backup for (SAS)’s mainline operations.

“(SAS) is currently phasing out Blue1 (BLF)’s fleet of Boeing 717s, which will simplify the company’s operations and fleet further,” (SAS) Corporate Communications Manager, Cathrine Sandegren said.
“We are reviewing various options to replace this capacity and will return as soon as more information is available.”

Blue1 (BLF) is one of the very few European airlines using the 717. A year ago, (BLF) had 9 717s (four have already been sold to Spanish budget carrier Volotea (VLZ), with a further two due to join them this fall). The remaining 3 aircraft are understood to be moving to Delta Air Lines (DAL).

ACCORDING TO AIRLINER WORLD IN http://www.airlinerworld.com


Click below for photos:
BLF-717 - 2015-08.jpg

April 2016:

3 717-2CM (BR715A1-30) (5023-55059, /OO OH-BLG "SINEN VIRTA/BLUE FLOW;" 5026-55060, /00 OH-BLH, 2011-01; 5029-55061, /00 OH-BLI "SKY TRICKLE;" ), (PEB) LSD 2011-04. 115Y.

2 717-2K9 (BR715A1-30) (5015-55056, /99 OH-BLO; 5016-55053, /99 OH-BLN), EX-(EC-KFR & EC-KHX) 2011-04. 115Y.

2 717-23S (BR715A1-30) (5037-55064, /00 OH-BLP; 5059-55067 /01 OH-BLQ "AALTOJEN LEIKKI/PLAY OF THE WAVES"), (SAS) LSD, EX-(EC-KNE & EC-KRO) 2010-12. 115Y.

2 717-23S (BR715A1-30) (5048-55065, /00 OH-BLJ, 2010-09; 5054-55066, /00 OH-BLM "KEVATSADE/SPRING RAIN"), (SAS) LSD, EX-(SE-REL & SE-REM) 2010-09. 115Y.

0 MD-90-30 (V2525-D5) (2138-53457, /96 OH-BLE, 2007-12; 2140-53458, /96 OH-; 2141-53459, /96 OH-; 2194-53543, /97 OH-; 2197-53544, /97 OH-), (SAS) LSD. ALL 5 RTND. 166Y.

1 B AE SYSTEMS AVRO RJ85ER (LF507-1F) (E2383, /01 OH-SAH "SUUR-SAIMAA;" E2385, /01 OH-SAI "PIHAJAVESI;" E2388, /01 OH-SAJ "PYHASEIKA;" E3289, /01 OH-SAK "NASIJARVI;" E2392, /01 OH-SAL "ORIVESI;" E2393, /02 OH-SAO "OULUJARVI;" E2394, /02 OH-SAP "PIELINEN"), B AE LSD. E2383; E2385; E2388; E3289; E3293; E3294; RTND. 84Y.

0 B AE SYSTEMS AVRO RJ100ER (LF507-1F) (E3386, /01 OH-SAM "PYHAJARVI;" E3387, /02 OH-SAN "PAIJANNE"), B AE LSD 2003-10. RTND. 99Y.

0 SAAB 2000 (AE2100A) (042, /96 OH-SAT; 043, /96 OH-SAU; 044, /97 OH-SAS; 046 /97 OH-SAW; 055, /98 OH-SAX), SAAB LSD. RTND. 47Y.

2 ATR 72-500 (PW127M) (0917, /10 SE-MDH; 0930, /10 SE-MDI), GOLDEN AIR WET-LSD. 66Y.












ELINA NYKANEN, PRESS OFFICER (elina.nykanen@blue1.fi).

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