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7JetSet7 Code: BLW
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: GERMANY
Employees 400
Web: bluewings.com
Email: mail@bluewings.info
Telephone: +49 211 4216 8060
Fax: +49 211 4216 8069

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Formed in 2002. Started operations in 2003. International, scheduled & charter, passenger and cargo, jet airplane services.

Blue Wings AG, Airport Dusseldorf
Terminal A, 5 OG, Hangar 8
40474 Dusseldorf, Germany

Germany (Federal Republic of Germany) was established in 1949, it covers an area of 356,945 sq km, its population is 85 million, its capital city is Berlin, and its official language is German.

December 2002: To Tokyo (Narita), via Siberia.

1 A320-232 (V2500) (530), ex-(LTU), (ILF) 44 month leased. One stop service to Japan.

June 2003: 25 employees.

February 2004: A321-111 (519, D-ANJA), wet-leased to Mahan Air (MHN).

March 2004: Plans to add another A320, ex-United Airlines (UAL).

May 2004: A320-233 (916), ex-Taca International (TAC), Pegasus (PSS) leased, wet-leased to Mahan Air (MHN).

June 2004: A320-232 (857, D-ALEX) wet-leased to Mahan Air (MHN).

July 2004: A320-233 (916) returned from Mahan Air (MHN).

December 2004: A330-223 (305, D-AXEL), ex-Lufthansa (DLH), KAYO Ltd leased, wet-leased to Mahan Air (MHN).

June 2005: 2 A330-223's (308; 312), returned to (ILF), leased to (TAP) Portugal.

December 2005: A321-111 (519) returned to (ILF), leased to Air Mediterranee (AMV).

July 2006: Blue Wings (BLW) currently flies from Dusseldorf to Turkish destinations on behalf of Öger Tours: to the Bosporus metropolis Istanbul, the riviera seaside resort Antalya and to Samsun on the Black Sea. The second airplane is primarily in operation in the Middle East, to destinations in Iran, Dubai, Sri Lanka and India. Blue Wings (BLW) will soon also be offering flights to the former Soviet Union.

Signed a Memo of Understanding (MOU) with Airbus (EDS) for 20 orders A320 family airplanes. The order is worth $1.6 billion at list prices, according to "Reuters," which said the deal reached at Farnborough comprised 16 150-seat A320s and four 185-seat A321s to be delivered starting in 2009. (BLW) is based in Dusseldorf and operates mostly charter services to Turkey, the Middle East, and South Asia. It plans to launch flights to the (CIS). It is 48% owned by Alpstream AG, a Zurich-based affiliate of Russian National Reserve Corp.

October 2006: Blue Wings (BLW) bought 5 A320-232s from JetBlue Airways (JBL) with the first pair (1240, D-ANNB; & 1257, D-ANNC) (see photo) arriving in Germany and the remaining trio due by mid-November and plans to start scheduled service next year.

(BLW) confirmed its July order for 20 A320 family airplanes, according to press reports. The order comprises 16 150-seat A320s and four 210-seat A321s.

June 2007: Blue Wings (BLW) chose the (V2500) to power 20 A320s in an engine deal valued at in excess of >$350 million. As part of the agreement, Blue Wings (BLW) has "agreed to commercial terms" for the "SelectOne" engine upgrade.

September 2007: A320-232 (1464, D-ANNG), ex-JetBlue (JBL).

December 2007: Blue Wings (BLW) started flying from Dusseldorf to Moscow and will carry out flights daily, excluding Wednesday and Friday on an A320: leaving Dusseldorf at 5.50 am - arriving to Moscow at 11.05 am, and return departure from Moscow at 12.05 am – returning to Dusseldorf at 1.15 pm. Supposedly, since the end of March 2008, (BLW) will carry out flights from Dusseldorf to Moscow twice a day.

At (BLW), 48% belongs to the Russian National Reserve Corporation. Up to now, its main business has been carrying out flights from Germany to Turkey. The main airport of the company is Dusseldorf; the company’s airplanes consist mainly of A320s.

April 2008: A320-232 (1785, D-ANNI; 1823, D-ANNH), ex-JetBlue (JBL), Alpstream Aviation leased.

June 2008: Blue Wings (BLW) operates scheduled services to Russia, and charter flights, primarily to Turkey and the Middle East.

(IATA) Code: QW. (ICAO) Code: BWG (Callsign - BLUE WINGS).

Parent organization/shareholders: Alpstream (48%); Jorn Hellwig (26%); & Nondwell Investment (26%). Alpstream AG, is a Zurich-based affiliate of the Russian National Reserve Corporation (NRC).

(NRC) has established a sister airline in Moscow called Red Wings Airlines (RWZ) operating Tu-204 airplanes.

Not only has the Hamburg-based company Öger Tours, known for its excellent services, chosen to work with (BLW) in the long term, but also Lufthansa (DLH). Lufthansa Technik (LTK) does all of the maintenance work for all Blue Wings (BLW) airplanes according to the highest safety standards. And the (DLH) catering subsidiary, (LSG,) takes care of passengers every need on board during flight.

Main Base: Dusseldorf International Airport (DUS).

International, scheduled destinations: Moscow; & St Petersburg.

March 2009: Teledyne Controls said German charter airline Blue Wings (BLW) selected its Flight Data Interface Management Unit for 20 new A320s. First delivery is expected in August. The technology will perform flight data acquisition, airplane condition monitoring and data recording.

April 2009: Blue Wings (BLW) ceased operations following suspension of its operating license (AOC) by the German LBA, which had changed the Dusseldorf-based carrier's operating status to provisional in January. (BLW) launched in 2003 and flew mainly for German tour operators with nine A320s but has faced significant financial difficulties recently. It had an additional 20 A320s on order. It transported 1.1 million passengers last year and employs 400. A board meeting is scheduled for April 6 to examine recapitalization possibilities.

(BLW), after suspending operations on April 1 after the authorities revoked its operating license (AOC), now plans to re-launch full service. "The reason that (LBA) revoked our license was that our main client, Oeger Tours, cancelled all booked flights for the coming season," a source from the QW sales team said in Dusseldorf. Oeger, a German/Turkish tour operator, had been one of the carrier's main clients and the cancellation meant it was unable to present up-to-date economic data on its remaining schedule in a manner that would satisfy the civil aviation authority. It had been operating on a temporary certificate issued in January. The source said the carrier expects the (LBA) to clear it for operations following submission of new data.

(BLW) also recently received €35 million ($47.2 million) in financing, although the source did not reveal the origin. "Since we have said that we plan to operate again, we have received a lot of orders from tour operators, like (TUI), to fly charter routes. Our capacity is nearly sold out," the source said, adding that the end result of the licensing ordeal is a positive one as now (Blw) can focus on a variety of tour operators instead of counting on just one for a majority of its business. "We don't know how high the financial loss will be," the source said of the grounding. German media has reported it will reach €300,000 per day. (BLW) intends to follow through with its order for 20 A320s, with some down payments already having been made.

(BLW)'s future is up in the air again following a threat from majority shareholder Alexander Lebedev to "probably file for bankruptcy . . . to make a point that it is the German government's fault." Speaking to "Bloomberg Television," Lebedev said the (LBA) still has not reissued (BLW)'s air operating certificate (AOC) and that the suspended carrier has lost some -€25 million/-$33.1 million this month. He also said he was considering transferring the airline's 10 A320s to Red Wings Airlines (RWZ), his Moscow Bykovo-based carrier.

Later, (BLW) signed a deal with Abu Dhabi's Elite Aviation to operate two A320s, which the carrier hopes will help it reacquire its operating license (AOC) that was suspended by Germany's (LBA) on April 1. (BLW) owner, Alexander Lebedev told reporters that he has offered a 49% stake in the airline to Aeroflot (ARO) (in which he holds 30%) for €1/$1.30. (ARO) said it would consider the offer, according to "Reuters." "The acquisition will allow (ARO) entry to the European market without any expenditure," Lebedev said. "Having lost on its (BLW) investment, NRK [Lebedev's investment vehicle] will win as an (ARO) shareholder."

May 2009: Blue Wings (BLW) had its operating license reinstated by the German (LBA) and said it plans to restart scheduled flights from its Dusseldorf base to Moscow, St Petersburg, Karaganda and Beirut, as well as its European charter service, as soon as possible.

Later, Aeroflot (ARO) declined Alexander Lebedev's offer to purchase his 49% stake in Blue Wings (BLW) for €1/$1.35), Blue Wings (BLW) Chairman, Jorn Hellwig told "Der Spiegel." Lebedev now is considering negotiating with S7 Airlines (SBR) and Rosavia, as well as Arabian investors, in his search for more capital. Discussions with Air Berlin (BER) or the German government also may occur, Hellwig said.

June 2009: Blue Wings (BLW) launched twice-weekly flights to Moscow Sheremetyevo from Karlsruhe, Leipzeg, and Munster.

2 A320-232s (1257, D-ANNC; 1896, D-ANNJ), wet-leased to new Tunisian start-up Elite Air (ELI) - - SEE PHOTO - - "BLW-A320-232-2009-06."

August 2009: Blue Wings (BLW) plans to wet-lease three A320s to Iraqi Airways (IRQ) for flights to Europe. (BLW) launched service in June to Baghdad, Erbil, and Sulaimaniya.

November 2009: Blue Wings (BLW) 48% shareholder, Alexander Lebedev is preparing to transfer his stake to Aeroflot, German daily Handelsblatt reported, adding that he hopes to generate €100million/$148.6 million from the sale of his shares.

January 2010: Blue Wings (BLW) is facing financial difficulty again less than a year after having its air operating certificate (AOC) suspended by German authorities. (BLW) said that employees still have not received their December checks and that Russian investors have not followed through on certain commitments. Alexander Lebedev, who owns 48% of (BLW), said in November he intended to generate €100 million/$143.6 million through the transfer of his stake to Aeroflot (ARO), in which he is the largest private investor. No details have emerged about whether that transaction took place. (BLW) currently operates six A320s.

Later, (BLW) suspended operations, (BLW) announced on its website. "The developments of recent weeks and the tense overall economic situation in the aviation industry have forced us to take this step," the airline said. A spokesperson told German press that a re-launch was possible once "economic difficulties have been cleared." (BLW) said last week that funds promised from investors had not arrived. It operated six A320 family airplanes.

Later, Blue Wings (BLW)'s 48% shareholder Alexander Lebedev said he has accepted an offer from CEO, Jorn Hellwig to sell off his stake, according to the "dpa" news agency. Hellwig currently owns 26% of (BLW), which suspended operations. Lebedev reportedly has invested more than >€500 million/$709.2 million in the German airline. When contacted for comment, an employee at (BLW)'s head office said (BLW) no longer has a spokesperson and that the future of the company is uncertain. "The Moscow Times: reported that Lebedev had no intention to sell his stake and that he said Hellwig's future would be determined "after solving the issue of whether (BLW) can fly again or not."

February 2010: Blue Wings (BLW) announced that it was insolvent, a month after suspending service. (BLW) said that "insolvency has become unavoidable since our principal Russian investor [49% shareholder, Alexander Lebedev] has not kept his financial promises over the past several months." There is no indication that the carrier may resume flights, and no information was available regarding CEO, Jorn Hellwig's effort to purchase Lebedev's stake. Hellwig owns 26% of (BLW).

March 2010: Ceased operations.


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March 2010:


16 ORDERS A320 (V2500), 150 PAX:

0 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (530, /95 D-ANNE), EX-(LTU), (ILF) 44 MTH LSD 2002-12. RTND. 156Y.

0 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (659, D-ANNE). RTND. 156Y.

1 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (857, /98 D-ALEX), EX-(UAL), WET-LST (MHN). 2004-06. 12F, 126Y.

6 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (1240, /00 D-ANNB, - - SEE PHOTO; 1257 /00 D-ANNC; 1464, /01 D-ANNG; 1546, /01 D-ANND; 1557, /01 D-ANNE; 1650, /01 D-ANNF; 1896, D-ANNJ), BF (JBL) BY ALPSTEAM AVIATION, & LST (BLW). 1546; & 1650; LST (BER) 2007-01. 1257; D-ANNC & 1896; D-ANNJ; LST ELITE AIR (ELI) JUN09 - - SEE PHOTO - - "BLW-A320-232-2009-06." 156Y.

1 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (1785, /02 D-ANNI), EX-(JBL), ALPSTREAM AVIATION LSD 2008-04.

2 A320-232 (V2527-A5) (1823, /02 D-ANNH; 1835), EX-(JBL), ALPSTREAM AVIATION LSD 2008-04. 12F, 126Y.

1 A320-233 (V2527E-A5) (916, /98 D-ANNA), EX-(TAC), (PSS) LSD 2004-05. WET-LST (MHN) 2004-05. RF (MHN) 2004-07. (AWW) LSD 2004-04. ALL WHITE COLORS. 12C, 138Y.

0 A321-111 (CFM56-5B1/2P) (519, /94 D-ANJA), (ILF) LSD, WET-LST (MHN) 2004-02. RF (MHN) 2004-12. RTND, LST (AMV) 2005-12. 186Y.

2 ORDERS A321-231 (4042; 4069), 210Y.

0 A330-223 (PW4168A) (305, /03; 308, /03 D-AXEL; 312, /03), EX-(DLH), KAYO LTD LSD, WET-LST (MHN) 2004-12. RTND, LST (TAP). 48C, 182Y.






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