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7JetSet7 Code: CAO
Status: Operational
Region: CHINA
Country: CHINA
Employees 1818
Web: airchinacargo.com
Email: charter.sales@airchinacargo.com
Telephone: +86 10100999
Fax: +86 1086680053

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CAO-2014-07-777-200F DELIVERY

Formed and started operations in 2003. Between 1994 and 2001 was the cargo department of Air China (BEJ), before later becoming a cargo subsidiary. Domestic, regional, & international, scheduled & charter, cargo jet airplane services.

No 46 Xiao Yun Road
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100027, China

China (People's Republic of China) was established in 1949, it covers an area of 9,560,980 sq km, its population is 1,265 million, its capital city is Beijing, and its official language is Chinese.

December 2003: Formed Air China Cargo Airlines (CAO) with registered capital of RMB 2.2 billion/$266.3 million and total investment capital of RMB 3.5 billion/$423.7 million with shareholdings held by Air China (BEJ) (51%), CITIC (25%), & Beijing Capital International Airport Group (PEK) (24%). Has its own 5 747F's and manages the belly cargo of Air China (BEJ) airplanes.

January 2004: 2003 = 564,000 tons of freight.

July 2004: Air China Cargo (CAO) $400 million, 2 orders (November 2005) 747-400F's (PW4056), 1 Singapore Airlines (SIA) leased.

December 2005: Air China (BEJ) Cargo (CAO) took delivery of the 1st of 2 new 747-4FTFs (34239, B-2475). It is powered by Pratt & Whitney (PW4056)s.

April 2006: 747-4FTF (34240, B-2476), delivery.

May 2006: Air China (BEJ) is set to buy +2 more 747-400Fs for its Air China Cargo (CAO) unit, in which it holds a 51% stake, according to London financial market sources. (CAO) will take 1 747-400F this year and 2 747-400BCFs.

June 2006: 747-433 (24998, B-2477), Guggenheim Aviation Partners (GUG) leased.

October 2006: 747-433 (25075, B-2478), Guggenheim Aviation Partners (GUG) leased.

November 2006: 2 TU-204-129CEF freighters (B-2871) delivery - see photo.

January 2007: China's 2 top cargo airlines, Air China Cargo (CAO) and China Cargo Airlines (CKK), are set to merge before year end in a bid to strengthen China's market share over foreign carriers, which currently control about 2 3rds of the country's air cargo volume. The 2 cargo airlines, which are affiliated with Air China (BEJ) and China Eastern Airlines (CEA), will merge into 1 company based in Shanghai, the country's economic hub, under the "China Cargo"'s name. The joint company will be a 50 - 50 venture between (BEJ) and (CEA).

Later, (BEJ) reportedly is planning to set up a Shanghai-based cargo joint venture with Cathay Pacific Airways (CAT). "We are now preparing for the joint venture program and hope to realize practical progress in the cargo business partnership with Cathay (CAT)in the first half of 2007," VP Fan Cheng said. "How to significantly improve our cargo transport capabilities is an important task for (BEJ) in 2007," he added. He said long-running attempts to reach a similar agreement with (CEA) had failed.

July 2007: TU-204-129CEF (64030, B-2871), delivery - see photo. It is fitted with traffic-collision avoidance and wind shear warning systems and (ACARS) communication equipment.

January 2008: Air China (BEJ) plans to raise its stake in Air China Cargo (CAO) to 76% from 51%, in order to pave the way for its joint venture with Cathay Pacific Airways (CAT). According to a (BEJ) statement, it will acquire the share through the purchase of Gold Leaf Enterprise Holdings' stake in Air China Cargo (CAO) shareholder Langxing Co. Beijing Capital Airport holds the remaining 24%, and is in negotiations with (BEJ) about a sale, that would make the country's largest cargo carrier the flag carrier's wholly owned subsidiary. "So far, 70% of (BEJ)'s cargo business comes from passenger airplane's belly freight, and the scattered shareholding structure of Air China Cargo (CAO) doesn't do any good to our cargo business in the long run," (BEJ) Board Secretary, Huang Bin explained. He also noted that (BEJ) is advancing talks with Cathay (CAT) regarding when and how to launch the cargo Joint Venture (JV).

(CAO) currently operates 4 747-200F freighters and 8 747-400 combis. It also markets the belly space on 60 (BEJ) passenger airplanes. (CAO) posted a net loss of -CNY300 million/-$41.1 million in the 1st 6 months of 2007, but began to make a turnaround in August. It is expected to earn a profit in 2008.

February 2008: Air China (BEJ) intends to make Air China Cargo (CAO) its wholly owned subsidiary and is negotiating with Beijing Capital Airport to purchase the latter's 24% stake in the country's largest cargo carrier. "We did talk with Beijing Capital Airport about the purchase of their shares in the (CAO) carrier, but so far, no substantial progress has been made," (BEJ) Board Secretary Huang Bin revealed. In December, (BEJ) announced plans to raise its stake in (CAO) to 76% from 51% through the purchase of Gold Leaf Enterprise Holdings' stake in (CAO) shareholder Langxing Company.

(CAO) has suffered operating losses in recent years and reported a net loss of -CNY382 million/-$53.4 million in the first nine months of 2007. (BEJ) cited "an increase of freighters that resulted in low airplane utilization rates" and "management problems" as the causes. In response, the carrier has sought greater penetration in Shanghai. It floated the possibility of a cargo joint venture with China Eastern Airlines (CEA), when discussing its recent bid for its rival. "China Cargo Airlines (CKK) is 1 of the most profitable subsidiaries of (CEA). If (BEJ) can cooperate with (CEA) in the cargo business, by reorganizing (CAO) with (CKK) successfully, it will pave the way for (BEJ) to merge with (CEA)," said an industry source who asked to remain unidentified.

(BEJ) and (CEA) discussed a cooperation between their respective cargo subsidiaries in 2006, but a potential 50/50 joint venture was scuttled by a bribery case involving (CEA). (BEJ) also is discussing the launch of a Shanghai-based cargo airline with Cathay Pacific Airways (CAT).

November 2008: 9 mainland Chinese carriers were selected to operate weekday flights across the Taiwan Strait and are expected to launch service on December 15, according to the (CAAC) (CAC). In addition to Air China (BEJ), China Eastern Airlines (CEA), China Southern Airlines (GUN), Hainan Airlines (HNA), Xiamen Airlines (XIA), and Shanghai Airlines (SHA), which all already operate weekend cross-strait flights, Sichuan Airlines (SIC), Shandong Airlines (SHG) and Shenzhen Airlines (SHZ) were tapped to operate the weekday flights.

Mainland carriers are permitted to operate 54x-weekday flights per week. According to the (CAC), (BEJ) will operate 10x- while 12x- have been allotted to (CEA), 10x- to (GUN), 5x- to (HNA), 6x- to Xiamen (XIA), and 54x- to (SHA). Sichuan (SIC), Shandong (SHG), and Shenzhen (SHZ) each have been granted permission to operate 2x-weekly weekday flights.

Regarding cross-strait cargo flights, (CEA) subsidiary, China Cargo Airlines (CKK), China Southern Airlines (GUN), and (CAO) have been selected. (CKK) and (GUN) each are expected to operate 10x-monthly flights from Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively, while (CAO) is expected to operate 5x-monthly flights from both Shanghai and Guangzhou.

(CAO) took delivery of a Tu-204F freighter, the 1st Russian-built airplane to enter China's civil aviation market since the 2000 withdrawal, (CAO) said. It will operate the airplane from Tianjin to Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea.


February 2009: Air China (BEJ) is evaluating the purchase of a 24% stake in Air China Cargo (CAO) worth CNY718 million from Beijing Capital Airport Holding Company. (BEJ) Board Secretary Huang Bing noted a final decision on making the cargo company a wholly owned (BEJ) subsidiary "will depend on the specific situation of the cargo market at home and abroad." Last year, (BEJ) raised its stake in (CAO) to 76% from 51% through purchase of Gold Leaf Enterprise Holdings' stake in (CAO) shareholder Langxing Company. (BEJ) previously had said that owning 100% of (CAO) would pave the way for its joint venture (JV) with Cathay Pacific Airways (CAT). Launched in March 2003, (CAO) has registered capital of CNY2.2 billion and suffered a 2008 net loss of -CNY522 million on operating revenue of CNY6.99 billion.

April 2009: Air China (BEJ) revealed in a filing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that it has purchased Beijing Capital Airport Holding Company's 24% stake in Air China Cargo (CAO) for CNY718 million/$105 million, completing a process started last year that has seen its share of its cargo unit rise from 51% to 100%.

(TAECO) redelivered a 747-400BCF to Air China Cargo (CAO). The airplane was converted from a Combi and is the 1st of 3 747-400BCFs ordered by (CAO). Work on the 2nd plane is underway. (CAO) currently operates 3 factory-built 747-400Fs and 2 3rd-party 747 conversions on lease.

July 2009: China Eastern Airlines (CEA) will benefit the most from the agreement reached in April to expand significantly the number of flights permitted across the Taiwan Strait, according to a cross-strait distribution plan released by the (CAAC) (CAC). The Taipei-based Strait Exchange Foundation and the Beijing-based Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait, signed the accord that increases from 108 to 270 the number of direct flights allowed beginning this month. Under the (CAC)'s plan, (CEA) is designated to operate 58x-weekly flights to Taipei from Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Qingdao, Kunming, Xi'an, Hefei, Ningbo, and Nanchang. (CEA) Board Secretary, Luo Zhuping noted that the carrier's cross-strait routes are among its most profitable and have operated at 80% to 90% (ASK) capacity on average.

Air China (BEJ) was assigned 54x-weekly flights to Taipei from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Tianjin, and Guiyang. China Southern Airlines (GUN) also was allocated 54x-weekly flights to Taipei to be operated from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Dalian, Guilin, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Changsha, Haikou, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Harbin, and Guiyang.

Hainan Airlines (HNA) and Shanghai Airlines (SHA) each were allocated 20x-weekly flights, while Xiamen Airlines (XIA) was given 22x-. Sichuan Airlines (SIC), Shandong Airlines (SHG) and Shenzhen Airlines (SHZ) were granted 14x-weekly flights each.

On the cargo front, Air China Cargo (CAO) was assigned 10x-weekly flights to Taipei from Shanghai and Guangzhou, while (CEA) subsidiary China Cargo Airlines (CKK) was assigned 8x-weekly flights from Shanghai to Taipei and China Southern (GUN) was assigned 10x-weekly flights from Guangzhou to Taipei.

January 2010: Air China (BEJ) parent, (CNAC) is expected to receive a CNY1.5 billion/$219.4 million cash injection from the Chinese government to pay back the loans it used to finalize last year's acquisition of its Air China Cargo (CAO) subsidiary, according to (BEJ) Board Secretary, Huang Bin.

The move is another step toward finalizing the cargo joint venture (JV) between Air China (BEJ) and Cathay Pacific Airways (CAT) scheduled to be launched this year in Shanghai. (BEJ) increased its stake in the cargo company to 100% with the CNY718 million purchase of Beijing Capital Airport Holding Company's 24% share last spring.

Air China Cargo (CAO) was launched in 2003 with registered capital of CNY2.2 billion. (BEJ) held 51% initially, while Citic Pacific subsidiary Gold Leaf Enterprises had 25% and (BCAH) 24%. (BEJ)'s acquisition of the remaining 49% cost CNY1.57 billion.

"The CNY1.5 billion government cash injection will be used mainly to pay back our loans for purchasing the remaining 49% stake from minority stakeholders," Huang confirmed. As early as 2008, Beijing had decided to distribute CNY15 billion to the "big 3" Chinese airlines. China Eastern Airlines (CEA) already has received CNY9 billion in government funds, and China Southern Airlines (GUN) CNY3 billion over the past 2 years. The trio now will be vying for the remaining CNY1.5 billion.

March 2010: Air China (BEJ) and Cathay Pacific Airways (CAT) signed a framework agreement in Beijing establishing a jointly owned, Shanghai-based cargo airline built on the assets of Air China Cargo (CAO).

Air China (BEJ) will hold a 51% stake in the new carrier while Cathay (CAT) will acquire a 25% stake and fund an offshore trust, in the form of a loan, to hold an additional 24%. (CAT)'s total investment in the new venture will be CNY1.67 billion/$244.1 million.

The airlines launched their cooperation in 2006 when they signed a cross-shareholding agreement and announced their intention to form a cargo joint venture. The deal requires approval from relevant authorities and the shareholders of both carriers.

Air China Cargo (CAO) plans to transfer its main operating base to Shanghai Pudong this summer while Beijing will remain an operating base. (CAO) currently operates 7 747F freighters. (CAT) will sell 4 freighters and 2 spare engines to the new airline. Launched in 2003, (CAO) is China's biggest cargo carrier and focuses on the northern China and Yangtze River Delta region. Cathay Pacific (CAT)'s cargo operation is centered on the Pearl River Delta.

(BEJ) Chairman Kong Dong noted that "the restructuring of (CAO)'s shareholding comprises two major aspects. 1st, through fleet expansion, we efficiently set the platform for future growth. 2nd, 2 strong partners are teaming up with complementary strengths to enhance our competitiveness." (CAT) Chairman Christopher Pratt said, "As a strong home-based cargo airline with a firm foothold in the Yangtze River Delta, (CAO) will ensure an efficient capture of cargo movements that may otherwise divert to rival hubs in the region."

It is noteworthy that Chinese cargo traffic recently has grown far more rapidly than passenger traffic. According to the (CAAC) (CAC), January cargo volume climbed +68.2% year-over-year to 450,726 tons. Domestic cargo rose +52.4% while international routes jumped +120.8%.

Boeing (TBC) announced that Air China (BEJ) and Air China Cargo (CAO) will expand their use of the Airplane Health Management (AHM) system for in-flight monitoring of 777s and 747-400s. The new contract adds 42 in-service and on-order airplanes to the 117 737s already covered. (BEJ) currently operates 10 777-200s and 10 747-400s while (CAO) flies 7 747-400Fs. (BEJ) was (TBC)'s 1st Chinese (AHM) customer.

September 2010: 747-412BCF (27070, B-2455), ex-(B-HKS) delivery.

December 2010: China's Ministry of Commerce gave the green light for the air cargo joint venture (JV) between Air China (BEJ) and Cathay Pacific Airways (CAT), which is expected to launch by year end or early next year, according to (BEJ) Board Secretary Huang Bin.

The (JV), which was agreed to in February, will create "Air China Cargo (CAO)." (BEJ) will hold a 51% stake in the new carrier while Cathay (CAT) will acquire a 25% stake and fund an offshore trust, in the form of a loan, to hold an additional 24%. (CAT)'s total investment in the new venture will be CNY1.67 billion/$25 million.

Air China Cargo (CAO) will operate 7 747F freighters. (CAT) will sell 4 747-400Fs and 2 spare engines to the new airline. (CAO) also plans to transfer its main operating base to Shanghai Pudong. An insider at (BEJ) noted both carriers agreed that (CAT) will withdraw all its cargo business from China’s mainland market in 3 years so that the new (JV) can be better positioned in the mainland market. Air China (BEJ) is expected to buy out (CAT)’s belly freight service on all its flights to China’s mainland cities.

The new (JV) is expected to face competition as China Eastern Airlines (CEA) announced in October its new subsidiary cargo carrier (comprised of the assets of China Cargo Airlines (CKK), Great Wall Airlines (GWZ) and Shanghai Airlines Cargo (SHA)) will commence operations January 1 from its base in Shanghai.

April 2011: Air China Cargo (CAO) launched 3x-weekly, Dalian - Shanghai Pudong - Frankfurt 747-400F service.

May 2011: Air China Cargo (CAO) launched 2x-weekly, Milan Malpensa - Chengdu - Shanghai Pudong 747-400F service.

Air China (BEJ) and Cathay Pacific Airways (CAT) formally launched their joint venture (JV) cargo operation, consolidating the 2 carriers' airfreight divisions. The (JV), called Air China Cargo (CAO), received Chinese government approval last year. (BEJ) holds a 29.99% stake in (CAT).

(BEJ) owns a 51% stake in the consolidated cargo carrier, while (CAT) holds 25% and also funded an offshore trust through a loan that holds 24%. (CAO)'s fleet will comprise 12 747-400F freighters and its base will be in Shanghai, according to joint statement issued by the airlines. "The consolidation of Air China (BEJ) and Cathay Pacific (CAT)'s cargo businesses is part of the 2 airlines' long-term cooperation strategy," (BEJ) and (CAT) said. "This latest collaboration will increase fleet development and strengthen the market position of both airlines. The operation center in Shanghai will satisfy the market demands of the Yangtze River Delta, which makes up 2-3rds of Air China (BEJ)'s service area. The cooperation will help Air China Cargo (CAO) reach all-round global development."

There are seven directors on the (CAO) board. 4, including the Chairman, were appointed by (BEJ), while 3, including the Vice Chairman, were appointed by (CAT).

December 2011: Air China Cargo (CAO) operates dedicated freighters on routes from Beijing and Shanghai to 5 major USA cities, as well as Frankfurt, London, and Paris. (CAO) also manages cargo services flown over a comprehensive route network in the cargo holds of around 60 Air China (BEJ) passenger airplanes.

Employees = 1,818 (including 235 Flight Crew (FC), & 26 Maintenance Technicians (MT)).

(IATA) Code: CA - 999. (ICAO) Code: CAO (Callsign - AIRCHINA FREIGHT).

Parent organization/shareholders: Air China (BEJ) (100%).

Main Base: Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK).

Domestic, freight destinations: Chengdu Shuangliu (CTU); Chongqing (CKG); Guiyang (KWE); Hangzhou Xiaoshan International (HGH); Hong Kong International (HKG); Shanghai Pudong International (PVG); & Zhang Guizhuang (TSN).

International freight destinations: Frankfurt Main (FRA); Hot Springs (HOT); London; Los Angeles International (LAX); New York Kennedy (JFK); Paris; San Francisco International (SFO); & Tokyo International (HND).

February 2012: The Chinese government has raised domestic jet fuel prices to CNY7,465/$1,186 per ton, up +1.43% from CNY7,360 per ton in January, dealing another blow to Chinese carriers that have already suffered from a decline in domestic market demand and air fares following the Chinese Spring Festival.

This is the 1st fuel price hike this year. In January, the Chinese government cut domestic jet fuel prices by -3.83%. Since July 2011, Beijing has made monthly adjustments to domestic fuel prices based on fluctuating international fuel prices.

Fuel costs comprise >40% of Chinese carriers’ operating expenses. China Southern Airlines (GUN), which operates 80% of its flights on domestic routes, could see its fuel costs increase by +CNY273 million annually. Air China (BEJ) and China Eastern Airlines (CEA), which operate 70% of their flights on domestic routes, could see their annual fuel costs rise by +CNY234 million and +CNY242 million, respectively.

Despite the increase of domestic fuel price, Chinese airlines cannot raise fuel surcharges to offset rising fuel costs.

747-412BCF (27134, B-2453), Cathay Pacific (CAT) leased, ex-(B-KAH).

April 2012: Freight traffic in the region did not fare well, recording a decrease of -1.5% compared to 2010. “Hong Kong airport (HKG) continued to be the busiest cargo airport in the world, closely followed by Memphis airport (MEM) and Shanghai Pudong airport (PVG). The other 3 busiest airports in the region with the highest freight traffic are Seoul Incheon airport (ICN), Dubai airport (DXB) and Tokyo Narita airport (NRT).”

March 2013: Air China (BEJ) said it has agreed to order 2 747-8I Intercontinental airplanes, 1 777-300ER and 8 777Fs. The 777Fs will be used by Air China Cargo (CAO).

(CAT) has ordered 3 additional 747-8F freighters, bringing to 13 the total number of 747-8Fs it has ordered. 8 747-8Fs have already been delivered to (CAT). The latest order also includes options for 5 777Fs.

Boeing (TBC) said it has now received orders for 70 747-8Fs from 9 customers; 28 have been delivered to 6 airlines.

(CAT) said in a filing last week with the Hong Kong stock exchange that it has cancelled orders for 8 777Fs. These airplanes appear to be the 8 777Fs Air China (BEJ)said it was ordering last week to be used by Air China Cargo (CAO), which is a joint venture (JV) between (BEJ) and (CAT).

August 2013: China Postal Airlines (CPZ) and Air China Cargo (CAO) signed a strategic cooperation agreement on August 16 in which Air China Cargo (CAO) will, over the next 2 years, provide cargo charter services to China Postal Airlines (CPZ) using its 4 757-200Fs. The 1st airplane is expected to be in place by late 2013. The 4 freighters are expected to help China Postal Airlines (CPZ) to meet soaring demand in the domestic Chinese Express Mail Service market and will help solve mismatches between capacity and traffic volume on some routes caused by the restriction of its own 737F Freighter fleet.

Air China Cargo (CAO) has awarded Precision Conversions with a contract to convert 4 757-200s to 15-pallet freighter airplanes. Precision Conversions will provide Air China Cargo (CAO, a joint venture (JV) between Air China (BEJ) and Cathay Pacific Airways (CAT), with 4 full 15-cargo position 757-200PCFs for express-package transportation in China.

(CAO) plans to use the 757-200 converted freighters for “express package transportation in China,” according to Portland, Oregon-based Precision Conversions. China’s Taikoo Aircraft Engineering Company (TAECO) will do the touch work on the conversions. The 1st of the 4 757-200s was inducted for modification at (TAECO)’s Xiamen maintenance facility July 31 with a 2nd airplane slated for a November conversion.

The remaining 2 757s will be converted to freighters in 2014, Precision Conversions said.

Precision Conversions President, Gary Warner noted, “The Chinese market has been an integral part of our success and our 757-200 [converted freighter] product has proven to be the most effective freighter to fill the particular needs of the region.”

To date, Precision Conversions has redelivered 36 757-200 converted freighters worldwide.

December 2013: Air China Cargo ((IATA) Code: CAO, based at Beijing Capital) (CAO) has taken delivery of its 1st of 8 777-FFTs (44678, B-2095), on order from Boeing. The freighter was delivered from Boeing, Everett to Beijing Capital on December 17. (CAO) also operates 7 747-400Fs and 1 757-2Z0F (27367, B-2841) (with 2 more being converted). The new 777Fs will gradually replace the 747F freighters.

January 2014: 777-FFT (44678, B-2095), delivery.

March 2014: 777-200F (B-2096), delivery.

April 2014: At 1:19 am April 2nd, Air China Cargo (CAO)'s 3rd 777-200F (B-2097) landed at Beijing Capital International Airport.

With Beijing and Shanghai as hubs, Air China Cargo (CAO) has launched international, domestic and regional cargo flights to Europe's Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Zaragoza; the USA's New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas; Japan's Tokyo and Osaka; as well as Taipei, Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin and Zhengzhou. Based on Air China (BEJ)'s global route network, Air China Cargo (CAO) has had 312 airfreight routes, 158 way points and 962 truck routes supplementing its air freighter network and airliner belly hold network, thereby fast delivering cargo to every corner of the world.

July 2014: At 12:57 am July 2, Air China Cargo (CAO)'s 777-FFT (44681, B2098) freighter made a smooth landing on the Beijing Capital International Airport - - SEE PHOTO - - "CAO-2014-07-777-200F-DELIVERY." The other 4 777-200F freighters ordered from Boeing are scheduled to be delivered by 2015. (B2098) is about to operate on North American freight routes as the 1st 1 of Air China Cargo (CAO)'s 5 777F freighters for which the Export-Import Bank of the USA provided financing guarantee.

As China's only cargo airline operating with the national flag, Air China Cargo (CAO) now owns 747F, 777F and 757F freighters, and will own 15 units by 2015, thus bringing into being a worldwide integrated airfreight network with Beijing and Shanghai as hubs. With 293 airfreight routes, 161 way points and 961 truck routes worldwide supplementing the freighter network and the airliner belly hold network, (CAO) has formed a perfect route network combining air and ground operations, thereby delivering cargo to every corner of the world.

777-FFT (44684, B-2093), delivery.

August 2014: Air China (BEJ) plans to spend CNY360 million/$58.4 million to raise pilot (FC) salaries, despite its continuous profit decline. (BEJ) has 4,560 pilots (FC) who work for the Beijing-based carrier and its subsidiaries Air China Cargo (CAO), Beijing Airlines (DER), Dalian Airlines (DLN) and Inner Mongolian Airlines (IML).

At 2:10 am, August 31, a brand new Boeing 777-200F of Air China Cargo (CAO), registration number (B-2091), landed smoothly at Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), marking the official delivery of its fifth new 777-200F ordered from Boeing. According to the company plan, the remaining 3 777-200Fs will be delivered by the end of 2015.

As China's only flag cargo carrier, Air China Cargo (CAO) has 3 cargo airplane models: 747, 777 and 757. As of 2015, (CAO) will expand its fleet size to 15 freighters and construct an overall cargo network centering Beijing and Shanghai. So far, (CAO) operates 293 international and domestic cargo routes covering 161 destinations around the world with 1,111 truck routes as supplements. The cargo company can deliver goods around the world rapidly with comprehensive air-land combined network.

777-FFT (44682, B-2091), delivery.

September 2014: On September 4, China Postal Airlines ((IATA) Code: 8Y) (CPZ) took delivery of its 4th all-cargo airplane from Air China Cargo (CAO), a subsidiary of China's flag carrier Air China (BEJ)), with a Boeing 757F cargo plane loaded with Express Mails (EMS) taking off from Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), landing smoothly at Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG) and then returning back to (PEK).

China Postal Airlines (CPZ) signed a contract with Air China Cargo (CAO) for chartering 4 757s in August 2013. The new-introduced 757F is the last freighter delivered from (CAO), which will be deployed to operate Beijing to Nanjing to Beijing charter service to expand (CPZ)'s independent routes network. Up till now, (CPZ) operates a fleet of 26 airplanes, including 22 737F freighters and 4 757Fs.

The 4 757Fs, with a max cargo capacity of 30 tons are deployed on Chengdu to Nanjing to Chengdu, Changchun to Shenyang to Nanjing to Changchun, Guangzhou to Nanjing to Guangzhou, and Beijing to Nanjing to Beijing service. The delivery of the new 757F not only eases traffic pressure on Express Mail Service for (CPZ), but also optimizes its independent network and boosts competitiveness in the mail express and cargo transport market.

July 2015: News Item A-1: "Air China Cargo (CAO) to Launch Canada Service" by "Xinhua," July 20, 2015.

Air China Cargo (CAO), China's only flag-carrying cargo airline, will launch a freight service between Shanghai and the Canadian city of Edmonton, the company's 1st scheduled freighter destination in Canada, it announced on July 20.

With the launch of the Shanghai to Edmonton to Dallas route on September 3, (CAO) will be the 1st Chinese cargo airline to offer direct services between Shanghai and Edmonton.

Edmonton is Canada's 5th-largest municipality and capital of the state of Alberta. A key hub for its oil and natural gas industry, the city is known as "the oil capital of Canada."

"This will be first freighter route between the Chinese mainland and Alberta, and it is a key step in connecting two economies with high growth momentum," Air China Cargo (CAO) VP, Patrick Yu said.

The route will also expand (CAO)'s network in North America, connecting Alberta and Texas, two key oil-producing regions.

The company said brand-new Boeing 777F freighters will be used on the route, which operates every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

News Item A-2: A brand new Boeing 777-2J6F airplane of Air China Cargo (CAO) landed smoothly at Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) at 0:22 am on July 15, marking the official delivery of its 7th 777-2J6F.

The newly introduced freighter, (B-2093), will be put into Shanghai Pudong - Amsterdam service, helping the cargo airline expand its international cargo network and enhance its operating quality.

As China's only flag cargo carrier, Air China Cargo (CAO) currently owns a fleet of 14 cargo airplanes including 7 777-2J6Fs, 3 747-4J6Fs and 4 757-2Z0SFs. With another 777-200F on order and to be delivered within this year, (CAO) will be China's largest cargo airline at that time.


Click below for photos:
CAO-747-400F - 2011-10
CAO-747-4FTF 34239 2017-04.jpg
CAO-777F - 2014-01
CAO-777F 2015-10.jpg
CAO-777F Anchorage Darren Howie 2016-11.jpg
CAO-TU-204F B-2871

August 2018:

0 747-2J6F (SCD) (JT9D-7R4G2) (814-24960, /90 B-2462). (BEJ) LEASED 2003-03. FREIGHTER.

0 747-2J6F (JT9D-7R4G2) (591-23071, /83 B-2446; 628-23461, /85 B-2448; 670-23746, /87 B-2450). 23071; RETURNED. 23461; WET-LEASED TO UNI-TOP AIRLINES, SHENZHEN 2009-05. FREIGHTER.


3 747-4J6BCF (PW4056) (743-24346, /89 B-2456; 775-24347, /90 B-2458; 792-24348, /90 B-2460), FREIGHTER.

1 747-412BCF (PW4056) (1049-27070, /94 B-2455), EX-(SQC), FREIGHTER.

1 747-412BCF (PW4056) (27134, B-2453), EX-(CAT), EX-(B-KAH) 2012-02. FREIGHTER.

0 747-412F (SCD) (PW4056) (1052-26560, /94 B-2409), (SQC) 3 YEAR LEASED 2003-09. FREIGHTER.

2 747-4FTF (SCD) (PW4056) (1367-34239, /05 B-2475 - SEE PHOTO; 1373-34240, /06 B-2476), FREIGHTER.

2 747-433 (BDSF) (PW4056) (840-24996, /91 B-2477; 868-25075, /91 B-2478), AERCAP (DEA) LEASED 2006-10. FREIGHTER.

4 757-2Z0F (RB211-535E4) (624-27367, /94 B-2841), CONVERTED TO F & TRANSFERRED FROM (BEJ) 2014-01. ALL 4 LEASED TO CHINA POSTAL AIRLINES (CPZ) BY 2014-09. FREIGHTER.

8 777-FFT (B-2091, 2014-08; 44678, /13 B-2095 - - SEE PHOTO - - "CAO-777F - 2014-01;" /14 B-2096; B-2097, 2014-04; 44681, /14 B-2098; 44682, /14 B-2091; 44684, /15 B-2093). FREIGHTER.

3 +2 ORDERS (2012-02) TU-204-129CEF (RB211-535E4) (1450743664030, /08 B-2871 - SEE PHOTO, 2007-07; 64031, /11 B-2872; 64034, /11 B-2873). FREIGHTER.








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