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7JetSet7 Code: ESV
Status: Operational
Employees 38
Web: flyestelar.com
Email: info@estelarlatinoamerica.com
Telephone: +58 212 961 6979
Fax: +58 2122835064

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Formed in 2008 and started operations in 2009. Domestic, regional, & international, charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

Av Francisco de Miranda
Centro Plaza Torre B
Piso 10, Officina A
Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuela was established in 1810, it covers an area of 912,050 sq km, its population is 24 million, its capital city is Caracas, and its official language is Spanish.

September 2009: 737-2Y5 (24031, YV 399T - - SEE PHOTO - - "ESV-737-02Y5-2009-09"), ex-Aloha Airlines (ALO), ex-(N810AL), Aviation Technologies leased.

October 2009: Estelar Latinoamerica (ESV) operates jet charter flights to various Latin American resort destinations, including Aruba, Cancun (Mexico), Cartagena, Guadeloupe, Manaus, Martinique, Porlamar (Isle of Margarita), Port of Spain, Punta Cana, and Santa Domingo.

(IATA) Code: E4. (ICAO) Code: ETR.

Main Base: Caracas Simon Bolivar International Airport (CCS).

Destinations: Aruba; Cancun; Cartagena; Curacao; French Antilles; Manaus; Port of Spain; Punta Cana; and Santa Domingo.

February 2011: 737-2Y5 (24031, YV399T), re-registered as (YV2722).

March 2012: Estelar Latinoamerica (ESV) has launched scheduled domestic services in Venezuela. (ESV), which had previously mainly used its fleet of 3 737-200s for charter services now serves Acarigua Oswaldo Guevara Mujica airport (AGV), Maracaibo La Chinita airport (MAR) and Porlamar Del Caribe General Santiago Mariño International airport (PMV) from the Caracas Simón Bolívar International airport (CCS).

March 2013: Estelar Latinoamerica ((IATA) Code: E4, based at Caracas Simón Bolívar International (CCS))) (ESV) has acquired a 1st ex-Seagle Air ((IATA) Code: SJ, based at Bratislava Milan Rastislav Stefánik airport (BTS)) (CGL) 737-329 (28773) that complements the Venezuelan carrier’s fleet of 4 737-200 airplanes. Estelar (ESV) mainly operates charter services but also offers scheduled flights between Caracas and Maracaibo La Chinita airport (MAR).

June 2013: Aeropostal - Alas de Venezuela (LAV) along with Aserca Airlines (SEZ), Avior Airlines (VIO), Estelar Latinoamerica (RSV), Laser Airlines (LSR), and Conviasa (VCV) have all announced plans to replace their ageing DC-9s, 737-200s and 727s in line with a (NOTAM) issued by Venezuela’s National Institute of Civil Aviation (Instituto Nacional de Aeronáutica Civil - INAC) that will prohibit operations of those airplane types in the country from November 1, 2013.

Aeropostal (LAV) will replace its 2 remaining DC-9-50s with 3 ex-Alitalia (ALI) MD-82s. Aserca (SEZ) will replace its last 4 DC-9-30s with 4 ex-AeroMéxico (AMX) MD-83s and MD-87s. Avior (VIO) is in the process of adding 3 737-400s and 6 Fokker F 50s to its fleet to replace its fleet of 7 737-200s. Estelar Latinoamerica (ESV) has added a 1st ex-Seagle Air (CGL) 737-300, (23773, N773KR), as a 1st step towards replacing its 4 737-200s. Laser (LSR) plans to add more ex-American Airlines (AAL) MD-82s to replace its 3 DC-9-30s. State owned carrier, Conviasa (VCV) has taken delivery of 3 brand new E190s, though it continues to operate 2 737-200s. However, there is no information regarding either the future of Rutaca Airlines (5R, Ciudad Bolívar) and its fleet of 737-200s or that of Vensecar Internacional (VEC) and its fleet of 4 727Fs operating for (DHL), is known.

September 2013: Estelar Latinoamerica (ESV) launched its 1st scheduled international operations with 2x-weekly Caracas Simón Bolivar to Curacao flights on August 16. The route is believed to be serviced with 1 of (ESV)'s 4 737-200s. (ESV) also serves Maracaibo and Porlamar domestically. (ESV) has previously already operated international charter services including flights to Curacao.

November 2014: Estelar Latinoamerica (ESV) had its Air Operators Certificate (AOC) suspended by the Venezuelan civil aviation authority Instituto Nacional de Aeronáutica Civil (INAC) on Friday, November 7. (INAC) said that an audit of (ESV)'s operations had revealed grave oversights in its Maintenance, Finance and Operations departments.

January 2015: Estelar Latinoamerica (ESV) is set to resume scheduled operations next month following consultations with the Venezuelan civil aviation authority, the Instituto de Aeronáutica Civil (INAC).

(ESV) said its Quality & Safety, Aircraft Maintenance, and Flight Operations departments all met with their respective counterparts in (INAC) to clear up any lingering concerns about (ESV)'s safety and maintenance oversight procedures.

June 2015: Estelar Latinoamerica (ESV) is on track to resume flights.

(ESV) operates 4 airplanes and serves 2 countries, to 4 destinations, 3 routes and 13 daily flights.

March 2017: 737-33A (27267, YV3322), re-registered (N811QN) to AeroThrust Holdings leased.

May 2018: See photo of Estelar (ESV) 737-33A, YV625T taken by Michael Gonzalez at Caracas Airport, Venezuela for Jetphotos.


Click below for photos:
ESV-737-200 - 2015-06.jpg
ESV-737-33A YV625T 2018-05.jpg

November 2018:

0 737-2B7 (JT8D-15A) (976-22887, /83 N240CD), STORED 2011-12. 127Y.

1 737-2E3 (JT8D-15 AVA3) (811-22703, /81 YV498T), AIRCRAFT TRADING ENTERPRISES 2011-09. 127Y.

1 737-2Y5 (JT8D-17 NOR2 HK) (1523-24031, /88 YV2722 - - SEE PHOTO - - "ESV-737-02Y5-2009-09"), EX-(ALO)/(MLT), EX-(N810AL), AVIATION TECHNOLOGIES LEASED 2009-09. 127Y.

1 737-247 (JT8D-15A NOR3 HK) (1361-23603, /87 YV497T), CELTIC CAPITAL CORPORATION LEASED 2011-07. 127Y.

1 737-329 (CFM56-3B2) (1441-28773, /87 OM-HLA), EX-(DHI)/(SAB), EX-(N773CT), (TCI) LEASED. RETURNED. EX-SEAGLE AIR (CGL) 2013-03. 148Y.

0 737-33A (25010, YV625T, 2018-05; 27267, YV3322), RE-REGISTERED (N811QN) TO AEROTHRUST HOLDINGS LEASING 2017-03. 148Y.



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