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Name: JET2.COM
7JetSet7 Code: JT2
Status: Operational
Region: EUROPE
Employees 2500
Web: jet2.com
Email: pressoffice@jet2.com
Telephone: +44 113 238 7444
Fax: +44 113 238 7455

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JT2-FLIGHT CREW AD - 2014-07
JT2-Visit Chester 2018-10.jpg

Formed and started operations in 1978. Domestic & international, scheduled and charter, passenger, jet airplane services.

P O Box 314
Leeds, West Yorkshire LS19 8DY, England, United Kingdom

Low Fare Finder House
Leeds Bradford International Airport
Leeds LS19 7TU, England, UK.

Great Britain (United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland) was established in 1066, it covers an area of 242,432 sq km, its population is 59 million, its capital city is London and its official language is English.

November 2002: In February 2003, to launch a new, low-fare airline, called "JET2" (JT2) from Leeds Bradford airport, on behalf of its parent, Dart Group, using 737-300QC's. Leeds/Bradford to Amsterdam, and later to Barcelona, Malaga, Milan (Bergamo), Nice, and Palma de Mallorca.

January 2003: In April 2003, Leeds/Bradford to Alicante (4x-weekly).

February 2003: 737-377 (23654), ex-Ansett (ANS), bought by the Dart Group.

June 2003: The Dart Group (parent of Channel Express (CEX) and Jet2 (JT2)), purchased 6 737-33A's (23658; 23663; 23664; 23831; 23832; 24029), ex-Ansett (ANS).

October 2003: Leeds/Bradford to Belfast International (2x-daily).

737-330QC (23522, C-GELP), Dart Group leased.

January 2004: In April 2004, Leeds/Bradford to Murcia (daily)/Venice (4x-weekly). Resume Leeds/Bradford to Nice.

February 2004: In April 2004, Belfast to Prague (4x-weekly).

April 2004: Leeds/Bradford to Nice. Belfast International to Prague. Now serves 12 European destinations.

June 2004: In September 2004, Leeds/Bradford to Paris (CDG). In December 2004, to Geneva.

August 2004: In September 2004, Belfast International to Barcelona.

October 2004: In December 2004, opens a 3rd base at Manchester with 6 737-300's serving 9 routes. Manchester to Budapest (daily), Murcia (4x-weekly), Geneva (daily). In February 2005, Manchester to Malaga (daily). In March 2005, Manchester to Faro, Nice, Valencia, Venice (daily). In May 2005, Manchester to Pisa (daily). Leeds/Bradford to Ibiza (5x-weekly).

November 2004: (customerservice@jet2.com).

December 2004: In January 2005, Manchester to London Gatwick (LGW) (3/day).

737-377 (24303, C-CELG "Jet2London"), (CEX) wet-leased.

February 2005: 737-330 (23529), (CEX) wet-leased.

May 2005: 757-27BER (24136, G-LSAB) & 757-236 (24122, G-LSAA), both ex-FlyAir (FLM), Channel Express (CEX) wet-leased.

October 2005: Blackpool Airport will become a base for Jet2.com (JT2). The low cost offspring of cargo airline Channel Express (CEX) will initially base 1 148-seat 737-300 at the Lancashire Airport and launch a 4x-weekly service to Belfast November 4. In April, it will commence services to Palma (Majorca) and Alicante/ Murcia.

(JT2) will discontinue service on the Leeds to Venice route on October 30th and has no plans to resume service in 2006.

November 2005: Amsterdam Schiphol's new low-cost carrier pier opened November 1 with easyJet (EZY), Thomsonfly.com (TFY), bmibaby (BMI), Jet2 (JT2) and SkyEurope (SKP)as tenants. Wizz Air (WZZ) joins December 1. Initially, 20 to 30 daily flights will operate from Pier H, which has 7 gates but no air bridges. The airport's 7th pier can accommodate a maximum of 64 daily inbound and outbound flights and was designed to handle around 8 million passengers annually. It was constructed in just 9 months, Schiphol said.

January 2006: To expand operations at Leeds Bradford and its new base at Newcastle International. Will follow easyJet (EZY) in launching flights to the Balearic Island of Menorca this Spring from both airports. Amsterdam and Pisa will also be served from Newcastle. Jet2.com (JT2) will commence 2x-weekly, Blackpool to Tenerife service October 6, operating 2x-weekly, on Monday & Friday, with a 737. (JT2) will inaugurate nonstop service from Newcastle to Bergen on April 24th. (JT2) will operate 3x-weekly, on Wednesdays, Fridays, & Sundays, with a 737.

February 2006: Jet2.com (JT2) will launch Belfast and Newcastle to Tenerife service next winter on October 5th with 2x-weekly on Thursdays and Sundays. It also will increase its Belfast to Blackpool service to daily throughout the summer.

March 2006: Jet2.com (JT2) will launch Leeds to Dusseldorf service on May 8. (JT2) will operate 6x-weekly, daily except Saturdays, using a 737.

757-23A (25488, G-LSAC), Finova (GRB) leased.

April 2006: Jet2.com (JT2) will inaugurate nonstop service from Blackpool to Amsterdam on October 29th. (JT2) will operate 5x-weekly, daily except Tuesdays & Saturdays, using a 737. (JT2) will inaugurate nonstop service from Blackpool to The Algarve (Faro) on October 29th. (JT2) will operate 3x-weekly on Tuesdays, Saturdays, & Sundays, using a 737. (JT2) will inaugurate nonstop service from Leeds Bradford to Lanzarote on October 30th. (JT2) will operate 2x-weekly, on Thursdays & Sundays, using a 737.

Blackpool Airport is celebrating the news that it is officially the fastest growing regional airport in the UK. Passenger numbers are soaring at a staggering +42% compared to the previous year. Has flights to Alicante, Murcia, Palma de Mallorca, & Belfast. In October, to Tenerife.

See photo: JT2-Blackpool Airport.jpg.

757-236 (24397, G-LSAD), ex-Air-Scotland (AST), Air Greece (GRE) wet-leased.

May 2006: Launches Leeds to Dusseldorf.

June 2006: Jet2 (JT2) will inaugurate nonstop service from Manchester to Tenerife on October 30th. (JT2) will operate 3x-weekly on Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays.

1 B Ae 146-300 (G-FLTC), Flightline leased. To be used on London to Manchester. The additional capacity has allowed its 737's to be used to expand services at its northern bases at Blackpool, Leeds Bradford, & Newcastle.

August 2006: Jet2 (JT2) will inaugurate nonstop service from Leeds Bradford to Krakow on October 30th. (JT2) will operate 2x-weekly, on Tuesdays & Saturdays, using a 737. (JT2) will inaugurate nonstop service from Newcastle to Krakow on October 30th. (JT2) will operate 2x-weekly, on Mondays & Fridays, using a 737.

September 2006: Jet2 (JT2) will inaugurate nonstop service from Leeds Bradford to Valencia on May 18th operating 4x-weekly, on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays, using a 737. Jet2.com (JT2) will begin 4x-weekly Edinburgh to Milan Bergamo service on April 2.

(JT2) will discontinue service from Edinburgh to Manchester on October 1st. (JT2) currently operates 2x- on weekdays and 1x- on Sundays using 737s. (JT2) announced 6 new routes from Manchester (MAN) as follows:
to Barcelona, starting March 25th, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays; to Berlin Schoenefeld (SXF), starting March 25th, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, & Sundays; starting May 21st, by adding a Monday flight; starting July 2nd, by adding a Wednesday flight; to Paris (CDG), starting March 25th, with a daily flight; to Toulouse, starting April 16th, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays; to Venice, starting May 20th, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays; and to Warsaw, starting March 26th, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, & Sundays.

(JT2) announced the launch of 4 new routes from Newcastle as follows:
to Almeria starting May 22nd on Tuesdays & Sundays; to Malaga, starting March 29th, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays; to Palma, starting March 30th, on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays, & starting May 21st with daily flights; to Valencia, starting May 22nd, on Thursdays, Saturdays, & Sundays.

(JT2) announced 6 new routes from Belfast International Airport for next year as follows:
To Bergamo, starting March 26th on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, & Sundays;
To Ibiza, starting May 14th, on Fridays & Sundays;
To Malaga, starting April 30th, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, & Sundays;
To Palma, starting April 30th, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, & Sundays;
To Pisa, starting May 21st, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays;
To Toulouse, starting March 26th, on Saturdays; and starting May 14th,
adding Tuesdays.

(JT2) will inaugurate nonstop service from Leeds Bradford to Toulouse on May 19th. (JT2) will operate a weekly flight on Saturdays.

November 2006: Jet2 (JT2) will inaugurate nonstop service from Edinburgh to Prague on February 9th, operating 3x-weekly, on Mondays, Fridays & Sundays, increasing to 5x-weekly on March 26th, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.

(JT2) will inaugurate nonstop service from Edinburgh to Murcia on March 24th, operating 2x-weekly on Saturdays & Sundays.

(JT2) will add service from Belfast International (BFS) to Ibiza, Malaga, Palma, Milan Orio al Serio, Pisa and Toulouse from spring 2007, bringing to 12 the number of destinations its serves from (BFS).

(JT2) will inaugurate nonstop service from Newcastle to London Gatwick on March 25th, operating 3 flights on weekdays and 1 on weekends.

3 orders 757-200s, ex-China Southern Airlines (GUN).

January 2007: (CTT) Systems sold 8 Zonal Drying Systems to Jet2.com (JT2) for installation on 757-200s.

April 2007: Starts Belfast International to Malaga, & to Palma, using 737s.

May 2007: Starts Belfast International to Ibiza, to Pisa, Leeds to Valencia, to Toulouse, Manchester to Venice, Newcastle to Almeria, to Valencia, using 737s. Starting June 23rd, Edinburgh to Avignon, using 737s.

July 2007: Pratt & Whitney (P&W) announced that its Global Material Solutions (GMS) subsidiary earned (PMA) certification from the USA (FAA) for the (CFM56-3) high-pressure turbine shroud, marking the 1st certification for the 48 life-limited and gas-path replacement parts, it plans to produce for the engine. Jet2.com (JT2) and an unidentified Chinese carrier joined launch customer United Airlines (UAL) as a (GMS) customer at the Paris Air Show.

July 2008: Jet2.com (JT2) parent, the Dart Group reported a +£8.7 million/+$17.3 million profit in the fiscal year ended March 31, up from £700,000 the prior year, as (JT2), expanded considerably. (JT2) added 19 new routes during the year, bringing its total to 133, and enjoyed a +32% year-over-year increase in passengers to 4 million. The company said it will realize savings through the February implementation of an in-house reservations system and that going forward it "will continue to focus its growth on the leisure sector of the airline market" and "intends to work closely with the travel trade in making its flight and holiday offerings more accessible to all forms of distribution."

Dart's aviation division operates 21 737-300s and 8 757-200s. It said a +29% year-over-year growth in revenue at the division, lagged capacity growth of +35%, although ancillary revenue per passenger rose +48.5% owing largely to increased baggage charges. All expected fuel requirements for passenger operations are hedged for the current fiscal year. Dart's full-year revenue climbed +23% to £429.3 million, while expenses were up +19.6% to £415.8 million. Operating profit increased to +£13.5 million from +£1.2 million in Fiscal Year (FY) 2007. The Dart Group also includes supermarket and retail distributor, Fowler Welch-Coolchain.

September 2008: Jet2.com (JT2) is a low-fare airline operating from Leeds/Bradford airport to domestic and European destinations.

Employees = 900.

(IATA) Code: LS. (ICAO) Code: EXS - (Callsign - CHANNEX).

Parent organization/shareholders: Dart Group (100%).

Its sister carrier is Channel Express (CEX).

Main Base: Leeds/Bradford International airport (LBA).

Hubs: Belfast airport; Blackpool Squires Gate airport; Edinburgh airport; Manchester airport (MAN); & Newcastle airport.

Domestic, Scheduled Destinations: Belfast; Blackpool; Edinburgh; Leeds/Bradford; London; Manchester; & Newcastle.

International, Scheduled Destinations: Alicante; Amsterdam; Barcelona; Budapest; Chambery; Cork; Faro; Geneva; Malaga; Murcia; Paris; Prague; & Tenerife.

October 2008: Jet2.com (JT2) will launch Edinburgh to Dusseldorf, Manchester to Rhodes, and Newcastle to Cork for its summer 2009 schedule. To start weekly flights to Dalaman, Turkey from both Manchester and Leeds.

757-27B (24136, G-LSAB "Jet2Menorca"), delivery with blended winglets, following their installation at Lasham, UK.

SEE PHOTO - - "JT2-757-OCT08."

November 2008: (AMECO) Beijing, the joint venture between Air China (BEJ) (60%) and Lufthansa (DLH) (40%), announced deals with Jet2.com (JT2) and Astraeus Airlines (AUA) to provide Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) on (RB211-535E4) engines (2 for Astraeus (AUA) and 1 for Jet2 (JT2)).

January 2009: Jet2.com (JT2) will launch weekly, Manchester to Tel Aviv service on May 21, doubling to 2x-weekly in October.

February 2009: Oxford Aviation Academy (OAA) reached a 5-year deal with Jet2.com (JT2) covering full flight simulator (FFS) provision and ab initio training. The agreement calls for the (OAA) to relocate a 737 (FFS) to its Manchester Training Center at Woodford where operations are scheduled to begin in August. Jet2.com (JT2) agreed to source future cadet pilots (FC) from Oxford's training program.

June 2009: 737-33A QC (24755, G-CDPT), ex-bmiBaby (BMI), (AWAS) (AWW) leased.

July 2009: Jet2.com (JT2) will operate a 2nd weekly, Manchester to Tel Aviv flight March 22 to October 28, 2010.

September 2009: Jet2.com (JT2) will launch service from Edinburgh to Dubrovnik (weekly from May 2, 2010) and Faro (3x-weekly on May 20).

(CTT) Systems announced that (JT2) ordered 7 Zonal Drying Systems for installation on its 737-300 QCs.

Aircraft Management Technologies announced that Jet2.com (JT2) will install its Flightman electronic flight bag (EFB) software on its 737-300s and 757-200s.

October 2009: Jet2.com (JT2) announced 4 new routes from Manchester (MAN): 4x-weekly to Prague, starting April 1, and 2x-weekly, to Dubrovnik (April 29), Split (May 8), and Barcelona Reus (May 25). (JT2) will operate 28 routes from (MAN) in the 2010 summer, including 9 new routes.

November 2009: The Dart Group which owns Jet2.com (JT2) said (JT2)'s operating profit ex-depreciation and lease expenses, fell -23% in the 6 months from April to September. Load factors were high at 81% LF but due in part to low fares. The weak pound did not help.

(JT2) is now the largest leisure airline in Manchester and is growing its presence in eastern Mediterranean hot spots like Greece and Turkey (where, incidentally, Ryanair (RYR) does not fly). In total, (JT2) operates 31 737-300s and 757-200s from 7 bases: Belfast; Blackpool; Edinburgh; Leeds Bradford; Manchester; and Newcastle.

June 2010: Lufthansa (DLH) Systems said Jet2.com (JT2) selected its Lido/RouteManual navigation charts in a "long-term" agreement.

July 2010: Jet2.com (JT2) will operate seasonal, Newcastle service to Prague (November 5), Krakow (March 28), Alicante (April 1), Faro (April 2), and Toulouse (May 22).

August 2010: Jet2.com (JT2) is a low-cost carrier (LCC) operating scheduled services from UK hubs to some 50 domestic and European destinations as well as charter flights. Cargo and mail flights are operated out of Bournemouth.

Employees = 1,500.

(IATA) Code: LS - 949. (ICAO) Code: EXS (Callsign - CHANNEX).

Parent organization/shareholders: Dart Group (100%).

Main Base: Leeds/Bradford International airport (LBA); & Bournemouth airport (BOH).

Hubs: Belfast International airport (BFS); Blackpool Squires Gate International airport (BLK); Edinburgh airport (EDI); Manchester airport (MAN); & Newcastle International airport (NCL).

Domestic, Scheduled Destinations: Belfast; Blackpool; Edinburgh; Leeds/Bradford; London; Manchester; & Newcastle.

International, Scheduled Destinations: Alicante; Amsterdam; Barcelona; Budapest; Chambery; Cork; Faro; Geneva; Malaga; Murcia; Paris; Prague; & Tenerife.

October 2010: jet2.com (JT2) will operate seasonal Manchester to Brive service starting May 21.

December 2010: SEE ATTACHED - - "JT2-2010-12-LEEDS GROUND HANDLING."

January 2011: SEE ATTACHED - - "JT2-2011-01-2010 PROFIT."

The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) scored a victory by winning a vote to represent pilots (FC) at Jet2.com (JT2). (BALPA) now represents pilots (FC) at all major UK-based airlines, including British Airways (BAB), Virgin Atlantic (VAA), easyJet (EZY), FlyBe (BEE), Monarch Airlines (MON), and TUI (TUG)’s Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(TFY).

737-8K2 (28375, G-GDFC), Volito leased. 2 757-204s (26966, G-BYAH; 26967, G-BYAI), leased for summer season.

May 2011: Jet2.com (JT2) launched 3x-weekly, Edinburgh to Budapest 737-300 service. The year-round service will operate 2x-weekly during the winter season.

June 2011: Jet2.com (JT2) fiscal year ending in March resulted in a +$40 million profit. Revenue was up +28% despite the Icelandic volcano eruption affecting its flight schedules and political unrest in Egypt where (JT2) had to keep out of Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. On the positive side, it opened a new base in East Midlands and its summer seat capacity is up +26% due in part to another new base opened in Glasgow.

(JT2) currently operates 24 737-300s, 2 737-800s, and 12 757-200s from its main base at Leeds Bradfo0rd and other bases at Belfast, Blackpool, East Midlands, E3dinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, and Newcastle. Some of its capacity is allocated for its charter business and UK mail carriage.

September 2011: Jet2.com (JT2) will launch Glasgow service to Crete (May 22) and Rhodes (May 23).

October 2011: Jet2.com (JT2), a Low Cost Carrier (LCC) which carries a lot of tour package traffic, had a “satisfactory summer.” During its fiscal 1st half (the 6 months from April to September), passenger traffic grew strongly, rising +32%.

Jet2holidays (JT2) will operate weekly, Newcastle to Dubrovnik service June 9 to October 6.

November 2011: In the 6 months ending September, Jet2 (JT2) increased capacity +29% (ASK)s. Revenues increased +27%, indicating a drop in yields. A lot of (JT2)'s traffic growth comes from its expanding holiday package business. (JT2) now operates 38 airplanes from 8 northern UK bases, including Glasgow, which it just opened this past summer. Capacity is up +15% this winter and forward bookings for next summer are positive.

January 2012: Jet2 (JT2) has announced new services from its various bases across the United Kingdom:
Belfast International to Faro: weekly seasonal 737-300 service between May 26 and September 15;
East Midlands to Pisa: weekly seasonal 737-300 service between May 5 and September 29;
Glasgow International to Heraklion: weekly seasonal 737-800 service between May 22 and September 25;
Glasgow International to Lanzarote: weekly 737-800 service starting on March 29;
Glasgow International to Rhodes: weekly seasonal 737-800 service between May 23 and September 26;
Glasgow International to Rome Fiumicino: 3x-weekly 737-800 service starting on March 29;
Leeds/Bradford to Berlin: 3x-weekly 737-300 service starting on June 1;
Leeds/Bradford to Budapest: 2x-weekly 737-300 service starting on March 29;
Manchester to Istanbul Atatürk: 2x-weekly 737-800 service starting on March 16;
Manchester to Pula: weekly seasonal 737-300 service between May 19 and October 6;
Newcastle to Bodrum: weekly seasonal 737-300 service starting on June 4;
Newcastle to Dubrovnik: weekly seasonal 737-300 service between June 9 and October 6;
Newcastle to Reus: 2x-weekly seasonal 737-300 service between June 1 and September 24;
Newcastle to Rome Fiumicino: 2x-weekly 737-300 service starting on May 31;
Newcastle to Venice Marco Polo: 3x-weekly 737-300 service starting on May 31.

(JT2) will however not launch its previously announced route from Glasgow International to Murcia and from Manchester to Milan Orio al Serio and has given up its Manchester to Brive route.

Jet2 (JT2) is adding a 3rd ex-Air Europa (ARE) 737-800 and has wet-leased one of its 757-200s to (RAK) Airways.

1 737-3Y5 ((25615, G-GDFH), ex-(LN-KKC) delivery.

April 2012: Jet2.com (JT2) has introduced 7 new routes from its bases in Scotland and the north of England. The main focus is on the Spanish leisure market with new routes to Alicante (ALC) from Edinburgh (EDI), Lanzarote (ACE) and Malaga (AGP) from Glasgow (GLA), and Barcelona (BCN) from both Glasgow and Manchester (MAN). There are also new routes from Leeds/Bradford (LBA) to Budapest (BUD) and from Manchester to Paris CDG (CDG). Ryanair (RYR) already serves the Edinburgh to Alicante route, easyJet (EZY) has daily flights from Glasgow to Malaga, Monarch (MON) already links Manchester with Barcelona, while AirFrance (AFA) and Flybe (BEE) already operate flights between Manchester and Paris (CDG).

May 2012: Jet2.com (JT2) inaugurates services to Ibiza from Glasgow; starts flying to Pula, Croatia and Toulouse from Manchester. (JT2) started low-frequency service from East Midlands Airport to Pisa in Tuscany, Italy.

June 2012: The Dart Group, which owns Jet2.com (JT2), said profits for (JT2) fell during the fiscal year that ended in March, mostly due to higher fuel prices. But capacity and revenue both grew, and (JT2)'s fast expanding Jet2Holidays tour package division went from “strength to strength.” (JT2)’s operating margin for the 12 months was 5% (down from 7% a year earlier), while operating margin for Jet2Holidays was 2% (up from a small loss). During the fiscal year, (JT2) acquired 5 737-300s, giving it 42 planes in total. It recently made Glasgow its 8th base (all of its bases are in the northern UK). And this summer its capacity is up +10%. It added that UK fliers are still keen to take holidays, with Spain the number 1 destination.

July 2012: 737-75B (28109, D-AGET), Germania (GER) leased.

August 2012: (AMECO) Beijing (BEJ) completed its 20th (RB211) engine overhaul for Jet2.com (JT2).

November 2012: Jet2.com (JT2) carried +14% passengers in the 1st 6 months of 2012. (JT2)'s had +11% more seat capacity and its revenues increased +23%, in part due to higher loads, higher yields, more ancillary revenue per passenger, an increased demand from UK passengers wanting to get away from the miserable summer gloomy weather and help from the sale of package tours. During the peak summer season, (JT2) operated 44 airplanes from 8 bases throughout the Northern UK. Beginning this winter, the number of seats will grow by +7% from more capacity to the Canary Islands and a new ski route to Grenoble.

(JT2) will launch Glasgow service to Murcia (2x-weekly) and Menorca (weekly) in May 2013 followed in June with biweekly service to Pula.

(JT2) is planning to wet-lease a 737-800 from Czech charter carrier Travel Service Airlines (TSV) next summer season to temporarily increase its capacity during the high season for outbound tourism from the United Kingdom.

December 2012: Jet2.com (JT2) expanded its seasonal offering on 15 December with weekly services from East Midlands (EMA) to Geneva (GVA), and from Leeds/Bradford (LBA) to Grenoble (GNB). In addition, (JT2) inaugurated 2x-weekly flights to Grenoble from Manchester (MAN) on December 16. Flights on all 3 routes are operated using 737-family airplanes until mid-April 2013. Competition on both routes to Grenoble comes from Monarch (MON)’s 3x-weekly flights (which also launched last week), as well as from Thomas Cook (JMA)/(GUE)’s weekly departures on the route from Manchester.

January 2013: Some flights are already on sale, but they are yet to be publically announced; crews are enlightened, but the network planning community is still in the dark — however, anna.aero has exclusively shed light on the fact that Jet2.com (JT2) is becoming the next airline to look overseas for its next base rather than in its home UK market. This decision to base 2 148Y-seat, 737-300 airplanes in Alicante may come as a blow to UK airports like Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool or London Southend, which were looking to become (JT2)’s 9th UK base. But will (JT2) rue its decision like Norwegian (NWG)’s Warsaw experiment or Aer Lingus (ARL)’s London Gatwick foray, or will it be pats on the back all round when it becomes truly pan-European like Volotea (VLT) or Wizz Air (WZZ)?

Clearly there is a lot at stake for (JT2) in this market; it is already the number 2 player on UK to Alicante operations with all 8 of its bases currently seeing at least 3x-weekly. easyJet (EZY) is king of this market with services from 11 UK airports to Alicante and perhaps has the most to lose from (JT2)'s decision.

Currently (JT2), has only placed 6 flights to 4 of its existing UK airports on sale from its Alicante base. These are being used on a 50/50 mixture of additional rotations as well as replacing previously UK-originating flights. With the potential for at least 2 flights per day, per airplane, there could be at least 22x-weekly frequencies potentially still up for grabs to prospective new and existing UK destinations. Should this capacity be used in the same 50/50 mixture of generating new and replacing existing frequencies, (JT2) would narrow the gap on (EZY) in the UK to Alicante market, offering 67x- weekly frequencies versus (EZY)’s 74x-.

Looking at (JT2)’s existing network, Alicante is currently its 2nd biggest destination (53x-weekly). Slightly larger is Palma de Mallorca with (57x-) (could this be the next potential base for (JT2) if Alicante becomes successful?). Other options for the (JT2) could be Málaga, Faro, Ibiza or Murcia, all of which generate >30 weekly services during the peak summer season from the UK.

Presently, the base seems to be summer-only, with Alicante to originating flights ending in October and it is unclear whether operations will continue through the winter. Of course (JT2)’s plans for these airplanes may lie with operations to other European or indeed North African points rather than flying entirely to the UK.

Jet2.com (JT2) has promoted Managing Director & (CCO) Steve Heapy to (CEO) of (JT2) and "Jet2holidays," replacing company Founder Philip Meeson who will serve as Executive Chairman. Heapy joined Jet2.com (JT2) in 2009.

February 2013: Jet2 ((IATA) Code: LS, based at Leeds/Bradford International (LBA)) (JT2) will wet-lease 2 instead of just 1 737-800 from Czech partner Travel Service Airlines ((IATA) Code: QS, based at Prague Ruzyne (PRG)) (TSF) next summer season with 1 airplane each based at East Midlands (EMA) and Leeds/Bradford International (LBA). Jet2 (JT2) has decided to extend its contract with Travel Service (TSF) to a 2nd airplane for the summer season while instead giving up plans to wet-lease an A320-200 from Hamburg Airways ((IATA) Code: HK, based at Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel (HAM)) (HAU) for its East Midlands operations.

April 2013: SEE "AIRLINER WORLD" UPDATE - - "JT2-2013-04 - UPDATE."

May 2013: Jet2.com (JT2) commenced flights on 3 new routes at the beginning of this month. On May 2nd, (JT2) inaugurated 3x-weekly flights from East Midlands (EMA) to Nice (NCE), while on May 5th, single weekly departures to Dubrovnik (DBV) commenced at the UK airport. A day later, (JT2) started flying on the 1,600 km route from Manchester (MAN) to Mahon (MAH) on the Spanish island of Menorca, offering a 3x-weekly schedule. All newly launched routes are operated with variable narrow body equipment. (JT2) faces competition from Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(TFY) (6x-weekly), Monarch Airlines (MON) (5x-) and Thomas Cook Airlines (JMA)/(GUE) (4x-).

(JT2) increased its summer offering from 3 UK airports, as it launched low-frequency services to destinations in Spain, Croatia and Corfu. All newly launched services are operated using 737-family narrow body equipment. See the following route launch data:
On May 17, East Midlands (EMA) to Menorca (MAH), 2x-weekly, with competition from Ryanair (RYN) 2x-, Thomas Cook (JMA)/(GUE) 2x-, and Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(TFY) 2x-;
On May 18, Leeds/Bradford (LBA) to Split (SPU), 1x- weekly;
On May 20, Manchester (MAN) to Corfu (CFU), 1x- weekly, with competition from easyJet (EZY) 3x-, (RYR) 2x-, (JMA)/(GUE) 2x-, and (ATZ)/(TFY) 4x-.

Jet2.com (JT2) and Lanzarote Airport celebrated the launch of (JT2)’s new base on the island. (JT2) has announced that it will increase its seat offer and launch on May 29th the new route Blackpool to Lanzarote, operated initially with 2x-weekly 737 frequencies.

737-33V (29332, G-GDFN), in "Jet2 Holidays" colors. 737-36Q (29141, G-GDFT "Jet2 Murcia"), delivery.

July 2013: Jet2 (JT2) recorded a pre-tax profit of +£29.3 million/+$45 million for the year ended March 31, compared to +£21.7 million for the previous period.

Revenue rose >+20% to £556.2 million (2012: £461.3 million). This reflected a +13% increase in scheduled passengers to 4.84 million (2012: 4.27 million) and a +16% increase in ticket yield to £59.67 (2012: £51.47). Non-ticket revenue grew to £30.96 (2012: £27.86). Load factor rose from 87% LF to 90% LF.

Jet2 (JT2) forms part of the Dart Group. The group does not split out post-tax profits for its 3 divisions, but (JT2)’s profits formed the bulk of the group’s pre-tax profit of +£40.5 million on revenue of £869 million.

(JT2), based at Leeds-Bradford Airport in the north of England, has a 46-strong fleet, consisting of 757-200s, 737-300s and 737-800s. It flies scheduled services to Mediterranean and Canary Islands destinations.

Since the end of the reporting period, (JT2) has retained 6 of its 8 Postal Air Network routes on behalf of the UK’s Royal Mail. This provides nocturnal business for some of the fleet.

Dart Group Chairman Philip Meeson said it expanded (JT2)’s flying program +12% for summer 2013, “although margins will continue to remain challenging in this sector.”

Jet2.com (JT2) commenced operations on the 1,600 km route from Newcastle (NCL) to Pula (PUY), its 4th to the Croatian destination. (JT2) already serves Pula from its bases at Glasgow, Leeds/Bradford and Manchester. Beginning on July 2, (JT2) operates weekly flights using 737-300s and plans to terminate the service on September 3.

(JT2) inaugurated seasonal weekly flights from its East Midlands (EMA) base to Gran Canaria (LPA) on July 15th. Low frequency flights to the island of Gran Canaria are offered until November 4th in competition with Ryanair (RYR) (2x-weekly), Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(TFY) (1x-) and Thomas Cook Airlines (GUE)/(JMA) (1x-). 737 narrow bodies are deployed to operate the service. (JT2) will offer 2x-weekly, Leeds to Budapest beginning on April 2014.

Analysis of data for June 2013 and comparing it with data from a year ago, reveals that among the top 15 airlines, the fastest-growing is UK leisure airline Jet2.com (JT2) which has increased its passenger numbers in the Spanish market by almost +20%, up from 365,000 in June 2012 to 437,000 in June 2013. The second fastest-growing major airline in the Spanish market is another UK ‘hybrid’ airline, Monarch Airlines (MON). It has increased its passenger numbers at Spanish airports by almost +19% to 433,000 passengers.

757-256 (26252, EC-HDS), leased from Privilege Style (PVG).

August 2013: Jet2 (JT2) has taken another tentative step into long-haul operations by offering limited charter flights to Boston, New York, and Toronto from the UK regional airports.

October 2013: Jet2.com (JT2) will base a 5th airplane at Glasgow airport next summer, adding 130,000 seats to its offering. (JT2) will offer 650,000 seats from Glasgow from summer 2014, and plans to up frequency on existing routes, including Palma, Alicante and Tenerife.

Jet2.com (JT2) has been operating to Glasgow for 2 and a half years and the city is now its biggest base in Scotland. This year it added 5 new destinations to its Glasgow network: to Corfu, Fuerteventura, Reus and Zante, plus Boston.

Steve Heapy (CEO) of (JT2) and Jet2holidays, said: “Since our 1st flight took off, we’ve not only increased capacity, we have also more than tripled our range of destinations from 7 to 24. Plus we’ve continued to invest in the area with the creation of further jobs.”

November 2013: Jet2.com (JT2) has commenced 2 new city-break options from its East Midlands (EMA) base in the UK. Starting on November 7th, (JT2) began flying 2x-weekly, (Thursdays and Sundays) to Prague (PRG), then on November 8th, it started 2x-weekly (Mondays and Fridays) operations to Budapest (BUD). Both services are operated by (JT2)’s 148Y-seat 737-300s, with no direct competition. Budapest Airport’s Chief Commercial Officer, Kam Jandu commented: “We are delighted to see Jet2.com expand its presence at Budapest Airport with this, their 3rd route. Central England was a white spot on our network map and I have no doubt that the route will be a great success.” (JT2) is to launch 3 new cities from Manchester for Summer 2014: 3x-weekly to Vienna; service to Bergerac and Jersey.

Worldwide Flight Services has won a 3-year contract to provide ramp handling for Jet2.com (JT2) at Manchester International Airport.

April 2014: Jet2.com (JT2) began 4x-weekly, East Midlands to Paris service and will offer weekly, East Midlands to Pula summer service. (JT2) on April 8th added weekly (Tuesday) flights from its base at East Midlands (EMA) to Funchal (FNC) on the Portuguese island of Madeira. The 2,560 km route will be flown by (JT2)’s 737-300s until the end of the summer season, and will face competition from Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(GUE)’s also weekly flights. This summer, (JT2) will be operating to 28 destinations from East Midlands Airport, up from 19 last summer. The number of weekly departures at the airport has also grown by >40%. Apart from East Midlands, (JT2) will also be serving Funchal from its bases at Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, Manchester, and Newcastle this summer.

May 2014: Jet2.com (JT2) has started 2 new routes from its biggest operational base of Manchester (MAN), which now boasts 43 destinations, launching flights to Jersey (JER) and Vienna (VIE). The former, started on May 3rd, will begin with a weekly operation (Saturdays), but will gradually be increased to 3x-weekly as S14 progresses. Flybe (BEE) will provide direct competition on the city pair, flying 8x-weekly (its schedule is also ramped up as S14 reaches its peak). In comparison, the 3x-weekly operation to Vienna, which started on May 2nd, will encounter no competition. Steve Heapy, Jet2.com (JT2) (CEO) said: “We are thrilled to launch our new Manchester to Vienna route, the only direct flight available from the north. Vienna is a truly exciting destination, famous for its imperial sights, coffee houses, cozy taverns and the very special Viennese charm.” Both routes will operated by (JT2)’s 148Y-seat 737-300s. (JT2) began weekly, Blackpool to Menorca (MAH) service.

June 2014: Jet2.com (JT2) has begun another new route from Leeds Bradford (LBA), its 40th from the Yorkshire airport, and its 5th into Italy, a weekly (Wednesdays) service to Verona (VRN). Started on May 14th and operated by (JT2)’s 148Y-seat 737-300s, the 1,300 km sector will face no direct competition. The seasonal service is currently planned to operate until October 1st. A weekly service from Edinburgh (EDI) to Verona started the same day, for the same period, using the same airplane type and also without competition. However, the Scottish service is 235 km longer. This is the 1st time that Jet2.com (JT2) has served Verona.

July 2014: Jet2.com (JT2) now boasts 30 destinations from its Newcastle (NCL) base, courtesy of a new weekly service (Fridays) to Funchal (FNC) in Madeira, which started on July 4th. Operated by its 148Y-seat 737-300s, the 2,749 km sector will face direct competition from Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(TFY) which also flies the airport pair weekly. The seasonal operation is scheduled to terminate on October 31st.

(JT2) has started its 5th new route from UK airports (joining East Midlands, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, and Manchester) to Fuerteventura (FUE), with the commencing of weekly (Tuesdays) flights from Newcastle (NCL). The 3,112 km seasonal sector, which began on June 24th and will operate until October 21st, will face competition from Thomas Cook Airlines (GUE)/(JMA), which operates 2x-weekly services. On June 30th, Jet2.com (JT2) also began weekly (Mondays) operations from Edinburgh (EDI) to Reus (REU). The 1,679 km seasonal route will face no direct competition and will be flown until September 22nd. Both services are operated by 148Y-seat 737-300s.

757-256 (26241, EC-ISY), ex-(N26ND), Privilege Style (PVG) wet-leased to Jet2.com (JT2) (same as last year).

August 2014: Jet2Holidays launches weekly summer 2015 services to Enfidha, Tunisia from 5 UK airports: East Midlands from May 27 to October 28; Glasgow, Leeds Bradford and Newcastle, May 2 to October 2; Manchester, (2x-weekly), May 2 to November 1.

October 2014: Jet2.com (JT2) begins weekly Edinburgh to Split service on May 24, 2015.

Blackpool Airport has announced the facility is closing on October 15, becoming the 2nd UK regional airport to cease operations this year after no buyer stepped forward to rescue the struggling facility. The airport said it would “endeavor to maintain operations as normal until this date, after which time commercial flights will cease.”

Earlier in October, the site of the former Manston Airport in Kent was sold for redevelopment, despite ongoing last ditch efforts to retain it as an operational airport.

Blackpool Airport, which handled 220,000 passengers last year, is owned 95% by Balfour Beatty, with Blackpool Borough Council holding the remaining 5% stake.

Jet2.com (JT2) operated its last flights from the airport on Thursday October 9th, moving all its Blackpool operations to Manchester Airport from October 10th.

(JT2) said: “Although the airport remains open until October 15, the considerable uncertainty in recent weeks over its future has already led to the withdrawal of key 3rd party facilities without notice, that have seriously impacted the operation of our airplanes from and to Blackpool Airport. Therefore, and in the interests of our customers, with effect from October 10th and until further notice, Jet2.com (JT2)’s services that were scheduled to operate from Blackpool Airport will operate instead from and to Manchester Airport.”

Another Blackpool operator, domestic carrier Citywing, said it was temporarily suspending operations out of Blackpool for 4 weeks. It said: “It is in the interests of the communities of both Blackpool and the Isle of Man, that services are resumed as soon as possible, and Blackpool Airport have stated that they will continue to work with the independent aviation businesses currently operating from Blackpool to develop a sustainable future for aviation services at the airport. Citywing will be taking an active part in those discussions to bring back this lifeline air-link as soon as possible.”

It said that Blackpool Borough Council and many local businesses were “actively seeking a way to ensure Blackpool Airport will re-open with a sustainable new business model.”

Citywing Managing Director David Buck said: ‘Unfortunately, our discussions with a nearby airport to provide temporary facilities while Blackpool Airport’s issues are resolved proved unworkable. In order to minimize disruption to our passengers, we have reluctantly decided to suspend flights to Blackpool for a period of 4 weeks.”

It said it would continue to operate out of Blackpool until October 15, after which passengers would be offered a refund or alternative travel arrangements.

November 2014: The UK Supreme Court has rejected applications by both Jet2.com (JT2) and Thomson Airway (ATZ)/(TFY) to appeal rulings by the Court of Appeal in June relating to airlines’ liability to pay compensation after travel delays.

In Jet2 (JT2) v Huzar, the Court of Appeal found in favor of the passenger on the question of the meaning of “extraordinary circumstances” in the context of airlines’ liability for delay compensation claims.

Passenger Ronald Huzar sought compensation in line with European Union (EU) passenger rights regulations, when his flight from Malaga to Manchester was delayed. Neither party disputed that prima facie Huzar was entitled to compensation, but Jet2.com (JT2) argued the delay was caused by “extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.” (JT2) said the delay was caused by a wiring defect in the fuel valve circuit, which could not have been prevented by prior maintenance or prior visual inspection. It was unexpected, unforeseen and unforeseeable and as such, amounted to an “extraordinary circumstance.”

Previously, European national enforcement bodies (such as the UK Civil Aviation Authority) had agreed that such unexpected technical defects were outside the control of airlines and would therefore be considered “extraordinary” for the purposes of customer compensation.

(JT2) parent, the Dart Group insisted safety had always been (JT2)’s 1st priority, and pointed out that airplanes are equipped with duplicate and triplicate systems to minimize the potential for failure. “However, certain technical issues can prevent or delay departures. For these, the company has back up and contingency plans to minimize inconvenience to customers,” it said.

Dart said it would be making a provision of £17 million/$28.2 million in its current financial year “in order to cover potential historical claims arising from the Supreme Court’s decision. Going forward, the board estimates that the legislation may cost the Group a further £3 million to £5 million per annum. The board is currently further reviewing its options to mitigate the future financial impact on its air travel operations.”

In Dawson v Thomson Airway (ATS)/(TFY), James Dawson claimed £1,488.73 in compensation, when his flight from London’s Gatwick Airport arrived >6 hours late in the Dominican Republic due to crew shortages caused by sickness. Dawson sought to recover from (ATZ)/(TFY) the €600/$792 per person specified by (EU) regulation as payable as compensation for a flight of that length.

(ATZ)/(TFY) accepted that it would have been liable to make the payment if Dawson had brought proceedings in time, but argued the claim was out of time and had been discharged by virtue of a 2-year limitation period contained in the Montreal Convention, which governs the liability of carriers by air.

The Supreme Court said it had refused the applications of both airlines, in the Jet2.com (JT2) case, because the application did not “raise a point of law of general public importance,” and in the Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(TFY) case because it did not raise “an arguable point of law.”

April 2015: News Item A-1: Jet2.com (JT2) has expanded its Belfast International (BFS) offering with the addition of 2 new routes, both of which are operated by its 148Y-seat 737-300s. On April 2nd, (JT2) touched down with 2x-weekly (Thursdays and Sundays) departures at Rome Fiumicino (FCO), while on April 3rd, it introduced 2x-weekly (Mondays and Fridays) flights to Prague (PRG). Jet2.com (JT2) will face no competition on either of the 2 new additions.

News Item A-2: Aer Lingus (ARL), UK leisure carrier Jet2 (JT2) and Eastern European budget carrier, Wizz Air (WZZ) are facing legal action by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for breaching consumer law. The UK regulator says it is stepping in “to safeguard the rights of millions of passengers” following a 6-month review of airline policies in relation to supporting passengers during disruption. This includes their approaches to paying flight delay compensation and the provision of information about passengers’ rights.

The (CAA) said this review “has already resulted in a number of airlines changing their policies,” but that, despite extensive discussions, some airlines have yet to make the required changes.

The (CAA) said (JT2) and (WZZ) “have failed to satisfy the (CAA) that they are consistently paying compensation for disruption caused by technical faults,” despite the Court of Appeal (Jet2 (JT2) v Huzar) clarifying that airlines must do so. (JT2) and (WZZ) are also imposing 2-year time limits for passengers to take compensation claims to court, despite the Court of Appeal ruling (Dawson v Thomson Airlines) that passengers should have up to 6 years to take a claim to court.

(WZZ)’s spokesman, Daniel de Carvalho said, “The (UK) (CAA) is well aware that (WZZ) is reassessing these cases, and has confirmed to the (UK) (CAA) itself, some time ago, that it will apply the (UK) (CAA)’s own list of extraordinary circumstances in the relevant cases. This is not the only area where the (UK) (CAA)'s press release and reports are materially inaccurate. (WZZ) further confirms that claims can be raised within 2 years after the flight disruption, in line with its general conditions of carriage agreed to by customers at the time of booking, an approach which has been upheld by the English courts.”

In addition, the (CAA) said that (JT2) and (ARL) had failed to supply “satisfactory evidence” that they proactively provide passengers with information about their rights during disruption in line with the requirements set out in European Commission (EC) regulation (EC261).

The 3 airlines must implement the changes set out by the (CAA), or face the prospect of a court order.

(CAA) (CEO) Andrew Haines said: “Airlines are well aware of the support they must provide when there is disruption and passengers have every right to be disappointed that a small number of airlines are not complying with the Court of Appeal rulings, and continue to let people down in this way. Our job is not done until all airlines can demonstrate they are providing care, assistance and compensation as required by law. While we have no power to secure redress for individual consumers, we are determined to stand up for passengers, and are taking this action to safeguard their rights, making sure all airlines consistently provide their passengers with the support and compensation they are legally entitled to.”

The (CAA) said it also had concerns about the way Ryanair (RYR) was assessing some passenger claims, and was therefore reviewing (RYR)’s approach to assessing passenger claims for flights disrupted by technical faults.

The (CAA)’s review looked at the policies of the 15 airlines operating in the UK with the highest passenger figures, accounting for >80% of the UK’s aviation market. The other airlines included were British Airways (BAB), easyJet (EZY), Emirates (EAD), FlyBe (BEE), (KLM)-Air France (AFA), Lufthansa (DLH), Monarch (MON), Thomas Cook (JMA)/(GUE), Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(TFY), United Airlines (UAL), and Virgin Atlantic (VAA).

The review was carried out as part of a new enforcement approach that places the onus of compliance on airlines, with the (CAA) targeting enforcement resources, specifically at problem areas.

News Item A-3: Titan Airways (TIU) announced a new damp lease agreement with Jet2.com (JT2) to provide additional capacity during the peak summer period. (G-POWM), the latest Airbus A320 addition to (TIU)’s fleet, will be operating on behalf of (JT2) the leading leisure airline for a 5-month period.

May 2015: Jet2.com (JT2) launched 14 new routes for the summer season. The 1st 4 routes to take off on May 21 were weekly service (Thursdays) from East Midlands (EMA) and 2x-weekly service (Mondays and Thursdays) from Leeds Bradford (LBA) to Antalya, 2x-weekly (Thursdays and Sundays) service between Glasgow (GLA) and Prague (PRG), and weekly (Thursdays) service between Newcastle (NCL) and Malta (MLA). Of the 14 new routes, 12 will face direct competition, leaving Glasgow to Prague and Edinburgh to Split, as the only new routes not to be operated by another carrier. Notably, the average weekly frequency across the 14 new routes is around 1.4.

New Routes:
East Midlands (EMA) to Antalya (AYT), 737-800 1x-weekly, vs Thomas Cook Airlines (JMA)/(GUE) 1x-, Thomson Airways ((ATZ)/(TFY) 1x-;
Glasgow (GLA) to Prague (PRG) 2x-;
Leeds Bradford (LBA) to (AYT) 2x-, vs Monarch Airlines (MON) 2x-;
Newcastle (NCL) to Malta (MLA) 1x-, vs easyJet 2x-, Air Malta (MLT) 1x-;
(EMA) to (MLA) 1x-, vs RyanAir (RYR) 2x-;
(GLA) to (AYT), 2x-, vs (JMA)/(GUE) 3x-, (ATZ)/(TFY) 1x-;
Manchester (MAN) to (MLA) 2x-, vs (EZY) 6x-, (MLT) 4x-, (JMA)/(GUE) 1x-;
(NCL) to (AYT) 1x-, vs (JMA)/(GUE) 2x-, (ATZ)/(TFY) 1x-;
(LBA) to (MLA) 1x-, vs (RYR) 2x-;
(MAN) to (AYT) 2x-, vs (JMA)/(GUE) 7x-, (ATZ)/(TFY) 3x-, (EZY) 3x-;
(MAN) to Kefalonia (EFL) 2x-, vs (JMA)/(GUE) 2x-, (ATZ)/(TFY) 2x-, (EZY) 2x-, Germania (GER) 1x-;
Edinburgh (EDI) to Split (SPU), 1x-;
(GLA) to Enfidah (NBE) 1x-, vs (JMA)/(GUE) 3x-, (ATZ)/(TFY) 1x-;
(MAN) to (NBE), 2x-, vs (JMA)/(GUE) 4x-, (ATZ)/(TFY) 1x-.

757-256, (26241, EC-ISY), ex-(N26ND), Privilege Style (PVG) leased.

September 2015: Jet2 (JT2) has finalized an order for 27 Boeing 737-800s, valued at $2.6 billion at list prices.

“To meet the future anticipated growth of its leisure travel business and for planned fleet replacement, (JT2) has entered into an agreement with Boeing (TBC) to purchase 27 new Boeing 737-800NG airplanes. These 737-800NGs will be delivered between September 2016 and April 2018.”

(JT2) added that it had “negotiated significant discounts from the list price” and that the order would be funded through internal resources and debt.

Jet2 (JT2) already operates 60 Boeing (TBC) airplanes, but this is the 1st time it has ordered directly from (TBC). The airplanes will be deployed on its charter and scheduled network, which includes European cities, as well as destinations in the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean.

“This reliable and contemporary airplane will deliver increased capacity across all our bases, and will also continue to ensure a comfortable and pleasant customer experience,” (JT2) Executive Chairman Philip Meeson said, describing the 737-800 as a “cost effective and exceptional airplane.”

Summer trading has been “strong,” (JT2) said. Package holidays are picking up in popularity and both yield and load factor have risen on slightly lower seat capacity. “In view of the continued strong demand for our leisure travel package holiday and flight-only products, the board is optimistic that group performance for the financial year ending March 31, 2016 will materially exceed current market expectations. The company will provide a further trading update in mid-October following the half year end,” (JT2) said.

Jet2 (JT2), which launched operations in 1983, is owned by leisure travel, distribution and logistics specialist, the Dart Group. It serves 55 destinations from five bases in the north of the UK and carries >3 million passengers annually.

December 2015: "Jet2 Parent Orders 3 More Boeing 737-800s" by (ATW) Victoria Moores, December 17, 2015.

The Dart Group, the parent of UK budget carrier, Jet2 (JT2), has placed a follow on order for 3 Boeing 737-800s, valued at $288 million at list prices.

This boosts Dart Group’s recent orders to 30 airplanes, following on from it finalizing 27 Boeing 737-800s on September 3, 2015.

A Boeing spokesman said these are newly ordered, rather than the firming of options from the September deal.

In a stock market disclosure, the Dart Group said the 737-800s have been acquired under “substantially” the same terms as the original 27.
“The company has negotiated significant discounts from the list price. The airplanes, which will assist the company in meeting the future anticipated growth of its leisure travel business and planned fleet replacement, are expected to be funded through a combination of internal resources and debt,” the Dart Group told the stock exchange.

The additional 3 737-800s will be delivered between September 2016 and April 2018, the same time frame as deliveries from the September 2015 order.

Jet2 (JT2), which launched operations in 1983, already operates >60 Boeing airplanes. It serves 55 destinations from 5 bases in the north of the UK and carries >3 million passengers annually.

January 2016: "Airline Bans British Woman for Life After 'Unacceptable Behavior' Causes Unscheduled Landing" by Laurie Hanna, New York Daily News, January 9, 2016.

A British woman has been banned for life from flying with an airline because of her "unacceptable behavior." The unnamed woman was told by Jet2 (JT2) that she will no longer be welcome to fly with (JT2) after she forced an unscheduled landing by abusing staff.

The 42-year-old from Sunderland was fined US$10,000 after she forced a flight from Tenerife to Newcastle to be diverted to Ireland on New Year's Day. The woman was verbally abusive to crew (CA) and became more disruptive as the flight progressed, reported "Mirror Online."

She was taken off the airplane and handed over to the local police, before the flight continued after a 2-hour delay. "Passengers were inconvenienced on New Year's Day because this woman's unacceptable behavior towards our crew (CA) caused a substantial delay," said Phil Ward, managing director of Jet2.com.

"The safety and welfare of our customers and staff is always our No 1 priority." Last year, the airline handed lifetime bans to about 50 travelers who were abusive or disruptive toward staff and fellow passengers.

February 2016: News Item A-1: "Jet2.com (JT2) Operating >200 routes This Summer from Seven UK bases; Edinburgh Base Growing Fastest with 12 New Routes" by www.anna.aero February 9, 2016.

People living in the catchment area of London’s airports may never have heard of Jet2.com (JT2), but this UK-based airline transported >6 million passengers in 2014, the majority to holiday destinations in Spain, Portugal, and Greece. With a fleet of >50 Boeing airplanes, with an average age of >20 years, (JT2) currently operates from 7 bases: East Midlands, Leeds Bradford, Manchester, and Newcastle in England; Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland; and Belfast in Northern Ireland. Launched in February 2003 from its home base at Leeds Bradford, (JT2) the low cost carrier (LCC) (which belongs to the Dart Group PLC) also has its own holiday company Jet2holidays. This summer, for the 1st time, (JT2) will be operating >200 routes.

See attached chart - "JT2-2016-02 - Routes Yearly.jpg."

Operations from (JT2)’s other bases began in November 2003 (Belfast International), December 2004 (Manchester), September 2005 (Newcastle), November 2005 (Blackpool), April 2006 (Edinburgh), May 2010 (East Midlands) and March 2011 (Glasgow). Only the Blackpool base has been closed.

Of (JT2)’s 7 UK bases only 1, Edinburgh, is seeing a significant increase in destinations served this summer. 4 bases have seen a small reduction in destinations served, 1 has remained unchanged, while Manchester (JT2)'s biggest base in terms of seat capacity) has seen an increase of just 1. Edinburgh, though, is growing from 14 destinations last summer to 25 this summer.

* Fleet renewal imminent with 30 737-800NGs by end of 2018

According to the parent company’s last financial statement covering the period year-ending March 31 2015, Jet2.com (JT2) flew 6.05 million passengers at a load factor of 91.2% LF. Of these, 1 million were package holiday customers generating 2 million passenger trips. The remaining 4.05 million were flight-only passenger sectors. Of the 55 airplanes operated at the end of that period (27 737-300s, 17 737-800s and 11 757s), 44 were owned, while 11 were on operating leases. (JT2) currently has orders for 30 737-800NGs which are due to be delivered between now and the end of 2018. Many of these will be used to replace existing airplanes, but it seems likely that some will be used for growth. During the peak summer season Jet2.com (JT2) also wet-leases some additional airplanes.

* Europe’s most seasonal airline?

(JT2)’s business model (until now) of operating older airplanes, with associated lower ownership costs, has meant that, like Allegiant Air (WJE) in the USA, (JT2) only operates flights when it can make money. With its focus on leisure traffic from the UK to the Mediterranean, analysis of (JT2)’s scheduled seat capacity by month between 2013 and 2016 reveals extreme seasonality.

(JT2) will be offering >1.1 million seats in July and August 2016, but only >150,000 in January. If anything, the seasonality is becoming ever more extreme with (JT2) offering >100,000 more seats in July and August than it did last year, although in percentage terms, the biggest increase in 2016 will be seen in March. This is because Easter falls at the end of March this year rather than in April.

* 8 out of top 10 destinations are in Spain

A closer look at (JT2)’s network for this summer reveals that 8 of the top 10 destinations are in Spain, with Palma de Mallorca beating Alicante. The leading non-Spanish destinations are Faro (ranked 3rd) and Heraklion (10th). A total of 45 destinations in mainland Europe will be served in August 2016, with Bergerac in France being the only airport served just once per week (from Leeds Bradford).

See attached chart - "JT2-2016-02 - Top 16 Destinations.jpg."

Although (JT2)’s focus is on beach destinations, it does also serve a number of city-break type destinations, such as Amsterdam, Budapest, Düsseldorf, Krakow, Paris, Pisa, Prague, Rome, Toulouse, Vienna, and Verona.

* Spain’s share of flights up this summer

This summer (JT2) will be operating >400x-weekly from the UK to Spain, representing 57.5% of all flights. This is up from Spain’s 56.1% share of flights recorded last summer. The Spanish market is >6 times bigger than the next largest country market for the airline, Portugal. A total of 15 country markets are served this summer, the same number as last August. Last May, (JT2) started 5 new routes to Enfidha in Tunisia but these were dropped after the June 2015 Sousse terrorist attack, which resulted in the death of 30 UK tourists.

See attached - "JT2-2016-02 - Top Markets from UK.jpg."

The only new destinations in (JT2)’s network this summer are Girona, near Barcelona, and Naples. The Spanish airport will be served from Glasgow, Manchester, and Newcastle, while Naples will be served from Manchester. Jet2.com (JT2) will launch 20 new routes in 2016, while dropping 14.

News Item A-2: Jet2.com (JT2), the 9th largest carrier at Edinburgh (EDI) in terms of weekly seats (week commencing February 12), has started 3 Spanish routes from the Scottish airport. 1st up on February 12, was the 2x-weekly (Tuesdays and Fridays) service to Tenerife South (TFS), which will face competition from easyJet (EZY) (3x-weekly), Ryanair (RYR) (3x-weekly), Norwegian (NWG) (2x-weekly) and Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(TFY) (2x-weekly). The 2nd route to commence operations on February 14 was the weekly (Sundays) service to Lanzarote (ACE), which will face competition from (RYR) (2x-weekly) and Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(TFY) (weekly). The last of the new route trio to start flights was the weekly (Mondays) service to Gran Canaria (LPA), beginning on February 15, which will face competition from Thomson Airways (ATZ)/(TFY) (weekly). All of the routes will be operated by (JT2)’s 737-800 fleet. These new network points are 3 of 12 new destinations available from Edinburgh in 2016, with the remaining 9 new sectors being Heraklion, Dalaman, Paphos, Rhodes, and Turin, +4 routes exclusive to (JT2) from the airport, namely to Kefalonia, Larnaca, Vienna, and Zakinthos.

Steve Heapy Jet2.com (JT2) (CEO), said: “This is a massive year for us at Edinburgh Airport with huge expansion and investment. We are giving our customers from Eastern Scotland the best choice yet. With the addition of these 12 new routes, we are increasing the number of seats available by a massive +55% and giving local people 27 fantastic new destinations to visit.”

News Item A-3: Airlines for Europe (A4E) has announced its latest new member, UK-based leisure operator Jet2 (JT2).

Jet2 (JT2), based at Leeds-Bradford Airport in the north of England, is a mid-sized carrier with close to 60 airplanes, mostly Boeing 737s of various sub-types, but including around 12 Boeing 757-200s. It has an order for 27 Boeing 737-800s in the pipeline, with the 1st due to arrive later this year.

It operates mainly to leisure destinations in the Mediterranean.

“We are pleased to be adding Jet2.com (JT2)’s support to the existing members, as we tackle the challenges of disproportionate increases in aviation taxes and the high levels of disruption, to both airlines and passengers, as a direct result of air traffic control (ATC) strikes,” (JT2)’s (CEO) Steve Heapy said.

(JT2) recently found itself on the wrong end of a legal judgment that allows passengers to sue for delays to their services, apart from those caused by “extraordinary circumstances” that could not reasonably have been foreseen. This means that technical problems can lay airlines open to paying compensation of several 100 pounds per passenger in the event of delays.

(JT2) joins 2 other recent (A4E) recruits: Finnair (FIN) and Norwegian Air Shuttle (NWG).

Earlier this month (A4E) criticized what it described as the continuous deficiencies caused by (ATC) strikes in France, Greece, Italy, and Belgium, and called the European Commission (EC) to implement a European Aviation Strategy without disruptions and to the benefit of travelers.

“The current European aviation landscape shows that (A4E) has defined the right issues to be tackled,” (A4E) Managing Director Thomas Reynaert said. “New strikes, more taxes and higher operating costs at airports will always raise our opposition. We are glad to get more support with Jet2.com (JT2) joining now, which also shows that there is a joint approach across all business models (from low cost, leisure, and network carriers). This will be to the benefit of all our member airlines.”

April 2016: Titan Airways (TIU), the London Stansted-based charter and airline sub-charter specialist, has taken delivery of its 1st Airbus A321. The Airbus A321-200, registered (G-POWN), joined the (TIU) fleet at the end of March and was quickly placed in a sub-charter role with Jet2.com (JT2).

See photo - "JT2-A321-200 - 2016-04.jpg."

May 2016: News Item A-1: Jet2.com (JT2) commenced 4 new services from 4 of its UK bases. The longest sector distance of the 4 routes was the city pair from Glasgow (GLA) to Girona (GRO), at 1,635 km, while the shortest was the 1,209 km link from East Midlands (EMA) to Verona (VRN). The average sector length of the 4 new services is 1,415 km. Of the 2 destinations, the Italian airport is already served from some of (JT2)’s other UK bases (namely Edinburgh and Leeds Bradford). By contrast, these new operations represent (JT2)’s only flights to the Spanish airport.

Routes as follows:
East Midlands (EMA) to Verona (VRN), 733 1x-weekly,
Glasgow (GLA) to Girona (GRO), 737-800 2x- vs Thomson Airways 2x-;
Manchester (MAN) to (GRO), 737 2x-, vs RyanAir 3x-, Thomson Airways 2x-;
Newcastle (NCL) to (GRO) 737, 2x-.

News Item A-2: 737-85P (36591, EC-LTM), sub-leased from Air Europa (ARE). 737-377 (23664, G-CELB) permanently withdrawn from use at Kemble.

September 2016: News Item A-1: UK leisure airline Jet2 (JT2) has taken delivery of the 1st of 30 Boeing 737-800s it has on order. The 189Y-seat airplane, which will enter revenue service over the next few weeks, will be followed by the remainder of the 30-strong order over the next 2 years. The airplanes were ordered in 2 batches, comprising an order for 27 737-800s that was finalized in September 2015 and a further 3 that were ordered in December 2015.

“The 30 new airplanes will support the ongoing growth at Jet2.com and Jet2holidays,” the company said. “The 737-800s will be operated across (JT2)’s 9 UK bases and will take package holiday and flight-only customers to sunshine, ski and city destinations.”

Jet2 (JT2) described the delivery as a major milestone in its growth and development strategy, which will see it open new bases in Birmingham and London Stansted in 2017 and hire almost 1,000 additional pilots (FC), cabin crew (CA) and engineers (MT).

Since launching in 2003, (JT2) has expanded to become the 4th largest UK-registered airline, serving 65 destinations. For the financial year ended March 31, 2016, the group flew >6 million passengers and revenue rose +15% to £1.3 billion/$1.7 billion.

News Item A-2: 737-377 (23660, G-CELS) withdrawn from use (WFU) and used for ground trainer at Aviation Academy.

December 2016: Boeing (TBC) and UK Leisure Airline Jet2.com (JT2) have finalized an order for 4 Next Generation 737-800s, valued at US$384 million at current list prices. (JT2), an all-Boeing carrier, previously had 30 Next Generation 737-800s on order, 8 have been delivered already in 2016.

Jet2.com (JT2) is a leading leisure airline providing friendly low fares to 67 exciting sun, city and ski destinations across Europe. It operates from 9 UK airports: Belfast International, Birmingham, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, London Stansted, Manchester and Newcastle.

January 2017: 737-377 (23661, G-CELV) returned to Leeds Bradford after maintenance checks. 737-377F (23659, G-CELW) withdrawn from use. 737-8MG (63149, G-JZHS "Jet2 Prague;" 63150, G-JZHT; 63151, G-JZHU; 65152, G-JZHV) and 737-85P (33972, G-DRTA), ex-(EC-JBJ) deliveries.

(JT2)'s incoming 737s are being delivered in a mixture of (JT2)'s traditional silver and red livery, along with the white and blue colors of Jet2holidays.

April 2017: See "JT2-Cabin Attendant-Callie Bridson-R-2017-04.jpg."
My grand-daughter Callie's 1st flight: Stansted to Larnaca, Cyprus!

May 2017: 737-8Q8 (30688, OY-PSA), ex-(TF-JXD) Primera Air Nordic (PRI) leased.

June 2017: 737-86N (28610, G-DRTB), ex-(EI-RUG) delivery.

January 2018: SmartLynx (LAJ) signed an A321 long-term damp lease agreement for 2018 with British leisure airline Jet2.com (JT2) from May 15 to October 31, 2018.

2 737-800 (63163, G-JZBH; 63164, G-JZBG) deliveries.

February 2018: "London-Stansted: A Rapidly-Growing Airport of Potential" by James Field, Airways, February 10, 2018.

London-Stansted (STN) is 1 of those 2nd-hand city airports where only a very few major carriers have based significant operations. In the case of (STN), it could be said that Ryanair (RYR), the Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC), is the airline that currently dominates the airport’s schedules. However, by looking at nearly the past 12 months of achievements and expansions that the airport has been subjected to, as well as looking at what is in store for, (STN) is rapidly becoming a rapidly-growing airport of potential.

With (RYR) being the airport’s number-1 operator, it would be easy to assume that not many others fly into (STN). However, following this is the current airline lineup and all their destinations out of the airport:

- Carrier - - - - - - - - - - - Destinations

Air Moldova (MOL): - - - - - - - Chisinau.

Arkia (AKZ): - - - - - - - - - - Tel-Aviv Ben Gurion.

AtlasGlobal (TLS): - - - - - - - Istanbul-Ataturk.

Aurigny (AUR): - - - - - - - - - Guernsey.

Austrian Airlines (AUL): - - - - Innsbruck.

BH Air (BGH): - - - - - - - - - - Burgas.

BMI Regional: - - - - - - - - - - Derry.

British Airways (BAB): - - - - - Berlin-Tegel, Faro, Malaga, Milan-Linate, Chambery, Florence, Ibiza, Nice, Palma Di Mallorca.

Cobalt Air (FCB): - - - - - - - - Larnaca.

easyJet (EZY): - - - - - - - - - Amsterdam, Asturias, Belfast, Bilbao, Cagliari, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ljubliana, Malaga, Munich, Naples, Nice, Palma De Mallorca, Bodrum, Dalaman, Dubrovnik, Geneva, Grenoble, Ibiza, Menorca, Reykjavik-Keflavik, Sofia, Split, Zakynthos.

Eurowings (EWG): - - - - - - - - Cologne/Bonn, Hannover, Munich, Salzburg, Stuttgart, Vienna.

Flybe (BEE): - - - - - - - - - - Newquay.

Jet2 (JT2): - - - - - - - - - - Alicante, Faro, Fuerteventura, Funchal, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Malaga, Paphos, Tenerife-South, Antalya, Corfu, Dalaman, Dubrovnik, Geneva, Girona, Grenoble, Heraklion, Ibiza, Kos, Larnaca, Lyon, Menorca, Palma De Mallorca, Pula, Reus, Rhodes, Salzburg, Split, Zakynthos.

Loganair: - - - - - - - - - - - - Dundee.

Pegasus Airlines (PGS): - - - - - Istanbul-Sabiha Gokcen, Izmir, Bodrum.

Ryanair (RYR): - - - - - - - - - - Aalborg, Aarhus, Agadir, Alicante, Ancona, Athens, Barcelona, Bari, Basel, Bergamo, Bergerac, Berlin, Biarritz, Billund, Bologna, Bordeaux, Bratislava, Bremen, Brindisi, Brno, Bucharest, Budapest, Bydogoszcz, Cagliari, Carcassonne, Castellon, Cologne/Bonn, Copenhagen, Cork, Dinard, Dortmund, Dublin, Eindhoven, Faro, Fez, Frankfurt, Fuerteventura, Gdansk, Genoa, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Gran Canaria, Grenoble, Hahn, Hamburg, Jerez de la Frontera, Karlsruhe Baden-Baden, Katowice, Kaunas, Kerry, Knock, Krakow, La Rochelle, Lamezia Terme, Lanzarote, Leipzig, Limoges, Nice, Nuremberg, Olsztyn, Oradea, Oslo-Gardermoen, Ostrava, Palanga, Palermo, Palma De Mallorca, Paphos, Pardubice, Perugia, Pescara, Pisa, Santander, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Shannon, Sofia, Stockholm-Skavsta, Stockholm-Vasteras, Strasbourg, Szczecin, Talinn, Tenerife-South, Thessaloniki, Timisoara, Toulouse, Tours, Treviso, Trieste, Turin, Valencia, Verona, Vilnius, Warsaw-Modlin, Weeze, Wroclaw, Zaragoza, Alghero, Almeria, Beziers, Brive, Chania, Clermont-Ferrand, Comiso, Corfu, Deauville, Girona, Ibiza, Kefalonia, Nimes, Perpignan, Pula, Rhodes, Zadar.

Thomas Cook Airlines (GUE)/(JMA): Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife-South, Alicante, Antalya, Cancun, Corfu, Dalaman, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Kefalonia, Kos, Las Vegas, Menorca, Orlando-International, Palma De Mallorca, Reus, Rhodes, Skiathos, Zakynthos

Titan Airways (TIU): - - - - - - - - - Calvi, Chambery, Tarbes/Lourdes, Zadar.

(TUI) Airways (HAP)/(HLK): - - - - - - Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife-South, Antalya, Corfu, Dalaman, Faro, Heraklion, Ibiza, Kefalonia, Kos, Lanzarote, Larnaca, Menorca, Palma de Mallorca, Paphos, Rhodes, Zakynthos, Geneva, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Turin.

As demonstrated above, various carriers already operate to London-Stansted, which makes it quite a significant airport in itself. With the overcrowding of London-Heathrow (LHR) and London-Gatwick (LGW), airlines are starting to realize that (STN) is the next ‘big solution’ to deal with the capacity problems, while expansion will be undergoing over the next 10 to 15 years.

A carrier that used to be there was Air Mediterranean, which previously started operations to (STN) from Athens (ATH) back last year. Although this is a connection that (STN) has lost, looking at future operations for 2018, it will not affect the airport exceedingly. And for once, it is exemplified that Stansted (STN) appears to be a unique airport concerning its operations as it is directly on-par with its sister airport, Manchester (MAN), with the wide variety of carriers and destinations.

Commenting on 2017 growth was Commercial Director of London-Stansted, Martin Jones, who said, “As we begin a brand new year, I’d like to reflect on the past 12 months and the successes London-Stansted Airport has enjoyed in 2017.” “Last year was arguably the most successful year under (MAG) ownership in terms of airline development, with the launches of several new carriers including Jet2.com (JT2), Air Mediterranean and (BMI) regional.”

However, Stansted (STN)’s current portfolio shows that they have a lot of bases covered, although there is a lack of the Middle East and Asian investment on the commercial level. With Emirates Airline (EAD) launching services to (STN) in the Summer, nevertheless, things might change for the good.

Concerning European growth, it seems to be thriving. Below are the carriers that are either launching services to (STN) or are adding new routes from the airport.

- Carrier - - - - - - - - - - - - Destinations

Air Corsica (CCM): - - - - - - - - Ajaccio, Bastia, Figari (Beginning in May and (June 2018).

Emirates Airline (EAD): - - - - - - Dubai-International (Beginning in (June 2018).

Jet2.com (JT2): - - - - - - - - - - Almeria, Bodrum, Kefalonia, Malta, Naples, Nice, Thessaloniki, Verona (Beginning in Between March and May 2018).

Primera Air (JTX)/(PRI): - - - - - - Alicante, Boston, Malaga, Newark, Toronto, Washington, Chania, Palma De Mallorca (Beginning between April and August 2018).

Ryanair (RYR): - - - - - - - - - Belfast-International (Beginning March 2018).

Thomas Cook Airlines (GUE)/(JMA): - Enfidha (Beginning May 2018).

(TUI) Airways (HAP)/(HLK): - - - - Burgas (Beginning May 2018).

Wideroe: - - - - - - - - - - - - - Kristiansand (Beginning August 2018).

(WOW) Air: - - - - - - - - - - - - Reykjavik-Keflavik (Beginning April 2018).

So as we can see from both tables, the airport most definitely has North-American transatlantic flights nailed to a tee, with a wide variety of carriers offering either direct flights to the USA or flights with a stop-over, like with (WOW) Air through its base in Iceland.

With an airport like (STN) teeing to that with Manchester Airport in carrying >25 million passengers annually, the significant addition of flights shows that the growth within (STN) is continuous and does not show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Regarding the Middle Eastern growth that is emerging out of Stansted (STN), it is showing that the demand for destinations such as Dubai (DXB) is still in high demand.

With >10 daily services from (LGW) and (LHR) combined, the addition of (STN) flights to Dubai gives passengers more flexibility in the catchment area, especially those who do not want to travel all the way to Gatwick and Heathrow, appealing to those in the Cambridge and Essex areas.

(CEO) Ken O’Toole also gave a little insight into what 2018 should be like for the airport. “In 2018, our aim is to continue growing our passenger numbers and provide even more choice, so we were absolutely delighted to announce just before Christmas that Emirates (EAD) will begin operating a new service to Dubai from Stansted in June,” he said.

“This excellent addition to our route network comes on top of the very exciting news that Primera Air will also launch direct flights to New York, Boston, and Toronto from April and May this year,” he added.

* Coping with Growth – Stansted’s Transformation Project.

Due to the excessive levels of demand that the airport is receiving, (STN) has been putting in place a transformation plan where the 1st phase is set to get underway this year.

Currently, (STN) only has a single terminal (the busiest of its kind in the UK, and the 4th busiest overall).

Stansted (STN) believes that they have spare capacity to serve up to 35 million passengers per year before they are at 100% capacity. In 2015, the airport set out a vision of how (STN) will adapt their single-runway airport model.

This investment is going to cost around £130 million and should take about 3 years to be completed. This new venture will increase the overall capacity of the airport from 35 million passengers to 43 million per year.

With planning permission received in April 2017, they hope to get the work done by 2022 at the latest, which will feature a new arrivals building. They believe, according to their website, that it will provide the following benefits:

* The 34,000m2 facility includes plans for larger immigration, baggage reclaim areas, and new retail facilities.
* A public forecourt, with easy access to onward travel options, will create a relaxing and welcoming environment for passengers.
* The building will incorporate the latest sustainable building technologies while respecting the current terminal’s renowned Lord Foster architecture.
* Building a stand-alone arrivals facility will minimize disruption to our passengers during the construction.
* In time, the current terminal building will become a dedicated departures facility, creating more space at check-in, security and in the international departures lounge.
* These changes will create additional choice for our passengers and airlines.

This project must be completed rapidly, especially now that any expansion projects for (LHR) are expected to take much longer than that of (STN), and traffic demand into the London area is on the rise.

In 2008, (STN) had been set as the London airport to get the 2nd runway. However, after (BAA) dropped their plans in 2010 for (LHR) instead, it would have changed the way (STN) wanted to expand itself while under a single-runway system like the 1 at Gatwick.

* Cargo.

Cargo is another big thing that makes (STN) so unique as well. Like with East Midlands Airport (EMA) as a competitor, there are a lot of scheduled carriers that operate from the field and that are based there as well. 2016 saw (STN) transport >220,000 tonnes of freight and has consistently gone up since 2012.

Below is a list of the carriers that operate on a far more international scope compared to that of the commercial airlines:

- - Carrier - - - - - - - - - Destinations

Asiana Cargo (AAR): - - - - - - Milan-Malpensa, Moscow-Domodedovo, Seoul-Incheon.

(ASL) Airlines Belgium (TNB): - - Liege

Astral Aviation: - - - - - - - - Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta

Cargologicair (CLU): - - - - - - Atlanta, Mexico City.

Cargolux (CLX): - - - - - - - - Hong Kong, Luxembourg.

Cargolux Italia (ICV): - - - - - Milan Malpensa.

China Southern Cargo (GUN): - - Guangzhou, Frankfurt.

Etihad Cargo (EHD): - - - - - - - Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Nairobi Jomo-Kenyatta.

FedEx Express (FED): - - - - - - Cologne, Dublin, East Midlands, Indianapolis, Memphis, Paris (CDG).

FedEx (FED) Feeder: - - - - - - - Amsterdam, Glasgow, Manchester.

Martinair (MTH): - - - - - - - - Amsterdam, Bogota, Miami.

Panalpina (PLP): - - - - - - - - Huntsville, Luxembourg, Guadalajara.

Qatar Airways Cargo (QTA): - - - Basel, Brussels, Doha, Frankfurt.

Royal Mail: - - - - - - - - - - - Belfast-International, Edinburgh, Exeter, Guernsey, Jersey, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Turkish Airlines Cargo (THY): - - Amsterdam, Istanbul-Ataturk.

(UPS) Airlines: - - - - - - - - - Cologne, Newark, Philadelphia

It could be argued that the reasoning for the lack of commercial connectivity across the Middle East and Asia is due to the extensive cargo network out of (STN). Due to most of that demand being taken up by London-Heathrow and Gatwick, by some carriers like Cathay Pacific (CAT), Japan Airlines (JAL), and China Southern (GUN), (STN) will have to look elsewhere.

Looking away from Asia and the Middle East, the cargo perspective is well covered on a global scale, primarily by FedEx (FED) and (UPS), who go to many of the cargo industry’s most significant hubs, which brings in the revenues that the airport needs to ensure that growth can continue.

Another benefit to (STN)’s cargo operation is that there is barely any competition amongst the routes the carriers operate to and from.

There is currently no news into whether any other cargo carriers are going to dip their feet into competition with the unique variety of operators that fly from (STN).

But currently, (STN) is pretty set on the cargo perspective and will most likely be forecasted further growth in the cargo market going into 2018/2019 onwards.

* Overall.

The London-Stansted airport is forecasted for significant levels of growth in both the passenger and in the cargo fronts.

With such a unique portfolio in both sectors, this is an airport that will stand out from the rest post-Heathrow (LHR) expansion and will be up there with Gatwick in terms of the busiest single-runway operated airports in the UK, and maybe in the globe, too.

As their passenger portfolio begins to develop more away from the European side but more into the American and Middle-Eastern markets, it will be interesting to see whether other carriers will step up to the plate and take advantage of the capacity that Stansted is offering, especially in their transformation plans as well.

But for now, Stansted look to be in a very safe place and going into a post-BREXIT environment, the airport will want to seek the strongest connections that they can by either maintaining current route options or by creating new links across the globe.

November 2018: "London Stansted gets Go-ahead for More Passengers"
by Victoria Moores (victoria.moores@informa.com), November 16, 2018.

Local authorities have approved London Stansted Airport’s plans to increase passenger capacity to 43 million annually, allowing +23% growth from the current 35 million limit.

Stansted Airport, which handles 27 million passengers annually, said November 14 that its planning application had been granted by Uttlesford District Council. “Today’s decision offers London Stansted and its airline partners the long-term clarity we need to make further investment decisions at the airport, but also importantly provides the local community with the assurance that our future growth will be delivered in a measured and sustainable way,” London Stansted (CEO) Ken O’Toole said.

The proposal only applies to passenger numbers, O’Toole said. The airport did not seek an increase in the number of flights and the growth will be delivered within existing noise limits. “This will boost our region’s economic growth and deliver 5,000 additional jobs at London Stansted Airport,” he said.

Over the next decade, Stansted plans to use the extra capacity to attract long-haul flights to fast-growing markets like China, India and the USA.

Stansted Airport, which is going through a £600 million/$772 million upgrade, is London’s 3rd-largest airport and the 4th largest in the UK, primarily offering short-haul flights to >190 destinations in 38 countries.


Click below for photos:
JT2-737 - 2013-10
JT2-737-800 - 2015-11.jpg
JT2-737-800 - 2016-09.jpg
JT2-737-8K5 G-GDFW 2017-12.jpg
JT2-757-2K2 - 2012-09
JT2-A321-200 - 2016-04.jpg
JT2-B AE 146

November 2018:

1 737-3Q8 (QC) (CFM56-3) (24131, G-GDFE), EX-(OO-TNF). 148Y/FREIGHTER.

1 737-3U3 (CFM56-3) (28740, G-GDFO), 148Y.

1 737-3Y5 (25615, G-GDFO), 148Y.

1 737-3Y5 (CFM56-3C) (25615, G-GDFH "BUDAPEST"), 2012-01. 148Y.

0 737-33A (CFM56-3B2) (1471-23831, /87 G-CELC "TUNISIA" - - SEE PHOTO - - "JT2-737-33A-2009-08;" 1473-23832, /87 G-CELD "SPAIN/ESPANA"; 1601-24029, /88 G-CELE "BELFAST"), (CEX) WET-LEASED 2003-10. 148Y.

1 737-33A (QC) (CFM56-5B2) (1599-24028, /88 G-CELO "FARO"), EX-(TF-ELO). 148Y/FREIGHTER.

0 737-33A (QC) (CFM56-3B2) (2709-24755, /95 G-CGET), (AWW) LEASED 2009-06. EX-(BMI), EX-(G-TOYE). RETURNED. 148Y/FREIGHTER.

1 737-33A (CFM56-3B2) (25743, /10 G-GDFB), (AWW) LEASED 2010-05. 148Y.

1 737-33V (CFM56-3) (29332, G-GDFN), "JET2 HOLIDAYS" COLORS 2013-06. 148Y.

0 737-330 (QC) (CFM56-3B1) (1246-23522, /86 G-CELP; 1271-23523, /86 G-CELR "CORFU"), 148Y/FREIGHTER.

0 737-330 (CFM56-3B1) (1278-23525, /86 G-CELH "FARO;" 1282-23526, /86 G-CELI "MANCHESTER"), EX-(DLH), GOAL LEASED 2004-09. (CEX) WET-LEASED 2004-11. RETURNED. 148Y.

0 737-330 (CFM56-3B1) (1293-23529, /86 G-CELJ "ITALY/ITALIA"), (DLH) LEASED, (CEX) WET-LEASED 2004-12. 148Y.

0 737-330 (CFM56-3B1) (1297-23530, /86 G-CELK "EDINBURGH"), EX-(DLH), (CEX) WET-LEASED 2005-06. 148Y.

2 737-33A (CFM56-3) (24029, G-CELE; 25743, G-GDFB), 148Y.

2 737-36N (CFM56-3) (28572, G-GDFK; 28586, G-GDFM), 148Y.

2 737-36Q (CFM56-3) (28568, G-GDFL; 29141, G-GDFT "JET2 MURCIA"), 2013-06. 142Y.

0 737-377 (QC) (CFM56-3B1) (1273-23654, /86 G-CELX "MALAGA"), EX-(ANS), DART GROUP LEASED 2003-02. 148Y.

0 737-377 (CFM56-3B1) (1280-23657, /86 G-CELU "MAJORCA"), 2002-06. 148Y.

0 737-377 (QC) (CFM56-3B1) (1281-23658, G-CELZ "PARIS"), DART GROUP LEASED 2003-07. JET2 OPERATIONS. 148Y/FREIGHTER.

0 737-377 SF (CFM56-3B2) (1292-23659, /86 G-CELW), 2002-07. OPERATES IN "CHANNEL EXPRESS" COLORS. WITHDRAWN FROM USE 2017-01. FREIGHTER.

0 737-377 (CFM56-3B1) (1294-23660, /86 G-CELS "LEEDS BRADFORD"), 2002-05. WFU 2016-09, USED FOR GROUND TRAINER FOR AVIATION ACADEMY. 148Y.


0 737-377 (QC) (CFM56-3B1) (1316-23662, /86 G-CELY "IRELAND"), EX-(ANS) 2003-04. RETURNED 2003-07. DART GROUP LEASED 2004-04. (JT2) OPERATIONS. 148Y/FREIGHTER.

1 737-377 (CFM56-3B1) (1323-23663, /86 G-CELA "NEWCASTLE" 2003-08; 1326-23664, /86 G-CELB "YORKSHIRE" 2003-07), EX-(ANS), DART GROUP LEASED. JET2 OPERATIONS. 23664 WITHDRAWN FROM USE 2016-05. 148Y.

2 737-377 (CFM56-3B1) (1618-24302, /88 G-CELF "VALENCIA" 2004-11; 1620-24303, /88 G-CELG "JET2 TURKEY" 2004-12), (CEX) WET-LEASED. 148Y.

0 737-4Y0 (CFM56-3) (1667-23980, /89 TF-ELZ), (ISF) WET-LEASED. RETURNED. 170Y.

0 737-75B (CFM56-7B) (28109, D-AGET), (GER) WET-LEASED 2012-07. RETURNED.

3 737-8K2 (CFM56-7B) (85-28375, G-GDFC; 28378, G-JZHF; 30390, G-JZHE), VOLITO LEASED 2011-01, EX-(PH-HZC). 189Y.

7 737-8K5 (CFM56-7B) (27982, G-GDFD; 27986, G-GDFW - SEE PHOTO ; 27987, G-GDFX; 28623, G-JZHB; 30416, G-GDFU; 30417, G-JZHA; 30593, G-JZHC). 189Y.

2 737-8Z9 (CFM56-7B) (28177, G-GDFP; 30421, G-GDFR), 189Y.

1 737-8MG (CFM56-7B) (63144, G-JZHJ), 189Y.

25 737-800 (CFM56-7B) (63145, G-JZHK; 63146, G-JZHN; 63147, G-JZHP; 63148, G-JZHR; 63149, G-JZHS "Jet2 Prague;" 63150, G-JZHT; 63151, G-JZHU; 65152, G-JZHV; 63153, G-JZHW; 63154, G-JZHX; 63155, G-JZHY; 63156, G-HZHZ; 63157, G-JZBA; 63158, G-JZBB; 63159, G-JZBD; 63160, G-JZBC; 63162, G-BZBF; 63163, G-JZBH, 2018-01; 63164, G-JZBG, 2018-02; 63166, G-JZBI; 63167, G-JZBK;; 63169, G-JZBL; 63568, G-JZHL; 63569, G-JZHO; 63570, G-JZHM). 189Y.

2 737-800 (CFM56-7B) (63163, G-JZBH; 63164, G-JZBG), 2018-01. 189Y.

0 737-8Q8 (CFM56-7B) (30688, OY-PSA), EX-(TF-JXD) PRIMERA AIR NORDIC LEASED 2017-05. 189Y.

2 737-8Z9 (CFM56-7B) (28177, G-GDFP "JET2 PARIS;" 30421, G-GDFR "JET2 ROME"), 2013. 189Y.

1 737-804 (CFM56-7B) (28229, G-GDFJ), (ILF) LEASED. 189Y.

3 737-808 (CFM56-7B) (34702, G- ; 34703, G- ; 34706, G-JZHD), 189Y.

1 737-85F (CFM56-7B) (28821, G-GDFV), EX-(F-WTDE) 2013-05. FREIGHTER.

1 737-85P (CFM56-7B) (28385, G-GDFF), ITOCHU LEASED, 189Y.

2 737-85P (CFM56-7B) (28388, G-JZHG; 28536, G-JZHH), 189Y.

0 737-85P (CFM56-7B) (33972, G-DRTA), EX-(EC-JBJ) 2013-02. 189Y.

0 737-85P (CFM56-7B) (36591, EC-LTM), SUB-LEASED FROM AIR EUROPA (ARE) 2016-05. 189Y.

1 737-86N (CFM56-7B) (28610, G-DRTB), EX-(EI-RUG) 2017-06. 189Y.


2 737-86Q (CFM56-7B) (30276, G-GDFZ; 30278, G-GDFY), 189Y.

1 757-2K2 (RB211-535E4) (26635, G-LSAN), 235Y.

0 757-204 (520-26966, G-BYAH; 522-26967, G-BYAI), (WJE) LEASED FOR SUMMER SEASON.

3 757-21B (RB211-535E4) (144-24014, /87 G-LSAG; 148-24015, /87 G-LSAH; 150-24016, /87 G-LSAI), 2006-11. 235Y.

1 757-23A (RB211-535E4) (471-25488, /92 G-LSAC "LANZAROTE"), (GRB) LEASED 2006-03. 235Y.

1 757-23N (RB211-535E4) (27973, G-LSAK), EX-(N517AT), 235Y.

2 757-27B (RB211-535E4) (24135, G-LSAE; 24136, G-LSAB), 235Y.

1 757-236 (RB211-535E4) (187-24122, /88 G-LSAA "TENERIFE"), EX-(FLM), (CEX) WET-LEASED 2005-05. 235Y.

1 757-236 (RB211-535E4) (221-24397, /89 G-LSAD), EX-(AST), (GRE) LEASED 2006-04. 235Y.

1 757-236 (RB211-535E4) (292-24793, /90 G-LSAJ "NEW YORK"), (CGP) LEASED 2008-05. 235Y.

0 757-256 (RB211-535E4) (26241, EC-ISY; 900-26252, /99 EC-HDS "MILAGROS DIAZ"), (BBB) LEASED 2007-07. PRIVILEGE STYLE (PVG) LEASED TO (JT2) 2013-07, 2014-07, & 2015-05. CORPORATE. 200C.

1 757-27B (RB211-535E4) (165-24135, /88 G-LSAE "NEWCASTLE"), 2006-06. 235Y.

1 757-27B (RB211-535E4) (169-24136, /88 G-LSAB "MENORCA" - - SEE PHOTO - - "JT2-757-2008-10."), EX-(FLM), (CEX) WET-LEASED 2005-05. RE-DELIVERED AFTER WINGLET INSTALLATION 2008-10. 235Y.


1 A321-200 (G-POWN - (See photo - "JT2-A321-200 - 2016-04.jpg.").

0 B AE 146-300 (G-FLTC), FLIGHTLINE LEASED 2006-06.



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