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7JetSet7 Code: KIL
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: CIS
Country: RUSSIA
Employees 27
Web: alk.ru
Email: naos@alk.ru
Telephone: +7 861 219 1146
Fax: +7 861 219 1029

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Formed and started operations in 1932. Formerly a division of Aeroflot (ARO), and was privatized in 1992. Formerly ALKA Airlines of Kuban, and Krasnodar Avia. Domestic, regional, & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

355 Bershanskoy Street
Krasnodar, Southern Zone, 350912, Russia

Russia (Russian Federation) was established in 1991, it covers an area of 17,075,400 sq km, its population is 148.4 million, its capital city is Moscow, and its official language is Russian.

December 2006: Tu-154M (RA-85123), see photo taken at Prague, which states this is a newly built airplane.

July 2007: The European Commission (EC) published the fourth update of its "blacklist" of airlines banned from operating in the European Union (EU). The list, which takes effect today, now includes all 51 carriers certified in Indonesia, Angolan flag carrier TAAG Angola Airlines (ANG) and Ukrainian cargo operator Volare Aviation Enterprise (VLE). In addition, 10 airlines from Russia, six from Bulgaria and eight from Moldova must cease or limit operations in the (EU) because of preventive safety measures adopted by their respective national civil aviation authorities in consultation with the (EC). Four Russian passenger carriers - - Kuban Airlines (KIL), Yakutia Airlines, Red Wings (RWZ) and Kavminvodyavia - - have been denied all (EU) access.

Restrictions previously imposed on Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) have been modified and it now is allowed to fly to the (EU) with specific 747 and A310 airplanes in addition to the already-authorized 777 fleet.

Both Indonesia and Angola were angered by the ban. The Indonesian government announced it is considering possible retaliation. "We regret their decision as the (EU) never gave us a chance for a dialogue. The President, [Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono] has asked me to look for ways to fairly retaliate against them," Transportation Minister, Jusman Syafei Djamal said in a statement cited by Reuters. At present, no Indonesian carriers fly to the (EU), although Garuda Indonesia (GIA) planned to reintroduce Amsterdam service next year. The USA (FAA) downgraded Indonesia's safety rating in the spring.

Meanwhile, Angola (ANG) rescinded British Airways (BAB)'s traffic rights after UK authorities informed TAAG (ANG) that it would not be allowed to fly there. TAAG (ANG) was scheduled to begin passenger service to London Gatwick this month. According to press reports, Angola is considering prohibiting other European carriers - - both Air France (AFA) and (TAP) Portugal fly to Luanda - - from operating into Angola.

September 2008: Kuban Airlines (KIL) is the top airline at Krasnodar Airport, which in January through July 2008, handled 0.8 million domestic passengers and 0.1 million international passengers, for a total 0.9 million. This gave the airport a ranking of 8th highest in Russia, with the others (in millions) being: 1. Moscow (DME) 11.9; 2 Moscow (SVO) 8.6; 3. Moscow (VKO) 4.6; 4. St Petersburg 4.0; 5. Yekaterinburg 1.4; 6. Novosibirsk 1.1; 7 Kaliningrad 1.0; 8. Sochi 0.9; 10. Samara 0.8.

December 2009: 8 orders 737-300s (ILF) leased. Four 737-300s will be delivered in 2010 with four more in 2011.

January 2010: 3 737-3Q8s (26310, VQ-BHB; 26311, VQ-BHC; 26312, BQ-BHD), (ILF) 3 year leased.

August 2010: Kuban Airlines (KIL) launched several new seasonal routes this summer season:
Adler/Sochi - Barnaul: weekly seasonal, 737-300 service between June 24 and September 6;
Adler/Sochi - Cologne/Bonn: 2x weekly seasonal, 737-300 service between June 23 and September 11;
Adler/Sochi - Hanover: 4x weekly seasonal, 737-300 service between June 2 and September 12;
Adler/Sochi - Karaganda: 2x weekly seasonal, 737-300 service between June 23 and September 8;
Adler/Sochi - Krasnodar - Samara: weekly seasonal, Yak-42D service between June 6 and September 12;
Adler/Sochi - Munich: 2x weekly seasonal, 737-300 service between June 25 and September 10;
Adler/Sochi - Omsk: 2x weekly seasonal, 737-300 service until September 12;
Adler/Sochi - Pavlodar: 2x weekly seasonal, 737-300 service until September 10;
Krasnodar - Adler/Sochi - Omsk: 3x weekly seasonal, 737-300 service until September 12;
Krasnodar - Barnaul: weekly seasonal, 737-300 service between June 28 and September 9;
Krasnodar - Cologne/Bonn: 2x weekly seasonal, 737-300 service between June 22 and September 7;
Krasnodar - Kiev Borispol: 2x weekly, Yak-42D service started on May 28.

(KIL) announced plans to order three An-148-100s to be delivered in 2012.

September 2010: Lithuanian Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) specialist FL Technics has established a new line station at Krasnador's Pashkovsky Airport in Russia. The facility will complete airplane maintenance checks on the recently acquired 737s of Kuban Airlines (KIL) as well as examples from other operators.

July 2011: Kuban Airlines (KIL) operates from Krasnodar on domestic schedules within Russia. International charters are also operated to Frankfurt and other destinations abroad.

(IATA) Code: GW - 113. (ICAO) Code: KIL (Callsign - AIR KUBAN).

Parent organization/shareholders: State holding (51%); & employees (49%).

Main Base: Krasnodar Pashkovski Airport (KRR).

Domestic scheduled destinations: Adler/Sochi; Barnaul; Kaliningrad; Kazan; Krasnodar; Moscow; Nizhnevartovsk; Novyj Urengoj; Omsk; St Petersburg; Surgut; & Ufa.

International scheduled destinations: (Armenia): Yerevan; (Germany):Cologne/Bonn; Frankfurt; Hanover; & Munich; (Kazakhstan): Karaganda; & Pavlodar; & Yerevan.

August 2011: Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SSJ) signed an agreement of intent to supply Kuban Airlines (KIL) with 12 Sukhoi Superjet 100 planes worth $380.4 million. The companies plan to sign a firm contract later this year, with deliveries scheduled for 2012 - 2015.

(KIL) Chairman, Denis Ilyin said (KIL) planned to increase its fleet to no less than 30 airplanes by 2015.

Superjet 100 is a family of medium-haul passenger airplanes developed by Sukhoi in cooperation with USA and European aviation corporations, including Boeing (TBC), Snecma, Thales (THL), Messier Dowty, Liebherr Aerospace and Honeywell (SGC).

The airplane is capable of carrying 75 - 98 passengers for up to 4,400 kilometers.

Kuban Airlines (KIL) is part of the Basic Element holding firm owned by tycoon Oleg Deripaska.

October 2011: Sky Express (SEX), Russia’s first low-cost carrier (LCC), will lose its air operator’s certificate (AOC) and operate under a new single (AOC) with Russian regional carrier Kuban Airlines (KIL).

Alexander Neradko, the head of Rosaviatsia (Russia’s Department of Aviation/Ministry of Transport) announced the (AOC) changes as part of the consolidation process between Sky Express (SEX) and Kuban (KIL), which is based at Krasnodar International Airport in Southern Russia.

The owner of Kuban (KIL), Russian investment company Basic Element, announced its intent to buy Sky Express (SEX) in 2010.

The new combined airline will operate under the better-known, Sky Express (SEX) brand, but it is not clear if it will remain an (LCC).

Sky Express (SEX) was launched in 2007 by a group of foreign investors, including the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development and Altima Capital. It started operations with two 737-300s operating several domestic routes and offered a promotional fare of 500 rubles/$18. Later, however, (SEX) was forced to enter the charter market because it could not sustain the (LCC) business model in Russia. In 2010, it carried 1.66 million passengers.

On October 11, the Department of Aviation suspended the (AOC) of a second Russian (LCC) (Avianova (ANV)). Avianova (ANV) started flights in August 2009, but investors American Indigo Partners (INZ) and Russian A1 stopped funding. (ANV) ceased selling tickets on October 3 and made its last flight on October 9. Avianova (ANV) carried 1.54 million passengers in 2010.

Two Russian carriers: Ural Airlines (URL) and Kuban Airlines (KIL) announced they will stop using Soviet Union-era airplanes on regular flights.

Ekaterinburg-based (URL) said it removed a Tupolev Tu-154M from its fleet after its last flight from Yamburg (Western Siberia) to Ekaterinburg. When (URL) was launched in 1993, it had 11 Tu-154Bs; in 1994 it bought four more Tu-154Ms. As of this month, (URL) operated three Tu-154Ms that were allowed to fly to Europe.

According to CEO, Sergey Skuratov, (URL) is planning to sell its three Tu-154Ms. In November 2006, (URL) took delivery of its first A320, which started its fleet renewal program. Now (URL) operates 13 A320s and five A321s. In 2012, (URL) is planning to acquire four more A321s.

Krasnodar-based (KIL) said it will use eight Yakovlev Yak-42s only on charter flights and as reserve airplanes during its upcoming winter schedule. After the Yak Service Yak-42 crash last September 7 in Yaroslavl, media reports and some experts in Russia blamed old Soviet-made airplanes for being unsafe.

Russian Flight Safety Foundation International Chairman, Evgeniy Shaposhnikov objected to these conclusions. He noted that during the last 20 years, Russia has lost 50 airplanes. While 44 were Soviet-built airplanes, he said technical defects were responsible for just 16% of the accidents.

The main reason (URL) and (KIL) are retiring the Soviet-era airplanes is their low fuel efficiency. Also, (KIL) is consolidating with Low Cost Carrier (LCC) Sky Express (SEX), optimizing its route network and canceling several destinations in its winter schedule. The combined carrier (KIL)/(SEX) now owns three A319s and five 737s.

The replacement of Soviet-era airplanes began in the Russian market in 2005 - 2006. Through their renewal program, the biggest Russian carriers (such as Aeroflot (ARO), S7 Airlines (SBR) and Rossiya (SDM)) have already removed the older airplanes from their fleets. However, UTair (TYU), the fourth-biggest Russian carrier, still operates 21 Tu-154s; UTair-Express has 28 Tu-134s and 25 Antonov An-24s.

December 2011: Moscow Vnukovo Airport (VKO) announced it will suspend serving Kuban Airlines (KIL) flights as of December 26 because of (KIL)’s debt to the airport.

According to a (VKO) statement, (KIL) owes the airport nearly RUB400 million/$12.6 million, an amount (KIL) denies, saying it is over twice the amount of the real debt. (KIL) also said the debt had been rescheduled, which it will pay from April 2012. Airline representatives published proving documents on social networks.

Later, (VKO) Chairman, Vitaly Vantsev admitted the RUB307 million debt was rescheduled.

(KIL) also said the amount includes debt from Low Cost Carrier (LCC) Sky Express (SEX), which merged with (KIL) in October. (SEX) lost its own air operator certificate (AOC) on November 1 when it merged with sister carrier (KIL). (SEX) now operates as the low-cost carrier (LCC) division of Kuban (KIL), but has given up the vast majority of its scheduled network from Moscow Vnukovo. (SEX) now only serves Chelyabinsk, Krasnodar, Rostov and Vladikavkaz from Vnukovo and has given up routes to Adler/Sochi, Anapa, Ekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Orenburg, St Petersburg and Ufa.

During the first 11 months of 2011, (KIL) carried 847,000 passengers, the number of travelers increased nearly +40% compared to the same period in 2010. But (VKO) representatives said (KIL) has decreased the number of routes from the airport and is cutting down its fleet.

January 2012: Kuban Airlines (KIL) carried nearly 900,000 passengers in 2011, up +35% over the previous year. International traffic grew +82% to 239,000 passengers. On domestic routes, (KIL) carried more than >660,000 passengers, up +23.5% year-over-year. Load factor grew 17.8% points to 72% LF. In 2011, (KIL) operated more than >5,500 flights, up +7.5% over 2010.

(KIL) credited the growth with the opening of new routes. In 2011, (KIL) launched routes from Moscow to Chelyabinsk (CEK), Vladikavkaz (OGZ) and Makhachkala (MCX). Also, (KIL) took over routes after several Russian carriers left the market, such as Sky Express (SEX) Moscow – (CEK) service.

In 2012, (KIL) plans to develop its regional network from Krasnodar and Sochi in the South of Russia. (KIL) is considering leasing several airplanes with up to 70 seats, possibly the ATR42 or CRJ-200, according to (KIL) spokesman, Vitaly Korenyugin. (KIL) is negotiating with several airplane owners to acquire three airplanes before summer.

(KIL) is planning to place a firm order for 12 Sukhoi Superjet SSJ100s in 2012.

Moscow Vnukovo (VKO) and (KIL) have reached an agreement after the airport threatened to suspend (KIL) flights in December because of (KIL)’s debt to the airport.

July 2012: Aeroflot (ARO) will create a regional carrier in the Russian Far East, combining its sister companies, Vladivostok Avia (VLK) and SAT Airlines (SKH), according to an "Interfax" news agency report quoting (ARO) (CEO), Vitaly Saveliev. According to Saveliev, the new airline will be a co-ownership with the regional governments; (ARO) will be the majority shareholder.

The new company could take from a year to a year-and-a-half to create. Saveliev said the airline will acquire 10 to 15 new airplanes but did not specify the type.

(ARO) regional carriers can acquire 737NGs leased from Russian state corporation Rostechnology. (VLK) operates A330s, A320s, Tupolev Tu-204-300s and Yak-40s. (SKH)’s fleet comprises Antonov An-12s, An-24s, 737-200/500s, and Bombardier DHC-8-200s and DHC-8-300s.

Last year, Rostechnology completed the asset transfer of five regional carriers, including (SKH) and (VLK) to (ARO).

Saveliev also said (ARO) is considering the purchase of Krasnodar-based, Kuban Airlines (KIL), which operates mostly in southern Russia, but the deal is still uncertain.

December 2012: Kuban Airlines (KIL) ceased operations on December 11 due to financial difficulties. Also, (KIL) said it could not meet new requirements that took effect last month requiring Russian airlines using airplanes with larger than >55 seats to have at least eight airplanes of the same type.

Kuban (KIL)’s fleet included 11 Yakovlev Yak-42s, three 737s and three A319s.

At the beginning of last month, (KIL) stopped using its Soviet-built fleet. (KIL) had to return three Airbus A319s to its lessors due to its inability to pay.

In 2011, Kuban Airlines (KIL) carried nearly 900,000 passengers. Last year, (KIL) merged with Sky Express (SEX) — the first low-cost carrier (LCC) in Russia. Both airlines belonged to investment company Basic Element.

Kuban Airlines (KIL) accounted for just under <16,000 seats per week to Russia’s aviation market, ranking it the 20th largest carrier in the country based on weekly seats offered.

The bankruptcy filing also apparently spells the end for the first of Russia's mostly unhappy low cost carriers (LCC)s. Established in 2006, the former self-standing (LCC), Sky Express (SEX) had been folded into Kuban (KIL) in October 2011 and operated under its own brand as a low cost division under Kuban (KIL)'s (AOC), while retaining the Sky Express (SEX) identity.

Some Russian carriers have already signalled their intention to step in to replace services on some routes and UTair (TYU) stands to benefit most from the collapse, particularly on domestic services from Moscow Vnukovo Airport.


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December 2012:

3 +2 ORDER 737-3Q8 (CFM56-3B1) (2680-26310, /94 VQ-BHB; 2681-26311, /94 VQ-BHC; 2693-26312, /95 BQ-BHD), (ILF) LSD 2010-05. 26311 RTND.

3 A319.

3 ORDERS AN-148-100:

12 ORDERS SUKHOI SSJ100, 75 - 98 PAX:

1 TU-154M (D-30KU-154-II) (06A-996, /06 RA-85123 - SEE PHOTO), AIR COMPANY CONTINENT LSD 2009-05. AVIAENERGO COLORS. 160Y.

6 YAK-42 (D-36) (11040803, /81 RA-42526; 11130404, /81 RA-42538; 1114074, /81 RA-42541; 4520424505128, /85 RA-42331; 4520422606220 /86 RA-42336; 4520424711372 /87 RA-42350), 100Y.

1 YAK 42 (D-36) (4520424711372, /87 RA42350), TULPAR LSD 2008-08. 120Y.

6 YAK-42D (D-36) (4520424811438, /88 RA-42363; 452042191433, /89 RA-42367; 4520424914410, /90 RA-42375; 4520424016310, /90 RA-42386; 4520422303017, /93 RA-42421), 100Y.

1 YAK-42D (D-36) (4520424116683, /92 RA-42406 "YEKATERINA VELIKAYA"), 120Y.










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