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7JetSet7 Code: CEL
Status: Operational
Region: AFRICA
Employees 177
Web: fly-ceiba.com
Email: ceiba@fly-ceiba.com
Telephone: +240 99 993

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The airline was formed and started operations in 2007. Domestic, regional & international, schedule & charter, passenger & cargo jet airplane services.

Calle Presidente Nasser
APDO numero 916
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea was established in 1968, covers an area of 28,051 sq km, its population is 400,000, and its capital is Malabo. The official language is Spanish.


February 2014: 737-8FB (41157, 3C-LLY "Bioko) delivery.

March 2014: Ceiba Intercontinental (CEL) provides a domestic passenger network linking Malabo with Bata and Annobon, together with Africa-wide cargo charter service. (CEL) operates international charter services, primarily to Europe, including a weekly service between Malabo and Paris Vatry.

(IATA) Code: C2. (ICAO) Code: CEL - (Callsign - CEIBA LINE).

Code shares with AirFrance (AFA).

Main Base: Malabo Santa Isabel International Airport (SSG).

Destinations: Abidjan Port Bouet Airport (ABJ), Ivory Coast; Accra Kotaka International Airport (acc), Ghana; Bata Airport (BSG), Equatorial Guinea; Brazzaville Maya-Maya Airport (BZV), Republic of Congo; Cotonou Cadjehoun Airport (COO), Benin; Douala International Airport (DLA), Cameroon; Liberville International Airport (LBV), Gabon; Lome-Tokoin Airport ((LFW), Togo; Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD), Spain; Pointe Noire Airport (PNR), Republic of the Congo; and Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), Brazil.

April 2014: Ceiba Intercontinental ((IATA) Code: C2, based at Malabo) (CEL) has deployed its 1st 737-800 (41157, 3C-LLY "Bioko") into revenue service 1 month after it was delivered from Boeing (TBC). Bioko is named after the island in the Gulf of Guinea. +2 more 737-800s are expected within 12 months.

The "Equatoguinean" press says the airplane was deployed on the Malabo to Bata domestic route on April 16. It is also scheduled to make its regional début in the next few months.

The state-owned airline is also planning to add more 777s.

(CEL) has an additional 2 737s on order from Boeing, adding to its existing fleet of ATR 42s and ATR 72s, a 767-300ER, and a 777-2FBLR.

Because the country's airlines are banned from operating in the European Union (EU), the 777-2FBLR (40668, CS-TQX), a (VIP) example used by the country's President, is wet-leased from White Airways (YES) of Portugal.

September 2014: Equatorial Guinea is to reopen West Africa flights.
Ceiba Intercontinental (CEL) will shortly resume scheduled flights to West Africa, which were suspended in mid-August owing to the current Ebola outbreak there. Equatoguinean President Teodoro Obiang Nguema made the announcement during a recent meeting with the United Nations (UN) in which he revealed that since the suspension of flights, Equatorial Guinea had invested in medical equipment capable of detecting the virus and its symptoms.

The 2014 Ebola outbreak is the largest outbreak in history, and the 1st in West Africa. The current outbreak is affecting multiple countries in West Africa, including Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Senegal, and Nigeria with >2,500 having now died from the virus.

(CEL)'s West African network consists of flights to Cotonou, Dakar, Accra, Abidjan, and Lomé.

Other Equatoguinean operators which also serve West Africa include: Cronos Airlines ((IATA) Code: C8, based at Malabo) and Punto Azul ((IATA) Code: ZR, based at Malabo).

November 2014: (CEIBA) Intercontinental (CEL) is set to take delivery of its 2nd 777-200LR with the airplane having recently commenced flight testing at Everett. Unlike its sister ship, (40668, 3C-LLS) which was subsequently transferred to White (YES)'s registry as (CS-TQX), 777-200LR (60116, 3C-MAB) is likely to remain on the Equatoguinean registry.

(CEIBA) chose to switch its 777 and 1 of its 737-800s to the Portuguese registry as a means of circumventing European Union (EU) sanctions which embargo Equatoguinean airplanes from serving the bloc.

At present, the 777 is used on (CEL)'s only long haul service (a 3x-weekly service to Madrid Barajas).

(CEIBA) Intercontinental (CEL) currently operates 8 airplanes to 11 countries, to 13 destinations, on 20 routes and 16 daily flights.

July 2015: A (CEIBA) Intercontinental ((IATA) Code: C2, based at Malabo) (CEL) 777-200LR has been seized in France as part of a dispute between the Commercial Bank Guinea Ecuatorial (CBGE) and the government of Equatorial Guinea.

Jeune Afrique reports 777-200LR (60116, 3C-MAB) was seized on July 10 while undergoing (VIP)-fitment at Basle/Mulhouse/Freiburg airport in eastern France ahead of its delivery to Central Africa.

(CBGE)'s dispute with Equatorial Guinea goes back to 2002, when the Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo regime refused to licence the bank to trade in violation of an existing agreement. (CBGE) subsequently took the matter to an Ivorian court as well as a regional arbitration committee which in May 2007, awarded the bank nearly EUR70 million/USD77 million as compensation for damages incurred as a result of lost investments.

The bank's founder and disgraced Cameroonian millionaire, Yves-Michel Fotso secured a French court order in 2009 giving him the green light to pursue his claims in France.

Following talks between the parties in 2012, (CBGE) agreed to reduce the overall claim from EUR70 million, to EUR30 million. But, while Malabo did pledge to pay EUR15 million as initial compensation, it is claimed (CBGE) only ever received EUR7.5 million, with question marks hanging over the fate of the remainder.

As such, given the ambiguity of the payments, the (CBGE) has now renounced the 2012 accord leading to the seizure of the 777 jet. Fotso has reportedly attempted to seize Equatorial Guinea's property in France and Belgium, including its bank assets in Brussels, as well as the Falcon 900LX Presidential jet during a stopover at Paris Le Bourget airport.

As Equatorial Guinea's state-owned national carrier, (CEIBA) has been caught in the middle of Malabo's international disputes with creditors and litigants.

Last year, (CEIBA)'s other 777-200LR (40668, CS-TQX), was impounded at Madrid Barajas by order of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) which was acting on behalf of of UK-based (BTP) Fitzpatrick (GE).

The company had taken Equatorial Guinea's government to court over non-payment of EUR12.2 million, due for the 2004 construction of a 13 km-long stretch of dual motorway from Malabo airport to the Ela Nguema neighborhood in downtown Malabo.

The 777-200LR was subsequently released after government agreed to pay (BTP) Fitzpatrick an undisclosed sum.

(CEIBA) Intercontinental (CEL) currently operates 10 airplanes to 12 countries, 16 destinations on 25 routes and 18 daily flights.


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CEL-777-200LR - 2015-07.jpg

October 2017:

1 +2 ORDERS 737-800 (CFM56-7B) (41157, 3C-LLY, "BIOKO" 2014-04 - - SEE ATTACHED - - "CEL-737-300-2014-04").

1 767-306ER (781-30393, 3C-LLU).

1 777-2FBLR (GE90-110B1) (937-40668, /11 CS-TQX), EX-(3C-LLS), (YES) WET-LSD 2011-06. 440Y OR (VIP) CONFIGURATION FOR USE BY THE COUNTRY'S PRESIDENT.

1 ORDER (2014-12) 777-200LR (60116, 3C-MAB), EX-(CS-TQX), (YES) WET-LEASED.

1 A300C4-203 (CF6-50C2) (212, /82 TC-MND), EX-(SAA) 2000-10, EX-(ZS-SDG), (MNG) AIRLINES (MHK) WET-LEASED 2007-06. FREIGHTER.

1 ATR 42-300 (PW121) (335, /92 3C-LLG), EX-(F-ODYE) (2007-05). 48Y.

1 ATR 42-500 (PW127) (671, /07 3C-LLH), 2007-12. 48Y.

2 ATR 72-500 (PW127) (790, /08 3C-LLI; 810, /08 3C-LLM), 2008-07. - - SEE ATTACHED - - "CEL-ATR72-2014-04." 66Y.





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