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7JetSet7 Code: GRY
Status: Operational
Country: KUWAIT
Employees 17
Web: gryphonairlines.com
Email: reservations@gryphonholdings.com
Telephone: +965 2265 0002

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Formed and started operations in 2007. Gryphon Airlines (GRY) is principally an American-owned (from Vienna, Virginia, USA) and operated airline based in Kuwait. International, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

PO Box 7497
Salmiya 22085
Hawally Alothman Center
6th Floor, Office 61
Kuwait City, Kuwait

The State of Kuwait was established in 1961, covers an area of 17,818 sq km, its population is 2.3 million, its capital city is Kuwait City and its official language is arabic. In recent years, it has rebuilt its infrastructure and is rebuilding its economy. Of the region's nations, only Kuwait denies voting rights to its women.

August 2009: Gryphon Airlines (FRY) Operates scheduled service (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, & Sundays) between Kuwait City and Sather Air Force Base, (BIAP), Baghdad, Iraq (the military side of Baghdad International Airport). In September 2009, will start Kuwait to Kandahar, Afghanistan (Mondays & Thursdays) with a brief fueling stop in Muscat, Oman.

(IATA) Code: 6P. (ICAO) Code: VOS - (Callsign - ROVOS).

Main Base: Kuwait International Airport (KWI).

Telephone numbers:

Kuwait: +965-2265-0002 or +965-2265-0003

Baghdad: +964-970-324-4673

USA: +1-888-767-3891

January 2012: Returned MD-83 (49847, EC-JUG) to SwiftAir (SWF).

June 2012: Gryphon Air (GRY) has scheduled a series of scheduled charter flights from Kuwait (KWI) to Sarajevo International airport (SJJ) this summer season that will be operated with a 767-300 wet-leased from Thai charter carrier Jet Asia Airways ((IATA) Code: JF, based at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airport (BKK)).

November 2013: Pilots (FC) of a MD-83 conducted an unauthorized approach to Kandahar, and failed to stabilize the airplane, before it sustained serious damage in a runway wing-strike. Spanish investigators have determined that the MD-83, operated by Swiftair (SWF), did not have operational approval for the (GPS) approach it performed to Kandahar’s runway 05.

The MD-83 should have been in a stable approach configuration as it descended through 1,000ft, with an airspeed of 135 - 155 kt. But the MD-83 (EC-JJS) was still travelling at 192 kt, says Spanish investigation authority (CIAIAC), adding that it was above the glideslope and descending “well in excess” of the maximum rate of 1,000ft/min. “The approach should have been discontinued and a missed approach executed,” it stated in its findings into the January 24th 2012 accident.

The (CIAIAC) says the pilots (FC) established visual contact with the runway 500ft above minimum and saw they were slightly to the right of the centreline. Between them, the pilots (FC) had logged nearly 5,500h on type but the captain (FC), having more experience operating to Kandahar, took over the controls to fly the last part of the approach.

Precision-approach path indicator lamps were not functioning at the time, and the crew (FC) had to rely on visual references. Analysis showed the airplane flew below the glideslope during the final 1 nm before touchdown.

Although the pilots (FC) corrected the airplane’s course to the left, says (CIAIAC), the MD-83 drifted left during the flare, “threatening to take them off the runway”.

The captain (FC) applied right roll and the outboard right wing struck the runway about 20 m before the threshold, destroying five lamps. Some 3.6 m of the outer wing structure was “significantly and permanently bent upward,” said the (CIAIAC), while the aileron and slats were badly damaged.

Investigators found that the cockpit-voice recorder (CVR) had been overwritten, and could not provide data on the accident.

Swiftair (SWF) was carrying out the flight from Dubai on behalf of Gryphon Airlines (GRY), which had a USA government contract to transport troops. None of the 91 occupants was injured, said the (CIAIAC), adding: “Passengers were not really aware of the incident and disembarked normally.”


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April 2016:

1 DC-9-32 (914-47798, ZS-GAU - - SEE PHOTO - - "GRY-DC-9-2009-05"), EX-AIR ONE NINE, GLOBAL AVIATION WET-LSD.

1 MD-82 (49165, ZS-GAB), GLOBAL AVIATION LSD, EX-(ZS-GAB) 2010-07.

0 MD-83 (49487, EC-JUG) RETURNED TO SWIFTAIR (SWF) 2012-01.



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