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7JetSet7 Code: EOS
Status: Currently Not Operational
Country: USA
Employees 17
Web: eosairlines.com
Email: contactcemter@eosairlines.com
Telephone: +1 (914) 417-2190
Fax: +1 (914) 251-0362

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Established in 2003 and started services in 2005. International, passenger, jet airplane services.

287 Bowman Avenue, 4th Floor
Purchase, New York NY 10577, USA

August 2005: EOS Airlines (EOS) was named after the Greek goddess of the dawn. It is a new premium service airline that aims to bring an innovative and specialist approach to transatlantic air travel. "EOS Airlines (EOS) will take the stress and hassle out of flying and return to "Concorde-like" experience of exclusivity and commmunity that is missing from today's airline marketplace."

Has secured US$185M in financing.

David Spurlock, a former British Airways (BAB) senior executive, is the founder and CEO. Bonnie Fox, President. David S. Pottruck, Non-executive Chairmman (Managing Director, The Pottruck Group, San Francisco private equit firm).

3 757-200's (26332, N401JS; 27351, N403JS; & 24964, N926JS), (ILF) leased, configured for 48 passengers in a luxurious single-class layout providing each passenger with 21 sq ft of personal space.

September 2005: Delta (DAL) TechOps will provide engine and APU maintenance along with component and inventory support services under a five-year agreement with Eos (EOS), the transatlantic startup. (EOS) plans to begin service this fall operating 757s in an all-business-class configuration between New York and London Stansted.

MAXjet Airways (MXJ), a proposed transatlantic premium airline, intends to commence service Nov. 1 operating six flights per week between New York (JFK) and London Stansted using a 767-200ER configured for just 102 passengers with 60-in. pitch. The Washington Dulles-based carrier, which began life as Skylink Airways in 2003, said it will offer "a high-quality, low-fare business class product" with everyday fares starting at $779 each way. "I think there's a great opportunity to offer an all-business-class product, services and amenities at a price point that is 50%-75% below published fares," said CEO Gary Rogliano. Rogliano said the carrier's target market "is the business traveler who is booking close in. A lot of those people are not allowed to fly business class. They are in economy and what we need to show them is that for the same price or a dollar more, [they] can be in business class. That's our sweet spot." The airplanes will be staffed with eight cabin attendants and entertainment will be in the form of digEplayer portable IFE units. Rogliano estimates breakeven load factor, depending on the fare mix, at 75%. MAXJet (MXJ) is launching service with a single ex-Qantas (QAN) 767 and hopes to have three 767s in service before year end, which would permit a second daily frequency from (JFK) and also service from Dulles to Stansted, he said. Interestingly, MAXjet (MXJ)'s launch nearly coincides with that of another new entrant, Eos (EOS), which also plans to start service this fall from (JFK) to Stansted operating 757s configured with 48 lie-flat seatbeds. Rogliano said it's a different market: "They are going with sleeper pods with 48 seats - - they are bringing those seats at $6,000 price points . . . That's not our target customer."

November 2005: A dedicated premium jet service concept between New York and Milan is slated to take off in February. Branded Milano Manhattan or MiMa Club, the service will use a dedicated A319 CJ with 48 seats operated by Italy's Eurofly (EUY). Travel is limited to MiMa Club members, who can apply to join via the Internet at mimaclub.com. Service will offered six days per week from (JFK) Terminal 4 to Milan's close-in Linate Airport.

Upon joining MiMa Club, members also have access to a 24-hour personal concierge service. Airplanes will be equipped with personal Inflight Entertainment (IFE) units with audio/video on demand and will offer (SMS) text messaging and e-mail via the onboard system.

MiMa Club members also will have access to pre-arranged chauffeur-driven cars upon arrival "or even helicopter or private jet service." Membership applications and initial reservations for flights will begin Nov 30.

On Nov 1, MAXJet (MXJ) launched all-business-class service between New York (JFK) and London Stansted using a 767-200ER, while Eos (EOS) began a more upscale service on the same route using a 757.

December 2005: Galileo signed agreements with Eos (EOS) and MAXjet (MXJ) to distribute their fares through its (GDS) network in the UK and USA.

January 2006: Eos (EOS), a New York-based all-premium airline, is participating in the Sabre (GDS). Eos (EOS) operates 757s configured for 48 seats on services between New York (JFK) and London Stansted.

February 2006: Worldspan announced that Eos Airlines (EOS) has agreed to make its content available on the (GDS).

March 2006: Elysair, a French version of all-business-class carriers Maxjet Airways (MXJ) and Eos (EOS), is expected to take to the skies in October, La Tribune, reported. French (DGAC) awarded an Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) on February 22. Elysair initially intends to launch a Paris Orly - Newark service aboard a single-class 757. If successful, it plans to operate to Los Angeles, Dubai and Sao Paulo.

June 2006: Another of the new breed of business-class-only airlines is to touch down in the City (London). Maxjet (MXJ), an american airline that offers cut-price business fares across the Atlantic, is to float on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). The airline appointed the broker Panmure Gordon to handle its flotation. Maxjet (MXJ) declined to comment, but banking sources said that the company expected to list in London this autumn. It is not known how much it intends to raise.

Maxjet (mxj) has opted for the London market because of the success enjoyed by one of its potential rivals, the British company Silverjet. It recently raised £25m from an (AIM) float.

Maxjet (MXJ) is one of three players in a young but fiercely competitive niche. It started services last year alongside fellow american carrier Eos (EOS). Both fly from Stansted to New York. Maxjet (MXJ) also flies to Washington. Silverjet plans to cross the Atlantic too, and wants to start services to cities east of Britain. Eos (EOS) and Maxjet (MXJ) have taken different approaches to the market. Eos (EOS) offers customers a lie-flat bedseat, while Maxjet (MXJ) is more basic, with a reclining seat. Eos (EOS) operates a smaller airplane that carries only 48 people, while Maxjet (MXJ) planes carry 102.

July 2006: EOS Airlines (EOS) is a private start-up focused exclusively on the international business (C) traveller, using a specially configured business class (C) 757-200.

(IATA) Code : EO. (ICAO) Code: ESS - NEW DAWN.

Parent organization/shareholders: Golden Gate Capital, Maveron, & Sutter Hill Ventures.

Main Base: New York Kennedy International Airport (JFK).

International, scheduled destination: London.

Toby Joseph, Executive VP Global Sales and John Morgan, VP Europe & General Manager UK.

EOS Airlines (EOS) will increase the frequency on its New York (JFK) to London Stansted route with a second flight operating 6 days a week from September 8th. The airline will then operate 2 flights Sunday through Friday and 1 flight on Saturdays, all with 757-200s.

August 2006: Worldspan announced finalization of multiyear full-content distribution agreements with Air Moldova (MOL), Aegean Airlines (CRM), AeroSvit Airlines (UKA), Air Burkina (VBW), Arkia Israel Airlines (ARK), Aurigny Air Services, dba (DBA), Eos Airlines (EOS), Transaero Airlines (TRX), and VLM Airlines.

Eos Airlines (EOS) signed a deal to implement a suite of Sabre software solutions.

September 2006: Eos Airlines (EOS) doubles the number of its Sunday - Friday flights on its New York (JFK) to London Stansted route. The airline will operate 2 flights a day Sunday through Friday and 1 on Saturday using its 757-200s.

November 2006: Eos Airlines (EOS), which operates premium-class service between New York (JFK) and London, secured $75 million in capital investment funding, that will be used to expand its fleet in 2007. Currently, Eos (EOS) operates three 757-200s configured with 48 fully horizontal flat bed seats, and features curbside access for "fast track" check-in for passengers. Company officials said it is maintaining load factors in excess of 65% LF.

February 2007: Eos Airlines (EOS) named former American Airlines (AAL) and Royal Caribbean Cruises executive, Jack Williams, CEO, effective immediately. He replaces interim CEO, David Pottruck, who will continue as Chairman.

Eos (EOS) will add a third daily all-business-class New York (JFK) - London Stansted frequency "during peak travel days." The expansion is effective April 15.

April 2007: Eos Airlines (EOS) is adding three flights to its schedule between New York (JFK) and London Stansted to bring its all-business-class (C) 757 service to 32 flights per week.

June 2007: Virgin Atlantic Airways (VAA) revealed that it intends to launch a business class (C)-only carrier within the next 12 to 18 months. In a first stage, the new airline will fly transatlantic routes to the USA from London, and other European cities, including Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and Zurich. Direct flights from points throughout the (EU) to the USA will be possible under the new "open skies" regime, that will take effect March 30, 2008. Virgin (VAA) did not say which airplanes it would use to operate the flights. British Airways (BAB) indicated last month, that it was considering an all-business-class (C) product, to compete with Eos (EOS), MAXjet (MXJ), and Silverjet (SVJ), which offer business class (C)-only service linking London to the USA.

Holly Nelson, VP Finance & Controller, ex-JetBlue Airways (JBL).

757-2Q8 (29380, N380RM), ex-Mexicana (CMA), (ILF) leased.

August 2007: Eos Airlines (EOS), the all-business (C)-class carrier operating between London Stansted and New York (JFK), announced that it secured an additional +$50 million in equity capital "from institutional and private sources," with one investor accounting for $35 million. President & CEO, Jack Williams said the investment "enables us to continue growing to a scale that will lead to strong corporate profitability" and ensures the delivery of a fifth and sixth 757-200ER in the next five months. A fourth 48-seat airplane will enter service in September. Eos (EOS) currently operates 32 weekly flights and will expand to 44 in the fall.

August 2007: (ILFC) (ILF) announced the following lease contract: Eos Airlines (EOS) for one used 757-200ER for five years with delivery in April 2009.

October 2007: Eos Airlines (EOS) said it will acquire its seventh and eighth 757s, thanks to the $50 million injection received during the summer and launch Newark - London Stansted and New York (JFK) - Paris (airport unidentified) service next spring and fall respectively. Eos (EOS) said further details will be announced "in the coming months."

December 2007: Eos (EOS) is accepting resumes for Flight Crew (FC) and is interviewing.

January 2008: When all-business-class (C) carrier MAXJet Airways (MXJ) announced it was filing for bankruptcy and shutting down service on Christmas Eve, two other all-business (C) airlines quickly stepped forward to offer services to displaced passengers and reaffirm their commitment to the service model.

MAXJet (MXJ), which operated five leased 767-200s between the USA and London Stansted, launched operations in November 2005. Last October, it cancelled flights from Washington Dulles, but continued service out of New York (JFK). On December 10, it suspended trading of its stock and said it would be "operating all flights and has no plans to change its schedule." Two weeks later, it filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations. "With today's fuel prices and the resulting impact on the credit climate for airlines, we are forced to take this drastic measure," (MXJ) President & CEO, William Stockbridge said. "We are extremely saddened to discontinue a service that we so passionately believe in." He informed customers that MAXJet (MXJ) had contracted with Eos Airlines (EOS) to re-accommodate its passengers.

Eos (EOS) President & CEO, Jack Williams released a statement touting his airline's passenger numbers and load factors, which ranged from 73% LF to 76% LF over the summer. Eos (EOS) operates six 757s configured with 48 (C) business class seats between (JFK) and (STN). "We are confident our business model works and this sets us apart from other early stage companies," Williams said.

Silverjet (SVJ) CEO, Lawrence Hunt issued a statement Christmas Eve extending an invitation to MAXJet (MXJ) customers. "The airline industry is hugely competitive, which is starkly illustrated by today's announcement. Indeed, Silverjet (SVJ) has already seen a 20% increase in bookings since MAXJet (MXJ)'s shares were suspended." The company operates three all-business-class (C) 767s from London Luton to Newark and Dubai, and expects to take delivery of two 767-200ERs by April.

British Airways (BAB) and Virgin Atlantic Airways (VAA) both have expressed interest in establishing their own transatlantic all-premium operations. A (BAB) spokesperson said that the carrier intends to reveal its plans soon and to launch service in the middle of this year.

British Airways (BAB) will launch its new transatlantic subsidiary, "OpenSkies," in June with daily flights from New York (JFK) to Brussels and Paris Charles de Gaulle using 757s carrying up to 82 passengers in business (C), premium economy and economy (Y) sections. The name of the new carrier reflects the pending liberalization of the USA/(EC) aviation market, effective March 31, that allows carriers from either side of the Atlantic access to any destination within the USA or (EC) provided slots are available. "It also signals our determination to lobby for further liberalization in this market, when talks between the (EU) and the USA take place later this year," (BAB) CEO, Willie Walsh said in a statement. Initially, "OpenSkies" service will be launched with a single airplanes with plans to add a second later this year, and increase the fleet to six by the end of 2009. All will come from the (BAB) fleet and will be retrofitted with Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) blended winglets. Dale Moss, a former Director Worldwide Sales for (BAB), will become the "OpenSkies" Managing Director.

"They want to start slowly," (BAB) spokesperson, John Lampl said. "We think there is a market out there for it. It gives customers more choice. We are not competing against ourselves but the other guys out there: Delta (DAL), United (UAL), Air France (AFA) and everybody else." Lampl said that "70% to 80% of the airplane is focused on business class (C), but there are still 30 seats to fill in the economy class (Y)." After initial service is launched, "OpenSkies" will look to expand to cities such as Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, and Amsterdam, he said. The subsidiary has yet to receive its operating license and certificate from the USA Dept of Transportation (DOT).

"This is an interesting development," said aviation analyst George Hamlin, who also noted that using smaller 757s would keep operating costs down. "(BAB) is a very strong brand with business (C) traffic. The bulk of service is business (B) and first class (F). They are probably looking at thrifty travelers rather than backpackers. I suspect they have done their sums and believe this is possible to do."

February 2008: 2 757-2Q8s (29442; 29443, N406JS), (ILF) leased, ex-Mexicana (CMA) (N762MX & N763MX).

March 2008: Eos (EOS) plans to begin serving Dubai in July from London Stansted (STN). Currently only operating (STN) - New York (JFK), will begin serving Newark in May. Eos (EOS) will be the tird all-premium carrier serving Dubai. Saudi Arabia's Al-Khayala now serves Dubai from Riyadh and Jeddah.

757-29J (27203, N703AM), ex-AeroMexico (AMX), (ILFC) (ILF) leased.

April 2008: Eos Airlines (EOS) said it agreed to a term sheet outlining terms on which the all-business-class carrier will secure an additional +$50 million in capital from an unidentified current investor. The transaction is expected to close May 1. "When we closed on our last round of financing, we were clear that we would need to raise additional capital. Our success, in the face of this extremely challenging economic and credit environment, shows that investors continue to be enthusiastic about our business model," President & CEO, Jack Williams said. He added that load factors have "increased" and revenue has "risen consistently" and said the new financing will "take us to corporate profitability in 2009." Eos (EOS) operates 48-seat 757s on 44 weekly flights between New York (JFK ) and London Stansted (STN), with flights from (STN) to Newark and Dubai scheduled to begin in May and July, respectively.

Later, Eos Airlines (EOS) became the second all-business-class (C) carrier to shut down and the fifth USA-based airline to declare bankruptcy in the past month, announcing that "some issues arose" that prevented potential investors from following through and that bankruptcy was the only option. Eos (EOS) operated its final two flights from London Stansted (STN) to New York (JFK). Previously, it announced that it had secured a term sheet for $50 million in additional financing from an unidentified current investor that would help it reach profitability next year. It did not elaborate last weekend on the reasons that the funding will not occur. "After overcoming today's extremely challenging economic and credit environment to negotiate terms for a round of financing, it is regrettable that we were forced to take this action," CEO, Jack Williams said. "We had been clear since closing on our last round of financing that we would need additional capital. As difficult as it is to raise funds in the current environment, investors believe in our business model and we were on the verge of success." But according to Williams, just prior to closing, "some issues arose that we could not overcome," and there was not sufficient cash to continue operations.

Eos (EOS) operated six 48-seat 757-200s between (JFK) and (STN) and planned to launch service to Newark (EWR) and Dubai from London, and to Paris from (JFK) this year. It shut the door on a possible return, telling passengers on its website, "We wish we could have pursued other options, but unfortunately, Eos (EOS) is going out of business."

Still in business, rival Silverjet (SVJ) offered Eos (EOS) passengers a limited number of seats on its (EWR)-London Luton service for the price of an Eos (EOS) ticket and said it "continues to grow its passenger numbers each month," with March boardings rising +23% over February to 10,885. Load factor was 65% LF. "The airline industry is hugely competitive and this has been starkly illustrated by [Eos (EOS)'s] announcement," Silverjet (SVJ) CEO, Lawrence Hunt said.

Eos (EOS) joins MAXJet Airways (MXJ) in the all-business-class (C) graveyard and Aloha Airlines (ALO), ATA Airlines (AAT), Skybus Airlines (SKS), and Frontier Airlines (FRO) on the list of 2008 USA bankruptcies.


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May 2008:

2 757-2Q8ER (PW2040) (424-24964, /92 N926JS; 639-27351, /94 N403JS; 688-26332, /95 N401JS), (ILF) LSD 6/05. ETOPS EQ'PD. 26332 RTND 6/08. 48F.

0 757-2Q8 (PW2040) (836-29380, /98 N405JS, 6/07; 819-29442, /98 N762MX, 2/08; 821-29443, /98 N406JS, 2/08), EX-(CMA), (ILF) LSD. ALL RTT (CMA) 6/08. 48F.

1 ORDER (4/09) 757-200ER, (ILF) 5 YR LSD.

0 757-29J (PW2037) (588-27203, /93 N703AM), EX-(AMX)/(FAT), (ILF) LSD 3/08. NTU. 48F.


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Pottruck is Chairman and CEO of Eos Airlines (EOS). This seasoned business leader is the former President and CEO of Charles Schwab. A senior fellow at the Wharton School Center for Leadership and Change Management, he is a bestselling business author who participates on numerous corporate boards including Intel corporation.


Prior to founding Eos (EOS), Spurlock was the Director of Strategy at British Airways, London, where he was responsible for network management and corporate strategy. Spurlock spearheaded the financing program for Eos (EOS) in June 2004.


Morgan is the former President and COO of World Airways (WLD) and served as an executive at Delta (DAL) and AirTran Airlines (CQT).

Serck-Hanssen is the former Senior Vice President of Finance and Treasurer for US Airways (USA) and has held executive positions at Northwest Airlines (NWA) and PepsiCo.


Joseph is a seasoned industry veteran with extensive experience in worldwide travel sales and development. Prior to joining Eos (EOS), he was global COO of TQ3 Travel Solutions, where he oversaw the company's growth to a $12 billion entity operating in 100 countries. Joseph also previously held the position of VP of Sales for Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

Gebhardt has previously held posts as President of US and President of International Consumer Travel at Cendant Corporation. He has an extensive range of successful executive experiences in both classic package goods and travel ecommerce positions in large and small company environments.


Adler was formerly VP of Inflight Services for Northwest Airlines (NWA) and is widely regarded as an expert in premium cabin service design and implementation, including catering, training, crew scheduling, and product development. He has also held executive positions at American Airlines (AAL) and Pan Am (PAA).

Armstrong, who was President of Armstrong Health Care Advisors, is an award winning author and consultant with significant expertise in human resources and employee health care benefit programs.

Brown has a diverse airline background. He was formerly with Northwest Airlines (NWA) where he held various management positions in finance, station operations, and performance engineering.

Casbarro is the former VP, Technical Operations at Atlas Air (TLS) and served in a variety of senior management positions at FedEx (FED), including Director of Maintenance with responsibility for maintaining all airplanes.

Dodson is recently retired from United Airlines (UAL), and former President of Dodson International Air (DSN) and TransMeridian Airlines (TAL), with 36 years of commercial flying experience in nearly every type of commercial jetliner.

Khan who was formerly head of National Sales at Virgin Atlantic (VAA), has also had progressive success in sales and operations with Singapore Airlines (SIA), Hertz, and British Airways Express.

Schnaak is an airline operations and senior flight management professional with more than 25 years experience in the development and implementation of procedures, policy and best practices. He has significant expertise in aviation safety and airline process development.



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