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7JetSet7 Code: JON
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: AFRICA
Country: GHANA
Employees 17
Email: operations@johnsonair.net
Telephone: +973 36481173
Fax: +973 17530980

Formed in 1995 and started operations in 1996. Associated with First International Airways (FIW), with joint operations of its 707's, under Johnsons Air (JON)'s Air Operating Certificate (AOC). International, charter, cargo, jet airplane services.

Flat 46, Bldg 19, Rd. 1802
Manama 318, Bahrain

PO BOX 9138
Accra, Ghana

Ghana (Republic of Ghana): Formed in 1957. Capital City: Accra. Official language: English. Population: 18 million. Area: 238,537 sq km.

June 2002: Operates Canadair/Conroy CL-44-0 Guppy (9G-LCA) on ad hoc charters from the UK. The airplane, which made its 1st flight 5/02 from Smyrna, USA, after nearly 3 years storage, crosses the Atlantic, and will operate for 18 months before it is finally retired.

November 2003: DC-8-62F (481-46085, 9G-PEL), (ALG) leased.

February 2004: 707-3K1C (JT3D-3B HK) (884-20805, /74 5N-KMA) bought from Amako Airlines (OBK).

June 2004: DC-8-63F (46034, A6-HLA), Air Algerie (ALG) leased.

DC-8-63F (46121, 9G-FAB) delivery, ex-Air Transport International (TIN).

February 2006: DC-8-63F (46147, 9G-LIL), bought from MK Airlines (MKA), delivery.

April 2006: DC-8-63F (46151, 9G-TOP), bought from MK Airlines (MKA), delivery.

October 2006: The European Commission (EC) updated its list of airlines banned in the (EU), adding Kenya's DAS Air Cargo (DAC) and Uganda's Dairo Air Services (DAR), due to "the serious safety deficiencies identified in these twin airlines in the last few months," as well as Ariana Afghan Airlines (AFG). The (EC) also banned all 27 companies certified in Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Air (KYR), owing to "the national control authority's inability to supervise them effectively."

Sixty-eight carriers - - 19 from the Democratic Republic of Congo, 21 from Liberia, 18 from Sierra Leone, and 10 from Swaziland - - have been removed, as they ceased operating because they lost their Air Operator's Certificates (AOC)s. Eight recently created airlines in the (DRC) have been added. Air Services Comores (COM) of Comoros, previously banned outright, now is subject to operational restrictions, and will be allowed to operate services bound for Europe with an airplane recently fitted with appropriate safety equipment. The (EC) also decided to keep Phuket Air (PHK) and Air Koryo (KOY) on the list.

The Commission and the member states' aviation safety experts examined six other individual cases, including Pulkovo Aviation (STG), Pakistan International Airways (PIA), Ghana's Johnsons Air (JON) and Ajet (HCY) (the former Helios Airways). It concluded that it did not consider an immediate banning measure was called for on the basis of air safety criteria, but stated that it will "be keeping a watchful eye" on those operators' implementation of the corrective action they and their respective national authorities have promised.

December 2007: 2 DC-8-63Fs (46061, 9G-SIM, ex-(N826AX); 46126, N812AX), bought from (ABX) Air by Farhad Azima for Johnsons Air (JON).

August 2008: DC-8-63F (46126, N812AX), sold to Heavylift (HVL).

December 2008: World nations currently rated Category 2 by the USA (FAA) under the agency's International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) program are: Bangladesh, Belize, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gambia, Ghana, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Israel, Kiribati, Montenegro, Nauru, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Philippines, Serbia, Swaziland, Ukraine, Uruguay and Zimbabwe. The (FAA) rating prevents nation's airlines being allowed to fly into the USA. They have the option to fly to the USA with an airline who is approved under Category 1.

The (FAA) states that a Category 2 rating "may involve a country lacking laws or regulations necessary to oversee air carriers in accordance with international standards, or that its civil aviation authority does not meet international standards in one or more areas such as technical expertise, trained personnel, record keeping, or inspection procedures."

July 2009: Iran's Mahan Air (MHN) was added to the (EU)'s list of banned airlines, while Garuda Indonesia (GIA), Airfast Indonesia (PTF), Mandala Airlines (MND) and Premiair were removed from the "blacklist." The latest update did not include Yemenia Yemen Airways (YEM), despite recent controversy following the June 29 A310-300 crash that killed 152 passengers and crew. All airlines from Zambia and Kazakhstan were added to the list with the exception of Air Astana (AKZ), which will be allowed limited access to (EU) nations.

TAAG Angola Airlines (ANG), already on the list of more than >200 carriers, will be allowed to operate "into Portugal only with certain airplanes and under very strict conditions," the European Commission (EC) said, adding that the limited access was granted to acknowledge "progress made by the civil aviation authority of Angola [and TAAG (ANG)] to resolve progressively any safety deficiencies." All other Angolan airlines remain banned. All Indonesian carriers remain banned apart from the aforementioned four. Complete bans are in place on airlines from Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Swaziland.

European Commission VP Transport, Antonio Tajani has called for a global blacklist, a suggestion that has been rejected by (ICAO) for now. "We will not accept that airlines fly at different standards when they operate inside and outside Europe," he said, renewing his call. "It is high time that the international community rethinks its safety policy; those airlines which are unsafe should not be allowed to fly anywhere."

September 2010: Johnsons Air (JON) operates ad hoc cargo, jet airplane operations.

(ICAO) Code: JON (Callsign - JOHNSON AIR).

(Telephone: +233 244262641).

Main Base: Accra Kotoka International Airport (ACC).

Hub: Manama airport, Bahrain.


September 2010:

0 707-3K1C (JT3D-3B HK) (884-20805, /74 5N-KMA), EX-(OBK) 2004-02. TO (CPB) 2003-09. ALL WHITE COLORS. CRASHED MARCH 2005 - SEE (CPB). W/O. FREIGHTER.

1 707-321C (JT3D-3B HK) (655-19372, /67 9G-JET), IN ALL-WHITE COLORS. FREIGHTER.

1 707-323C (JT3D-3B HK) (439-18940, /65 9G-LAD), EX-(AAL)/(VAR), (ALW) LSD, (AIF) WET-LSD 2000-12, OPS BY (FIW). FREIGHTER.

1 707-324C (JT3D-3B HK) (537-19350, /66 9G-OLD), EX-(CAL)/(ARH), AVIATION HOUSE LSD 1996-03, JOINT OPS WITH (FIW), FREIGHTER.

1 707-331C (JT3D-3B HK) (815-20069, /69 9G-FIA), EX-(TWA), (ALW) LSD, JOINT OPS WITH (FIW), FREIGHTER.

1 DC-8-62CF (JT3D-7 HK) (319-45920, /67 9G-RMF), EX-(4K-AZ25) 2003-11. FREIGHTER.

1 DC-8-62F (JT3D-7 HK) (481-46085, /69 9G-PEL), EX-KITTY HAWK, (ALG) LSD 2003-11. FREIGHTER.

1 DC-8-63F (JT3D-7 HK) (434-46034, A6-HLA), ALG LSD 2004-06. FREIGHTER.

1 DC-8-63F (JT3D-7 HK) (500-46121, /69 9G-FAB), EX-(TIN) EX-(N786AL) 2004-11. WHITE - YELLOW COLORS WITHOUT TITLES. FREIGHTER.

2 DC-8-63F (JT3D-7 HK) (480-46061, /69 9G-SIM; 524-46126, N812AX), BF (ABX) BY FARHAD AZIMA 2007-12. 46126; ST (HVL) 2008-08. FREIGHTER.

1 DC-8-63F (JT8D-7 HK) (540-46151, /70 9G-TOP), EX-(MKA) 2006-04. WHITE - YELLOW COLORS WITHOUT TITLES. FREIGHTER.

1 DC-8-63F (JT3D-7 HK) (549-46147, /71 9G-LIL), EX-(MKA) 2006-02. WHITE - YELLOW COLORS WITHOUT TITLES. FREIGHTER.

1 CL-44-0 GUPPY (TYNE 515-10) (16, /61 9G-LCA), 2002-06, FREIGHTER.





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