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7JetSet7 Code: FGC
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Employees 800
Web: flyglobespan.com
Email: headoffice@globespan.com
Telephone: +44 (131) 441 6115
Fax: +44 (131) 441 5033

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Established in 2002 and started operations in 2003. Scotland's first low-fare, no-frills carrier. dba Globespan Airways Limited. Domestic, regional and international, scheduled, passenger and cargo, jet airplane services.

Colinton House
10 West Mill Road, Colinton
Edinburgh, EH13 ONX, Great Britain

Great Britain (United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland) was established in 1066, it covers an area of 242,432 sq km, its population is 59 million, its capital city is London and its official language is English.

April 2002: 1st flight, Edinburgh - Nice.

November 2002: Initial scheduled and charter, regional operations from Edinburgh to Nice. Plans for service April to November 2003 from Glasgow, Prestwick, to Nice, Palma, Rome, and Malaga (737-300). Also, from Edinburgh, to Palma, Nice, Barcelona, and Malaga.

2 orders (April 2003) 737-300's, Channel Express (CEX), wet-leased.

December 2003: Obtains its own Air Operators Certificate (AOC) by acquiring the assets of the bankrupted Cougar Leasing (CLL).

March 2003: 1 737-3M8 (25041, TF-ELC), Islandsflug (ISF) wet-leased til November 2003, operates for FlyGlobeSpan (FGC). 2 737-330QC's (23522; 23523, TF-ELR), (ISF) wet-leased, operates for FlyGlobeSpan.

April 2003: For FlyGlobeSpan (FGC), Glasgow (Prestwick) - Palma de Mallorca (daily); Edinburgh - Malaga (2/week); Edinburgh - Barcelona (2/week); Edinburgh - Nice (weekly); Glasgow (Abbotsinch) - Palma de Mallorca (weekly). In May 2003, Edinburgh - Palma de Mallorca (weekly).

July 2003: FlyGlobeSpan.com (FGC) in November 2003, Glasgow - Alicante/ - Tenerife (737-300, 2/week).

September 2003: Flygobespan.com (FGC) will move all flights from Prestwick to Glasgow in April 2004, and base 3 737's at this airport.

October 2003: In November 2003, Flyglobespan.com, Glasgow - Malaga (2/week). In April 2004, Glasgow - Barcelona (daily)/Faro (2/week)/Prague (2/week)/Rome (2/week).

December 2003: Flyglobespan in April 2004, Edinburgh - Barcelona (2/week). Edinburgh - Nice (2/week). Edinburgh - Palma de Mallorca (3/week). In May 2004, Edinburgh - Tenerife. Edinburgh - Rome (CIA) (2/week). In June 2004, Edinburgh - Venice (2/week). Edinburgh - Faro (weekly).

February 2004: In March 2003, FlyGlobeSpan (FGC), Belfast - Palma de Mallorca (weekly). In April 2004, Jet2 (JT2), Belfast - Prague (4/week).

2 orders 737-300's (TF-ELM; TF-ELN), Islandsflug (ISF) wet-leased March to October 2004. 2 737-31S's (29266, G-OTDA; 29267, G-GSPN), ex-Deutsche BA (DBA), (GEF) leased, wet-leased to (FGC).

August 2004: Exclusive 3-year time-and-material contract with Snecma Services Brussels for Flyglobespan (FGC)'s (CFM56-3) engines.

October 2004: +3 orders (February 2005) 737-8BK, CIT (TCI) leased.

November 2004: 1 order 737-400, Travel Service (TSF) wet-leased March 2005 to October 2005.

December 2004: 3 orders 737-800's Aviation Partners Boeing (APB)'s blended winglets with 47 options.

March 2005: 737-3M8QC (24021), Islandsflug (ISF) wet-leased.

May 2005: 737-683 (28303, G-CDKT), ex-Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), delivery. Put its 1st blended winglet equipped 737-8Q8 (32841, G-SAAW), (ILF) leased, into service, Glasgow to Las Palmas.

June 2005: Edinburgh & Glasgow to London Stansted (737, 2/day) in direct competition with easyJet (EZY).

October 2005: Flyglobespan (FGC) will expand its activities at London Stansted, with the launch of a daily service to Tenerife November 1 and a daily to Geneva on December 22. Flights to Tenerife will commence initially with a 737-600, then move up to the larger 737-800 from mid-December. The Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) is adding two former (SAS) 737-600s in November and December, bringing its fleet to 12 airplanes.

The Scottish airline, which is wholly owned subsidiary of Edinburgh-based tour operator The Globespan Group, started operating from London Stansted (STN) June 1 with flights to Glasgow and Edinburgh. Some 20,000 passengers flew these two domestic routes in the first three months. "We want to mirror what we have achieved in Scotland in the important London market and we are actively looking at extending our network of fights and services available from Stansted," Managing Director Tom Dalrymple said.

(FGC) will inaugurate nonstop service from Glasgow to Amsterdam on February 10th. The airline will operate 1 daily flight using a 737.

737-683 (28304), Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) leased.

November 2005: Flyglobespan (FGC) will start Scotland's first daily service to Florida next summer (Jun 2nd) with daily flights to Orlando Sanford. "Florida is now such a significant part of the UK holiday market that we had to make it a destination. A daily service is ambitious but it does give us the flexibility which travelers want," Chairman Tom Dalrymple told the Press Association.

December 2005: 737-683 (28305, G-CDRB), Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) leased. 1 order (5/06) 767-300ER.

January 2006: Plans to continue developing short-haul links from Scotland. In March 2006, will start new flights from Edinburgh to Bournmouth and Glasgow to Ibiza. Flyglobespan (FGC) will inaugurate nonstop service from London Stansted to Athens on May 26th. The airline will operate a daily flight using a 737. Later, Flyglobespan (FGC) announced it will pull the plug on its proposed route between Edinburgh and Bournemouth. The airline has also said it will also drop its service to London Stansted from Edinburgh.

American Airlines (AAL) and United Airlines (UAL) are objecting to British Airport Authority (BAA)'s handling of the ongoing fuel shortage situation at London Heathrow caused by the Buncefield oil depot fire last month. The carriers state that (BAA)'s rationing policy is "blatantly discriminatory" because "so-called 'base' carriers at Heathrow, including British Airways (BAB) and Virgin Atlantic (VAA)," are provided with 82% of their fuel requirements for long-haul services, while "so-called 'visiting' carriers," including American (AAL) and United (UAL), receive only 70% of their requirements. As a result, (AAL) and (UAL) have to tanker fuel, resulting in additional expenses of approximately $20,000 per day for American (AAL) and $15,000 per day for United (UAL). Each gallon of fuel tankered across the Atlantic requires about one-third gallons in extra fuel burn. The policy violates the Bermuda 2 bilateral between the USA and UK, the carriers allege, and they have asked the USA Department of Transportation (DOT) to withhold action on an application by Scotland-based Globespan Airways (dba Flyglobespan) (FGC) to operate between the USA and UK until (BAA) changes its policy.

Globespan Group, parent of Scottish Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) flyglobespan (FGC), reported a Fiscal Year (FY) 2005 pre-tax profit of £6.2 million/$10.94 million, a +67.6% improvement over 2004 earnings of £3.7 million, according to media reports. The company's fiscal year ended Oct 31, 2005. Turnover increased from £98 million to £163 million. Flyglobespan (FGC) contributed half of the group's profits, up from +£2 million in 2004, and flew nearly 1.5 million passengers, an increase of approximately +50%. "At Stansted we are proving that the flyglobespan (FGC) model can more than hold its own against all competition and we would look to increase our presence there this year as well as further expanding in Scotland," Chairman Tom Dalrymple was quoted as saying.

February 2006: Flyglobespan (FGC) is planning to inaugurate service from Manchester to Cape Town on November 8th. The airline will operate 3 flights a week with a 767 departing Manchester on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Saturdays, and Cape Town on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Sundays.

March 2006: Flyglobespan (FGC) announced an increase of frequency even before it inaugurates service on the new Edinburgh to Murcia (Spain) route. The airline starts service on the route on April 1st with a weekly Saturday flight and will increase the frequency to daily service on May 1st.

Flyglobespan (FGC) leased a new 737-700 (CFM56-7B24) from ILFC (International Lease Finance Corporation) (ILF) for 10 years. The airplane is scheduled to be delivered in February 2007.

May 2006: Flyglobespan.com (FGC) is an Edinburgh-HQ scottish tour operator under the Globespan Group, with low-fare scheduled, jet airplane services from Glasgow Prestwick, Edinburgh, & London Stansted to holiday destinations in Italy & Spain.

Employees = 500.

(IATA) Code: Y2 - 060. ICAO Code: GSM GLOBESPAN.

Acquired assets of Cougar Leasing (CLL) in 2002 when it entered bankruptcy.

Parent organization/shareholders: Globespan Group (100%).

Main Base: Glasgow International (GLA) & Edinburgh (EDI).

Hub: London Stansted (STN).

International, Scheduled Destinations: Alicante; Barcelona; Malaga; Palma de Mallorca; Prague; & Tenerife.

Scotland’s rapidly expanding low fares airline flyglobespan (FGC) has been named "Airline of the Year 2005" by airport operator (BAA) Scotland. The airline was presented with the award at a ceremony organised by the Scottish Passenger Agents Association. Stephen Baxter, who becomes Managing Director of (BAA) Scotland from next January, said: “Flyglobespan (FGC) was the unanimous choice for (BAA) Scotland Airline of the Year. “The award reflects the airline’s remarkable success over the past twelve months and their continuing commitment to Scotland. In just three years, flyglobespan (FGC) has grown to become one of the biggest and most popular airlines, operating in Scotland and now serves – at the last count – 19 destinations from Glasgow and Edinburgh. “With further expansion planned in 2006, flyglobespan (FGC) is a true Scottish success story.”
Flyglobespan Chairman, Tom Dalrymple was delighted with the award. “It is obvious from our passenger numbers that the Scottish public likes the flyglobespan (FGC) model and it is very pleasing to receive this recognition from within the industry. “We look forward to working closely with (BAA) Scotland in the future and offering more routes and exciting destinations to our customers."

Flyglobespan (FGC) has leased a used 767-300ER from ILFC (ILF). The airplane is scheduled to be delivered in October 2006. Flyglobespan (FGC) will add seven Boeing airplanes, nearly doubling its current fleet of one 767 and nine 737s, with an eye toward expanding its long-haul services, according to press reports. The Edinburgh-based Low Cost Carrier (LCC) will lease two more 767s, two 757s and three 737s. "We would like to be recognized as Scotland's national airline. Our drive is to develop a network to match that aspiration," Chairman, Tom Dalrymple told The Scotsman, mentioning New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco as possible USA destinations along with the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa and the Middle East.

"To fly each of the new 767s alone, we will need to train up to seven different crews. That works out at 14 pilots (FC) and 70 cabin crewmembers (CA)," Dalrymple said. "Multiply those numbers for the new airplanes, which will be arriving in the future, and you begin to get a true scale of the employment opportunities we are creating." He also said the carrier is looking into establishing its first codeshare agreement next month.

Flyglobespan (FGC) will launch its first transatlantic service, to Orlando Sanford, on June 2, according to its website. It plans to operate a Manchester - Cape Town flight from November. Meanwhile, it will abandon its 737-800 Glasgow - Amsterdam service June 5, owing to low traffic. It started the route March 24, and recently reduced frequency from daily to four-times-weekly.

June 2006: Flyglobespan (FGC) discontinued service from Glasgow to Amsterdam on June 5th. The airline claimed low passenger bookings on the route. The daily 737-800 flight had already been reduced to 4x a week. Flyglobespan (FGC) does have expansion on its agenda, its Chairman mentions possible service to New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa and the Middle East. Flyglobespan will inaugurate nonstop service from Manchester to Toronto on November 3rd. The airline will operate 1 flight a week on Fridays using a 767. Plans to launch flights from Manchester to Cape Town in South Africa later in the year.

Flyglobespan (FGC) announced plans to nearly double the number of airplanes it operates. Currently in the fleet are 1 767 and 9 737s. The airline plans on leasing 2 767s, 2 757s and 3 737s.

July 2006: Flyglobespan (FGC) will inaugurate nonstop service from Liverpool to Newark on May 25th, operating a daily flight using a 757-200. Flyglobespan (FGC) will resume nonstop service from Edinburgh to Prague on November 2nd, operating 3 flights a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.

August 2006: Flyglobespan (FGC) will launch daily Liverpool - Newark service on May 25, 2007.

2 orders (3 & 11/07) 737-800, (ILF) leased.

September 2006: Flyglobespan (FGC) will operate seasonal summer service from Doncaster's Robin Hood Airport to Toronto from May 1st through October 30th 2007, operating a weekly flight on Tuesdays using a 757-200.

October 2006: Flyglobespan (FGC) announced it is changing airports for its upcoming New York service. Instead of the plan of operating into Newark, the airline will now operate its daily Liverpool to New York flight into (JFK) starting on May 25th. On the same date, the airline will inaugurate a daily nonstop service from Glasgow to Boston's Logan International Airport. All flights will use 757-200s.

Flyglobespan (FGC) has announced 6 new routes for Aberdeen for the summer 2007. In addition to Tenerife service, which will operate this winter, the airline will add service to half a dozen destinations as follows:
From Aberdeen to:
Alicante, starting April 27th, on Mondays & Fridays;
Barcelona, starting April 29th, on Thursdays & Sundays;
Faro, starting April 28th, on Wednesdays & Saturdays;
Murcia, starting April 29th, on Wednesdays & Sundays;
Palma, starting April 28th, on Mondays, Thursdays, & Saturdays;
Paphos, starting May 1st, on Tuesdays.
All flights will use 737s.

February 2007: 737-7Q8 (30710, G-MSJF), delivery. 767-319ER (29388, G-CDPT), wet-leased to Air-India (AIN) for Hadj.

March 2007: Flyglobespan (FGC) earned a pre-tax profit of +£4.7 million in the fiscal year ended October 31, down -24.2% from a +£6.2 million pre-tax profit in the prior year, according to the Scottish Low Cost Carrier (LCC)'s annual report cited by The Herald. The drop largely was the result of a £2.7 million charge related to airplane acquisition. The airline intends to operate 13 737s, three 757s and five 767s by year end, Chairman, Tom Dalrymple said. Fiscal Year (FY) revenue rose +27% to £208 million and operating profit fell -5.7% to +£5.2 million. Passenger boardings grew +25.4% to 1.8 million.

April 2007: Starts Aberdeen - Alicante, - Barcelona, - Faro, - Murcia, & - Palma de Mallorca, using 737s.

May 2007: Starts Aberdeen - Paphos; Durham Tees - Ibiza; Edinburgh - Pula; Glasgow - Athens; using 737s; Glasgow - Boston; Liverpool - New York (JFK); using 757-200s; Birmingham - Hamilton; Doncaster - Hamilton; Exeter - Hamilton; Glasgow - Calgary, - Vancouver; London Gatwick (LGW) - Calgary, - Vancouver; Knock - (JFK), - Boston; Liverpool - Hamilton; Manchester - Vancouver; Newcastle - Hamilton; using 767s. Starting July 5th, Durham Tees - Pula, using 737s. Starting November 2nd, Edinburgh - Tenerife, using 737s; Manchester - Cape Town, using 767s. Starting November 4th, Durham Tees - LKanzarote, using 737s; Manchester - Johannesburg, using 767s.

737-7Q8 (30687, G-SEFC), (ILF) leased.

June 2007: Airports in the UK returned to normal following the recent "terrorist" attack at Glasgow's Terminal 1, although London Stansted reportedly faced temporary closure last night while part of Heathrow was evacuated briefly Sunday owing to suspicious packages and the country's security alert level remained on "critical." The British Airports Authority (BAA) said that its seven UK airports were operating as normal with a full schedule of flights, while Glasgow (GLA) said it was "back in business and the majority of flights are now operating normally," adding that "some delays and cancellations may arise." (GLA) was due to handle 35,000 departing and arriving passengers on the first business day, although the forecourt remains a crime scene and is closed to all vehicles. Forecourt restrictions remain in place at all (BAA) airports. As of last night, a total of eight suspects reportedly were being held in relation to the failed attacks in central London and at (GLA), where a Jeep Cherokee loaded with gas cylinders was driven into the terminal doors.

Meantime, the USA Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) said there was "nothing to suggest" that the incidents in the UK constituted an increased threat to USA facilities, but that "many airports and mass transit systems in the USA are increasing their security presence as a precaution." (DHS) Secretary, Michael Chertoff said in a statement that the USA government has been in touch with UK officials and has met regarding the incidents, but "we have no plans at this time to change the national threat level." He said that during the July 4 holiday period, (DHS) will increase security at airports and other transportation facilities. "Some of these measures will be visible, others will not," he said.

2 737-8BK (29643, G-CEJO; 29646, G-CEJP), CIT Group (TCI) leased.

December 2007: 757-28A (26276, G-CEJM), ferried from Lasham to Glasgow.

June 2008: Flyglobespan (FGC) launched weekly, Dublin - Vancouver. The service will run through September.

November 2008: According to "The Scotsman" Flyglobespan (FGC)'s fiscal year ending October 2008 resulted in a "wee" profit of +$2 million.

(FGC) has a fleet of 10 737s, 1 757, and 3 767s.

December 2008: The UK Competition Commission (CC) "confirmed" that it will require British Airports Authority (BAA) to sell both London Gatwick (LGW) and London Stansted (STN), setting the stage for a breakup of the airport operator's control of London's airports for which UK airlines long have pushed. The ruling, which follows earlier (CC) provisional reports that pointed toward the breakup, is subject to "final consultation," but is almost certain to be issued formally in late February/early March. It also calls for (BAA) to sell Edinburgh. The airport operator, a subsidiary of Grupo Ferrovial, will be allowed to retain London Heathrow (LHR) and three other UK airports. It already has put (LGW) up for sale in anticipation of the (CC) ruling.

Christopher Clarke, the (CC)'s (BAA) inquiry Chairman, said, "The most effective way to introduce competition . . . is to require the three London airports and the two principal Scottish airports to be separately owned . . . Under separate ownership, the airport operators, including (BAA), will have a much greater incentive to be far more responsive to their customers, both airlines and passengers."
He added that the (CC) also will make recommendations to the UK Department for Transport "on a more effective, and ultimately more flexible, system of airport regulation." These will include a call to "adopt a license-based regime of economic regulation for airport owners to give the regulator more ability to intervene flexibly when necessary on issues such as performance and adequate financing. The license should impose a set of duties on the operator of (LHR)." (BAA) CEO, Colin Matthews questioned the finding, saying, "We do not believe that [the (CC)] has set out compelling evidence to support its view that [separate ownership] will increase competition, and we remain concerned that its proposed remedies may actually delay the introduction of new runway capacity." Airlines welcomed the finding. "The (CC) recognizes the unacceptable levels of service that passengers and airline customers have had to put up with for years," Virgin Atlantic Airways (VAA) stated.

EasyJet (EZY) CEO, Andy Harrison warned, however, that the breakup and proposed regulatory changes "can only address part of the problem," adding, "The simple fact is that airports like (LGW) are a monopoly and simply changing the ownership will not change that fact . . . Any new owner of (LGW) will have to pay a full price and will have every incentive to exploit the weaknesses of UK airport regulation with air passengers having to pick up the bill."

January 2009: Flyglobespan (FGC) will operate a weekly seasonal Glasgow International - Halifax flight starting in late May.

1 order (February 2009) 767-306ER, (ILF) 5 year leased. 737-683 (28303), to Midwest Airlines (MWA) as (SU-MWC).

December 2009: Flyglobespan (FGC) collapsed and was forced to file for bankruptcy, when promised injection of funds failed to materialize. (FGC), along with tour operator Globespan, said that a major funding package from Jersey-based Halcyon Investments was imminent. But it did not occur. Globespan Group employs around 800 people and operates 10 airplanes, according to administrators at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

"Despite difficult trading conditions, (FGC) has successfully implemented a number of steps to refine operations and focus on core profitable business. Unfortunately, a lack of confidence in the sector following the demise of other airlines resulted in a reduction of liquidity," (PwC) said. "The directors have sought to overcome this . . . by seeking additional funding from a third party in recent weeks, but this has ultimately been unsuccessful. The directors have therefore concluded with regret that the business can no longer continue to operate." A "majority" of the workforce will be laid off, (PwC) added. Last January, Globespan said it planned to report a +£1.2 million/+$2 million profit for the fiscal year ended October 31, 2008, reversed from a -£19 million deficit the prior year. It carried 1.6 million passengers in 2008, down -20% year-over-year, according to UK (CAA) data. Load factor was 79.6% LF. It had committed to two 787 Dreamliners ordered by (ILFC) (ILF).


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December 2009:

0 737-3M8 (CFM56-3B2) (2024-25041, /91 TF-ELC), (CEX) & (ISF) WET-LSD 2003-03. RTND. 142Y.

1 737-3M8QC (CFM56-3B2) (1630-24021, /88 TF-ELM), (ISF) WET-LSD 2005-03. 142Y OR F.

1 737-3Q8QC (CFM56-3B2) (1375-23766, /87 TF-ELN), (ISF) WET-LSD. 142Y/F.

2 737-31S (CFM56-3C1) (3092-29266, /99 G-OTDA; 3093-29267, /99 G-GSPN), EX-(DBA), (GEF) LSD 2004-02, (CEX) WET-LST. 148Y.

0 737-330QC (CFM56-3B1) (1246-23522, /86 TF-ELP; 1271-23523, /86 G-CELR), (CEX) & (ISF) WET-LSD 2003-03. RTND. 142Y.

0 737-4YO (CFM56-3) (1647-23870, /88 OK-TVR), EX-(BMA), (TSF) WET-LSD 2005-03 TO 2005-10. RTND.

2 737-683 (CFM56-7B20) (243-28302, /99 G-CDKD, 2005-05; 257-28303, /99 G-CDKT, 2005-05; 270-28304, G-CDRA, 2005-10; 290-28305, G-CDRB, 2005-12), (SAS) LSD. 28302; RTND & LST EASTAR JET (EJS) 2008-10. 28303; TO (MWA) 2009-01. 123Y.

3 737-7Q8 (CFM56-7B24) (30687, G-SEFC; 2088-30710, G-MSJF, 2007-02; 2252-30687, G-SEFC, 2007-05), (ILF) 10 YR LSD. 148Y.

3 737-8BK (CFM56-7B27) (2303-29643, G-CEJO, 2007-07; 2282-29646, G-CEJP 2007-07 - - SEE PHOTO - - "FGC-737-8BK-2009-05;" 1672-33022, /05 G-CDEG), (TCI) LSD. 29646; RF WET-LST (OMR) 2009-05. WINGLETS. 189Y.

2 737-8Q8 (CFM56-7B27) (1693-30040, /05 G-DLCH; 1705-32841, /05 G-SAAW), (ILF) 10 YR LSD. WITH WINGLETS. 189Y.

0 757-28A (RB211-535E4) (704-26276, /96 G-CEJM "SOLDIS"), (ILF) LSD TIL 2004-03, BF (ICE) 2007-12, EX-(TF-FIK). 26276; TO MINT AIRWAYS 2009-05. 16C, 173Y.

2 767-3YOER (PW4060) (474-26205, /93 CS-TLQ), (ILF) LSD. 26205; EX-(MAE), WET-LST (AIN) 2006-11. 24F, 57C, 153Y.

1 767-306ER, (ILF) 5 YR LSD 2009-02.

1 767-319ER (CF6-80C2B6F) (785-29388, /00 G-CDPT), WET-LST (AIN) FOR HADJ 2007-02. RF (AUX) 2009-06. 24F, 60C, 162Y.







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