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7JetSet7 Code: JSZ
Status: Operational
Region: ORIENT
Employees 127
Web: flyjetasia.com
Email: acmi@flyjetasia.com
Telephone: +662 2 207 2543
Fax: +662 2 207 2525

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JSZ-ROUTE MAP - 2013-09

Formed in 2009 and started operations in 2010.

Level 29, The Offices at Centralworld
999/9 Rama I Road
Bangkok 10330, Thailand


December 2009: JetAsia (JSZ) was founded.

October 2010: JetAsia (JSZ) obtained its Air Operators Certificate (AOC) from the Department of Civil Aviation of Thailand.

May 2011: Jet Asia Airways (JSZ) 767-246 (23214, HS-JAD), delivery.

August 2011: Jet Asia (JSZ) joined the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).

September 2011: Jet Asia (JSZ)'s 1st commercial charter flight was flown to Penang, Malaysia.

ST Aerospace, Singapore will support Jet Asia (JSZ)'s fleet with airplane heavy maintenance checks and major modifications.

February 2012: Jet Asia Airways (JSZ) commenced daily non-stop flights between Bangkok and Tokyo's Narita International Airport.

March 2012: Jet Asia Airways (JSZ) is planning to lease 2 A320-200s in addition to the 4 767-200s it has already in operation or still in storage at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Seoul Incheon. It currently operates scheduled charter services between Thailand and Japan in cooperation with Japanese tour operator (HIS).

June 2012: Gryphon Air (Kuwait) has scheduled a series of scheduled charter flights from Kuwait to Sarajevo this summer season that will be operated with a 767-300 wet-leased from Thai charter carrier, Jet Asia Airways (JSZ).

August 2012: Jet Asia Airways (JSZ) introduces Ipad based in-flight entertainment with (IFE) Services Ltd and the Lamda Project. The new "Jet Asia Flight Xperience" (JFx) will be launched on flights between Bangkok and Tokyo.

The Ipads will contain 2 categories of movies which include 2 recent Hollywood blockbuster titles, 3 Hollywood Classics, in addition to 5 video games and 10 music CDs. Ipads will be distributed free in Business (C) class and for free in the Economy (Y) class cabin.

December 2012: Jet Asia Airways (JSZ) announced a 4x-weekly scheduled service from Phuket International Airport to Beijing International Capital Airport starting in January with a 235Y economy class 767-200ER. The iPad based in-flight entertainment (IFE) system was offered for an on board fee of $5.

Since 2009, Chinese traffic into Thailand has grown from 770,500 passengers to an estimated 2.2 Million in 2012. As a result of the 3-year traffic growth of nearly +150%, a large part of Jet Asia (JSZ)'s 2013 Route Expansion Plan is aimed at the development of Chinese routes.

January 2013: Jet Asia Airways (JSZ)'s 767-233ER (24324, HS-JAE) 4th 767 delivery.

August 2013: JetAsia (JSZ) specializes in Block Charter, Full Charter, Ad-Hoc and wet-lease (ACMI) operations. (JSZ) operates daily scheduled charter flights between Bangkok and Tokyo.

(IATA) Code: JF. (ICAO) Code: JAA.

Main Base: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK).

(JSZ) launched its new in-flight magazine "Jetsetter." The new magazine was produced in collaboration with "Look East" Magazine, a popular English language travel magazine distributed throughout Thailand.

The Magazine will be available on all Jet Asia (JSZ) flights from August 6 and will be updated quarterly.

(JSZ) has commenced 3x-weekly scheduled service from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Tianjin Bihnai International Airport and to Nanjing Lukou International Airport, respectively.

In the past year, (JSZ) has operated >200 charter flights to both cities combined. Tianjin and Nanjing are 2 of the fastest growing secondary cities in China. "The charter flights now turned scheduled have proven to be popular with the Chinese travelers who wish to avoid stopping over in a primary city and prefer to fly directly to Bangkok. (JSZ) will continue to aggressively exercise '1st mover advantage' to capitalize on untapped markets between China and Thailand" said Mr Chairat Sangchan, (JSZ)'s Managing Director.

Chinese arrivals into Thailand reached 2.78 million passengers in 2012 and is expected to grow to >3.5 million in 2013.

September 2013: Jet Asia Airways (JSZ) has taken delivery of its 5th 767-200ER at its main base in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi. The airplane completed a "C" check at Boeing (TBC) Shanghai's maintenance facility at Pudong Airport. The 235Y-economy seat airplane is in line with Jet Asia (JSZ)ís expansion plans, which require increased frequencies to China and continued services to South Korea and Japan. Delivery of its 6th airplane, its 1st 767-300ER, is expected to be in early October.

November 2013: Jet Asia Airways (JSZ) launched 2x-weekly, Bangkok to Tokyo Narita service, with increased frequency beginning in January.

January 2014: Starting from January 24, Qingdao Liuting International Airport (TAO) opens its 1st charter flight to Phuket, Thailand. The Qingdao to Phuket charter service is operated by Jet Asia Airways (JSZ), using Boeing 767-200 airplanes with a capacity of 235 seats.

(JSZ) offers the charter service 6x- in total (once every 5 days). Specifically, the outbound flight is scheduled to take off from Qingdao at 10:30 pm and arrive in Phuket at 05:00 am the next day (all local time). The whole journey will take only 6 and a half hours.

Currently, there are several airlines operating 14x-weekly linking Qingdao and SE Asian destinations, including Singapore services launched by China Eastern Airlines (CEA) and Singapore's low cost carrier (LCC) Scoot (SCT), and 3x-weekly Qingdao to Bangkok service operated by Shandong Airlines (SHG). Passenger load factor of both 2 routes is registered at >80% LF.

Meanwhile, the airport will further improve air connection to Southeast Asian region this year, strengthening cooperation with Scoot (SCT), Vietnam Airlines (VIE) and Jet Asia Airways (JSZ) to increase flight frequencies on routes connecting Qingdao with Singapore, Thailand, and other (ASEAN) countries.

767-336ER (25203, HS-JAS), ex-(N797JM) bought from Jet Midwest.

March 2014: SEE ATTACHED - - "JSZ-UPDATE-A/B."

July 2014: Jet Asia Airways (JSZ) and EuroAtlantic Airways (MAE) signed a wet-lease agreement for Boeing 767-2J6ER (24007, HS-JAK). On July 2, the 767 was delivered to Lisbon to be operated throughout Europe and Africa on behalf of EuroAtlantic Airways (MAE).

April 2015: Japan's Civil Aviation Agency has agreed to temporarily lift a ban preventing Thailand-registered airlines from operating charter flights to Japan from April 11 to May 31, Thai Transport Minister, Air Chief Marshall Prajin Junthong said.

Citing safety concerns highlighted by an international audit, the agency late in March imposed a ban on Thai airlines from operating new charter and scheduled services to Japan.

Nearly 120,000 travelers seeking to go to Japan on flights operated by national carrier, Thai Airways International (TII), as well as long-haul, low-cost carriers (LCC)s like Thai AirAsiaX (THX) and NokScoot (NSC), had been expected to be affected by the ban.

Under the provisional lifting of the ban, airlines are not permitted to change the type of airplanes they have indicated they will operate, Prajin said. Scheduled flights to Japan will continue to operate as normal, he said.

Thailand's Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) aims to complete on April 10 the re-evaluation of 6 airlines' licences and will send the finding to Japan's Civil Aviation Agency, Voradech Hanprasert Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Thai Transport Ministry, said.

The 6 included Thai Airways (TII), Thai AirAsiaX (THX), NokScoot (NSC), Jet Asia Airways (JSZ), Asia Atlantic Airlines (AAQ) and Asian Air (?).

NokScoot (NSC), a joint venture (JV) between Nok Air (NKA) and (SCT), a Singapore Airlines (SIA) subsidiary, is expected to be most affected, given it needs to delay launch of new scheduled flights to Japan, Voradech said.

The safety concern was raised in late March during an audit of the (DCA) by the Montreal-based International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which gave (DCA) a 90-day grace period to comply with international standards.

Voradech said the (DCA) has to improve its operations to meet a deadline in June, while Thai authorities will speed up the restructuring of the (DCA) and the amendment of regulations by October.

Over the next 2 months, the (DCA) will also re-evaluate all 41 licenses it granted to airlines, starting with 28 carriers flying international routes, to ensure that its operations are in line with (ICAO) standards, Prajin, the Thai Transport Minister, said.

Thailand has struggled for almost a decade to comply with (ICAO) standards, the Minister has said.


Click below for photos:
JSZ-767-200 - 2012-07
JSZ-767-200 - 2012-12

December 2018:

1 767-2J6ER (PW4052) (204-24007, /88 HS-JAK), EX-(N984JM) 2012-09. WET-LEASED TO EUROATLANTIC (MAE) (2014-06). 18C, 196Y.

3 767-222ERM (JT9D-7R4D) (10-21868, /82 HS-JAB; 15-21871, /82 HS-JAC; 20-21872, /82 HS-JAG)), EX-(HS-BIA) 2011-08. 12C, 211Y.

1 767-233ER (JT9D-7R4D) (252-24324, /89 HS-JAE), EX-(N733JM) 2013-01. 24C, 183Y.

1 767-233ER (JT9D-7R4D) (24325, /89 HS-JAF), EX-(N780JM) 2013-08. 24C, 183Y.

1 767-246 (JT9D-7R4D) (122-23214, /85 HS-JAD), 2011-05. 12C, 211Y.

1 767-300ER, WET-LEASED TO (MAE) 2014-07.

1 767-336ER (25203, HS-JAS), EX-(N797JM), BOUGHT FROM JET MIDWEST 2014-01.

0 A320-200, LEASED.




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