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7JetSet7 Code: EJS
Status: Operational
Region: ORIENT
Employees 137
Telephone: +82 2 26657378
Fax: +82 2 26657470

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EJS-2013-12 - TO HONG KONG
EJS-Flight Crew Cabin Attendants-2015-10.jpg

Formed in 2007 and started operations in 2008. Domestic, regional & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, low cost carrier (LCC), jet airplane operations.

Gimpo Airport
Seoul, South Korea


October 2007: Eastar Jet (EJS) was founded.

October 2008: As a member of the Korean Eastar Group, Eastar Jet (EJS) starts operations, initially linking Seoul Gimpo International, Jeju, Chungju, and Gunsan. A fleet of 15 737NG airplanes is planned by 2014.

December 2008: 737-73V (30240, N240CL), delivery.

SR Technics (SWS) finalized a 10-year deal with South Korea's Eastar Jet (EJS) for its Integrated Airline Solutions package offering technical management services and support for components, engines, (APU)s and landing gear on 737NGs.

737-683 (28302, HL7781), ex-FlyGlobeSpan (FGC), ex-(G-CDKD), (SAS) leased.

March 2009: Eastar Jet (EJS) is a low cost carrier (LCC) based in Seoul, South Korea. It operates regional services from its main base at Gimpo International airport with a hub at Cheongju International airport.

Parent organization/shareholders: KIC Group (now renamed Eastar Group) (100%).

(IATA) Code: ZE. (ICAO) Code - ESR (Callsign - EASTAR).

(EJS) will provide short- and long-haul services from Seoul, Cheongju, and Jeju mostly to leisure destinations and to Busan and Gunsan.

Presently has 6 flights daily, Seoul - Jeju and a daily, Gunsan - Jeju.

Future plans include flying to Southeast Asia as well as other destinations in China and Japan.

June 2009: (AWAS) (AWW) delivered one 737-73V (30240, N240CL) to Eastar Jet (EJS), which launched operations in January with one 737-600. It now operates three airplanes.

July 2009: 737-73V (32412, HL-8205), Babcock (BBB) leased, ex-easyJet (EZY), ex-(G-EZJP).

September 2009: 737-73V (32413, HL-8207), Babcock (BBB) leased, ex-easyJet (EZY), ex-(G-EZJR).

March 2010: 737-700, (AWAS) (AWW) leased.

January 2012: A J Walter Aviation (AJW) won a seven-year contract from Eastar Jet (EJS) to provide power-by-the-hour support for its fleet of six 737NG airplanes.

March 2012: Eastar Jet (EJS) has leased a first ex-Saga Airlines (SGZ) 737-800 that it mainly plans to use for international services from Seoul Incheon International airport (ICN) to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airport (BKK) and Tokyo Narita New Tokyo International airport (NRT).

May 2012: Eastar Jet (EJS) now flies to Denpasar in Bali, Indonesia from Manila, as well as from Kalibo to Seoul Incheon Airport in South Korea.

September 2012: Korean authorities have designated four carriers from the Republic of Korea: (Asiana Airlines (AAR), Jin Air (JIN), Eastar Jet (EJS) and T’way Airlines (TWY)) to operate on the Seoul (ICN) - Vladivostok, Russia (VVO) route after the two countries agreed to remove restrictions.

Korean authorities have set frequencies to 36 weekly flights from the 2012/2013 winter season. (AAR) will launch daily, A321 (ICN) - (VVO) service in November. Other carriers have not announced their plans.

January 2013: The AirAsia (ASW) group appears set to make acquisitions this year so it can expand its footprint farther across Asia. Possible takeover targets include Zest Air (RIT) in the Philippines, plus T'way (TWY) and Eastar (EJS) in South Korea. The (ASW) group is also believed to be eyeing potential opportunities to launch a carrier in Cambodia. To help fund its expansion and boost its balance sheet, AirAsia (ASW) plans to float some of its businesses. Its Kuala Lumpur-based, medium-haul low-cost carrier (LCC) AirAsia X (ASX) aims to have an initial public offering (IPO) early in 2013 on the Kuala Lumpur stock exchange. AirAsia (ASW) also wants to float its Indonesian affiliate, Indonesia AirAsia (AWR), on the Jakarta stock exchange.

April 2013: Eastar Jet (EJS) inaugurated four-weekly service on the 4,300 km route from Seoul Incheon (ICN) to the popular resort destination of Phuket (HKT) in Thailand on 18 April. The newly launched 737-800 operated service faces substantial competition, provided by Asiana Airlines (AAR) (seven weekly flights), Korean Airlines (KAL) (7), Thai Airways (TII) (7) and Business Air (BCC) (3).

June 2013: 737-883 (28323, HL8292), ex-(N233SA), (FGL) Aircraft leased.

December 2013: Eastar Jet (EJS) is a South Korean low cost carrier (LCC) which began operations in January 2009, offering multiple daily flights on the 450 km domestic route between Seoul Gimpo Airport and Jeju Airport using 737s. By the end of 2009, (EJS) was operating five 737s and was also operating daily domestic flights between Jeju and Kunsan. According to (EJS)’s website, flights from Seoul Incheon Airport began in April 2010 to Phuket, followed by Kota Kinabalu in July of that year. In 2011, routes to Bangkok, Sapporo/Chitose, Siem Reap and Tokyo Narita were added from Incheon.

Eastar Jet (EJS) has become the third carrier to serve the Seoul Incheon (ICN) to Siem Reap (REP) market with the launch on December 2nd of daily flights. Korean Air (KAL) (twice-daily) and Asiana Airlines (AAR) (daily) already serve the Cambodian destination. Eastar Jet (EJS) will use one of its 737-800s on the 3,510 km route. According to (EJS)’s on-line booking tool, this becomes its seventh international route from Seoul Incheon after Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Hong Kong, Jinan, Kota Kinabalu, Osaka Kansai, and Tokyo Narita.

(EJS) has become the latest carrier to offer service between Seoul Incheon (ICN) and Hong Kong (HKG). On December 5th, it launched daily flights on the 2,080 km route, (EJS)’s seventh from Seoul’s major airport. Competition on the route comes from Asiana Airlines (AAR), Cathay Pacific (CAT) and Korean Air (KAL) (all operating four daily flights), as well as daily flights from Jeju Air (JJA), Jin Air (JIN) and Thai Airways (TII). SEE ATTACHED - - "EJS-2013-12 - TO HONG KONG."

Eastar Jet (EJS) operates a fleet of five 737-700s (some of which were previously operated by easyJet (EZY)) and four 737-800s.

Despite its fleet of nine airplanes the fact that its network has gradually grown in recent years, the Gimpo - Jeju route still accounts for 60% of all weekly flights and seats, but only 22% of all weekly Available Seat Kilometers (ASK)s. Although the route is now served with 15 daily flights, (EJS)’s twice-daily Incheon-Bangkok service generates more weekly (ASK)s as the sector length is almost 3,700 km.

Competition on the Gimpo - Jeju route comes from Asiana Airlines (AAR) (145 weekly departures), t’way (TWY) (139), Jeju Air (JJA) (112), Jin Air (JIN) (105) and Korean Air (KAL) (96). In total, there are 100 or more daily departures between these two airports on every day of the week, except Tuesday, when there are 95, making this one of the world’s busiest airport-pairs.

SEE ATTACHED - - "EJS-ROUTE NETWORK - 2013-12." Three of Eastar Jet (EJS)’s current Top 12 routes are domestic (shown in pale green), with expansion focused at present on international flights. (EJS)’s most recent new route to Hong Kong, launched on December 5th, while flights to Siem Reap in Cambodia resumed a week earlier.

January 2015: 737-8BK (30625, HL8028), ex-(N471JD), CIT Aerospace (TCI) leased.

May 2015: News Item A-1: "Korean Transport Ministry is Pushing for Aircraft Age Limit" by Jeremy Torr, Air Transport World (ATW), May 22, 2015.

Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, & Transport (MLIT) is urging all Korean airplane operators to replace or mothball all airplanes that are more than two decades old.

The (MLIT) said that eight of the country’s carriers had signed a Memo of Understanding (MOU) in which they “voluntarily agreed to replace all their airplanes that are 20 years old or older.”

The move comes following a spate of airplane maintenance issues in the region.

In April, Japan and Korea suspended charter flights from Thailand following an (ICAO) inspection, and two air operator’s certificates (AOCs) in the Philippines were withdrawn recently following a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) audit.

To date, Korean Air (KAL), Asiana Airlines (AAR), Air Busan (ABN), Jeju Air (JJA), Jin Air (JIN), Air Incheon (ICH), Eastar Jet (EJS), and T’way Air (TWY) have all agreed to the 20-year ruling.

The (MLIT) said the agreement was part of Korea’s “ongoing efforts to improve on airline safety.” The (MLIT) said records indicate that of 264 airplanes in service this month, some 14 are (MLIT)’s new voluntary age limit. These are four Korean Air (KAL) Boeing 747-400s, Air Incheon (ICH) 737-400Fs, and Asiana (AAR) 767-300 and 747-400F cargo airplanes.

Korean Air (KAL)’s average airplane age is 9.89 years; No 2 carrier, Asiana Airlines (AAR), has an average airplane age of 8.47 years, according to the Ministry.

Compared to the USA, Korean fleets are mere toddlers, the (MLIT) said, citing Delta Air Lines (DAL)’s fleet that has 234 airplanes 20+ years old, and American Airlines (AAL)’s fleet, which has 233+ airplanes of that age or more.

Although the (MLIT) noted that “there currently is no limit on the age or lifespan of an airplane,” it said the move would help improve both overall safety and efficiency.

737-8AL (35071, HL8033) ex-(F-WTDT), Macquarie AirFinance leased.

June 2015: 737-8BK (33019, HL8035), ex-(2-TSGK), (CIT) (TCI) leased.

November 2015: Eastar Jet (EJS) has become the fifth carrier to operate scheduled services between Seoul Incheon (ICN) and Okinawa (OKA) in Japan. On October 29 (EJS) began flying 5x-weekly on the 1,259 km route using its 737-800s. Four other carriers are already serving the market with daily flights between the two airports; Asiana Airlines (AAR), Jeju Air (JJA), Peach Aviation (PCA), and t’way air (TWY). This winter, Eastar Jet (EJS) will be serving nine international destinations from Seoul Incheon; three in Japan, two in Thailand and one each in Cambodia, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

June 2016: 737-86J (37767, HL8057), ex-(D-ABMF), (MC) Aviation Partners leased.


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August 2016:

0 737-683 (CFM56-7B20) (243-28302, /99 HL7781 - SEE PHOTO - - "EJS-737-683-2008-11"), EX-(FGC), EX-(G-CDKD), (SAS) LSD, RTND. 131Y.

3 737-73V (CFM56-7B20) (974-30240, /02 N240CL, 2008-12; 1118-30248, /02 HL-8204, 2009-06; 32417, HL8215), (AWW) LSD, EX-(EZY). 149Y.

2 737-73V (CFM56-7B20) (1151-32412, /02 HL-8205 2009-07; 1202-32413, /02 HL8207 2009-09), (BBB) LSD, EX-(EZY), 149Y.

1 737-8AL (CFM56-7B) (35071, HL8033) EX-(F-WTDT), MACQUARIE AIRFINANCE LSD 2015-05. 189Y.

2 737-8BK (CFM56-7B) (30625, HL8028; 33019, HL8035), EX-(N471JD & 2-TSGK), (TCI) LSD 2015-01 & 2015-06. 189Y.

1 737-8Q8 (CFM56-7B26) (1689-30684, /05 HL8269), EX-(F-WTAD) 2012-07.

1 737-86J (CFM56-7B26) (36-26068, /98 HL8264), EX-(N862AG) 2012-03. WITH WINGLETS. 189Y.

1 737-86J (CFM56-7B26) (37767, /16 HL8057), EX-(D-ABMF), (MC) AVIATION LSD 2016-06. WITH WINGLETS. 189Y.

2 737-883 (CFM56-7B26) (28323, HL8292, 2013-06; 666-30194, /00 HL8289, 2013-03), EX-(N233SA & N394SA). 183Y.


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EJS-1-SOO JEON PARK - 2013-08



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