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7JetSet7 Code: HLO
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Employees 80
Web: hello.ch
Email: info@hello.ch
Telephone: +41 61 325 3600
Fax: +41 61 325 3599

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Formed and started operations in 2004. Regional & international, charter, passenger, jet airplane services.

PO BOX 238
CH-4030, Basle Airport, Switzerland

Switzerland (Swiss Confederation) was established in 1291, its covers an area of 41,293 sq km, its population is 7.5 million, its capital city is Berne, and its official languages are French, German, Italian, and romanche.

June 2004: Hello (HLO) was created by Crossair (CSR) founder, Moritz Suter, and ex-TEA Switzerland, Markus Seiler, CEO. Suter, the carrier's sole investor, who will serve on the (HLO)'s board, stated "We have the lowest cost of any operator in Switzerland."

Expects to get its Air Operating Certificate (AOC) in July 2004 and start flights to destinations in the former Yugoslavia. A 2nd MD-90 will be delivered in July 2004, and a 3rd in August 2004.

Maintenance on the ex-AMC (AMD), and ex-KTHY (KHT) MD-90's will be carried out by TAT Industries (TTR) in Nimes.

(HLO) has signed contracts with Swiss tour operators and will extend its network to Mediterranean destinations and the Canary Islands, as well as performing ad-hoc charters everywhere in Europe. (HLO) expects to carry 100,000 passengers in its 1st year.

1st MD-90, 168 PAX, delivery.

August 2004: Received its Air Operating Certificate (AOC).

2nd MD-90-30 (53553, HB-JIB) delivery, wet-leased to Blue Line (BLE) til November 2004 and based at Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG).

September 2004: 4th order (March 2005) MD-90.

December 2004: MD-90-30 (53576, HB-JIC), Boeing (TBC) leased. Will base MD-90 in Cyprus for upcoming summer season with 2 flights/day to Germany.

May 2005: Hello (HLO) currently has 60 employees (including 18 Flight Crew (FC); 34 Cabin Attendants (CA) & 1 Maintenance Technician (MT))).

MD-90-30 (53553, HB-JIB) wet-leased to BritishJET (BRJ).

June 2005: MD-90 based in Ireland, wet-leased to AviaJet (AVZ).

November 2005: Hello (HLO) will double its fleet from 3 to 6 MD-90s from the Spring. The additional 3 airplanes are ex-Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). (HLO) has also signed a deal which calls for the operation of 3 airplanes on behalf of Iceland Express (ICX) from Keflavik to a variety of destinations in Europe.

February 2006: BritishJet (BRJ) is resuming service from Malta to Birmingham, East Midlands, Newcastle and Leeds/Bradford. Each of the airports will be served with a weekly flight. Manchester continues to be served with 2 flights a week increasing to 3 in May while London Gatwick continues to receive 4 flights a week increasing to 7 in May. In June, the airline hopes to add service to Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Glasgow and London Stansted. Flights are operated by Hello (HLO)'s MD-90s.

March 2006: MD-90-30 (53462, HB-JIF), (SAS) leased, wet-leased to Iceland Express (ICX).

January 2009: Hello (HLO) currently has 84 employees (including 25 Flight Crew (FC); 40 Cabin Attendants (CA) & 5 Maintenance Technician (MT)).

February 2010: Hello (HLO) is planning to replace its remaining three MD-90-30s by four A320s or 737NGs in 2011.

August 2010: Hello (HLO) operates charter services, jet airplane flights to holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and to North Africa. (HLO) also provides wet-lease services for other carriers.

150 employees (including 25 Flight Crew (FC); 40 Cabin Attendants (CA) & 5 Maintenance Technician (MT)).

(IATA) Code: HW. (ICAO) Code: FHE (Callsign - FLY HELLO).

(http://www.hello.ch). (info@hello.ch).

Parent organization/shareholders: Moritz Suter (100%).

Main Base: Basel-Mulhouse airport (BSL).

Hub: Zurich Kloten (ZRH).

October 2010: SR Technics (SWS) signed an Integrated Component Solutions contract with Swiss charter operator, Hello (HLO). The contract, which runs until 2016, provides component services for five A320 airplanes.

November 2010: 1 A320-214 (926, HB-JIZ), ex-Philippine Airlines (PAL) of 5 orders to replace its MD-90 fleet.


January 2011: A320-214 (1171, HB-JIY), delivery. MD-90-30 (53460), returned to (SAS).

July 2012: The International Air Carrier Association (IACA) has added Swiss carrier Hello (HLO) as a full member. The charter airline has a fleet of four 174-seat, A320s.

October 2012: Swiss charter airline, Hello (HLO) has announced insolvency and stopped flights from Zurich and Basel on Sunday, October 21, (HLO) said on its website.

Hello (HLO), which was established in 2004 by former Crossair (CSR) founder, Moritz Suter, operated four leased A320s on charter services to leisure destinations from both Basle/Mulhouse/Freiburg EuroAirport (BSL) and Zurich Kloten (ZRH) on behalf of tour operators. It has filed for bankruptcy protection and still hopes to be able to reorganize its business to be eventually able to resume operations at a later stage.

(HLO)s financial problems have been compounded by the loss of tour operator contracts, high fuel costs and the strong Swiss currency. In addition, (HLO)s (CFO) presented false financial figures, leading the management to believe (HLO) was stable.

According to an associate from Barons Financial Services, a bankruptcy judge has given Hello until November 30 to find new investors. Barons Financial Services has been mandated to seek additional funding for the airline.

The company is not yet in bankruptcy, a Hello (HLO) source said.

November 2012: Hello (HLO) is reportedly planning to resume limited charter operations with a fleet of two instead of four A320-200s and 80 of its 155 employees according to a report by Swiss newspaper "Basler Zeitung (BAZ)." A new investor has apparently been found that is willing to provide capital for the resumption of services under the condition that fleet and staff costs are made based on a new business plan that also includes a salary cut of -10% for all remaining employees according to "BAZ."


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December 2012:

0 MD-90-30 (V2528-D5) (2163-53552, /97 HB-JIA, 2004-07; 2165-53553, /97 HB-JIB 2004-08; 2195-53576, /97 HB-JIC 2004-12), (TBC) LSD, 1 WET-LST (BLE) TIL 2004-11. 53553 WET-LST (BRJ) 2005-05. 1 WET-LST (AVZ) 2005-06. ALL RTND. 167Y.

0 MD-90-30 (V2525-D5) (2142-53460, /96 HB-JID (SEE PHOTO); 2147-53461, /96 HB-JIE; 2149-53462, /96 HB-JIF), EX-(SAS). TO BE WET-LST (ICX) UNTIL 2008. 53460 RTND 2011-01. ALL RTND. 167Y.

4 +1 ORDER A320-214 (CFM56-5B4) (926, /05 HB-JIZ, 2010-10; 1171, HB-JIY, 2011-01), 1ST EX-(PAL), EX-(RP-C3229), (DEA) LSD. 12C, 144Y.







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