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7JetSet7 Code: CGP
Status: Operational
Country: USA
Employees 17
Web: aviationcapital.com
Email: acg-info@aviationcapital.com
Telephone: +1 (949) 219-4600
Fax: +1 (949) 759-5675

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CGP-2004-02-LSG SURVEY - A
CGP-2004-02-LSG SURVEY - B
CGP-2004-02-LSG SURVEY - C
CGP-2004-02-LSG SURVEY - D
CGP-2004-02-LSG SURVEY - E



USA (United States of America) was established in 1776, it covers an area of 9,363,123 sq km, its population is 280 million, its capital city is Washington DC, and its official language is English.

Although its HQ is in Newport Beach, it also has offices in Seattle, Stamford (Connecticut), London, and Santiago (Chile).

Aviation Capital Group (CGP) is a subsidiary of Pacific LifeCorp, the parent company of Pacific Life Insurance Company. Founded in 1868, Pacific Life provides life insurance products, individual annuities, and mutual funds, and offers a variety of investment products and services to individuals, businesses, and pension plans. Pacific Life counts more than half of the 100 largest USA companies as clients (http://www.PacificLife.com).


AUGUST 2001: 1 727-223 (1766-22468, /81 53 28 N712AA), ex-
American Airlines (AAL).

February 2004: See attached Leasing Survey 2004. Aviation Capital Group (CGP) is ranked 18th of top 40 airplane leasing companies, showing 75 narrow bodies and 4 wide bodies.

April 2005: Pays >$2.5 billion for Boullioun Aviation (BOU). This acquisition increased the value of (CGP)'s portfolio to >$5 billion.

December 2005: 727-225F (21857, N755DH) leased to express.net (TCN).

March 2006: Based on an "Airline Business" magazine survey of airplane leasing companies, Aviation Capital Group (CGP)) has a fleet of 222 airplanes valued at $4,471 million, and is ranked 7th of the top 50 airplane leasing companies (see attached data).

May 2006: Aviation Capital Group (CGP) reported 1st-quarter activity comprising leases of 2 new A320s by Air Deccan (DCC), 1 737-300 by BRA Transportes Aereos of Sao Paulo (BRW), a new A320 by Royal Jordanian (RJA), a new A320 by Wizz Air (WZZ), a 737-400 by Aegean Airlines (CRM), an A319 by Mexicana de Aviacion (CMA) and an A320 by Air China (BEJ) and extension of leases on 3 767s by (LOT) Polish Airlines. (CGP) also acted as agent and sold 9 757s subject to leases with US Airways (AMW)/(USA) on behalf of a group of institutional investors and three 757s to US Airways (AMW)/(USA) on behalf of an institutional client.

July 2006: Aviation Capital Group (CGP), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Life Corp, ordered 14 737-800s worth approximately $987 million at list prices. Subject to market demand, (CGP) has the right at a future date to substitute 737-700s for the 737-800s. The airplanes were included on the Boeing orders and deliveries website earlier this year attributed to an unidentified customer. (CFM) valued the engine order at approximately $170 million at list price.

(CGP) also announced that it has acquired 3 737-700s and 3 737-800s from AeroMexico (AMX) that it will lease back to that carrier. It will begin taking delivery of the airplanes, originally ordered by (AMX), later this year.

April 2007: Aviation Capital Group (CGP) announced orders for 20 A320 family airplanes, 5 787s and 15 737NGs. The order is worth approximately $1.6 billion at list prices and represents the lessor's 1st commitment to the 787. It currently owns a combined 138 737 Classics, 737NGs, 757s and 767s, and has an additional 52 Boeing (TBC) airplanes on order. The Airbus (EDS) order comprises four A319s, 14 A320s and 2 A321s. (CGP) currently has >70 A320 family airplanes in its portfolio, adding that the latest order is the 1st direct transaction between (CGP) and (EDS).

September 2007: Aviation Capital Group (CGP) placed an order for 15 additional 737NGs valued at $934 million, bringing its total firm commitments for the type to 59. The lessor also has firm orders for 5 787s.

(CGP) signed a firm contract with Airbus (EDS) for 6 A319s, 15 A320s and 4 A321s, collectively valued at $1.8 billion. The lessor already had 96 A320 family airplanes in its portfolio or on firm order. Managing Director & (CEO) Stephen Hannahs said the decision to order more was based on "high customer demand." No delivery dates or engine choices for the new orders were announced.

January 2008: Aviation Capital Group (CGP) said it concluded 48 airplane lease and acquisition transactions in 2007. It also placed orders for 45 A320 family airplanes, 30 737s, and 5 787s, worth >$5 billion at list prices, and arranged 19 airplane sale/placement transactions.

April 2008: Pacific LifeCorp subsidiary, Aviation Capital Group (CGP) placed an order for 17 additional 737NGs valued at >$1 billion. The airplanes will be equipped with blended winglets and lift (CGP)'s Boeing (TBC) commitment to 76 737s and 5 787s. Its portfolio currently contains 129 (TBC) airplanes.

(CGP) said it completed 13 sale and/or lease transactions in the 4th quarter, while its Capital Markets Group arranged 6 transactions for an unnamed institutional investor. Its 1st-quarter airline clients comprised Skymark Airlines (SKM), Virgin Blue (VOZ), SunExpress (SNS), OceanAir (ONE), Brussels Airlines (DAT)/(EBA), Astar Air Cargo (DHL), and airBaltic (BAU).

July 2008: Boeing (TBC) announced delivery of a 737-800 to Canada's Sunwing Airlines (SWG). The airplane will be operated on lease from Aviation Capital Group (CGP). Sunwing (SWG) will lease a 2nd from (CGP) next year, at which time its fleet will comprise 15 737-800s.

At the Farnborough Air Show, (CGP) signed a firm contract for the purchase of 23 A320 family airplanes, lifting the USA lessor's firm orders for the type since March to 68. The order, valued at $1.8 billion, will take (CGP)'s portfolio of A320s to 168. Deliveries from this order are due to start in the fourth quarter of 2009 and pick up again in 2014 through 2015, Managing Director & (CEO) Stephen Hannahs said, noting that between 2011 and 2014, (CGP) will take deliveries from 2 orders placed previously. Later, it announced an order for 15 737-700s valued at >$930 million. Stephen Hannahs said the order "supplements our order for 17 737NGs announced in April [and is] part of our longstanding strategy to have the most fuel-efficient airplanes needed by our customers."

(CGP) selected the (V2500) to power 25 of the A320s it has on order in a deal worth >$400 million. The 1st (IAE)-powered airplane is due to be delivered in 2011.

October 2008: Has 234 airplanes leased to 93 different airlines in 40 different countries, with +155 Airbus (EDS) and Boeing (TBC) airplanes on order.

January 2009: Aviation Capital Group (CGP) said it completed 49 lease and sale transactions in 2008, including 4 purchases, 4 new leases, 3 extensions and 2 sales in the 4th quarter. It ordered 23 A320s and 15 737s last year and plans to take delivery of 10 737s and 3 A320s this year. (CGP)'s portfolio currently comprises 233 airplanes leased to 95 airlines, with an additional 154 planes on order.


June 2009: The Aviation Capital Group (CGP) and Egyptian Civil Aviation Finance Holding formally established Civil Aviation Finance & Operating Leases (CIAF-Leasing) at the Paris Air Show. The new lessor will concentrate primarily on new and younger narrow body airplanes to be operated by customers in North Africa and the Middle East, (CIAF) Holding Chairman & (CEO) Medhat Hassanein confirmed. He said he is targeting a portfolio of about 50 narrow bodies within 5 years, with some of the airplanes placed with EgyptAir (EGP). Operations are expected to begin in the 2009 4th quarter. He pointed out that Cairo is "already well established as an aviation center for airline, airport, maintenance and related operations" and that "airplane leasing is the next step in this progression." The Middle East and North Africa region currently represents about 4% of (CGP)'s portfolio.

(CGP) will hold 10% in the new joint venture and will serve as manager of (CIAF)-Leasing under a 5-year agreement with renewal options. Its services will include general management and control of day-to-day business operations. Capitalization was undisclosed but is "substantial," the parties told a press conference at Le Bourget. The Egyptian shareholders include (CIAF) and the Civil Aviation Support and Development Fund, an entity founded to support and develop Egyptian civil aviation activities. (CIAF) is an Egyptian corporation founded last November to serve as the financial arm of the country's civil aviation sector.

July 2009: Honeywell (SGC) was selected to provide avionics and its fuel-efficient Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for Aviation Capital Group
(CGP)'s fleet of 68 new A320s in a contract valued at >$40 million. (SGC)'s 131-9A (APU) delivers a -5% fuel savings versus
competitors' engines, lowers carbon dioxide emissions, increases
power, and produces class-leading reliability and lower maintenance

September 2009: The International Bureau of Aviation (IBA) said that the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) reportedly is considering disposing of its $8 billion airplane leasing business, with Goldman Sachs being appointed as the sole adviser. According to the (IBA), RBS Aviation Capital (CGP) is the world's 4th-largest airplane lessor.

December 2009: Rolls-Royce (RRC) announced an order from Aviation Capital Group (CGP) for (Trent 1000) engines to power the 5 787s ordered by the lessor in 2007. The contract is worth $170 million at list prices.

January 2010: Aviation Capital Group (CGP) said it re-marketed 24 airplanes to new customers in 2009, took delivery of 12 new planes, extended leases on 33 airplanes and engines and sold 4 planes. 4th-quarter transactions comprised 6 deliveries, 5 airplane lease renewals, re-marketing of 2 airplanes and sale of 1 767-200SF to an unidentified customer and 1 MD-82 to American Airlines (AAL). Its portfolio currently comprises 241 airplanes leased to 94 customers.

April 2010: Aviation Capital Group (CGP) reported 1st-quarter activity comprising leases of 1 new A320-200 by Avianova (ANV), a new (PW4060) by Delta Air Lines (DAL) and a new A320-200 by Batavia Air and extension of leases on 2 737-800s by Sun Express (SNS), 2 A320-200s by Dragonair (DRG), 4 737-300s by US Airways (AMW)/(USA), 1 A321-200 by Spanair (SPP) and 1 737-300 by Southwest Airlines (SWA). (CGP) also acted as an agent, selling 1 MD-83 to Air Austral (AUX). It reported 2 new order deliveries: 1 737-800 by Ukraine International Airlines (UKR) and 1 737-800 by Copa Airlines (COP).

November 2011: Aviation Capital Group (CGP) signed a firm order for 30 A320neos at the Dubai Airshow, which brings (CGP)’s total A320 order book to 98 airplanes.

Aviation Capital Group (CGP) announced an intent to order 35 Boeing (TBC) 737 Max airplanes, and a firm order for 20 737-800 NextGens.

(CGP) is the 1st leasing company to commit to the 737 Max. The (CFM) International (Leap-1B) is the exclusive engine on the Max.

A Boeing (TBC) spokesman said the Max order was not yet firm because (CGP) still had to work out specific configurations.

(CGP) Group Managing Director & (CEO) Stephen Hannahs called the 737 “one of the prime building blocks of our portfolio strategy,” and said the new 737NG and 737 Max airplanes will “continue our long-standing strategy of providing our customers the most fuel efficient, most capable airplanes with the lowest operating costs."

With this announcement, (CGP) has ordered or committed to a total of 151 Boeing (TBC) airplanes made up of 111 Next-Generation 737s, 35 737 Maxs and 5787 Dreamliners. This includes 15 737NGs for which (CGP) acquired delivery positions from another airline in 2006.

July 2012: (CFM) international has a $450 million Aviation Capital Group (CGP) order to supply (LEAP-1B) engines for 18 of 30 A320neos on order for delivery from 1st quarter 2018.

October 2012: 1st A321-200 OF 14 orders delivered to (EVA) Air.

January 2013: Aviation Capital Group (CGP) has finalized an order for 60 737 MAX airplanes, comprising 50 737 MAX 8s and 10 737 MAX 9s. The order is valued at $6 billion at list prices.

(CGP) (CEO) Denis Kalscheur said the order is a “major step in building our broad portfolio of modern, fuel-efficient airplanes.”

With (CGP)’s order, Boeing (TBC) said the 737 MAX has orders for 1,029 airplanes from airlines and leasing companies worldwide.

July 2016: The Aviation Capital Group (CGP) named Carter White as Senior VP Head of Trading.

October 2016: Miami Air International (MIB) agreed to lease ex-(GOL) (GOT) 737-800 (36434) from Aviation Capital Group (CGP).

January 2017: USA lessor Aviation Capital Group (CGP) placed a follow-on firm order January 10 for 35 Airbus A320 family aircraft, with purchase options for 10 additional aircraft. If all options are exercised, total value of the order comes to $4.9 billion.

(CGP)’s new order is comprised of 30 A320neos, 2 A320ceos and 3 A321ceos.

The order increases the total of Airbus (EDS) aircraft ordered by Newport Beach, California-based (CGP) to 158 A320 family aircraft, including 61 A320neo family and 97 A320ceo family aircraft. Of the total aircraft ordered, 66 remain to be delivered.

(CGP) owns and manages approximately 415 aircraft, which are leased to approximately 90 airlines in approximately 40 countries.

According to Airbus (EDS), >12,800 A320 family aircraft have already been ordered, including >4,800 A320neo family aircraft from 89 customers.

A321-232 (2927, HL8073), ex-(D-ANJA) Aviation Capital Group (CGP) leased to Air Busan.

October 2017: Aviation Capital Group (CGP) promoted Steven Udvar-Hazy to Senior VP to succeed John Feren as Head (OEM) Relations & Market Development, effective December 31.

December 21017: Scandinavian leisure carrier Primera Air (PRI) has ordered 2 more Boeing 737 MAX 9s, taking the original order signed in May 2017 from 8 to 10 airplanes.

(PRI) said the amended order will further enhance (PRI)’s growth potential with possibilities of adding even more new routes to its already extensive network.

(PRI) is part of the Primera Travel Group, which has travel agencies and tour operating companies in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. “Being the 1st airline in the world to take the Boeing 737 Max 9-Extended Range into service gives (PRI) a fantastic opportunity and position to grow new traffic on routes that so far have been either under-served or simply very expensive,” (PRI) President & Owner Andri Már Ingólfsson said in a statement.

At the same time, (PRI) said it has signed an agreement with Aviation Capital Group (CGP) for the sale and lease back of 3 Boeing 737 Max 9s that (PRI) has on order from Boeing (TBC) scheduled for delivery in 2019. The total value of the 3 airplanes is $360 million. Under the terms of the agreement, the airplanes will be leased back for 12 years.

February 2018: The Aviation Capital Group (CGP) took delivery of the 1st of 2 Boeing 787-9s on long-term lease to El Al Israel Airlines (ELA). The 2nd airplane is scheduled to deliver this fall.


Click below for photos:
CGP-737 MAX - 2011-11

August 2018:

1 727-223 (JT8D HK) (1663-22014, /80 N898AA), EX-(AAL), LEASED TO (CCA).

1 727-223 (JT8D HK) (1766-22468, /81 N712AA), EX-(AAL) 2001-08.

1 727-225F (JT8D HK) (21857, N755DH), RETURNED FROM (DHL).

5 727-200 (JT8D-15A), (FED) HUSKITS).

35 ORDERS 737 MAX (LEAP-1B):

1 737-3Q4 (CFM56-3B2) (1577-24210, /88 PT-TEH), EX-(TBL), FOR SALE.

1 737-3Q8 (CFM56-3) (1555-24132, /88 F-GIXO), EX-(VIV), LEASED TO (EUE).

1 737-3S3 (CFM56-3) (1374-23787, /87 PP-VQW), EX-(ARE), LEASED TO (VAR).

2 737-36Q (CFM56-3) (29141, N141CY; 29405, N405GT), RETURNED FROM (EZY) 2005-07.


3 737-700 (CFM56-7B), BOUGHT FROM (AMX) & LEASED BACK 2006-07.

15 ORDERS 737-700 (CFM56-7B), WITH WINGLETS:

3 737-800 (CFM56-7B), BOUGHT FROM (AMX) & LEASED BACK 2006-07.

14 ORDERS 737-800 (CFM56-7B), WITH WINGLETS.

20 ORDERS 737-800 NEXTGEN:

50 ORDERS 737 MAX 8:

10 ORDERS 737 MAX 9:

1 757-28AER (RB211-535E4) (213-24368, /89 N521AT), EX-



1 MD-82 (JT8D-217A) (1028-48067, /81 YV-02C), (AMX) LSD 2004-05. RETURNED TO (CGP) 2007-12 AS (N867AC). 12F, 135Y.


6 ORDERS A319:

15 ORDERS A320:

2 ORDERS A320ceos:

10 ORDERS (2017-06) A320ceo, Jetstar Pacific Airlines (PAH):


1 A320-200 (V2500-A5) (460), FOR LEASE.

1 A320-200 (V2527) (1400), LEASED TO (TAC).

4 ORDERS A321.

3 ORDERS A321ceos:

1 +13 ORDERS A321-200 LEASED TO (EVA) 2012-10.

1 A321-232 (2927, HL8073), EX-(D-ANJA) AVIATION CAPITAL GROUP (CGP) LEASED 2017-01.




John has been succeeded by Steven Udvar-Hazy ewffective (2017-12).


KENNETH HETGE, VP TECHNICAL (T: (949) 219-4606).


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