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7JetSet7 Code: DYA
Status: Operational
Country: USA
Employees 277
Web: airdynamic.com
Email: support@airdynamic.com
Telephone: +1-844-867-1916
Fax: +1-336-217-8397

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DYA-2015-10 -INCDT 767-200.jpg
DYA-Map - Saipan.jpg
DYA-Visit Georgetown City Hall.jpg

Formed and started operations in 2010. Charter and wet-lease (ACMI) leasing arm of the Dynamic Aviation Group, offering public and private air charter services for collegiate and professional sports teams and other groups. Commercial operations are now focused entirely on Boeing 767s.

Formerly known as Dynamic Airways, the company added "International" to its official name to reflect its transition into a long haul carrier.

Dynamic International Airways (DYA) is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA and offers service from airports in New York, Guyana, Florida, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Palau as well as a route from Changsha, China to Los Angeles via Anchorage.

The airline operates several Boeing 767-200ERs and a single Boeing 767-300ER; and formerly operated McDonnell Douglas MD-88s.

701 North Terminal Road
Greensboro, NC 27409, USA

* Discover Georgetown, Guyana

Georgetown is the capital of Guyana, the only English-speaking country in South America. Cheddi Jagan International Airport is the country’s main point of entry and is located 25 miles South of Georgetown. The city is built below the high tide level and is protected from the Atlantic Ocean by the Georgetown Seawall, a 280 miles seawall that runs along much of Guyana’s coastline.

Originally called Stabroek, Georgetown was a great location for European presence in the Caribbean. The city serves as a retail, administrative and financial center. It is a home to some of the most enjoyable Victorian architecture in tropical and subtropical climes. It is Guyana’s largest urban center. Central avenues are wide, tree-lined and airy. Georgetown is located on Guyana’s Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Demerara River.

Some of it’s landmarks are St George’s Cathedral (World’s tallest wooden building), National Museum of Guyana, Promenade Gardens (beautiful, quiet place in the midst of a busy part of Georgetown) and Guyana Zoo. Stabroek Market is the center of the attention in the city, and it’s most famous landmark. It’s the place to be if you want to be immersed in the flavor and the vibe of Guyanese culture.

Georgetown has a year-round hot tropical rain forest climate and thanks to NE trade winds blowing in from the North Atlantic, it rarely see temperatures above 31 degrees Celsius. Georgetown is a unique city with a vibrant energy. There are 5 large hotels in Georgetown and a large number of privately run hotels and guesthouses. When people refer to buses, they mean minibuses, the most common way to get around town. There are numerous taxi services which are not expensive.

Most tourists visit Georgetown as a launching point to the rain forest, a true national treasure, 1 of only 4 intact tropical rain forests in the planet. Guyana, through its rich biodiversity, was an inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World.”

The Amazon Rain forest of Guyana provides a stunning trekking experience. Wildlife spotting is a very popular activity, with >800 species of birds, 200 species of mammals and 6,000 species of fish.

* The Amazon Rain forest of Guyana

Guyana is inhabited by about 800,000 people, 90% of whom live within 40 miles of the coast. The lopsided distribution of human settlement has left nature free to work its wonders. The plant diversity of this part of the world can still only be guessed at. Guyana, aware of its potential as an ecotourism destination is managing the competing demands of development and conservation. A new United Nations program, (REDD), got the support in the (UN) Climate Change Conference in December 2012. The program suggests that industrialized nations that are emitting carbon dioxide above certain limits would be able to buy credits from rain forest nations that could show they’d reduced or avoided deforestation (industrialized nations would pay rain forest nations to preserve the rain forest and save it from destruction).

The extensive wilderness is crisscrossed by navigable rivers, giving access to otherwise remote settlements. Guyana’s tourist infrastructure is good and constantly improving. Aircraft from Georgetown’s Municipal Airport takes approximately 45 minutes to the heart of the savannahs. The Rupununi Savannah is one of the World’s largest untouched open ranges of savannah lands.

Eco-lodges deep in the interior of the rain forest allow visitors to walk trails and absorb the visual visual richness and sounds of the jungle. Accommodation at the eco-lodges is offered in comfortable and traditionally designed facilities built by villagers from locally sourced raw materials.

Take a boat trip to a rehabilitation center for orphaned giant river otters. They are found only in the more remote waterways of Guianas.

Keep an eye out for the elusive jaguar or climb up Surama Mountain for a meal, while overlooking the savannah to the mountains.

The breathtaking Kaieteur Falls (located in the Kaieteur National Park) is the longest single drop waterfall in the world, cascading 741 feet in a sheer drop. It is a home to a number of rare species, principal among them being the Golden Frog. Kaieteur is one of the 300 waterfalls that can be found in Guyana.

Guyana is an amazing destination for bird watching. Discover the thrill of birding in Guyana’s wild tropical rain forest and observe some of the larger families of Herons, Hawks, Rails, Cotingas and many, many more.

The 1st people to settle in Guyana were the Amerindians, today 9 indigenous tribes live in harmony with different races (East Indians, Africans, European, etc.). Guyana’s rich cultural heritage makes it an ideal place for travel. The Indigenous communities, the friendly Macushis and Patamona of Surama, invite you to spend a few days with them. Sleep in comfortable benab setting and enjoy their food, folklore and cultural performances. Wake up to the call of birds and insects, while your host prepares you a breakfast. Guyana is known as the “Bread Basket” of the Caribbean. You will be amazed by the traditional techniques of land cultivation and food processing.

Guyana celebrates >11 cultural and Festive Events. Most of Guyana’s public holidays are religious in nature, but there are secular and cultural festivals as well throughout the year. Mashramani (February 23) is an annual festival that celebrates Guyana becoming a Republic in 1966. The festival includes a parade, games, music and cooking. People travel from miles out of town to be a part of the celebration. Phagwah (March 17) or Holi is a Hindu festival celebrating the “Triumph of Good Over Evil.” Powder, perfume and water are thrown on family, friends and neighbors in a good-natured and joyful celebration.

Guyana has a high rate of emigration. There are about 140,000 Guyanese immigrants living in New York City. Guyanese of South Asian descent are concentrated in large numbers in Richmond Hill (Queens) and neighboring Ozone Park. The neighborhood is peppered with mosques, churches and temples to accommodate the population’s Muslims, Christians and Hindus, it’s called Little Guyana and smells and sounds of Guyana are just about everywhere. There are plenty of sari stores and shops that sell vegetables and roti (bread used in South Asian base cuisine). Hundreds of businesses cater to the community of Guyanese who left their homeland and settled in New York.

The Guyanese culture embodies kindness and support of one another in difficult times. Their expression “hand wash hand, make hand clean,” meaning that people can’t do without each other, does a wonderful job of describing their supportive and interdependent community. Many of the Guyanese in USA continue to see Guyana as their home, they embrace their national identity and support their native country.

Guyana is the best-kept secret of South America, a paradise for adventure seekers and nature lovers. It is an amazing blend of the Caribbean and South America. If you’re looking for adventure, hospitality and breathtaking natural beauty, Guyana is the place to be.

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* The Majestic Waterfalls of Guyana

* The Top Five Sites Caracas, Venezuela

* Take a tour through Caracas, the capital of Venezuela

* Why should you visit Caracas, Venezuela?

April 2010: Dynamic Airways (DYA) was established by Dynamic Aviation in 2010, with its 1st aircraft being a 2nd-hand McDonnell Douglas MD-88 delivered a year before to Direct Air (whose operations started in 2009). This Direct Air aircraft was quickly followed by the acquisition of another MD-80 a year later, just before (DYA) officially started operations in early October, 2010 after receiving its Air Operator's Certificate (AOC).

November 2010: (DYA) started to operate for Direct Air. (DYA)'s first aircraft was re-painted in Direct Air livery and leased to Direct Air.

March 2012: Direct Air temporarily suspended its operations and cancelled all charter flights. Direct Air subsequently filed for bankruptcy. It ceased operations completely shortly after, having been found to have racked up millions in debts. The MD-88 was returned to Dynamic (DYA) as a result.

The third (DYA) Boeing 767 was delivered on March 6 (This 767 entered operations in early 2013).

June 2012: Dynamic (DYA) operated a successful wet lease (ACMI) for another airline operation called EZjet. The wet lease operated regular flights from New York (JFK) to Georgetown Guyana (GEO) utilizing a 767-246 (23213, N767DA). This operation ceased in 2012.

June 2014: Dynamic Airways (DYA) launched a direct flight from Beijing to the USA resort of Guam to meet the growing demand of Chinese travelers. This flight, operated by Boeing 767-200ER, operates once every 5 days, and takes 5 hours.

This month, (DYA) also operated scheduled flights between New York (JFK) to Georgetown Guyana (GEO).

July 2014: On July 19, Dynamic Airways (DYA) launched a flight from Chengdu to Guam. Later, (DYA) was to focus on operations within the Japan and China markets. (DYA) was expected to serve 10,000 Chinese travelers by the end of 2014.

Famous for its beaches, Guam received 6,250 Chinese tourists from January to May, up +23.3% year on year, according to the Guam Visitors Bureau.

July 2015: Dynamic (DYA) started service to Simon Bolivar airport in Caracas, Venezuela from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport on July 17, 2015. (DYA) said it would be starting flights between New York (JFK) and Caracas on November 14, 2015.

September 2015: Dynamic Airways LLC, doing business as Dynamic International Airways (DYA), is a USA Certificated airline owned by private owners, founded in 2010. The airline operates several Boeing 767-200ERs and a single Boeing 767-300ER; and formerly operated McDonnell Douglas MD-88s. Formerly known as Dynamic Airways, the company added "International" to its official name, to reflect its transition into a long haul carrier. Dynamic is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina and offers service from airports in New York, Florida, Guyana, Hong Kong, Palau, and Venezuela, as well as a route from Changsha, China to Los Angeles, via Anchorage.

(IATA) Code: 2D. (ICAO) Code: DYA - (Callsign - DYNAMIC AIR).

Main Base: Piedmont Triad International Airport, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.

International Hub: Saipan International Airport, Northern Mariana Islands, USA (see attached map).

October 2015: News Item A-1: INCDT: "Dynamic International Airways 767-269ER (JT9D-7R4D) (131-23280, /86 N251MY) Catches Fire on Fort Lauderdale Taxiway" by (ATW) Aaron Karp October 29, 2015.

A Dynamic International Airways (DYA) Boeing 767-269ER (JT9D-7R4D) (131 /86 N251MY) caught fire on a Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood (Florida) International Airport (FLL) taxiway as it was holding for takeoff to Caracas, Venezuela.

(FLL) said on Twitter that (DYA) flight 406 “experienced a number 1 (left) engine fire, while taxing to the runway,” adding, “The fire was quickly extinguished. The 767 airplane was immediately stopped and fire crews were dispatched to the scene. All passengers were quickly evacuated.” The incident occurred around 12:30 pm local time.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office reported 7 people injured in the October 29 incident, with 3 taken to hospitals. Video and photographs taken from aboard other aircraft at (FLL) and posted on social media, showed heavy black smoke emanating from the 767’s left (number 1) engine.

The (FAA) issued an air traffic alert saying operations at (FLL) “were suspended due to a fire emergency on the field.” As of mid-afternoon October 29, the (FAA) and (FLL) said the airport remained closed. (FLL) said it reopened for air traffic at 3:15 pm. It said delays were expected as airlines restarted operations.]

The USA National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) sent a 4-person team to (FLL) to investigate.

Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, (DYA) operates a fleet of 7 767s. According to a schedule posted on its website, (DYA) serves Caracas and Maracaibo in Venezuela and Georgetown, Guyana from New York (JFK) and (FLL).

See video - -

* Dynamic (DYA) Flights are continuing as scheduled

The following is a message sent shortly after the incident:
Dynamic (DYA) statement, Greensboro, North Carolina – October 29th 2015: – "On behalf of Dynamic International Airways, I want to express our sincere apologies to our passengers as well as friends and families of the passengers on board Flight DYA405 which experienced the reported incident" stated Don Dodson, Director of Operations at Dynamic International Airways (DYA).

"Per our internal investigation, we would like to share the following information: After successfully passing required safety, mechanical and operation pre-flight inspections, Dynamic International Airways (DYA) flight 2D0405 was taxiing and preparing for on time departure from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport to Caracas Simon Bolivar Airport. Flight crew (FC) as well as airport personnel noticed engine problem during taxiing and acted according to emergency procedures. Passengers and flight crew (FC) plus Cabin Attendants (CA) were evacuated from the 767 airplane. Flight DYA405 was carrying 90 passengers as well as crew compliment of 11 flight crew (2 (FC) - 9 Cabin Attendants (CA)). A minor number of reportedly injured were treated and most of them were released shortly after. We are waiting for more detailed information from relevant parties in order to assure accuracy of the information we are providing. The experience of the Captain and First officer were 15,700 and 4,140 hours, respectively. Per initial information, the actions of the flight (FC) and cabin crew (CA) were exemplary and according to their safety training."

"Our primary focus is to provide support for the passengers who are at the airport and to any passengers who have been medically treated and/or released. Support received from airport authorities personnel, as well as our colleagues from other airlines, was tremendous and we would like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude for their help during and after the incident" he continued.

Dynamic International Airlines (DYA) provided sub-service for the recovery flights 2D 0405 and return flight 2D 0406 on October 29th for all passengers impacted with today’s flight disruption. Flight 2D0405 is now departing on October 29th at 20:00 pm EST from Fort Lauderdale to Caracas, while Flight 2D0406 will depart Caracas to Fort Lauderdale at 02:00 am local time on October 30th. Check-in counters are open for flight 2D 0405, while check-in counters for flight 2D0406 are opening at 21:00. Passengers are also able to receive vouchers, full refunds, and hotel accommodation, in case they would like to travel on tomorrow's flight as per their preference. Other flights were not impacted by the incident and operation is continuing according to schedule."

"Dynamic (DYA) is also in the process of dispatching a team to assist the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in its investigation. We would not like to speculate about the potential causes of the incident during the ongoing investigation and all of us at (DYA) are committed to fully cooperating with the (NTSB) and other authorities. We have activated our "Family Assistance Plan" and have established a special toll-free number. Family members of the passengers, who may have been on board Flight DYA405 may contact 1 (888) 283-2157 or 262-226-8787 for more information. Dynamic International Airways (DYA) lead delegate, Joseph Schoofs is at the airport in order to liaise with passengers, while an additional executive management team will be onsite by 2000 this evening" he finished.

News Item A-2: New (DYA) route schedules in the next months between
2015-10-15 to 2015-12-31:

- - - From - - - - - - - - - To - - - - - - - - - Flight No



GEORGETOWN GEO (GEO) - - NEW YORK (JFK) - - - - - -2D0402

NEW YORK (JFK) - - - - - GEORGETOWN GEO (GEO)- - - -2D0401




NEW YORK (JFK) - - - - - CARACAS S BOLIVAR (CCS) - - 2D0411

November 2015: News Item A-1: "October 2015 INCDT - Dynamic 767 Has Fuel Supply Line Issue; No Engine Failure Found" by (ATW) Aaron Karp, November 3, 2015.

The Dynamic International Airways (DYA) Boeing 767-200 number 1 (left) engine that caught fire on October 29 on an airport taxiway, has been discovered by investigators to have a main fuel supply line problem. Investigators have not found any evidence of an engine failure.

In an investigative update on the incident, which occurred at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), the USA National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said the 767’s “main fuel supply line coupling assembly had disconnected in the wing-to-engine strut above and behind the left engine.” While the fire had appeared to emanate from the airplane’s left Pratt & Whitney (PRW) (JT9D-7R4D) engine, the (NTSB) said its examination of that engine “revealed no evidence of an engine uncontainment or other failure.”

The (NTSB) said 1 passenger was “seriously injured” during the evacuation, which occurred after the fire was spotted, while the airplane was holding on a taxiway awaiting takeoff for Caracas, Venezuela. There were 90 passengers and 11 crew aboard the airplane.

The (NTSB) said the 767-200, which 1st flew in 1986, had been in dry storage for approximately 29 months until September, when (DYA) leased it. Greensboro, North Carolina-based (DYA), which operates 5 767s, had operated the airplane that caught fire for about 240 hours prior to the October 29 incident.

The (NTSB) said its initial review of the airplane logbook “revealed there was no entry of maintenance action having been performed in the area of the fuel coupling prior to the accident flight, while in (FLL) airport.” The (NTSB) added that (DYA) “has issued a Fleet Campaign Directive to inspect the remainder of their airplanes to ensure proper installation of the fuel line coupling assemblies.”

Dynamic International Airways (DYA) Director of Operations, Don Dodson expressed his “sincere apologies” for the incident. He said the airplane “successfully [passed] required safety, mechanical and operation pre-flight inspections.” He added, “We would not like to speculate about the potential causes of the incident during the ongoing investigation and all of us at Dynamic (DYA) are committed to fully cooperating with the (NTSB) and other authorities.”


Click below for photos:
DYA-767-200 - 2015-10.jpg

December 2018:

1 767-23BER (JT9D-7R4D) (214-23974, /88 N253MY), 2014-05.

1 767-233 (JT9D-7R4D) (236-24145, /88 N770JM), 2013-12.

1 767-241ERF (JT9D-7R4D) (161-23803, /86 N768QT), 2014-03. FREIGHTER.

1 767-246 (JT9D-7R4D) (118-23213, /85 N767DA), EX-(JA8232), 2011-01. 16C, 191Y.

1 767-246 (JT9D-7R4D) (122-23214, /85 HS-JAD), EX-(N768DA) 2011-09.
12C, 211Y.

1 767-269ER (JT9D-7R4D) (131 /86 N251MY - - SEE INCDT - "DYA-2015-10 -767"), (KMW) LEASED. WAS IN STORAGE FOR 29 MONTHS UNTIL 2015-09.

1 767-336ER (JT9D-7R4D) (419-25443, /91 N254MY), (KMW) LEASED 2014-08.




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