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7JetSet7 Code: FLI
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Employees 182
Web: atlantic.fo
Email: atlantic@atlantic.fo
Telephone: +298 34 10 00
Fax: +298 34 10 01

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FLI-2015-12 - Update-E.jpg
FLI-ROUTE MAP - 2013-11

Formed in 1987 and started operations in 1988. Domestic, regional, & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo jet airplane services.

Vagar Airport
FO-380 Soevagur, Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a largely self-governing province of Denmark. The Faroe Islands are located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean (situated NW of Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway).

February 2006: Atlantic Airways (FLI) of the Faroe Islands signed a contract for 1 firm A319, scheduled to deliver in 2011, plus 1 option. It currently flies B Ae 146s.

May 2008: Employees = 177.

March 2009: Atlantic Airways (FLI) in 2008 had its 14th consecutive annual profit of +DKK15.3 million/+$2.7 million), down -35.7% from +DKK23.8 million in 2007, as passenger numbers jumped +65% to 593,113. However, it warned of possible trouble (and layoffs) as economic turbulence reached its icy shores. Some charter flying it does for (SAS) will also end. (FLI) which marked its 20th year in 2008, saw revenue rise +1.5% to DKK546.8 million. (FLI) projected a "reduction in activity" in 2009 owing to the economic downturn.

June 2009: Atlantic Airways (FLI) earned a pre-tax profit of +DKK14 million/+$2.6 million in the 1st quarter, reversed from a -DKK2.5 million loss in the year-ago period. The Faroese flag carrier reported a -9.8% year-over-year fall in revenue to DKK101 million but cut its costs by -11.8%. Scheduled passenger numbers have dropped -8% in the year's 1st 4 months. (FLI) currently operates BAe 146s and plans to acquire A319s beginning in 2011.

(FLI) selected the (CFM56-5B) to power the A319 it ordered in 2008. It is scheduled to take delivery in 2011.

August 2010: Atlantic Airways (FLI) has already retired 1 of its 2 remaining B Ae 146-200s and is planning to phase out the 2nd airplane of the type by the end of the summer season 2011.

March 2011: (STG) Aerospace received a fleet-fit order from Atlantic Airways (FLI) for its Wireless Emergency Primary Power System for (FLI)'s Avro RJ fleet.

August 2011: Atlantic Airways (FLI) is the national airline of the Faroe Islands, operating domestic helicopter services and international passenger jet airplane flights to Billand, Copenhagen, and Reykjavik and seasonal services to destinations including Aberdeen, London, Oslo, Stavanger, and between London and Shetland. Charter services are also flown.

Employees = 157.

(IATA) Code: RC - 767. (ICAO) Code: FLI - (Callsign - FAROELINE).

Parent organization/shareholders: Government of the Faroe Islands (66%); & others (34%).

Alliances: Air Iceland.

Frequent Flier Program: EuroBonus (from partner (SAS)).

Main Base: Vagar Airport (Faroe Islands) (FAE).

Hubs: Copenhagen Kastrup airport (CPH); & Stavanger airport (SVG).

Destinations: Aelborg; Bergen; Billund; London City; and Reykjavik.

September 2011: The flight operations consulting services of Quovadis will be used in a challenging new setting with the Airbus (EDS) subsidiary’s selection to design Required Navigation Performance (RNP) approach procedures for Atlantic Airways (FLI), the flag carrier of the Faroe Islands.

Quovadis is tasked with establishing (RNP) procedures with accuracy better than 0.3 nautical miles (representing the 1st to be implemented in Europe) which will safely improve operational efficiency at Atlantic Airways (FLI)’s hub, Vágar Airport, where surrounding terrain and local meteorological conditions make operations difficult.

Navigation Performance procedures allow airplanes to fly precisely along a predefined route using on-board navigation systems and the Ground Proximity System (GPS)-based global navigation satellite system enabling higher efficiency and enhanced safety. By improving the (RNP) accuracy to >0.3 nautical miles on the approach, these procedures can bring the airplane to a low decision altitude, aligned with the runway and away from turbulence areas.

“Atlantic Airways (FLI) decided to implement the most advanced technology to serve the interest of its operations best and to take full advantage of its A319 airplane capabilities,” said Quovadis (CEO) Paul Franck Bijou. “Quovadis is very glad to support this highly qualified (FLI) team.”

The design and implementation of such (RNP) procedures also will enhance the future service entry of (FLI)’s A319, which is scheduled for March 2012.

“Having Quovadis work on these procedures with our team and colleagues from the Danish Transport Authority this year is the best way for us to prepare the arrival of the [A319],” said Magni Arge (CEO) of (FLI). “Quovadis’ expertise in flight operations and in Performance Based Navigation is a perfect fit with our needs.”

November 2011: Atlantic Airways (FLI), the national carrier of the Faroe Islands, posted a profit before tax of +DKK27.4 million/+$5 million in the 1st 9 months of 2011, up +166% from a +DKK 10.3 million pre-tax profit earned in the year-ago period.

The strong profit increase was achieved despite a small -6% decline of its 3rd-quarter profit before tax to +DKK17.9 million from a +DKK 19 million pre-tax profit earned in the year-ago period. It cited higher fuel costs and a lower contribution from offshore activity in Faroese waters compared to a year earlier. 3rd-quarter revenue was DKK134 million, unchanged compared to the same period in 2010.

(FLI) (CEO) Magni Arge said the 3rd-quarter result “confirms a continued stable development during the year, with much-improved airplane utilization based mainly on improved sales of block hours in the (ACMI) wet-lease and charter segment, but also due to higher load factors and passenger numbers on scheduled services and a stabilized helicopter segment.”

Arge reaffirmed (FLI)’s commitment to growth in 2012, when it is scheduled to take delivery of its 1st A319. “The new A319 opens up for new direct routes from Faroe Islands to destinations like Spain.”

(FLI) deploys an all-jet fleet of B Ae 146s to link the islands with neighboring countries, including Denmark, Iceland and Norway. It also operates charter contracts throughout northern and central Europe and operates local helicopter services within the 18 Faeroe Islands.

March 2012: Atlantic Airways (FLI) has taken delivery of its A319-115 (5079, OY-RCG - SEE PHOTO - "FLI-2012-03 - A319-115") as part of its plan to increase its capacity, becoming Airbus (EDS)’s newest operator, equipped with (CFM) engines.

The A319 is configured in a single economy class layout with 144Y seats. All passengers will benefit from state-of-art mood lighting and drop-down screens throughout the cabin. It will be deployed on the route from Faroe Islands to Copenhagen, Denmark. It will also add a new route to Barcelona from June. (FLI) also operates 1 Avro RJ-100 and 2 Avro RJ-85s.

The A319 will operate at Vágar Airport, which is known for having poor visibility due to extreme weather conditions. To ease approach procedures into Vágar Airport, Atlantic Airways (FLI) has chosen Quovadis for flight operations consultancy services to design the 1st European Required Navigation Performance – Authorization Required (RNP-AR) procedures. (RNP-AR) represents the most modern navigation technique, allowing the airplane to fly precisely along a predefined route using on-board navigation systems and the (GPS)-based ‘Global Navigation Satellite System’ (GNSS).

Magni Arge (CEO) of Atlantic Airways (FLI), said: “We selected the A319 as our future platform having evaluated various alternatives. To provide us with optimal performance and range we have chosen the most powerful (CFM) engines for the A319. This 1 airplane contract, even if small in size will have a significant input on our islands’ tourism and trade. We are proud to present Atlantic Airways (FLI)'s brand-new A319 on the occasion of (FLI)'s 24th birthday”.

June 2012: Atlantic Airways (FLI) launched the 1st non-stop route ever between Vagar (FAE) and the Mediterranean as (FLI) began operating once a week to Barcelona (BCN) on 17 June. The operation is possible thanks to the runway extension at Vagar and the delivery of the A319 to (FLI).

October 2012: Thales (THL) announced that Atlantic Airways (FLI) has selected the package of Thales Avionics equipment and cockpit technologies for installation on its A319.

The selected equipment consists of Alternate Supplier Furnished Equipment (SFE) and Buyer Furnished Equipment (BFE) for which (FLI) chose Thales (THL) against other vendors.

Under the terms of this selection, (THL) has equipped the (FLI) airplane with the new generation dual Flight Management System (FMS), the new Digital Head Up Displays System (D-HUDS) installed in Captain side, the latest integrated (ACSS) surveillance suite including (TCAS), (TAWS) and Transponder functions, Low-Range Radio-Altimeters (LRRA), Pitot Probes and Angle Of Attack sensors, and Kannad’s Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT).

This avionics package will allow Atlantic Airways (FLI) to perform low Required Navigation Performance (RNP) approaches and landings at VAGAR airport (EKVG), Faroe Islands.

July 2013: Atlantic Airways (FLI) began weekly, Faroe Islands to Milan Malpensa, A319 service.

November 2013: SEE ATTACHED - - "FLI-2013-11 - UPDATE-A/B/C/D/E/F/G."

December 2013: Atlantic Airways (FLI) begins 2x-weekly, Faroe Islands to London Stansted summer service on June 5.

February 2014: Atlantic Airways (FLI), the national airline of the Faroe Islands, will re-acquire the 33% of its shares that were sold to the public in 2006. As the Faroese government owns the rest of the shares, the move will effectively mean the re-nationalization of (FLI).

The Faroes are an archipelago in the North Atlantic, approximately halfway between Iceland and the northern coast of the UK. The island group is a Danish possession, although it has wide-ranging autonomy in governmental affairs.

The airline’s board has offered to buy back the privately held shares for a total consideration of DKK 71 million/$13 million.

The Faroese government had originally hoped to privatize Atlantic Airways (FLI). However, having successfully disposed of an initial 33% tranche to investors, an offer to sell a 2nd 33% slice became mired in the global financial downturn.

Atlantic Airways (FLI) Chairman Niels Mortensen said the company had effectively become trapped in a no-man’s land, being neither fully privately or publicly owned. The situation for private investors was also difficult, as there was no market in the airline’s equity: “They couldn’t get out of the shares,” he said.

Mortensen said the buy-back might affect (FLI)’s profit margins in the short term. It is conditional on the Faroese parliament amending the previous act to privatize (FLI).

The Chairman did not rule out a future privatization when market conditions were more favorable: “Perhaps at a later date they can sell [the airline] again. That’s up to the politicians.”

Atlantic Airways (FLI) flies 3 Airbus A319-100s; its sole remaining Avro RJ100 is about to be dry leased to Sweden’s Malmö Aviation (TSW) for a period of between 17 and 30 months from August.

Dublin Aerospace (DAS) has been selected to carry out a "C" check on an Atlantic Airways (FLI) Airbus A319.

May 2014: 1 A319 to be leased to (WOW) Air, Iceland.

June 2014: Atlantic Airways (FLI) began 2x-weekly, summer London Stansted to Faroe Islands service.

January 2015: News Item A-1: Atlantic Airways (FLI), national airline carrier of the Faroe Islands, was approved by the Danish Transport Authorities to operate the world’s 1st Required Navigation Performance – Authorization Required (RNP AR) approach with a transition to the instrument landing system (ILS) and a Missed Approach in (RNP AR) 0.1 procedure at Vágar Airport. (FLI) presented the approach at the Airbus (EDS) ProSky Regional Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Seminar.

Following the great success of entry into service (EIS) of 3 Airbus 319s, coupled with the 1st (RNP AR) 0.1 procedures in Europe (in partnership with Airbus ProSky (formerly Quovadis)) Atlantic Airways (FLI) continues to enhance operations in low visibility conditions and reduce the decision height.

In order to optimize regularity of flight operations and enhance safety, (FLI) decided to investigate improvements in weather minima on Runway 30. Along with the Danish Transport Authorities, it has published new procedures combining the existing (ILS) approach followed by an (RNP AR) 0.1 curved missed approach.

The aim of combining performance-based navigation and (ILS) is to maximize the 2 technologies: the quality and comfort of a precision approach combined with a missed approach designed in (RNP AR) 0.1 allowing a significant reduction of the weather minima thanks to an accurate and reliable guiding system modification.

“Thanks to the new procedure, the weather minima compared to the conventional (ILS) have dropped by 225 feet (and the (RNP) to (ILS) approach is fully managed, under the auto pilot mode, without any offset issues and with a seamless transition from the (RNP AR) Approach to the (ILS) mode),” explained Senior Captain Jóhan Í Niðristovu, Project Manager.

Prior to publication, in order to demonstrate the validity of the procedure, Airbus ProSky, the Danish Transport Authorities and Atlantic Airways (FLI), performed intensive testing in the flight simulator, assessing airplane behaviors on nominal and non-nominal operations.

Paul-Franck Bijou, (CEO) of Airbus ProSky, remarked, “It is our goal to support our partners in benefiting from the most advanced technologies to improve daily operations. The project is a success thanks to the close collaboration of all stakeholders.”

News Item A-2: 2014 Passengers: 349,827. 2014 Load Factor = 71% LF.

Destinations: Aalborg, Aarhus, Aberdeen, Barcelona, Bergen, Billund, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, London, Milan, Narsarsuao, Oslo, Reykjavik, Stavanger, Stockholm, Sumburgh, and Vagar.

November 2015: "Green Light for St Helena Link."

New start-up, Atlantic Star Airlines based at London Luton plans to launch flights to the UK British Overseas Territory of St Helena.

An agreement has been arranged with TUIFly (TUG) to operate flights on its behalf. However, St Helena Airport is still not completely ready for operations. Optimistically, operations may be OK by May 2016.

December 2015: See update - "FLI-2015-12 - Update A/B/C/D/E."

December 2016: Atlantic Airways (FLI), the national carrier of the Faroe Islands, has taken delivery of its 1st Airbus A320-214 (7465, OY-RCJ) as part of its plan to increase capacity, becoming Airbus’ newest operator of the type. The 168-seat aircraft which is equipped with (CFM) engines will be deployed on routes from the Faroe Islands to Copenhagen.


Click below for photos:
FLI-A319 - 2012-03

October 2018:

1 A319-112 (2186, OY-RCH), EX-(9H-AEJ), EX-(MLT) 2013-05. 144Y.

1 A319-112 (3905, OY-RCI), EX-(SX-OAJ). 144Y.

1 +1 ORDER A319-115 (CFM56-5B6/3) (5079, OY-RCG - SEE PHOTO - "FLI-2012-03 - A319-115"), 2012-03. 144Y.

1 A320-214 (CFM) (7465, OY-RCJ SEE PHOTO), 2016-12. (SAS) OPERATIONS 2018-08. 168Y.

1 B AE AVRO 146-RJ85 (LF507-1F) (E2233, /93 OY-RCE), 2007-11. WET-LEASED TO AEROVIAS (DAP). 94Y.

1 B AE AVRO 146-RJ85 (LF507-1F) (E2235, /93 OY-RCD), KALIDAS LEASED 2007-09. 82Y.

1 B AE AVRO 146-RJ100 (LF507-1F) (E3357, /99 OY-RCC), 2005-10. LEASED TO MALMO AVIATION (TSW) (2014-08). 97Y.

0 B AE 146-200A (ALF502R-5) (E2045, /85 OY-RCA; E2075, /87 OY-CRG), RETIRED. 83Y.

0 B AE 146-200 (ALF502R-5) (E2094, /87 OY-RCB), RETURNED. 83Y.

0 B AE 146-200 (ALF502R-5) (E2115, /88 OY-RCW), B AE LEASED 2005-04. RETURNED. 96Y.

1 AW139 (31492, OY-HIW), EX-(G-OAGB), (CHC) SCOTIA LEASED.

2 BELL 412HP (PT6T-3) (36069, /93 OY-HSJ; 36133, /96 OY-HSR), AIR TAXI.


Click below for photos:
FLI-1-MAGNI ARGE - 2013-11






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