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7JetSet7 Code: LBC
Status: Currently Not Operational
Region: EUROPE
Country: ALBANIA
Employees 160
Web: albanianair.com.
Email: marketing@albanianair.com
Telephone: +355 422 30857
Fax: +355 422 69031

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Started operations in 1995. International, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

Deshmoret St E4
Shkurtit, 3rd Floor
Tirana, Albania

The Republic of Albania was established in 1912, it covers an area of 28,748 sq km, its population is 3.5 million, its capital is Tirana, and its official language is Albanian.

November 2003: 140 employees.

Albanian Airlines (LBC) was formed as a joint venture between the Albanian state-owned Albtransport in Tirana, and Tyrolean Airways, the Innsbruck-based regional carrier. Was formerly the national airline of Albania.

Subsidiary of MAK-Albania/Member of Kharafi Group, Kuwait.

Parent organization/shareholders: Kharafi Group and Sons (100%).

Main Base: Tirana Rinas (TIA).

International, Scheduled Destinations: Bologna; Frankfurt; Istanbul; Pristina; Rome; & Zurich.

January 2004: Acquires a 3rd B Ae 146 to expand its network to London Gatwick (LGW) this summer, as well as to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Geneva, Madrid, and Paris, before the end of 2006.

December 2004: 140 employees.

MD-82 (49432), ex-Alitalia (ALI), Hemus (HMS) wet-leased.

January 2005: The Al Kharafi Group , co-owner of (LBC) will build a new international airport in northwest Albania, near the city of Kukes. With a proposed capacity of 100,000 passengers/year, it will handle traffic to the American-administered South Serbian province of Kosovo.

May 2007: Albanian Airlines (LBC) will launch flights from Tirana to Bari (May 4), Brussels (June 29), and Rimini (July 17).

July 2007: Aviareps was appointed by Albanian Airlines (LBC) as its General Sales Agent (GSA) for the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK.

August 2008: Albanian Airlines (LBC) is a privately owned carrier operating scheduled jet airplane services from Tirana to four Italian cities, in addition to Athens, Cairo, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Pristina, and Zurich.

160 employees.

(IATA) Code: LV - 639. (ICAO) Code: LBC (Callsign - ALBANIAN).

Main Base: Tirana Nene Tereza International Airport (TIA).

September 2008: MD-82 (49165, ZS-AFA), delivery, ex-American Airlines (AAL), ex-(N907TW) - - SEE PHOTO - - "LBC-MD-82-2008-09."

November 2009: Air Slovakia (SLO) will wet-lease five airplanes to Albanian Airlines (LBC) including 2 737-306s (23542, OM-ASD; 23545, OM-ASE) and a 757-28A (24544, OM-ASG - - SEE PHOTO - - "LBC-757-28A-2009-12") for one year and will "assist [Albanian (LBC)] to develop its operational capabilities in its efforts to operate scheduled services and become the leading airline of the region." (SLO) operates 737s and 757s while Albanian (LBC) has B Ae 146s and MD-82s, according to its website.

February 2010: Albanian Airlines (LBC) is now controlled by Azerbaijan based, the Evsen Group that has acquired a 93% stake in (LBC). It has announced an aggressive network and fleet expansion plan.

(LBC) has introduced some new routes already:
Tirana - Frankfurt: 2x weekly BAe 146 service (already launched) (replacing route via Sarajevo that was dropped);
Tirana - Sharjah: 3x weekly 757-200 service has started on December 16. It has already resumed twice weekly non-stop service from Tirana to Frankfurt and has announced plans to add Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin Tegel, Dusseldorf, Florence, Madrid, Jeddah, Paris (CDG), Pristina, Sharjah, Tehran Imam Khomeini, Venice Marco Polo, and Zurich to its network in 2010. The Evsen Group has also announced that it would replace the BAe 146s currently operated by (LBC) by some of the ex-KLM cityhopper (AUK) F 100s that the Evsen Group has acquired. The two ex-Singapore Airlines (SIA) 747-400s that Noor Airways has acquired are also supposed to be operated on behalf of (LBC) at a later stage. (LBC) has however already returned its single MD-82 to the lessor. It had also temporarily wet-leased four 737-300s and a 757-200 from Air Slovakia (SLO) as well as a 757-200 from Noor Airways until earlier this month.

August 2010: Albanian Airlines (LBC) has essentially gone back to its roots again concentrating on the Italian market after previous expansion plans have been given up and it again operates with its fleet of a BAe 146-100, a BAe 146-200 and a BAe 146-300. (LBC) has introduced new routes to Italy:
Tirana - Antalya: daily seasonal, B Ae 146 service until September 30;
Tirana - Florence: 3x weekly seasonal, B Ae 146 service between July 1 and September 14;
Tirana - Milan Orio al Serio: 3x weekly seasonal, B Ae 146 service between July 1 and September 28 (in addition to Malpensa route);
Tirana - Pisa: 5x weekly, B Ae 146 service started on July 1.

It has however given up its routes from Tirana to Rome Fiumicino, Sharjah, and Verona.

June 2011: BAE Systems placed one BAe 146-300 (delivered) with Albanian Airlines (LBC) configured in a 98Y-seat all-economy class layout. It joins two other BAe 146s at (LBC), and will be utilized to increase frequencies on existing routes from the capital Tirana, as well as for route expansion.


Click below for photos:
LBC-757-28A 2009-12
LBC-B AE 146-200 2009-10
LBC-DC-9-32 AUG07

June 2011:

0 737-306 (CFM56-3) (1317-23542, OM-ASD; 1353-23545, OM-ASE), (SLO) WET-LSD 2009-12. RTND.


0 757-28A (280-24544, OM-ASG - - SEE PHOTO - - "LBC-757-28A-2009-12"), (SLO) WET-LSD 2009-12. RTND.

0 757-200, NOOR AIRWAYS WET-LSD 2009-12. RTND.

0 DC-9-32 (JT8D-9A), (JAT) WET-LSD 2003-11. RTND. GLOBAL GROUP LSD 2007-08 - SEE PHOTO. RTND. 106Y.

0 MD-82 (JT8D-217A) (1117-49165, /83 ZA-ASA - - SEE PHOTO - - "LBC-MD-82-2008-09"), EX-(AAL)/(TWA), EX-(N907TW). RTND. 16F, 120Y.

0 MD-82 (JT8D-217A) (49432), (EX-(ALI), (HMS) WET-LSD 2004-12. RTND. 164Y.

0 F 50 (PW125B) (20252, /92 PH-KXM), DENIM AIR (DNM) WET-LSD 2007-03. RTND. 50Y.


1 B AE 146-100 (ALF502R-5) (E1085, /87 ZA-MAK), AVTRADE LSD 2004-02. 82Y.

1 B AE 146-200 (ALF502R-5) (E2054, /86 ZA-MAL - - SEE PHOTO - - "LBC-B AE 146-200 2009-10"), B AE LSD 2001-07, 94Y.

2 B AE 146-300 (ALF502R-5) (E3197, /91 ZA-MEV, 2003-02; 2011-06). 98Y.

0 YAK-40 (AI-25) (9340432, /73 LZ-DOB), HEMUS AIR LSD 1999-12, RTND. 27Y.




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