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7JetSet7 Code: CSO
Status: Operational
Region: CHINA
Country: CHINA
Employees 7

Formed in 2004 and started operations in 2007. Chinese Corporate jet airplane operator for the Sonangol Corporation, Angola - see (SON).

China (People's Republic of China) was established in 1949, it covers an area of 9,560,980 sq km, its population is 1,265 million, its capital city is Beijing, and its official language is Chinese.

May 2006: 1st delivery of 3 ordered A319-133 ACJ corporate jetliners - see photo (China's 1st customer of the ACJ). The airplane is being outfitted at the Associated Air Center, Dallas, Texas, USA.

September 2008: The government of Tanzania is said to be holding talks with the China Development Bank with a view to selling its 49% in troubled Air Tanzania to China Sonangol International (CSO) Holdings Ltd. (CSO) would inject funds to allow Air Tanzania (TNZ) to buy brand new airplanes and is also expected to fund the operations of the airline, which is currently struggling to regain its reputation and position in the regional and international market. China Sonongol International (CSO) Holdings Ltd, which was established in 2004, mainly engages in oil, gas, and minerals investment and exploration, crude oil trading and large-scale national reconstruction projects. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company also has branch offices in mainland China, Africa, and Latin America, and operates an oil refinery in Angola as well as a chartered airline in Angola: Sonangol (SON), with operations to the USA, and the UK. Chen Yuan, governor of the China Development Bank, and his delegation were recently in Tanzania to discuss cooperation in finance, infrastructure, energy, mining, and revitalization of the Tanzania-Zambia Railways. Mr Yuan confirmed that the bank would be funding the Air Tanzania (TNZ) deal and added, "China Sonongol International (CSO) has also entered into agreement with Tanzania to develop Terminal III of Julius Nyerere International Airport." He said the China Development Bank may also consider extending support in the form of equity. China Sonongol (CSO) also has a 30% shareholding in Angola's SonAir (SON) airline.


Click below for photos:

September 2019:

3 A319-133 ACJ (CFM56-5B7/P) (2675, /06 VP-BEY - SEE PHOTO; 2706, /06 VP-BEX; 3073, /07 VP-), (SON) WET-LEASED, EXECUTIVE.

1 A340-541 (HGW) (TRENT 553-61) (917, /08 VP-), (SON) WET-LEASED. EXECUTIVE.


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