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7JetSet7 Code: GMG
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: ORIENT
Employees 456
Web: gmgairlines.com
Email: valreja@gmggroup.com
Telephone: +880 2 882 5845
Fax: +880 2 886 0936

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Formed in 1997 and started operations in 1998. Domestic, regional, & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

ABC House, 10th Floor
8 Kemal Ataturk Avenue
Banana, Dhaka, 1213, Bangladesh

Bangladesh (People's Republic of Bangladesh), was established in 1971, it covers an area of 143,998 sq km, its population is 122 million, its capital city is Dhaka, and its official language is Bengali.

December 2000: DHC-8-311 (307, S2-ACT), GECAS (GEF) leased.

October 2006: GMG Airlines (GMG) is Bangladesh's leading private domestic airline, operating from the capital Dhaka to five other cities, with an extension to neighboring India.

Employees = 300.

(IATA) Code: Z5 - 009.

Main Base: Dhaka Airport (DAC).

Domestic scheduled destinations: Barisal; Chittagong; Coxs Bazar; Dhaka; Jessore; & Sythet.

International scheduled destination: Kolkata.

GMG Airlines (GMG) of Bangladesh has leased 2 MD-82s, ex-Lion Air (MLI). As a result, the airline will be adding a number of International routes and increasing frequency on other routes as follows from Dhaka:
To Bangkok, with daily service starting October 20th using an MD-80, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays, operating via Chittagong, and Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays service operating nonstop.
To Delhi, 5x a week starting October 21st, using MD-80, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays, operating nonstop.
to Kathmandu, 3x a week, starting on October 22nd using an MD-80, on
Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Sundays, operating nonstop.
To Kolkata, currently 10x a week in a DHC-8, increasing to 13x a week and upgrade to the MD-80 with 2 flights every day except Tuesdays with 1 flight from October 20th.

October 2007: Intends to add +4 international destinations: Muscat, Dubai, Kuwait City, & Karachi, before the end of 2007.

Plans for obtaining a 767 or 777.

March 2008: (GMG) Airlines, a private Bangladeshi airline launched in 1998, announced that it will purchase three 787-9s and three 777-300ERs. (GMG) CEO, Shahab Sattar revealed the order to several media outlets. He told "Agence France Presse (AFP)" in Dhaka, that the deal with Boeing (TBC) has been "finalized" and that the carrier is "now fine-tuning some details with our financiers. We hope to sign the deal within the next six weeks."

(GMG) flies domestically, and to Kolkata, New Delhi, Dubai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Kathmandu. According to Sattar, (GMG) was profitable for the first time in 2007 on revenue of $43 million. He told "(AFP)" that revenue will soar to nearly $200 million this year on a tripling of passenger numbers to more than >1 million. It currently flies seven airplanes, including a 747-200, and plans to add a couple of 747-300s, Air Atlanta Icelandic (AID) wet-leased, two MD-82s, and two 767-300s this spring.

He said the airplanes comprising the new order will serve Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Singapore, Hong Kong, and London. The airplanes will begin entering the fleet within two years. He told "The Daily Star" that (GMG) shortly will launch service to Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Kuwait, and Doha.

December 2008: World nations currently rated Category 2 by the USA (FAA) under the agency's International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) program are: Bangladesh, Belize, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gambia, Ghana, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Israel, Kiribati, Montenegro, Nauru, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Philippines, Serbia, Swaziland, Ukraine, Uruguay and Zimbabwe. The (FAA) rating prevents nation's airlines being allowed to fly into the USA. They have the option to fly to the USA with an airline who is approved under Category 1.

The (FAA) states that a Category 2 rating "may involve a country lacking laws or regulations necessary to oversee air carriers in accordance with international standards, or that its civil aviation authority does not meet international standards in one or more areas such as technical expertise, trained personnel, record keeping, or inspection procedures."

MD-83 (53044, SU-ADP), delivery, ex-(N835NK).

February 2010: 1 order (2010-03) 767-300ER, (ILF) 6 year leased.

March 2010: 767-3Q8ER (30301, S2-AFD - - SEE PHOTO - - "GMG-767-3Q8ER-2010-03"), (ILF) 6 year leased, ex-Air China (BEJ), ex-(B-2496).

June 2010: (GMG) Airlines flies to international destinations, including Karachi, Pakistan; Kathmandu, Nepal; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; and Kolkata, India. (GMG) plans to start two weekly flights to Singapore, and to Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

(GMG) recently began using the Emirates (EAD)-owned Automated
Reservations Management System.

April 2012: (GMG) Airlines has suspended all remaining scheduled operations from Dhaka Zia International airport (DAC) and Chittagong Shah Amanat International airport (CGP). It had operated two MD-82s as well as one MD-83, one DHC-8-300 and one DHC-8-100 on domestic services in Bangladesh and regional routes to Kolkata Netahi Subhash Chandra Bose International airport (CCU). It had already cut its medium haul services to the Middle East earlier in the year.

It may resume operations after restructuring but will initially only operate its DHC-8-100 and DHC-8-300 for domestic and regional services.


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November 2013:

1 747-200.

2 ORDERS (2008-05) 747-300 (AID) LSD:

1 767-3Q8ER (PW4056) (762-30301, /03 S2-AFD, 2010-03 - - SEE PHOTO - - "GMG-767-3Q8ER-2010-03"), (ILF) 6 YR LSD, EX-(BEJ), EX-(B-2496), 10F, 26C, 189Y.

1 767-3YOER (24948, S2-AFR), 10F, 26C, 189Y.

3 ORDERS 777-300ER:


2 MD-82 (JT8D-217) (2069-53147, /93 S2-ADM - SEE PHOTO; 2145-53481, /96 S2-ADO), EX-(MLI), (GEF) LSD 2006-10. 150Y.

1 MD-83 (JT8D-219) (1776-53044, /90 S2-ADP), ex-(N835NK), BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON TRUST LSD 2008-12. 16C, 134Y.

2 BOMBARDIER DHC-8-Q102 (PW120A) (054, /86 S2-ADJ; 245, /90 S2-AAA "IN MEMORY OF BANGABONDU"), 37Y.

1 BOMBARDIER DHC-8-Q311 (PW123) (307, /91 S2-ACT), (GEF) LSD 2000-12. 50Y.






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