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7JetSet7 Code: CPZ
Status: Operational
Region: CHINA
Country: CHINA
Employees 330
Web: cnpostair.com
Email: cpa@cnpostair.com
Telephone: +86 22 24 95 74 01
Fax: +86 22 74 95 74 02

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CPZ-2004-04 737-341F
CPZ-2014-09 - 4 757F FROM AIR CHINA CARGO0
CPZ-NEWS 1ST 737-300QC

Formed and started operations in 1997. Domestic & regional, scheduled, cargo, jet airplane services.

8 Bei Li Shi Road Jia
Beijing 100044, China

Binhai International Airfield
300030 Tianjin, (Tianjin), China

China (People's Republic of China) was established in 1949, it covers an area of 9,560,980 sq km, its population is 1,265 million, its capital city is Beijing, and its official language is Chinese.

China is a country in E Asia, the world's 3rd largest country by area (after Russia and Canada) and the largest by population. It is bordered on the N by the Republic of Mongolia and Russia, on the NE by Russia and N Korea, on the E by the Yellow Sea and the E China Sea, on the S by the S China Sea, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar (formerly Burma), India, Bhutan, and Nepal, on the W by Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, and on the NW by Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. China includes >3,400 offshore islands. The total area of China is 9,571,300 sq km/3,695,500 sq mi, not including Hong Kong, Macau, and land under the control of the Republic of China on Taiwan. The capital of China is Beijing; the country's most populous urban center is Shanghai.

November 2005: 737-3YO (25173, B-2527), ex-China Southern (GUN) for conversion to freighter.

September 2006: China Postal Airlines (CPZ) provides mail and parcels for the post office.

(IATA) Code: 8Y. (ICAO) Code: CYZ (Callsign - CHINA POST).

Parent organization/shareholders: Chinese Postal Bureau (Ministry of Post & Telecommunications) (51%); & China Southern Airlines (GUN) (49%).

Domestic Freight Destinations: Beijing; Chengdu; Guangzhou; Shanghai; Shenyang; Shenzhen; Wuhan; & Xiamen.

December 2007: 737-3Q8F (26287), ex-(N279BC).

July 2008: China Postal Airlines (CPZ) recently added cargo and express mail services between Yantai, Shandong, and Seoul, Republic of Korea, which has invested heavily in the Chinese coastal city. China Postal (CPZ) operates to a dozen domestic cities.

October 2008: 4 orders 737-400F, Aircastle (CSL) leased.

December 2008: 737-46JF (28334, B-2891), delivery, ex-(N212BF).

December 2009: 737-45RF (29033, B-2882), ex-(N652AC), delivery.

October 2012: (PEMCO) World Air Services (ASC) signed a passenger-to-freighter conversion deal with China Postal Airlines (CPZ), to convert two ex-(ILFC) (ILF) 737-400s.

November 2012: (MTU) Maintenance Zhuhai signed engine maintenance contracts with China Postal Airlines (CPZ) and Solaseed Air (SNU) covering (CFM56-3) engines.

January 2013: 737-4Q8F (26337, B-2525), ex-(N271LF) delivery.

March 2013: (PEMCO) World Air Services (ASC) completed and delivered its 10th converted airplane for China Postal Airlines (CPZ), an 11-position 737-400F.

May 2013: Shandong Airlines (SHG) has announced plans to sell its 5 of its 6 remaining 737-300s to China Postal Airlines (CPZ) for likely conversion into freighters. Operational since 1997, China Postal Airlines (CPZ) was founded by the Chinese Postal Bureau (51%) and China Southern Airlines (GUN) (49%). It was originally set up to operate domestic postal services, but in 2006 introduced international scheduled services to South Korea and Japan. Its fleet currently includes 8 737-300Fs, 2 737-300QCs and 8 737-400Fs.

August 2013: China Postal Airlines (CPZ) and Air China Cargo (CAO) signed a strategic cooperation agreement on August 16 in which Air China Cargo (CAO) will, over the next 2 years, provide cargo charter services to China Postal Airlines (CPZ) using its 4 757-200Fs. The 1st airplane is expected to be in place by late 2013. The 4 freighters are expected to help China Postal Airlines (CPZ) to meet soaring demand in the domestic Chinese Express Mail Service market and will help solve mismatches between capacity and traffic volume on some routes caused by the restriction of its own 737F Freighter fleet.

January 2014: On January 7, 2014, China Postal Airlines ((IATA) Code: 8Y) (CPZ) launched a cargo route to link Xi'an and Incheon, which is (CPZ)'s 3rd cargo service to S Korea following its Beijing to Incheon and Shijiazhuang to Incheon routes.

The new cargo service will be offered 2x-weekly every Tuesday and Thursdays, mainly to transport electronic equipments and semiconductor devices produced by Samsung. (CPZ) stated that it is expected to realize an annual cargo volume of 1,500 tons on the flight.

June 2014: 737-35NF (29316, B-2996), ex-(N1786B), delivery.

September 2014: On September 4, China Postal Airlines ((IATA) Code: 8Y) (CPZ) took delivery of its 4th all-cargo airplane from Air China Cargo (CAO) (a subsidiary of Air China (BEJ)), with a 757F cargo plane loaded with Express Mails (EMS) taking off from Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), landing smoothly at Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG) and then returning back to (PEK).

China Postal Airlines (CPZ) signed a contract with Air China Cargo (CAO) for chartering 4 757s in August 2013. The new-introduced 757F is the last freighter delivered from (CAO), which will be deployed to operate Beijing to Nanjing to Beijing charter service to expand (CPZ)'s independent routes network. Up till now, (CPZ) operates a fleet of 26 airplanes, including 22 737Fs and 4 757Fs.

The 4 757Fs, with a max cargo capacity of 30 tons are deployed on Chengdu to Nanjing to Chengdu, Changchun to Shenyang to Nanjing to Changchun, Guangzhou to Nanjing to Guangzhou, and Beijing to Nanjing to Beijing service. The delivery of the new 757F not only eases traffic pressure on Express Mail Service for (CPZ), but also optimizes its independent network and boosts competitiveness in the mail express and cargo transport market.

December 2015: China Postal Airlines (CPZ) has ordered 10 Boeing 737-800NGF freighters to extend its fleet of express air cargo airplanes. The order also includes an option for 7 Boeing 757-200 passenger airplanes that (CPZ) will convert into cargo carriers.

The order will be the 1st next-generation narrow body output from Boeing’s 737 converted freighters (BCF) program, which take existing airplanes and retrofit them for cargo use. (CPZ) uses a mix of Boeing 737-300 and 737-400s for its 26-strong fleet.

(CPZ) President Yufeng Li called it a historical order for both companies. Li said the airplane’s lower operating costs and better efficiency would help “to ensure (CPZ)’s continued success in the [express freight] industry.”

Boeing (TBC)’s 1st 737 BCF will be converted from Boeing 737-800s, and will be followed by an order for 15 of the same airplanes from recent express cargo startup, (YTO) Airlines, based in Hangzhou.

Both carriers are hoping to tap into the rapidly expanding express cargo market in China, supplying cargo services for high tech firms and e-commerce suppliers in 2nd-tier cities across China.

Boeing (TBC) said the airplanes would address “a growing need in the market,” and said it was working closely with multiple customers in China on similar orders.

(TBC) has forecast that the Chinese cargo market will grow by +6.7% by 2035.

February 2016: China Postal Airlines (CPZ) has ordered 10 conversions of 737s to 737Fs. The airplanes will be primarily used to carry express cargo on domestic routes.

Boeing (TBC) has predicted growth in China's e-commerce market to boost demand for cargo F airplanes. China's e-commerce market is expected to exceed that of the air-express market.

September 2016: 757-21BF (25888, B-2823, converted 2016-08), (25890, B-2825, converted 2016-09) and 757-2YO (26156, B-2827), 757-236 (25598, B-2835) converted at Xiamen and ferried to Changzhou 2016-10).

May 2017: (AMECO) delivered a converted Boeing 757 airplane to China Postal Airlines (CPZ). This is the 6th Boeing 757 airplane delivered by (AMECO) Chengdu Branch since 2014, while another 3 757s are in the progress in its facility.

April 2018: 757-2YOF (26153, B-2831), ex-(MT-1044) delivery.


Click below for photos:
CPZ-737-800NGF - 2015-12.jpg

January 2019:

1 737-3Q8F (CFM56-3) (26287, N279BC), (TBC) LEASED 2007-12. FREIGHTER.

1 737-3Q8SF (CFM56-3B-2) (2418-26284, /92 B-2661), (SIL) LEASED 2007-12. FREIGHTER.

3 737-3Q8SF (CFM56-3B-2) (2466-24988, /93 B2662; 2480-26288, /93 B-2655; 2518-26292, /93 B-2656), (ILF) LEASED. FREIGHTER.

2 737-3YOF (CFM56-3B-1) (2089-25172, /91 B-2526; 2097-25173, /91 B-2527 - - SEE ATTACHED PHOTO - - "CPZ-737-300F-2008-07"), (GEF) LEASED, (GUN) WET-LEASED, FOR CONVERSION TO FREIGHTER 2005-11. FREIGHTER.

2 737-341F (CFM56-3B2) (1645-24276, /88 B-5046 2004-03; 1660-24278, /88 B-5047 2003-12), CONVERSION BY (PEMCO). (GEF) LEASED FREIGHTER.

2 737-341QC (CFM56-3B2) (1658-24277, /88 B-5071 2003-10; 1673-24279, /89 B-5072 2004-03), (GUN) WET-LEASED. FREIGHTER.

1 737-35NF (CFM56-3C) (29316, B-2996), EX-(N1786B) 2014-06. FREIGHTER.

1 737-4Q8F (CFM56-3) (26337, B-2525), EX-(N261LF), 2013-01. FREIGHTER.

3 737-430F (CFM56-3) (2316-27001, EI-COH; 2323-26002, EI-COI; 2328-27003, EI-COK), STORED AWAITING CONVERSION TO FREIGHTER 2009-01. FREIGHTER.

4 737-45RF (CFM56-3) (2943-29032, /97 B-2881, 2009-08; 2963-29033, /97 B-2882, 2009-12; 3015-29034, /98 B-2513, 2010-02; 3046-29035, /98 B-2135), (CSL) LEASED. EX-(VT-JBA), 29035; STORED AWAITING CONVERSION. FREIGHTER.

2 +2 ORDERS 737-46JF (CFM56-3C-1) (2801-28271, /96 B-2892; 2802-28334, /96 B-2891, 2008-12), AIRCASTLE (CSL) LEASED. EX-(N212BF). FREIGHTER.

10 ORDERS 737-800NGF:

7 ORDERS 757-200:


1 757-2YOF (26153, B-2831), EX-(MT-1044) DELIVERED (2018-04).


2 757-21BF (25888, B-2323, 25890, B-2825), 2016-09. FREIGHTER.

757-236 (25598, B-2835), CONVERTED AT XIAMEN 2016-10. FREIGHTER.

5 AVIC II SAC Y8F-100 (WJ 6A) (1001, /96 B-3101; 1002, /96 B-2102; 1005, /97 B-3103; 1303, /01 B-3109; /01 B-3110), FREIGHTER.







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