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7JetSet7 Code: JTX
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
City: RIGA
Country: LATVIA
Employees 300
Telephone: +371-66932600
Fax: +371-66932601

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JTX-2004-05 - NEWS
JTX-2004-07 - NEWS
JTX-2004-09 - NEWS
JTX-2004-09 - NEWS A
JTX-2004-10 - NEWS
JTX-Primera Air Logo-2008-11

Formed in 2003 and started operations in 2004. Formerly JetX (JTX). Low-cost, domestic, regional, and international, scheduled & charter, passenger, jet airplane services. e-mail:

Mailing address:
PrimeraAir Nordic SIA
Gunara Astras iela 1c
Riga LV-1084

Telephone: +371-66932600

FAX: +371-66932601

Primera Air Scandinavia A/S
Digevej 114
2300 Copenhagen

Current Promotional website:

Original JetX (JTX) base at:
Hildasmari 12
IS 201 Kopavogur, Iceland

September 2003: JetX (JTX) was founded and registered in Iceland.

April 2004: JetX (JTX) moves into new offices in Kopavogur, Iceland.

May 2004: JetX (JTX) receives its Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) no. IS-022 from the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration.

Main Base: Bologna airport.

Plans to begin service from Forli, Pisa, and Trieste to Beauvais.

MD-82 (1402-49555, TF-JXA), (SAS) wet-leased. The airplanes are to be registered in Iceland.

June 2004: Signed a long-term maintenance agreement with (SAS) Technical Services for the 2 MD-82's.

Forli tp Zakynthos (weekly). In July 2004, Forli, Pisa, & Trieste to Beauvais (daily), Olbia (5x-weekly); to Athens (2x-weekly); Forli to Ibiza (weekly). (JTX) is considering service to Bucharest, Keflavik, Oslo, & Stockholm. Seeking suitable slots to move its Paris operations from Beauvais to Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG).

2nd MD-82 (TF-JXB), (SAS) wet-leased.

MD-82 (49909, TF-JXB), (SAS) leased.

July 2004: JetX (JTX) operates scheduled flights out of Forli, Italy until October 2004.

Combines its Pisa/Trieste to Athens flights and now operates Athens to Pisa to Trieste to Athens rotation (2x-weekly).

August 2004: MD-82, JetX (JTX) wet-leased.

October 2004: Bologna - Berlin (SXF) (daily), Brindisi (5x-weekly), Reggio di Calabria (4x-weekly). In November 2004, Bologna to Hamburg (5x-weekly).

May 2005: ( (

(Telephone: +354 517 6000). (FAX: +354 517 6001).

June 2005: MD-83 (49627, TF-JXC), ex-Spanair (SPP), Finova Capital (GRB) leased, to be wet-leased to Air Scandic (SCZ).

January 2006: JetX (JTX) expands and moves into new offices in Kopavogur, Iceland.

February 2006: 60% share in JetX (JTX) is sold to the Primera Group.

March 2006: JetX (JTX) Limited is an Icelandic airline operating under Icelandic (JAR-OPS 1) Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) no IS-022, issued by the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration on May 5, 2004. JetX (JTX) operates under (JAR-OPS 19 and (JAR-145) as Iceland is a member state of the Joint Aviation Authorities, (JAA).

Daily operations are conducted from the head office in Iceland which includes JetX (JTX) Operations Department (, SITA: REK0WGX) and JetX (JTX) Operations Control Centre along with JetX (JTX) Commercial Department ( and JetX (JTX) Finance Department.

Maintenance is sub-contracted to the Swedish companies (SAS) Technical Services and Airline Support under the supervision of JetX (JTX) Technical Department. Line stations are set up at temporary bases during chartered flights.

All flights are operated in conjunction & under the Air Operators Certificate (AOC) of Flightline (FLT) UK.

August 2006: MD-83 (49627, TF-JXC), wet-leased to Blue Line (BLE) for the summer.

November 2006: JetX (JTX) receives 737NG 180 minutes Extended Twin-Engine Operations (ETOPS) approval from the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration.

January 2007: 2 orders 737-800s (ILF) 8 year leased.

April 2007: Starts full charter operation from Keflavik.

737-8Q8 (33419, TF-JXF), (GEF) leased.

May 2007: Starts full charter operations from Stockholm and Gothenburg.

2 737-8Q8s (30688, TF-JXD; 30722, TF-JXE), (ILF) 8 year leased.

November 2007: 767-300ER (TF-LLA), Loftleidir Icelandic wet-leased for long-haul operations from Scandinavia to Asia.

March 2008: Jon Karl Olafsson joins JetX (JTX) as (CEO). Former (CEO) and founder of JetX (JTX), Ingimar Haukur Ingimarsson becomes Chairman of the Board.

Primera Travel Group acquires 100% shares in JetX (JTX).

May 2008: Full charter operation from Dublin begins on behalf of Budget Travel.

737-86N (28618; TF-JXH), delivery, ex-Travel Service (TSF).

October 2008: JetX introduces a new name of the company, "Primera Air" (JTX).

November 2008: Maintenance & Engineering for the 737-800 fleet is managed by Primera Air (JTX) Technical Operations in their head office in Iceland. The actual 737-800 jet airplane maintenance is sub-contracted to Austrian (AUL) Technik, Vienna, Austria.

During 2008, Primera Air will transport >1,300,000 passengers to destinations all over the world with a turnover >850 million euros.

July 2009: ST Aerospace signed a $32.5 million component support program with Primera Air (JTX) covering landing gear Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) over 5 years and an 8-year component Maintenance-By-the-Hour program that includes parts exchange, (MRO), component engineering services and logistics. The contracts cover (JTX)'s 6 737NGs plus 6 additional airplanes set to join the fleet in the near future.

August 2009: 737-7Q8 (28210, OY-PSF), (ILF) leased, ex-easyJet Switzerland (TEB), ex-(TF-JXB).

October 2010: Primera Air (JTX) operates inclusive tour jet airplane charter services on behalf of majority shareholder, the Primera Travel group from 6 bases in Iceland and Scandinavia, in addition to ad hoc passenger charters and (ACMI) wet-leasing services.

Parent organization/shareholders: Primera Travel Group (100%). The Primera Travel Group in Scandinavia operates travel agencies and tour operating companies in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, and Estonia.

Airline subsidiaries/shareholdings: Primera Air Scandinavia (PRI).

Employees = 300.

(IATA) Code: GX - 591. (ICAO) Code: JXX - (Callsign - JETBIRD).

Main Base: Reykjavik Keflavik International (KEF).

International, scheduled destinations: Berlin; Bologna; Brindisi; Copenhagen; Hamburg; London; & Reggio Calabria.

March 2014: (AJW) Aviation has signed a (CFM56-7) fan blade-exchange agreement with Danish airline, Primera Air (JTX). The 5-year agreement covers 6 Boeing 737-800s and 2 737-700s.

December 2015: 737-7Q8 (28210, YL-PSF), ex-(OY-PSF), AerCap (DEA) leased and 737-7BX (30743, YL-PSG), Babcock & Brown leased,

January 2016: (AJW) Aviation was selected by Primera Air (JTX) for full power-by-the-hour services for 8 Boeing 737NGs. (AJW) will also place spares stock in Copenhagen.

January 2017: News Item A-1: Current Mailing address is:

Primera Air
Gunara Astras iela 1c
Riga LV-1084

Primera Air (JTX) website is as follows:

News Item A-2: Latest 2017 Primera Air (JTX) website destinations promotion:

A: GRAN CANARIA - Flights from Iceland, Denmark, Sweden & Finland.

B: TENERIFE - Flights from Iceland, Denmark, Sweden & Finland.

C: LA PALMA - Flights from Denmark, Sweden & Finland.

D: MALAGA - Flights from Denmark, Sweden & Finland.

May 2017: Scandinavian leisure carrier Primera Air (JTX) has placed an order for 8 Boeing 737 MAX 9s, has taken purchase rights on 4 more, and will lease another 8 from USA lessor Air Lease Corporation (ALE).

Announcing the agreement May 11, Boeing (TBC) valued the firm order at >$950 million at list prices.

Primera Air (JTX) is part of Primera Travel Group, which has travel agencies and tour operating companies in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

(JTX) currently operates 9 737-700s and 737-800s to >70 European airports. It will use the 737 MAX 9s, equipped with auxiliary fuel tanks, to launch flights between Europe and the USA east coast.

“The 737 MAX 9 will allow Primera Air (JTX) to open up nonstop, long-haul routes from Europe to the USA with unmatched economics. This airplane has a lower per-seat cost than the current wide body airplanes servicing the transatlantic, and the capabilities of this airplane type will change the economics of the industry. This will open up fantastic possibilities for growth,” Primera Air (JTX) President Andri Ingolfsson said.

Boeing (TBC) said the MAX 9 will form the backbone of (JTX)’s fleet, joining >3,700 MAX orders from 87 customers that it has accumulated to date. “The MAX 8 and 9 will be followed in 2019 by the smaller MAX 7 and higher capacity MAX 200, while studies and customer discussions continue on further growing the family,” Boeing said.

On May 10, Boeing suspended 737 MAX flights after being informed by (CFM) International of a potential issue with the airplane’s (LEAP-1B) engine, although Boeing says 737 MAX 8 deliveries will begin this month as planned.

July 2017: Primera Air (JTX) will launch weekly Riga to Malaga Boeing 737-800 service in summer 2018.

February 2018: Scandinavian leisure carrier Primera Air (JTX)/(PRI) is launching a new route from London Stansted to Washington Dulles from August as it taps into growing demand for low-cost transatlantic flights, the latest business strategy many European airlines are adopting to chase profits in a competitive market.

Primera Air (JTX)/(PRI) will fly 5x-weekly from London Stansted to Washington Dulles airport from August 22, as well as increasing flight frequencies between Stansted and Toronto from 3x- to 5x-weekly, it said.

(JTX)/(PRI) has previously said it expects to have a fleet of 35 narrow body airplanes by 2021, including leased and owned Airbus A321neos, A321neo LRs and Boeing MAX 9 ERs.

“Our booking numbers show that travelers have been waiting for flights to North America. We are very satisfied with the results so far and are adjusting our flight network accordingly,” (JTX)/(PRI) President & owner Andri Ingolfsson said.

Flights will be operated with new Airbus A321neos and A321LRs, which the airline is scheduled to receive soon. “We are only a few weeks away from receiving our 1st Airbus A321neo units, which will start operations in April,” Ingolfsson added.

Primera Air (JTX)/(PRI), which is part of the Primera Travel Group, a Scandinavian tour operator and travel agency business, is headquartered in Riga, Latvia, and has both a Latvian and a Danish air operator’s certificate.

The carrier has previously announced it will open new bases in Birmingham in the UK, London Stansted and Paris Charles de Gaulle for flights to New York, Boston and Toronto this April. In the next 2 years, Primera Air (PRI) plans to increase its presence on current bases and add new transatlantic routes and bases, as (JTX)/(PRI) has 20 new Boeing MAX 9 ERs on order.

April 2018: 1st Primera Air (JTX)/(PRI) A321neo (Leap-1A) (8145, /18 OY-PAA) delivery on April 16 in Hamburg, Germany with seating for 16PY premium and 182Y economy passengers. Will soon begin flights to London, Paris and Birmingham.

August 2018: Primera Corporate Info:

Primera Air Nordic -
Head office

PrimeraAir Nordic SIA
Gunara Astras iela 1c
Riga, LV-1084

Primera Air Scandinavia

Primera Air Scandinavia A/S
Digevej 114
2300 Copenhagen

Both above Email:

* TransAtlantic Fleet:

8/4 orders 737 MAX 9.

8 orders 737 MAX 9, Air Lease Corporation (ALE) leased.

See videos:

See Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner 1st Flight:

* European Fleet:

8 Boeing 737-700 (CFM56-7B). 148Y.

8 Boeing 737-800 (CFM56-7B27). 189Y.

5 +3 orders Airbus A320neo.

1 A321neo (LEAP-1A) (8145, /18 OY-PAA), 16PY, 182Y.

September 2018: Unfortunately Primera Air (JTX)/(PRI) will cease trading as of midnight tonight:

October 2018: "Primera Air Enters Administration, Ceases Operations"
by Helen Massy-Beresford (, October 1, 2018.

Nordic low cost carrier (LCC) Primera Air (JTX)/(PRI), the leisure carrier that had hoped to tap into growing demand for low-cost transatlantic air travel, said it was ceasing operations and would enter the administration process after 14 years of operation. (JTX)/(PRI) blamed unforeseen problems with its fleet that hit its finances.

(JTX)/(PRI), part of the Primera Travel Group (a tour operator and travel agency business, which was headquartered in Riga, Latvia, and had both a Latvian and a Danish air operator’s certificate) said it would cease all operations at midnight October 1.

“The company has been working relentlessly during the last months to secure the long-term financing of the airline,” its board said. “Not being able to reach an agreement with our bank for a bridge financing, we had no other choice than filing for bankruptcy.”

(JTX/PRI) said the 2017 loss of an aircraft from operations due to severe corrosion problems was followed by the cost of rebuilding, resulting in a loss of >€10 million/$11.6 million, it said.

It blamed disruption to its transatlantic services (which launched earlier this year and had hoped to expand—on aircraft delivery delays). “2018 began with a fantastic start of our low-cost, long-haul project with a brand-new Airbus A321neo fleet; however, due to severe delays of aircraft deliveries this ended up being rocky and incredibly problematic: operational issues, cancellations of a number of flights and loss of revenues are just a few to mention.”

Primera Air (JTX)/(PRI) also leased additional aircraft to fulfill passenger obligations, bearing additional costs of >€20 million, it said.

In deciding when to end operations, (JTX)/(PRI) weighed potential losses because of future delivery delays, the added exposure to partners and lessors, as well as the broader airline environment of low prices and high fuel costs, and concluded it would have a smaller effect on clients at this time of year. “Without additional financing, we do not see any possibility to continue our operations.”

(JTX)/(PRI) had previously spoken about its ambition to have a fleet of 35 narrow bodies by 2021, including Airbus A321neo and A321neo LRs and Boeing 737 MAX 9s, split between leased and owned airplanes.

November 2018: After Primera Air (JTX)’s bankruptcy last month, 5 new Airbus 321neos are looking for an owner.

Alitalia (ALI) will add 3 of them to its fleet. The aircraft will join the fleet in January 2019 in order to replace 3 old Airbus A321-100s.

2 planes are owned by leasing company (GECAS) (OE-IHS) ex-(OY-PAF), (OE-IHV) ex (OY-PAA) and 3 by Celestial (OY-PAC), (OY-PAD), (OY-PAE).

Danish budget carrier Primera Air (JTX) filed for bankruptcy last month and ceased all operations. The airline was using the A321neos to fly from Europe to North America.

The A321neos consume considerably less fuel than older A321 variants. New planes are also cheaper in terms of maintenance and offer better passenger comfort. Besides, the aircraft has a more extended flight range.

The A321neo has 182Y economy seats and 16C business of comfort economy seats. Alitalia (ALI) will likely keep this configuration since their A321-100s are in a similar configuration.

Alitalia (ALI) has been bankrupt for a year and a half but has been kept up and running by the Italian state since then. Although the revenues of the company are increasing under the supervision of “Extraordinary Administration” appointed by the Italian government, (ALI) continues to operate at a loss of about €1.5 million per day.

The Italian government is looking for foreign investors to take up to 40% share of (ALI).


Click below for photos:
JTX-737-800 - 2015-08.jpg
JTX-737-MAX 9 - 2017-05.jpg
JTX-A321neo OY-PAA 2018-04.jpg

December 2018:

1 737-7Q8 (CFM56-7B24) (22-28210, /98 OY-PSF), (ILF) LEASED, EX-(TEB), EX-(TF-JXB), (ILF) LEASED 2009-08. WITH WINGLETS. 148Y.

1 737-7BX (CFM56-7B)(30743, YL-PSG), BABCOCK & BROWN (BBB) LEASED. 148Y.

1 737-7Q8 (CFM56-7B) (28210, YL-PSF), EX-(OY-PSF) AERCAP (DEA) LEASED 2015-11. 148Y.

5 737-700 (CFM56-7B). 148Y.

2 737-8Q8 (CFM56-7B27) (2280-30688, /07 TF-JXD; 2261-30722, /07 TF-JXE - - SEE ATTACHED PHOTO - - "JTX-737-800-2008-10"), (ILF) 8 YEAR LEASED 2007-05. OPERATIONS IN "PRIMERA" COLORS. WITH WINGLETS. 189Y.

1 737-86N (CFM56-7B27) (1251-33419, /02 TF-JXF), (GEF) LEASED 2007-04. EX-(TTA), OPERATIONS IN "PRIMERA" COLORS. WITH WINGLETS. 189Y.

1 737-86N (CFM56-7B27) (514-28618, /00 TF-JXH), GENESIS LEASED 2008-05. EX-(TSF). IN "PRIMERA" COLORS. WITH WINGLETS. 189Y.

1 737-809 (CFM56-7B26) (743-30664, /00 PY-PSE), (ILF) LEASED 2009-08. WITH WINGLETS. 189Y.

3 737-800 (CFM56-7B27). 189Y.

8/4 ORDERS 737 MAX 9:



0 MD-82 (JT8D-217C) (1402-49555, /87 TF-JXA 2004-05; 1625-49909, /89 TF-JXB, 2004-06), (SAS) WET-LEASED. 49555 WET-LEASED TO (BLE). 49909 RETURNED. 49555 IN ALL WHITE COLORS; 49909; WET-LEASED TO (ICX) 2005-07. 49555; 49909; RETURNED (SAS) 2007-09. 162Y.

0 MD-83 (JT8D-219) (1580-49627, /89 TF-JXC), EX-(SPP), (GRB) LEASED 2005-06, WET-LEASED TO (SCZ), WET-LEASED TO (BLE) 2006-08. RETURNED. 170Y.

2 A321-251neo (LEAP-1A) (D-AVZS); (OY-PAF), SOLD TO ALITALIA (ALI) 2018-11. 16PY, 182Y.

1 A321neo (LEAP-1A) (8145, /18 OY-PAA - SEE PHOTO), SOLD TO ALITALIA (ALI) 2018-11. 16PY, 182Y.


Click below for photos:











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