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7JetSet7 Code: BUQ
Status: Operational
Region: AFRICA
Country: LIBYA
Employees 87
Web: buraqair.com
Email: bubeida@buraqair.com
Telephone: +218 21 3500821
Fax: +218 21 3500949

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BUQ-2004-06 IL-76TD

Formed and started operations in 2000. D B A El-Buraq Transport Inc. Domestic & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

Mitiga International Airport
PO BOX 93149
Tripoli, Libya

Libya (Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) was established in 1951, covers an area of 1,759,540 sq km, its population is 6 million, its capital city is Tripoli, and its official language is Arabic.

September 2002: 2 727-2F2's (20981, TC-JBG; 20983, TC-JBJ) and 1 727-228 (22287, TC-JEC), bought from KTHY Cyprus Turkish Airlines (KHT).

June 2003: SITA: MJIOCXH.


Tripoli to Mitiga and Benghazi.

November 2004: IL-76TD (0023439140, 5A-DNA), delivery.

February 2005: $370 million, 3/3 orders (August 2006) 737-800's.

1 F 100 (11289), ex-US Airways (USA), via (TAT) Industries, France, who will perform pre-delivery maintenance and repaint.

March 2005: Currently operates to Aleppo in Syria and Istanbul, Turkey. Intends to open at least 4 international routes to Europe and 5 to the Middle East. Its existing operations are focused on 3 sectors: passenger services, cargo jet airplane services, and oil-field operations.

November 2005: Buraq Air (BUQ) of Libya will start service to Dubai in mid-2006. The airline, which already operated international service to Istanbul and Aleppo (Syria) is also planning to fly to Southern Europe and is expecting its 3 ordered 737-800s to be delivered starting in September.

January 2006: 2 737-200's (21212, 5A-DMU; 21286, 5A-DMV), bought from Air Algerie (ALG). 2/1 orders (September 2006) 737-800's. 747-238b (21352, J2-KCB), leased for Hadj flights. DC-10-15 (48258, J2-KCG), Pamir Air (PIR) leased for Hadj. 1 DHC-8-311 (216, PH-SDI), ex-Aero (NIG)/Schreiner Airways (SCH), CHC Airways leased.

March 2006: The European Union (EU) banned 92 airlines, most of them based in Africa, from landing at European airports, declaring them unsafe by international standards.

The ban applies to cargo and passenger carriers from Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Sierra Leone, Swaziland and Liberia judged to have an "inadequate system for regulatory oversight" or insufficient safety standards. It will be enforced by all 25 (EU) nations, plus Norway and Switzerland.

The flight ban also applies to Ariana Afghan Airlines (AFG), North Korea's Air Koryo (KOY) and Thailand's Phuket Airlines. 2 airlines each from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan were listed as well.

Lesser restrictions were placed on Air Bangladesh (BGD) and Buraq Air (BUQ) from Libya, which will be able to operate flights if they use certain planes that have met safety requirements, the European Commission (EC) said.

June 2006: Buraq Air (BUQ) (previously subject to operational restrictions on its cargo activities) has been withdrawn from the European Commission (EC) blacklist, as it no longer carries out this type of activity, the commission said.

July 2006: Rockwell Collins announced that Buraq Air (BUQ), a private airline headquartered in Tripoli, selected a full suite of Collins avionics as well as its Programmable Audio Video Entertainment System and the Airshow 4200 moving map information system for 2 new 737-800s. The agreement includes an option on 4 more airplanes with deliveries scheduled for August 2006 through December 2009.

October 2006: 1st 737-8GK (34948, 5A-DMG), - see photo.

November 2006: 737-8GK (34949, 5A-DMH "Benghazi"), delivery.

November 2007: Domestic, Scheduled Destinations: Benghazi (Benina airport); Hamada; Misrata; Nafoora; Sarir; & Tripoli (Mitiga airport).

International, Scheduled Destinations: Aleppo (Syria); Istanbul (Turkey); & Rabat (Morocco).

Plans to expand services to include additional internal routes in a number of tourist cities/towns in Libya, including Jalu, Ghdames, Tubrok, and Sabha, plus international destinations in Europe and the Middle East.

December 2009: 737-406 (24857, 5A/MAB), ex-(KLM), delivery.

May 2010: (AJW) Aviation expanded its power-by-the-hour contract with Buraq Air (BUQ) to include 2 737-400s.

December 2010: (GECAS) (GEF) will open new offices in Accra and Cape Town "to expand and strengthen relationships with its airline customers in Africa." It also announced it leased 1 737-400 to Buraq Airlines (BUQ).

October 2011: SEE ATTACHED PHOTO - - "BUQ-737-8GK - 2011-10" of airplane arriving at Lufthansa Technik Malta (MLT) for maintenance after suffering small arms damage from recent Libyan political unrest.

December 2011: Buraq Air (BUQ) operates domestic scheduled and charter, jet airplane services linking Tripoli with Benghazi and 4 other Libyan destinations, as well as international services to 3 cities in Morocco, Syria, and Turkey. Also offers passenger and cargo charter services and provides flights in support of the oil industry.

Parent organization/shareholders: Privately held (100%).

(IATA) Code: UZ - 928. (ICAO) Code: BRQ (Callsign - BURAQAIR).

Main Base: Tripoli International Airport (TIP).

June 2012: B & H Airlines (BOS) is looking for a new strategic investor with the help of its majority owner, the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that would be willing to take over the 49% stake Turkish Airlines (THY) holds in the struggling (BOS) currently only operating a single ATR72-200. Buraq Air (BUQ) is reportedly one of the potential investors. (THY) has pulled out of the partnership with the government after the 2 parties had been unable to find agreement on key strategic questions for months now.

August 2012: Buraq Air (BUQ) has leased ex-(LOT) Polish Airlines 737-500 (27419, 5A-WAD) from airplane lessor (GECAS) (GEF). The airplane has been delivered to Libya on August 4 and complements (BUQ)'s fleet of 2 737-400s and 2 737-800s.

The European Commission (EC) has updated its aviation safety list, also known as the airline blacklist, removing all airlines from Swaziland. Removal from the list means those carriers are allowed to operate to the European Union (EU).

Transport Commissioner, Siim Kallas said: “When countries do what it takes to ensure the safety of their aviation industry, it is important that the (EU) recognizes these efforts. The proof is the aviation safety progress we are witnessing in Africa. Swaziland is now the second country, after Mauritania, to be removed from the (EU) safety list. Promising progress was also noted in Zambia, Mozambique, Sudan, and Libya, as well as in the Philippines and Kazakhstan.” The (EC) said it hoped “the continuation of this progress could lead to positive decisions in the future.”

Libya, however, has said it will maintain its voluntary restrictions not to fly to the (EU), applied since the Libyan revolution.

This 23rd revision of the list replaces the revision adopted in December 2013, and includes 296 airlines from 22 states, as well as 10 airlines that are subject to operational restrictions and allowed to operate into the (EU) only under strict conditions.

August 2014: The Tunisian Ministry of Transport has banned all flights originating from Libyan airports from its airspace until further notice over security concerns. Since the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime in 2011, central government control in Libya has steadily weakened, with rival groups battling for control of the oil-rich North African nation. The situation has worsened in recent months, with effectively a full-scale civil war now raging between several factions.

The main airport in the capital, Tripoli, has been the scene of some of the heaviest fighting, with reports and images from the scene indicating that several airplanes belonging to the two national carriers (Libyan Airlines (LAA) and Afriqiyah Airways (AQY)) have been destroyed or damaged. Islamist rebels were reported to have gained control of the facility.

According to multiple media reports, the decision to ban flights from Libya, followed warnings from foreign intelligence agencies that rebels might attempt to use airplanes captured at Tripoli as suicide bombs.

February 2015: Buraq Air ((IATA) Code: UZ, based at Tripoli Mitiga) (BUQ) has temporarily suspended operations after four of its flight crew (three Kyrgyz from S Group International ((ICAO) Code: IND, based at Bishkek) and one Frenchman) were killed when terrorists stormed the luxury Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli early this month.

Islamic jihadists claimed responsibility for the attack, which also killed an American, 2 Filipinas, a South Korean, and 4 Libyans.

S Group's Airbus A320-200 (357, EX-32004) was ferried to Amman Queen Alia after the attack. S Group International was operating the airplane on a wet-lease basis from Mitiga to Alexandria Borg el Arab and Istanbul Atatürk.

Buraq (BUQ) says it will resume operations later this week.

(BUQ) currently operates 5 airplanes to 2 countries, and serves 2 destinations, and 1 route.


Click below for photos:
BUQ-737-800 NOV07
BUQ-737-800-5A-DMG OCT06
BUQ-737-8GK - 2011-10
BUQ-737-8GK OCT06

January 2019:

0 727-2F2's (JT8D-15) (1086-20981, /74 5A-DMO; 1088-20983, /74 5A-DMP), EX-(KHT) 2002-09. 12C, 152Y.

0 727-228 (JT8D-15) (1710-22287, /81 5A-DMN), EX-(KHT) 2002-09. 12C, 152Y.

2 737-2D6 (JT8D-15A HK) (459-21212, /76 5A-DMU; 482-21286, /77 5A-DMV), BOUGHT FROM (ALG) 2006-01. 12F, 89Y.

0 737-4B6 (CFM56-3C1) (2453-26531, /93 5A-MAC), (GEF) LEASED, EX-(N563MS). 168Y.

2 737-406 (CFM56-3B2) (1902-24857, /90 5A-MAB "SEBKA"), EX-(KLM), EX-(PH-BDU), 2009-11. 39CY, 108Y.

1 737-55D (CFM56-3C1) (27419, 5A-WAD), EX-(LOT), (GEF) LEASED 2012-08.

2 +1/3 ORDER (2015-03) 737-8GK (CFM56-7B27) (2074-34948, /065A-DMG - SEE PHOTO; 34949, /06 5A-DMH "BENGHAZI"), WITH WINGLETS. 164Y.

0 747-238B (JT9D-7J) (310-21352, /77 J2-KCB), AFRICA UNITED HOLDING LEASED FOR HADJ FLIGHTS 2006-01. 24F, 464Y.

0 DC-10-15 (CF6-50C2F) (346-48258, /81 J2-KCG), (PIR) LEASED FOR HADJ 2006-01. RETURNED. 14F, 339Y.

0 A320-231 (0357, EX-32004) RETURNED TO S GROUP AVIATION (IND).

0 DHC-8-311 (PW123) (216, /90 CGOFW), EX-(NIG)/(SCH), CHC AIRWAYS LEASED 2006-01. 50Y.

0 F 100 (11289), EX-(USA), 2005-02.

0 IL-76T (D-30KP) (073410301, /78 UN-76496), (BMK) LEASED, FREIGHTER.

0 IL-76TD (D-30KP-2) (0023439140, /82 5A-DNA), 2004-11. FREIGHTER.

0 IL-76TD (D-30KP-2) (0073479392, /87 UN-76005), (BMK) LEASED. FREIGHTER.

0 IL-76T (D-30KP-2) (93420599), 2005-01. FREIGHTER.

0 LET 410UVP-E (M-601D) (871928, /87 5A-DMT), 17Y.

0 LET 410UVP-E (M-601E) (902403, /90 5A-DMR; 902436 /90 5A-DMS), 17Y.

0 LET 410UVP-E10A (M-601E) (912528, /91 ST-DND), (DND) LEASED, RETURNED. 17Y.


Click below for photos:


MARWAN BUBEIDA, PRESIDENT (Marwan@buraqair.com).







SADJ ALI HANASH, CARGO MANAGER (Hanash@buraqair.com).



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