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7JetSet7 Code: CWG
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: POLAND
Employees 400
Web: centralwings.com
Email: comments@centralwings.com
Telephone: +48 801 45 45 45

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Established in 2004 and started operations in 2005. Scheduled, international, passenger, jet airplane services.

Plac Zwyciestwa 2
90-312 Lodz
Warsaw, Poland

Poland (Republic of Poland) was established in 1918. It covers an area of 312,683 km. Its official language is Polish. The population is 40 million. The capital city is Warsaw.

December 2004: CentralWings (CWG), A new low-cost subsidiary of (LOT) Polish Airlines, capitilized at EUR 1 million/$1.33 million, will launch February 2005 with fleet of 5 737 Classics that will fly from Warsaw and Katowice (where it will go head-to-head with Wizz Air (WZZ)), with the focus on serving cities in Eastern Europe. It will also take over (LOT)'s charter operations and will form a joint venture with GermanWings (RFG), linking up with its bases at Cologne & Stuttgart.

(LOT) decides later to call its low-cost subsidiary "CentralWings" (CWG) and intitial flights to be in February 2005, Krakow & Warsaw to London Gatwick (737-300/737-400, (LOT) wet-leased). Then, Warsaw - Hannover. In March 2005, Warsaw - Prague, Katowice - Hannover, Colgne/Bonn, Warsaw - Bologna, Lisbon, Nuremberg. In April 2005, Warsaw, Krakow - Rome. In May 2005, Warsaw - Catania, Girona, & Malta.

March 2005: CentralWings (CWG) now serves 15 cities. (CWG) first flight Warsaw & Krakow to London Gatwick (LGW). Katowice to Cologne/Bonn (3/week). In summer, Katowice to Hanover. Warsaw to Nuremburg, Hanover, Prague, Lisbon, Bologna, Barcelona Girona, Rome Ciampino, & Catania. Krakow to (LGW), & Rome Ciampino.

Piotr Kociotek, CEO, CentralWings.

July 2005: In November 2005, Warsaw - Grenoble (weekly).

October 2005: Centralwings (CWG) announced it plans to increase its fleet of 737s from 6 to 10 airplanes for the 2006 summer season. In the meantime, the airline is in talks with Airbus (EDS) and Boeing (TBC) about an order for up to 24 airplanes.

November 2005: Lufthansa (DLH) Systems said Centralwings (CWG) signed up to use its crew planning solution Netline/Crew.

March 2006: Centralwings (CWG) will inaugurate nonstop service from Prague to Brussels on June 12th and operate 6 flights a week, daily except Saturdays, using a 737.

737-36N (28590, SP-LME), ex-Fischer Air Polska (FIH), & 737-4Q8 (24706, SP-LLI), ex-Air Horizons (ERA), deliveries.

May 2006: Centralwings (CWG) ceased operations into Leeds Bradford as of May 25.

July 2006: Centralwings (CWG) appointed Maciej Kwiatkowski as CEO, replacing Piotr Kociolek.

(CWG) is the low-fare division of Polish flag carrier (LOT), serving routes from its main base at Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport to various destinations using airplanes from the (LOT) fleet. It also operates from Krakow, Katowice, & Wroclaw, with Lodz, Poznan, & Gdansk being added from the 2006 summer season.

(IATA) Code: CO. (ICAO) Code: CLW.

Parent organization/shareholders: (LOT) Polish Airlines (100%).

Alliances: germanwings (RFG).

Main Base: Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport (WAW).

Hubs: Katowice International airport (KTW); & Krakow John Paul II International airport (KRK).

International, scheduled destinations: Bologna; Cologne/Bonn; Dublin; Edinburgh; Lisbon; London; Lyons; Milan; Rome; & Shannon.

August 2006: Centralwings (CWG)announced it will inaugurate service on 8 new routes as follows:
Gdansk - Shannon 2x week on Mondays & Thursdays from October 30;
Krakow - Cork 2x week on Tuesdays & Thursdays from October 31;
Warsaw - Lille 3x week on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from December 15;
Warsaw - London (STN) 3x week on Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays from December 15;
Wroclaw - Cologne 4x week from October 29;
Wroclaw - Cork 2x week on Tuesdays & Thursdays from October 31;
Wroclaw - London (LGW) 4x week on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from October 29;
Wroclar - Rome (CIA) 3x week on Tuesdays, Thurdays, & Saturdays from October 31;
All flights will be operated with 737-300s/-400s.

(CWG) added a sixth 737-400 and will lease a third 737-300. (CWG) announced it would be adding 2 737s to its fleet shortly: a 737-300 previously operated by EasyJet (EZY), and a 737-400 previously operated by (LOT).

December 2006: On December 30, launches Warsaw - Grenoble, 1/week, using 737s. Starting March 27th, Gdansk - Rome (CIA), 2/week, using 737s. Starting May 28th, Krakow - Cork, increased to 4/week. Starting June 5th, Krakow - Bolgna, increased to 3/week.

February 2007: New 2/week, Lodz - Beauvais, Szczecin - Dublin, & Lodz - Rome Ciampino (CIA). Starting March 24th, discontinues Warsaw - Grenoble. Starting March 25th, increases Katowice - Dublin to 4/week; Szczecin - Dublin to 4/week; Warsaw - Edinburgh to 4/week; Warsaw - Lisbon to 2/week; & Wroclaw - Dublin to 4/week. Starting March 26th, new 3/week Katowice - Shannon; increases Krakow - Cork to 3/week, & Lodz - Beauvais to 3/week. Starting March 27th, new 2/week Gdansk - (CIA), and increases Wroclaw - Cork to 3/week. Starting March 29th, new 2/week Warsaw - Cork. Starting April 16th, Warsaw - Edinburgh increased to 5/week. Starting April 18th, Warsaw - London Stansted (STN) increased to 4/week. Starting April 30th, Krakow - London Gatwick (LGW), increased to 7/week; Krakow - (CIA), increased to 4/week; Wroclaw - (LGW) increased to 7/week; & Wroclaw - (CIA) increased to 4/week. Starting May 1st, Gdansk - (CIA) increased to 3/week; Warsaw - Cork increased to 3/week. Starting May 5th, Warsaw - (STN), increased to 5/week. Starting May 28th, Krakow - Cork increased to 4/week. Starting June 5th, Krakow - Bologna increased to 3/week.

October 2007: (LOT) Polish Airlines management board presented a new "seven pillar" strategy for the 2008 to 2012 period. The company plans to standardize its fleet, maintain two brands ((LOT) and low-cost subsidiary, Centralwings (CWG), develop connections in the east (especially in Russia and Ukraine) and increase sales through the Internet by a minimum +40% in the next five years. The board also anticipates listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange no later than 2008 and achieving a net profit of +PLN200 million/+$77.6 million in 2012. "I believe that the program developed by us is the best of all possible operation plans for (LOT). Our most important aim is to achieve satisfactory target profitability, to become a listed company and to attain quickly increasing numbers of passengers and connections," President, Piotr Siennicki said in a statement. Fleet simplication will be according to zones, with long-haul, short-haul, "local" and "domestic" zones each having a dedicated fleet of one type of airplane. (LOT) promised a "significant increase in the quality of customer service" and a "modern sytem of tariffs" while leveraging Poland's increased economic ties to East Asia countries with greater service to Japan, Korea and Vietnam. It plans to resume service to Beijing in the upcoming winter schedule.

December 2007: Centralwings (CWG) will launch four-times-weekly Krakow - Amsterdam service and a Hamburg - Birmingham flight at the end of March.

(ILFC) (ILF) announced a lease deal with Centralwings (CWG) for three 737-400s powered by (CFM56-3C1)s, to be delivered next spring under five-year leases.

September 2008: (LOT) Polish Airlines low-fare subsidiary, Centralwings (CWG) will cease operating scheduled services next month and become a charter and wet-lease (ACMI) carrier, saying market conditions have "imperil[ed] the company's stability." It begins the transition on September 14 and by September 30, will operate only charter flights save for Warsaw - Lisbon service that will end October 7. Tomasz Szymczak, President of Centralwings (CWG)'s management board, said profitability "is the ultimate priority" but promised the change would "not affect" employees and said passengers whose flights are cancelled, will be transferred to (LOT) flights without extra cost or offered refunds. It plans to wet-lease 4 to 5 airplanes to foreign airlines this winter.

2 737-45Ds (27131, SP-LLA; 27914, SP-LLE), wet-leased to Nayzak Air Transport (NZK).

April 2009: Centralwings (CWG), (LOT) Polish Airlines' low-cost subsidiary that launched in summer 2004, ceased operations and will be liquidated, according to an announcement cited in Polish press reports. (CWG) halted scheduled flights last fall and had been operating charter and wet-lease (ACMI) flights for (LOT). The (LOT) mainline will take over the charter contracts but the approximately 400 (CWG) employees are expected to lose their jobs. The airline never was profitable.


April 2009:

1 737-300 (CFM56-3), EX-(EZY), LSD 2006-08.

0 737-36N (CFM56-3C1) (3097-28590, /99 SP-LME), EX-(FIH). TO (WEB). 148Y.

6 +3 ORDERS (4/08) 737-4Q8 (CFM56-3C1) (1996-24706, /91 SP-LLI, 2006-03), EX-(ERA), (ILF) 5 YR LSD. 150Y.

1 737-400 (CFM56-3), EX-(LOT).

2 737-45D (CFM56-3C1) (2874-28752, /97 SP-LLF, 2005-03; 2895-28753, /97 SP-LLG, 2006-03), (LOT) WET-LSD. 147Y.


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