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7JetSet7 Code: FLT
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Employees 240
Web: flightline.ltd.uk
Email: operations@flightline.ltd.uk
Telephone: +44 1702 54 30 00
Fax: +44 1702 54 77 78

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Formed in 1989 and started operations in 1990. Formed to specialise in the purchase and sale of executive airplanes, together with the operation and maintenance services for its own and customers airplanes at Southend Airport. Started jet airplane operations in 1992 operation on behalf of undependent tour operator, PalmAir from Bournemouth until 1999. International, charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

Viscount House
Southend Airport
Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 6YF, Great britain

Flightline (FLT) is one of the success stories of British civil aviation. From modest beginnings, the company has grown in a decade to a level where it now operates ten B Ae 146 airplanes and one MD-83. The company works as a subcontractor for some of the finest airlines in the world including Lufthansa (DLH), British Airways (BAB), Aer Lingus (ARL), and Air France (AFA). It is currently flying daily scheduled services on behalf of Qantas (QAN) between Manchester and Heathrow airports. Flightline (FLT) is also involved as a primary contractor to the oil industry providing air services from Aberdeen to service North Sea installations. The airline launched a VIP product offering a 48-seat luxury airplane similar to that operated in the United Kingdom by the royal flight.

Under the management of Alan Trotter the company has three divisions: Aircraft Trading; the airline; and a substantial Engineering business. All the company's activities are headquartered at London Southend Airport.

Flightline (FLT) was formed in April 1989 to specialise in two activities: firstly, the purchase and sale of executive airplanes and secondly, the operation of a small fleet of its own airplanes. At inception, Flightline (FLT)'s own fleet comprised Embraer Bandeirante and Beech King Air airplanes.

From it's beginning, Flightline (FLT) provided, using its own staff, maintenance services both for its own use and for third party customers. The company's airplanes were initially operated under contract for Royal Mail, Parcel Force and (UPS), together with ad-hoc passenger charter flights.

The Company was granted U K Air Operators Certificate (AOC) number GB1258 and European Class B Operating Licence for the commercial operation in March 1992. Building on its success, the company expanded into jet airplanes under the direction of Gareth Evans who joined the company to manage this activity.

The B Ae 146 was added to the Company's (AOC) and a European Class A Operating Licence was obtained. Jet operations commenced in March 1993 with the acquisition of a B Ae 146-300 airplanes.

At the start of jet services, the B Ae 146 airplanes operated a series of flights on behalf one of the UK's largest independent tour operator Palmair which is a wholly owned subsidiary of R E Bath Travel Service. The airplane was based at Bournemouth and operated charter flights to Mediterranean destinations in the summer, and ski flights, in addition to some "sun" destinations, during the winter. In March 1997, Palmair Flightline, the Bournemouth based operation, was voted the "5th best Airline in the World" in a survey carried out by the Holiday 'Which' magazine.

In early 1994 the jet operation expanded further with the addition of a second B Ae 146, for a Swiss tour operator, Falcon Travel. The airplane was based in Zurich and operated to England 365 days a year. During December 1996, further expansion was brought about with the addition of a third airplane to the company's jet fleet. This airplane, a B Ae-200 series airplane, is still operated on ad-hoc and medium-term (ACMI) wet-lease contract work for European airlines. Having established itself as a competent and cost-effective operator, the company was able to grow organically over the next five-year period.

The Flightline (FLT) concept is to provide the management expertise, operational know-how, and full financial cost reporting for its clients, providing them with airline services without the complexities involved in the formation and operation of their own airline. Flightline (FLT) expanded its "branded wet-lease" operation substantially in the late 1990s. A contract from Air Malta (MLT) subsidiary, Azzurra Air (AZR), was instrumental. At this time Flightline (FLT)'s aircraft were involved in a large number of short-term wet-lease operations for numerous UK and European scheduled airlines.

As the company grew, Flightline (FLT) was awarded contracts with Swissair (SWR) and Lufthansa (DLH) to operate main line scheduled services. Swissair (SWR)'s operation included the launch of Swissair Express and involved operating Zurich to Stansted, followed by Zurich to Manchester.

Major expansion took place in October 1999, when Flightline (FLT) obtained a major contract to support Swissair (SWR), a contract that was executed very successfully until the demise of Swissair (SWR). The other divisions within the Flightline (FLT) group have simultaneously expanded. In April 1994, the Engineering division was granted JAR 145 approval for airplane maintenance. During 1995, the Engineering division moved to a 17,000 sq ft, purpose built hangar at London Southend Airport. This division has been most successful in obtaining third-party maintenance work. The JAR approval has recently been expanded to include heavy jet equipment.

Flightline (FLT) was granted a contract in 2002 to serve the Integrated Oil Consortium to operate 3 airplanes in support of the oil industry based in Aberdeen. This contract was renewed in early 2004.

Flightline (FLT) employs some 240 staff, many of which have been with the Company since the commencement of jet operations.

British Airline Management (BAM) was set up by Flightline (FLT) in July 2001 to established itself as an international wet-leasing and consultancy company outside of the (JAA) area. Since its inception (BAM) has worked for a number of third world carriers and within the (EU) its customers include British International Helicopters, Jet2 (JT2), dba (DBA), Air Foyle (FOY), Flyjet (FJT) and European Aviation Air Charter (EUL).

(BAM) has been involved in setting-up a new VIP airline in Kuwait for the AL Watan Group for operations within the Middle East.

March 2007: 1st UK-registered MD-83 delivery - see photo. Certification work was carried out at Nottingham East Midlands airport.

July 2007: MNG Technic (IST) signed agreements with Ukraine operator UM Air (UKM) for a "C" check on a DC-9 and with British operator Flightline (FLT) for an MD-83 "C" check.

February 2008: Swiss (CSR) signed several (ACMI) wet-lease contracts for its upcoming summer schedule. (DLH) regional partner, Contact Air will operate flights from Zurich to Warsaw, Venice and Stuttgart using F 100s, while Helvetic Airways will fly F 100s for (CSR) to Budapest, Manchester, Birmingham, and Brussels. UK-based, Flightline will fly Zurich - Prague.

March 2008: MNG Technic (IST) will perform "C" checks on Air Slovakia (SLO)'s single 737 and 757 as well as UK charter carrier Flightline (FLT)'s only MD-83. Work will begin this month.

October 2008: Flightline (FLT) has introduced a revised corporate livery - - SEE ATTACHED PHOTO - - "FLT-MD-83-OCT08."

November 2008: Flightline (FLT) operates ad-hoc, contract passenger and freight charter flights from its base at Southend Airport, and also provides (VIP) flights, airplane sales and maintenance services. Subservices are flown for many European airlines as required. Four B Ae 146s (E2016; E2023; E2025; & E2048), are based in Aberdeen and are operated on behalf of Integrated Aviation Consortium (IAC), who are a group of oil companies contracting the flights.

Employees = 240.


Parent organization/shareholders: British Airline Management (100%).

Main Base: London Southend Airport (SEN).


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FLT-B AE 146

September 2009:

2 MD-83 (JT8D-219) (1643-49790, /89 G-FLTL, 2/07; 2047-49966, /93 G-FLTK, 5/07), MAP EXECUTIVE FLIGHTSERVICE LSD. 49790; TO (UBD) 2009-06. 170Y.

1 MD-83 (JT8D-219) (1731-53052, /90 G-FLTM), PLANE BUSINESS LSD 2007-06. IN "AVIAJET" COLORS. 170Y.

3 B AE 146-200 (ALF502R-5) (E2016*, /84 G-DEFM; E2025*, /84 G-TBIC; E2048*, /85 G-FLTA), 100Y.

3 B AE 146-200 (ALF502R-5) (E2022, /84 G-DEBE; E2023*, /84 G-CLHD; E2024, /84 G-FLTB), 93Y.

1 B AE 146-200 (ALF502R-5) (E2042, /85 G-G-FLTD), IN ALL WHITE COLORS. 99Y.

1 B AE 146-200 (ALF502R-5) (E2047, /85 G-OZRH), IN ALL WHITE COLORS. 95Y.

1 B AE 146-300 (ALF502R-5) (E3126, /89 G-BPNT), IN ALL WHITE COLORS. 48C.

1 B AE 146-300 (ALF502R-5) (E3205, /91 G-FLTC), IN ALL-WHITE COLORS AND (JT2) TITLES. 110Y.








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