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7JetSet7 Code: CCM
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: FRANCE
Employees 671
Web: aircorsica.com
Email: cariera@ccm-airlines.com
Telephone: +33 495 29 05 00
Fax: +33 495 29 05 05

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Formed in 1989 and started operations in 1990. Some airplanes are operated on a franchise agreement with Air France (AFA) (in full such colors & both titles) using (AFA) flight number. Formerly called Compagnie Corse Mediterranee. Changed its name to "CCM" in 2000 and to "Air Corsica" in 2011. Regional and domestic, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

Campo Dell'Oro Airport
BP 505,
Ajaccio Cedex 2, Corsica F 20 000, France

October 2002: 465 employees.

Memo of Understanding (MOU) for 2 A319-112's (CFM56) (1068; 1145), ex-Sabena (SAB), B Ae leased. The A319's will be used on routes linking Ajaccio and Bastia with Paris Orly (3x-daily) by a joint agreement with Air France (AFA).

February 2003: In April, Ajaccio/Bastia to Toulon (ATR72, weekends), code share with Air France (AFA). Bastia to Cuneo (weekly).

April 2003: 567 employees (including 221 Flight Crew (FC), & 115 Maintenance Technicians (MT)).

October 2003: A319-112 (1086, F-GYFN), (AFIS) leased.

February 2004: To operate summer weekend services from Bordeaux, Lille, Nantes, Strasbourg, & Toulouse, to Ajaccio & Bastia (weekly weekends).

2 A320-214's (533, F-GYFK; 548) Pembroke Capital (PEB) leased.

March 2004: Nice to Toulouse (ATR72). Calv to Bastia to Marseille, Nice (replaces Air Littoral). Figari to Nice (ATR42, AirLinAir wet-leased).

April 2004: 567 employees (including 221 Flight Crew (FC); & 115 Maintenance Technicians (MT)).

A320-214 (2165), Edelweiss Bail leased.

May 2004: 77-200, Air Mediterranee (AMV) wet-leased in summer for weekend services between Corsica and metropolitan France.

April 2005: 612 employees (including 110 Flight Crew (FC), 131 Cabin Attendants (CA), & 137 Maintenance Technicians (MT)).

June 2005: 6 orders (11/05) ATR72-500's to replace 6 ATR72-102's.

October 2005: ATR 42-500 (495, F-GPYF) wet-leased to Airlinair. ATR72-102 (365, F-GMGK) delivery.

November 2005: ATR72-102 (177, F-GKPD) delivery.

December 2005: Has disposed of its final F 100, ending a 13-year operational relationship with the type. 2 ATR72-500's (722, F-GRPI; 724, F-GRPJ) deliveries.

March 2006: EasyJet (EZY) said it was "forced" to cancel plans to operate daily Paris Orly to Ajaccio service from July, after being informed that French authorities "had granted a monopoly to Air France (AFA)/(CCM) under a Public Service Obligation (PSO)," according to (EZY). Most (PSO) routes are operated by only 1 carrier, but (EZY) claims the route can support 2 airlines. "There is a huge demand for flights from Paris to Corsica, as we have seen over the past few weeks, and there is no justification for a monopoly. Not only are other airlines banned from this route, but also is tax-payers' money being handed over to (AFA)," (EZY) Director General, France, Francois Bacchetta commented, saying the ban also hurts Corsicans because tourists "have to pay ripoff prices." The Ajaccio flight was part of a French expansion that comprised 5 new routes and 3 new markets: Ajaccio, Bordeaux and La Rochelle. (EZY) is France's 2nd-largest airline.

ATR72-512 (727, F-GRPK), delivery.

April 2006: (CCM) Airlines (CCM) is a regional carrier operating passenger services from Corsica to metropolitan France.

Employees = 653 (including 109 Flight Crew (FC); 136 Cabin Attendants & 136 Maintenance Technicians (MT)).

(IATA) Code: XK - 146. (ICAO) Code: CCM - (Callsign - CORSICA).

Parent organization/shareholders: Collectivite Territoriale Corse (60.37%); Air France (AFA) (11.95%); Credit Agricole (7.55%); SNCM (6.68%); Caisse des Depots et des Cinsignations (4.76%); TAT EA (2.52%); Cadec (2.34%); TAT SA (1.68%); CCI de Corse du Sud (1.21%); & CCI de Haute-Corse (0.84%).

Alliances: Air France (AFA); TwinJet (TWJ).

Main Base: Ajaccio Campo dell'Oro (AJA).

Hubs: Bastia International (BIA); Calvi Sainte Catherine (CLY); Figari Sud Corse (FSC); Lyons Saint Exupery (LYS); Marseilles Provence (MRS); & Nice Cote d'Azur (NCE).

Domestic, Scheduled Destinations: Ajaccio; Bastia; Calvi; Figari; Lyons; Marseilles; Nice; & Paris.

October 2006: ATR72-212A (734, F-GRPX), delivery.

February 2007: ATR72-212A (742, F-GRPY), delivery.

March 2007: ATR72-212A (745, F-GRPZ), delivery.

January 2010: (CCM) Airlines (CCM) has taken delivery of 2 new A320-200s from Airbus (EDS) that had not been taken up by Iberia (IBE).

August 2010: (CCM) Airlines (CCM) is launching new routes to Italy in 2011:
Marseilles to Florence: 2x-weekly, ATR72-500 service starting on February 17;
Marseilles to Venice Marco Polo: 3x-weekly, ATR72-500 service starting on February 14.

January 2011: (CCM) Airlines has re-branded as "Air Corsica" - - SEE PHOTO IN NEW "AIR CORSICA" LIVERY - "CCM-ATR 72-2011-01."

April 2012: AirFrance Industries (AFI)/(KLM) (E&M) signed a contract with Air Corsica (CCM) covering phase out and "C" maintenance checks on its 2 A319s, to be carried out in April at (AFI)/(KLM) (E&M)'s Toulouse-Blagnac facility.

October 2012: Air Corsica (CCM) has temporarily wet-leased its ATR 72-500 (727, F-GRPK) to (CSA) Czech Airlines. (CSA) currently already has taken delivery of 2 ex-Jet Airways (JPL) ATR 72-500s with a 3rd airplane (679, OK-GFS) due in November.

April 2013: Air Corsica (CCM) has added another new route to its growing summer 2014 portfolio with the start of 2x-weekly (Mondays and Fridays) operations from one of its bases at Bastia (BIA) to Lyon (LYS). Flown by (CCM)’s 149-seat A320s, the 499 km route, which began on April 18th, will face head-to-head competition against the existing 3x-weekly service offered by incumbent easyJet (EZY). It joins Air Corsica (CCM)’s flights from Ajaccio to Lyon.

1st, a geography lesson (for those that need it). Corsica is located SE of the French mainland, west of Italy and north of the Italian island of Sardinia, and it is 1 of France’s 27 designated regions. For an island that measures just 183 km long and 83 km wide, it boasts 4 international airports: Ajaccio in the west; Calvi in the NW; Bastia in the NE; and Figari in the south. However, it is the island’s capital, Ajaccio the birthplace of Corsica’s most famous son (Napolean Bonaparte, the famous 18th century French military leader (who also gives his name to the airport)). International traffic booms at Bonaparte.

Overall, Ajaccio’s traffic is growing steadily, with average annual growth of +3.7% since 2007. However, between 2012 and 2011 international traffic was up +48%, to just >80,000 annual passengers, with new routes to Oslo Gardermoen (Norwegian) and Rome Fiumicino (Air Corsica) more than countering the loss of the route to Barcelona (Regional – now HOP!). In fact, all of the airport’s existing international routes contributed with growth last year, with the star performers being Basel (+82% year-on-year) and Geneva (+42%).


According to April 2013 data, the leading airline at the airport is Air Corsica (CCM), offering 71x-weekly flights to 6 domestic destinations: — by August, (CCM)’s flying program will have been expanded to 94x-weekly flights to 8 destinations. In 2012, (CCM), which is based in Ajaccio carried nearly 60% of the airport’s total traffic. AirFrance (AFA), which owns a minority stake in Air Corsica (CCM) was in 2nd place, but delivered <3rd of the passenger traffic provided by the #1 airline at the airport. While both of the top 2 airlines were down in terms of year-on-year passengers, the #3 airline at Ajaccio, easyJet (EZY), was up +19% between 2012 and 2011, while newcomer Volotea (VLT) vaulted straight into 5th spot, delivering nearly 40,000 passengers last year. (VLT) launched connections to Nantes (3x-weekly) and Bordeaux (3x-) in June 2012. Many airports on Mediterranean islands have passenger traffic that is incredibly seasonal, as the inhabitants of Northern Europe descend south during the Northern Hemisphere summer months in search of guaranteed sunshine and Ajaccio is no different. Indeed, the months of June to September provided 53% of the airport’s annual traffic in 2012.

During 2012, monthly passenger flows at Ajaccio, peaked at 193,000 in August 2012, but <50,000 passengers used the airport in February 2012, representing a huge variance in monthly traffic of 291%. This extreme seasonality has actually worsened when compared to 2011, which posted a variance result of 251%, with the same 2 months representing the respective high and low in terms of passenger flows. Clearly, while Ajaccio is no doubt grateful for its continued growth, as most of the additional traffic is being added in the peak, it is merely serving to widen the gap in its seasonal variance. As can be seen, the huge seasonal pattern of traffic at Ajaccio is also mirrored at the island’s 2nd largest airport in Bastia.

The seasonal variance is likely to become worse in 2013, with most of the airport’s new services this year again being concentrated in the busy four-month peak between June and September. At least 10 new routes have been identified that are planned to start this summer. Seven of the 10 routes are domestic with new international services planned to Geneva, Milan and Stockholm.

March 2014: A320-211 (0115, F-GHQE "U Monte Cintu"), and ATR72-212A (742, F-GRPY), deliveries.

June 2015: Air Corsica (CCM) and (ITP) In Service Support have signed a Support by the Hour contract that will cover full engine maintenance services for the ATR72-212A (PW127F) engines fleet. The contract will last for 8 years.

September 2015: Under Management below see Airliner World Interview of Herve Pierret - "CCM-1-Herve Pierret-A/B/C/D.2015-09.jpg."

March 2016: News Item A-1: Air France Industries (AFI) (KLM) (E&M) and Air Corsica (CCM) have signed a long-term contract covering component support for 5 A320s. The agreement includes provision of a main base kit, pool access, and flight-hour component repairs.


Click below for photos:
CCM-A320 F-HZPG 2018-09.jpg
CCM-ATR72-500 - 2013-01

November 2018:

1 A319-112 (CFM56-5B6/2P) (1068, /99 F-GYFM, 2002-10; 1145, /99 F-GYJM, 2002-10; 1086, F-GYFN 2003-10), EX-(SAB), B AE LEASED 2002-10. (AFIS) LEASED 2003-10. 1086 NOT TAKEN UP. 145Y.

1 A320-200 (CFM56-5B4/2P) (F-HZPG) 2018-09 (SEE PHOTO).

1 A320-211 (0115, F-GHQE), (AFA) LEASED 2014-03.

1 A320-214 (CFM56-5B4/2P) (533, /95 F-GYFK, 2004-03; 548, /95 F-GYFL), (PEB) LEASED. 548; RETURNED 2010-06. 168Y.

0 A320-214 (CFM56-5B4/2P) (2165), EDELWEISS BAIL LEASED 2004-04. RETURNED. 150Y.

1 A320-214 (CFM56-5B4/2P) (3325, PR-MHS), (TOR) LEASED 2015-11.

1 A320-216 (CFM56-5B6/3) (3882, /09 F-HBSA "SCALA DI SANTA REGINA"), 320 SOCCIA (SAS) LEASED 2010-01. 48C, 93Y.

1 A320-216 (CFM56-5B6/3) (3952, /09 F-HBEV "CALANCHE DE PIANA"), 320 SOCCIA (SAS) LEASED 2009-12. 180Y.

0 ATR42-500 (495, F-GPYF), WET-LEASED TO 1 YEAR AIRLINAIR 2005-10. RTND.

0 ATR72-102 (PW124B) (171, /90 F-GKPC; 177, /90 F-GKPD, 2005-11; 192, /91 F-GKPE; 222, /91 F-GKPF, 2005-12; 352, /93 F-GKPH; 365, /93 F-GMGK, 2005-10), ALL 6 REPLACED BY ATR 72-512 AIRPLANES. 68Y.

8 ATR72-512 (PW127F) (654, F-HAPL - - SEE PHOTO IN NEW "AIR CORSICA" LIVERY - "CCM-ATR72-2011-01;" 722, /05 F-GRPI; 724, /05 F-GRPJ; 727, /06 F-GRPK; 734, /06 F-GRPX; F-GLPL, 2006-08; F-GLPM, 2006-12; 742, /07 F-GRPY; 745; /07 F-GRPZ "A PAGLIA ORBA"), KALISTE PROP LEASED. 727; WET-LEASED (CSA) 2012-10. 727 RETURNED FROM (CSA) 2013-06. 70Y.

0 F 100 (TAY 620-15) (11381, /92 F-GKHD; 11386, /92 F-GKHE; 11362, /91 F-GMPG; 11344, /91 F-GNLJ), 11344 LEASED TO REGIONAL 2005-11. 11362; WFU IN STORAGE 2005-02. 109Y.


Click below for photos:
CCM-1-Herve Pierret - 2015-08.jpg
CCM-1-Herve Pierret-Interview-A.2015-09.jpg











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