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7JetSet7 Code: ENT
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: POLAND
Employees 270
Web: www.enterair.pl
Email: sales@enterair.pl
Telephone: +22 33 20 880
Fax: +22 322 57 57

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Formed in 2009 and started operations in 2010. Domestic, regional & international, charter, passenger jet airplane services.

ul. 17 stycznia 45 B
02-146 Warsaw, Poland

Poland (Republic of Poland) was established in 1918. It covers an area of 312,683 km. Its official language is Polish. The population is 40 million. The capital city is Warsaw.

March 2010: Enter Air (ENT) is a charter jet airplane operator based in Warsaw, Poland.

IATA Code: ENT - (Callsign - ENTER).

Main Base: Warsaw Frederik Chopin Airport.

Domestic destinations: Gdansk; Katowice; Krakow; Poznan; Warsaw; & Wroclaw.

737-4Q8 (26320, SP-ENA), (ILFC) (ILF) 3 year leased, ex-(HL7592), delivery.

April 2010: 737-4Q8 (26299, SP-ENB), (ILFC) (ILF) 3 year leased, ex-(HL7527).

June 2010: JorAMCo and Enter Air (ENT) reached a contract under which JorAMCo will provide heavy maintenance for (ENT)'s recently leased 737-4Q8s.

August 2010: Enter Air (WENT) has launched scheduled charter operations with 3 ex-Air One (ADH) and ex-Asiana Airlines (AAR) 737-400s.

January 2011: 737-85F (28823, SP-ENZ), delivery, ex-(D-ABBM).

July 2011: Enter Air (ENT) has added 3 additional ex-Blue Air (BLD), ex-Corendon Airlines (CDN) and ex-(SAS) Scandinavian Airlines 737-400s and 2 ex-Air Berlin (BER) and ex-Viking Airlines (VKN) 737-800s.

May 2012: Enter Air (ENT) has been added to the International Air Carrier Association (IACA) as a full member. The Polish carrier began operations in 2010.

July 2012: 737-46J (28038, SP-ENK), ex-(9M-MQP), Aircastle (CSL) leased.

August 2012: 737-43Q (28489, SP-ENI), ex-(OO-VEP), delivery.

May 2013: Enter Air ((IATA) Code: OF, based at Warsaw Chopin) (ENT) has wet-leased an A320-214 (244, YL-LCM) from Latvian wet-lease (ACMI) specialists SmartLynx Airlines ((IATA) Code: 6Y, based at Riga) (LAJ) for the duration of summer. The A320 was recently spotted at Palma de Mallorca Son Sant Joan wearing Enter Air (ENT) titles.

(CCO) Andrzej Kobielski told Polish aviation portal pasazer.com that the lease was effected relatively late in the year owing to unexpectedly high demand for flights from local tour operators.

Insofar as the A320 is (ENT)'s only Airbus Industrie (EDS) airplane, (ENT) also operates 8 737-400s and 5 737-800s.

June 2014: 1st flight of Enter Air (ENT)'s charter services from Warsaw Chopin. (ENT) will perform operations to the Georgian gateway 2x-daily on Saturdays - - SEE PHOTO - - "ENT-2014-06-TO BATUMI."

May 2015: 737-85R (29036, SP-ENQ), ex-(VQ-BEM), Aircastle leased.

June 2015: Enter Air ((IATA) Code: E4, based at Warsaw Chopin) (ENT) has been given the go-ahead to proceed with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Warsaw Stock Exchange later this quarter by Polish financial regulator (KNF).

(ENT), which specializes in charter flights between Poland and the Mediterranean, said in an investors prospectus that it is looking to raise up to PLN110 million/USD29.76 million through the sale of 7 million newly issued shares or up to 39.9% of increased share capital. Of the new shares, 1 million will be reserved for individual investors, while up to 5.9 million shares will go to institutional investors. The remaining 100,000 shares will be reserved for entitled entities such as employees and partners of the firm.

Funds raised will be put towards (ENT)'s fleet renewal plans which presumably means the 2 737-800s and 2 737 MAX 8s it ordered from Boeing (TBC) at the recent Paris Airshow 2015.

Enter Air (ENT) is majority owned by Director of Flight Operations Marcin Kubrak with 65%, followed by President Grzegorz Polaniecki with 22%. The remaining 13% is held by various other board members.

The (IPO) is likely to take place during the middle of next month and will be co-managed by Ipopema brokerage and (BZ WBK).

August 2015: Enter Air ((IATA) Code: E4, based at Warsaw Chopin) (ENT) has been revealed as an Unidentified Customer which ordered an additional 737 from USA manufacturer Boeing (TBC).

(ENT) announced plans to acquire 2 737-800s and 2 737 MAX 8 airplanes during the Paris Air Show 2015 at Paris Le Bourget. The order, worth >USD400 million at current list prices, had also been attributed to an unidentified customer prior to that announcement.

August 2016: Poland’s largest charter company, Enter Air (ENT), had 1 of its airplanes seized at Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport for several hours for non-payment of fines for noise violations.

According to France’s noise enforcement agency, (ACNUSA), a bailiff acting on its behalf detained the airplane (believed to be a Boeing 737-800) shortly after midnight on August 10.

The seizure came, (ACNUSA) said, after Enter Air (ENT) had failed to pay fines totaling €1.1 million/$1.25 million for a series of >80 instances of non-compliance with nighttime noise restrictions from 2013 - 2014 at the airport.

(ACNUSA) said the Polish company, which lists a fleet of 8 737-400s and 11 737-800s, had failed to respond to repeated requests for payment. It said the airplane was grounded for 5 hours before (ENT) paid the outstanding fines.

(ACNUSA) said this was the 1st time since it was created in 1999 that it had been forced to seize an airplane, although it has imposed fines totaling >€45 million in that time. It warned that would not exclude such seizures against other carriers that broke noise regulations.

(ENT), which lists Charles de Gaulle (CDG) as 1 of its permanent European bases, could not be contacted for comment on August 19.

February 2017: 737-4Q8 (25376, SP-ENC), returned to AerCap (DEA) after lease. 4 737-8CX (32365, SP-ENG; 32366, SP-ENL; 32367, SP-ENM; 32368, SP-ENN), ex-(D-ASXE, D-ASXG, D-ASXH), Macquarie AirFinance leased.

May 2017: 2 737-8Q8 (30680, SP-ESA; 30692, SP-ESB), ex-(B-5073, B-5075), AerCap (DEA) leased.


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ENT-737-4Q8 2010-03
ENT-737-8CX SP-ENM 2017-08.jpg

December 2018:

1 737-4C9 (CFM56-3) (25429, SP-ENF), 2011-02. 168Y.

3 737-4Q8 HGW (CFM56-3) (2563-26320, SP-ENA, 2010-03; 2602-26299, SP-ENB, 2010-04; 25374, SP-ENE, 2011-04; 25376, SP-ENC, 2010-06), (ILF) 3 YR LSD. EX-(AAR) (HL7592; & HL7527). EX-(EI-DXG). 25376 RETURNED TO AERCAP (DEA) 2017-02. 162Y.

1 737-405 (CFM56-3) (25795, SP-ENH), 2011-03. 168Y.

1 737-400 (CFM56-3), EX-(ADH). 168Y.

1 737-400 (CFM56-3), EX-(BLD) 2011-06. 168Y.

1 737-400 (CFM56-3), EX-(CDN) 2011-06. 168Y.

1 737-400 (CFM56-3), EX-(SAS) 2011-06. 168Y.

1 737-43Q (CFM56-3) (28489, SP-ENI), EX-(OO-VEP), 2012-08. 168Y.

1 737-46J (CFM56-3C) (28038, SP-ENK - - SEE PHOTO - - ENT-737-46J-2014-05"), EX-(9M-MQP), (CSL) LEASED 2012-07. 168Y.

1 737-800 (CFM56-7B), EX-(VKN) 2011-06. 189Y.

4 737-8CX (CFM56-7B) (32365, SP-ENG; 32366, SP-ENL; 32367, SP-ENM SEE PHOTO; 32368, SP-ENN), EX-(D-ASXE, D-ASXG, D-ASXH), MACQUARIE AIRFINANCE LEASED 2017-02. 189Y.

2 737-8Q8 (CFM56-7B) (30680, SP-ESA; 30692, SP-ESB), EX-(B-5073, B-5075), AERCAP (DEA) LEASED 2017-05. 189Y.

1 737-85F (CFM56-7B) (174-28823, SP-ENZ), EX-(D-ABBM) 2011-01, EX-(BER). 189Y.

1 737-85R (CFM56-7B) (29036, SP-ENQ), ex-(VQ-BEM), AIRCASTLE LEASED 2015-05. 189Y.

1 737-86J (CFM56-7B) (28073, SP-ENW), EX-(BER) 2012-07. 189Y.

1 737-86N (CFM56-7B) (28592, SP-ENY), 2011-03. 189Y.

1 A320-214 (CFM56-5A1) (244, YL-LCM), SMARTLYNX (LAJ) WET-LEASED 2014-05 FOR SUMMER. 180Y.


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Greg Polaniecki has >16 years in the airline business. Following graduation from a Polish univesity, he joined Delta Air Lines (DAL) in Poland as a Flight Attendant (CA). 5 years later, he joined the team building Eurlolot in 1996 before changing over to CentralWings, who offered him a position as Accountable Manager. It was here that he 1st met his current managerial colleagues, however, he left the carrier because he disagreed with the way it was being developed. From here, Greg joined a British Investment Bank, Gryphon, then later returned to aviation as an advisor to the management board of Polish national carrier (LOT), before electing to form Enter Air (ENT).

Marcin has been in the aviation business for >15 years. He started his career in 1990 at (INT) Express and from 1995, he has created one of the most successful airfreight businesses in Poland. He still runs Expeditors branch in Poland. Marcin is a Captain Instructor on the 737 and got his 1st pilot (FC) job at Air Polonia. In 2005, Marcin joined CentralWings, where he met the rest of the team.

Mariusz Olechno graduated from Warsaw University of technology, and joined the White Eagle Aviation (WEG) as its avionics specialist. 2 years later, he joined the team building CentralWings, which he left in 2009 as a Technical Director. He then moved over to a newly-established handling company (LOT) Services, as Operations Director. Now Enter Air (ENT) benefits from his experience, gained from every level of aviation maintenance.

Andrzej Kobielski has >15 years of experience in the airline business. He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, as well as Berlin University of Technology, where he specialized in airline management. He also completed a post graduate safety management studies at the London Business School, University of London. At the beginning of his airline career, he worked for (LOT) Polish Airlines in the Sales Department. In 2004, he became one of the key executives (together with Greg Polaniecki) founding the 1st Polish Low Cost Carrier (LCC) and shaping its commercial side. At the end of 2006, he decided to join the BMI Group (BMA) as a Head Network Planning & Revenue Management for bmibaby (BMI). He then joined (LOT) as a Commercial Director before moving to Enter Air (ENT)'s commercial area.


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