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7JetSet7 Code: HXA
Status: Operational
Region: CHINA
Country: CHINA
Employees 77
Web: chinaexpressair.com
Email: cea@chinaexpressair.com
Telephone: +86 851 5499660
Fax: +86 8515499670

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Formed and started operations in 2006. A K A Huaxia Airlines. Domestic & regional, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

Longdongbao International Airport
Guiyang, 550005, Guizhou Province, China

China (People's Republic of China) was established in 1949, it covers an area of 9,560,980 sq km, its population is 1,265 million, its capital city is Beijing, and its official language is Chinese.

May 2006: China Express Airlines (HXA) was established.

September 2006: (HXA) obtained its Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and started operations using 3 Bombardier CRJ200 regional jet airplanes wet-leased from Shandong Airlines (SHG).

September 2010: INCDT: China's Civil Aviation Administration Corporation (CAAC) ordered China Express Airlines (HXA) to suspend operations while it investigated why one of its CRJ200LR jet airplanes' right wing made contact with the runway during landing at Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport (KWE). (HXA) was able to resume full operations after 2 weeks.

January 2012: China Express Airlines (HXA) is China's 1st privately owned regional passenger carrier based in the eastern city of Guiyang, capital of the Guizhou Province, operating domestic services to >20 destinations. The airline is also known as Huaxia Airlines.

(IATA) Code: G5. (IATA) Code: HXA.

HQ: Haikou, Hainan, China.

Parent organization/shareholders: Hongshang Industry Holding Company (40%); High Hero International (25%); Tampines International (24%); & Beijing Longkai Chuangxing Technology Development (11%).

Main Base: Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport (KWE).

Hubs: Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (CKG); & Guangzhou Huangjin Airport.

February 2012: Bombardier Aerospace identified China Express Airlines (HXA) as the undisclosed Chinese customer in the previously announced CRJ900 NextGen transaction of October 26, 2011. The conditional order for 6 CRJ900 NextGen airplanes and options on +5 CRJ900 NextGen airplanes will build upon (HXA)'s fleet of CRJ200 airplanes, serving to further enhance (HXA)’s regional network.

The disclosure was one of several announcements made at the "Canada China Business Forum" held in Beijing, with Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister, and Pierre Beaudoin, President & Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Inc, in attendance.

As previously announced by Bombardier, based on list price, a firm order for the 6 CRJ900 NextGen airplanes would be valued at approximately $264 million. Should all 5 options be converted to firm orders, the value of the contract would increase to $491 million.

>80 Bombardier-produced airplanes, including CRJ Series and Q-Series commercial airplanes, as well as Learjet, Challenger and Global business jets, are currently operating in China.

July 2012: China Express Airlines (HXA) has announced plans to mainly use its 1st CRJ900 (15282, B-7760), ex-(C-GIAI) about to be delivered for capacity increases on existing routes. The CRJ900 will be based at Chongqing Jiangbei airport (CKG) and operate from there to Guiyang Longdongbao (KWE), Luoyang (LYA) and via Wuzhou Changzhoudao (WUZ) to Zhuhai International (ZUH) airports. From Guiyang it will also serve Beihai (BHY) via Guilin Liangjiang International (KWL), while from Luoyang it will also be deployed on routes to Chengdu Shuangliu International (CTU) and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International (HGH) airports. The fairly large number of initial routes served is possible as all routes will initially only be served 3x- or 4x-weekly.

November 2012: China Express Airlines (HXA) is looking to be the 1st Chinese regional carrier to open international routes to SE Asia next year.

(HXA), which was launched in 2006, operates 7 Bombardier CRJ900s on 33 domestic regional routes. It claims to have earned a net profit for 3 consecutive years but has never released financial figures.

(HXA) currently operates out of both Guiyang and Chongqing and is scheduled to move to Chongqing as its main operating base at the end of this year. Chongqing already is (HXA)'s largest base today even though the company is headquartered in Guiyang.

“We plan to operate the CRJ900 for our international expansion to SE Asian countries [starting from Chongqing] next year with financial support from the local government,” (HXA) Vice Managing Director Wu Longjiang said.

In October 2011, (HXA) placed a firm order for 6 CRJ900s with 5 options. It plans to expand its fleet to 22 to 25 airplanes in 2016 to increase its domestic and international routes to 90.

January 2013: CRJ900 (15288, B-7691), delivery.

April 2013: CRJ900 (15289, B-3360), ex-(C-GIAJ) delivery.

May 2013: CRJ900 (15290, B-3361), ex-(C-GZQP), delivery.

June 2013: CRJ900 (15291, B-3362), ex-(C-GZQX), delivery.

December 2013: China Express Airlines (HXA) has placed a firm order for 3 Bombardier CRJ900s, as well as conditional purchase agreements for 5 of the type with options on an additional 8 airplanes.

The firm order is valued at approximately $134 million based on current list prices. If the conditional agreements and options are converted to firm orders, the value of the contract would increase to $733 million.

Guiyang, Guizhou-based China Express (HXA) provides regional passenger services with its fleet of 5 CRJ200s and 6 CRJ900s. In 2012, (HXA) became the 1st to launch CRJ900 airplane service in China. “By 2016, we anticipate that the total number of (HXA) routes will reach approximately 90, 3x-weekly as many as the number of existing routes, and will cover 60% of China’s regional cities,” China Express (HXA) President, Wu Longjiang said.

March 2014: China Express Airlines (HXA) has converted 3 Bombardier (BMB) CRJ900 options into firm orders. The conditional purchase agreements for 5 of the type (with options on +8 airplanes) were announced December 2, 2013 with a firm order for 3 CRJ900s. Based on current list prices, the firm order for the 3 CRJ900s is valued at approximately $136 million.

(HXA) President Wu Longjiang said, “According to our business plan, we intend to be flying an all-Bombardier (BMB) fleet of 29 airplanes by 2016. That’s just 10 years after we started operations and is an indication of the high productivity of the CRJ900 NextGen airplane.”

China Express (HXA) provides regional passenger services to 44 cities throughout China with its fleet of 5 CRJ200s and 9 84-seat CRJ900s.

(HXA) was the 1st to operate the CRJ900 aircraft in the country.

August 2014: Air China (BEJ) and China Express (HXA) begins code sharing September 1. The 2 carriers will connect the cities of Chongqing, Guiyang, and Dalian to their respective networks. With the cooperation, (BEJ) will put its code on 32 routes operated by (HXA). (HXA) will put is code on 30 routes operated by (BEJ).

November 2014: An announcement was made in the presence of Li Keqiang Premier of the People’s Republic of China, and Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada: Bombardier Commercial Aircraft (BMB) announced on November 10th that China’s sole specialized regional airline, China Express Airlines (China Express) (HXA), is the previously announced unidentified customer that had placed a firm order for 16 CRJ900 NextGen regional jets and had taken options for 8 additional airliners of the same type. This purchase agreement was initially announced on June 30, 2014.

The announcement was made in Beijing, in the presence of Li Keqiang Premier People’s Republic of China; Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada; Hu Xiaojun Chairman China Express (HXA); Wu Longjiang President (HXA); Pierre Beaudoin President & (CEO), (BMB); and Jianwei Zhang President Bombardier (BMB) China.

As previously announced by (BMB), based on the list price for the CRJ900 NextGen airplane, the firm order is valued at approximately $727 million USD. The value could increase to $1.12 billion USD should China Express (HXA) exercise its options.

“Only 8 years after 1st starting operations, (HXA) provides regional passenger services to nearly 50 cities throughout China with its all-(BMB) fleet of 5 CRJ200 airplanes and 11 84-seat CRJ900 NextGen airplanes,” said Mr Wu. We look forward to taking delivery of these additional airplanes and connecting more tier-2 and tier-3 cities, and more people, together.”

“When Bombardier launched the CRJ regional jet in 1989, it gave birth to the regional jet market and revolutionized aviation in both the USA and Europe. The CRJ family of airplanes then went on to become the best-selling regional airplane program in history,” declared Mr Beaudoin. “We are honored to be able to participate in a similar manner in the development of China’s regional air travel, thanks to China Express (HXA)’s bold vision and expansion strategy.”

March 2015: 2 CRJ900 (15358, B-3371; 15359, B-3372), deliveries.

June 2015: 2 CRJ900 (15368, B-3379; 15369, B-3380), deliveries.

September 2015: CRJ900 (15372, B-3382), ex-(C-GWFQ) delivery.

October 2015: China Express Airlines (HXA) has applied to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to launch international service, despite operational difficulties facing Chinese regional carriers.

(HXA) President, Wu Longjiang said it plans to open new routes to Russia, Japan, and Korea. For this reason, (HXA) may order bigger aircraft and “Bombardier (BMB)’s CSeries aircraft is 1 of the options,” he said.

(HXA) currently operates 20 Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft. It converted 3 CRJ900 options into firm orders last year. It has 4 domestic operating bases comprising Guiyang, Chongqing, Dalian, and Huhhot and is scheduled to set up a new base in Xi’an this month.

Chinese regional carriers have been suffering from heavy losses due to higher operating expenses, lower load factors and increased taxes. For this reason, China Eastern (CEA) decided to sell its 5% stake in Xi’an-based regional carrier, Joy Air last month. Most Chinese regional carriers have to rely on government subsidies to maintain operations.

December 2015: "China Express (HXA) Buys +10 More Bombardier CRJ900s"
by (ATW) Editor Karen Walker, December 31, 2015.

China Express Airlines (HXA) has placed a firm order with Bombardier Commercial Aircraft (BMB) for 10 CRJ900 regional jets, raising its total orders for CRJ900s to 38.

The order exercises options that Chongqing-based, (HXA) had as part of its initial order. To date, 20 CRJ900s aircraft have been delivered.

Bombardier (BMB) said the order announced December 31 was valued at $462.6 million at list prices.

Regional carrier China Express (HXA) launched operations in 2006 and serves 62 cities in China. "(HXA) is committed to providing air services to people in Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities in China. Our mission is to improve the connectivity by air for those communities," China Express (HXA) President, Wu Longjiang said.

"Our 2015 to 2034 Commercial Aircraft Market Forecast expects delivery of some 900 60 to 100-seat airliners to China during the forecast period and the CRJ900 regional jet is proving to be a perfect fit in that market segment," Bombardier (BMB) VP Sales, China & North Asia, Andy Solem said.

February 2016: CRJ900 (15395, B-3118), EX-(C-GICP) delivery.

August 2016: CRJ900LR (15417, B-3229), ex-(C-GWFV) delivery.

September 2016: China Express Airlines (HXA) has installed (TRU) Simulation + Training’s Bombardier CRJ900 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) at (HXA)’s training center in Chongqing, People’s Republic of China. It has also received (CAAC) Level D qualifications.

(HXA) is the nation’s 1st private regional airline.

January 2017: 2 CRJ900LR (15418, B-3230; 15427, B-3237), ex-(C-GZQL & C-GWFV).

March 2018: 2 CRJ900LR (15442, B-3297; 15445, B-3298), ex-(C-GAIO) deliveries.

May 2018: CRJ900LR (15446, B-3346), ex-(C-GWFV) delivery.


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HXA-CRJ900 - 2012-02

August 2018:

5 BOMBARDIER CRJ-200LR (CL-600-2B19) (CF34-3B1) (7557, /01 B-3012, 2006-09; 7565, /01 B-3010, 2006-12; 7614, /02 B-3016, 2006-12; 7690, /02 B-3565; 7704, /02 B-7700, 2010-12), (GEF) LEASED, "CHINA EXPRESS" TITLES. 50Y.

276 +11 ORDERS BOMBARDIER CRJ900 NEXTGEN (15282, B-7760l; 15288, B-7691, 2013-01; 15289, B-3360, 2013-04; 15290, B-3361, 2013-05; 15291, B-3362, 2013-06; 15358, B-3371, 2015-03; 15359, B-3372, 2015-03; 15368, B-3379, 2015-065; 15369, B-3380, 2015-06; 15372, B-3382, 2015-09; 15395, B-3118, 2016-02; 15417, B-3229, 2016-08; 15418, B-3230, 2017-01; 15427, B-3237, 2017-01; 15442, B-3297, 2018-03; 15445, B-3298, 2018-03, 15446, B-3346, 2018-05). 84Y.




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