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7JetSet7 Code: LCA
Status: Operational
Region: ORIENT
Country: LAOS
Employees 277
Web: laocentral
Telephone: +856 021 513099
Fax: +856

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LCA-2013-01 - 1ST SSJ100 PAINTED

Formed in 2010 and started operations in 2011. Formerly Phongsavanh Airlines. Domestic, regional & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

Unit 03, Souphanonvong Road
Vientiane, Laos.

January 2013: The painting of the first Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) in its Lao Central Airlines (LCA) livery was completed at the Sukhoi (SSJ) Ulianovsk facility (Russia) - - SEE PHOTO - - "LCA-2013-01 - 1ST SSJ100 PAINTED."

The SSJ100, manufacture serial number 95026, is the first airplane to be delivered to (LCA), which is the second customer for the SSJ100 in Southeast Asia together with Sky Aviation (SKY). In December 2012, (SCAC) and the Indonesian carrier signed the Act of Delivery & Acceptance for the first SSJ100.

Lao Central Airlines (LCA), based in the Laos People’s Democratic Republic, made an order for three SSJ100 airplanes, plus six options, in a 93 seats two-class configuration.

The (LCA) SSJ100 will be operated by the airline in both domestic and international destinations: from Laos to Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, etc.

The SSJ100 has already achieved its Type Certificate by the Laos Civil Aviation Authority, confirming compliance of the airplane to the certification requirements of Laos and allowing the export to Laos and operation by (LCA) without restrictions.

February 2013: Lao Central Airlines ((IATA) Code: LF, based at Vientiane Wattay International (VTE)) has taken delivery of its first of three SSJ 100-95s (95026, RDPL-34195) on February 15. It is the first operator of the type to take delivery outside the (CIS) region that takes delivery of a Superjet regional airplanes. (LCA) already operates two 737-400s.

March 2013: Lao Central Airlines (LCA) and Indonesia’s Sky Aviation (SKI) announced their first Sukhoi Superjet 100s (SSJ100s) have launched their first flights. (LCA) launched its first domestic flight from Vientiane to Luang Prabang. (LCA) took delivery of its first SSJ100 in February. It plans to operate the airplane on both domestic and international routes from Laos to Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Ming, Singapore and other destinations in Southeast Asia.

Sky Aviation (SKI) SSJ100 launched domestic service from Makassar to Sorong. (SKI) took delivery of its first SSJ100 in January, which it plans to use for domestic destinations. (SKI) (CEO), Krisman Tarigan said last month: “Our country is an archipelago comprising numerous islands. It is vitally important to provide a transport link between them. Some airports in Indonesia have short runways implying certain restrictions for airplanes and [the] SSJ100 will fit these peculiarities as it can land on runways which are less than <1,800 meters.”

Sky Aviation (SKI), which ordered 12 airplanes at the (MAKS) Air Show in 2011, will take delivery of the airplanes through 2015. The first three airplanes feature a two-class cabin layout and seats 12C passengers in business and 75Y in economy; the rest will seat 8C in business and 90Y in economy.

Lao Central (LCA) has three airplanes on order, with six options. The airplane features a two-class cabin layout and seats 93 passengers.

October 2013: Lao Central Airlines (LCA) operates scheduled international services between Vientiane and Bangkok plus domestic services to Luang Prabang. Plans to expand its international network during 2013 to include services to Hanoi, Kunming, Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap.

(IATA) Code: LF. (ICAO) Code: LKA.

May 2014: Thales (THL) and its industrial partner (CIT) Lao are pleased to announce that Phase 1 of the (CNS)/(ATM) Improvement Project is completed and was officially handed over to the Ministry of Transports & Public Works of Lao (PDR) at a ceremony held in Vientiane, capital of Laos.

A new, fully equipped air traffic control (ATC) center housing the Thales (THL) TopSky-(ATC) system was officially opened at the ceremony. The air traffic management (ATM) system integrates the new Thales (THL) TopSky-(AMHS) with Thales (THL)’s state-of-the-art full Mode S radars and (ADS-B) functionalities. As part of the project, (THL) and (CIT) Lao have also delivered and installed new Navaids equipment across the country, (ADS-B) stations in Vientiane and a new radar system in the south of the country.

Lao (PDR)’s airspace is experiencing significant growth in volume, with up to 1,600 flights per month compared to just over >700 in 2008. The system is therefore geared up to manage increasing traffic flows, by providing up-to-date meteorological information from all the country’s airports to the control center in Vientiane, and sharing this with pilots (FC) alongside all other mission critical information prior to take-off.

February 2015: News Item A-1: The first private carrier to fly in the Lao People's Democratic Republic (LPDR), Phongsavanh Airlines, has rebranded and will relaunch as Lao Central Airlines (LCA) after a two-year suspension of services.

The Vientiane-based airline (which currently has only one airplane, a Sukhoi Superjet SSJ100-95), plans to start services later this year to Luang Prabang (Laos) and Don Mueang (Thailand) in the first stage of its relaunch plan.

The airline, which originally launched in late 2011 with two Boeing 737-400s, ceased scheduled flights in December 2013, citing unrest in its key market (Thailand) as a key reason. The relaunch will be timed to take advantage of the new Asian "Open Skies" agreement due to be ratified later this year, (LCA) Chairman, Od Phongsavanh said.

Od said (LCA) is already planning services to Da Nang (Vietnam), and Siem Reap (Cambodia) in the coming years as part of an ambitious second phase of expansion.

He said (LCA) has committed to take three more SSJ100-95s from Russia’s Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company, and is also looking to take 4 Boeing 777-200s and eight 737 MAXs, which will be used for long-haul international routes (potentially including to Vladivostok and Moscow).

News Item A-2: Lao Central Airlines ((IATA) Code: LF, based at Vientiane) (LCA) has revised its planned resumption of services date from mid year, to year-end, (LCA) Chairman and Chairman of its parent firm, the Phongsavanh Group, Professor Od Phongsavanh, has said. The relaunch will be timed to coincide with Laos' entry into the (ASEAN) Economic Community (AEC) common market.

Using its sole airplane (an SSJ100-95B parked at Vientiane) Lao Central (LCA) will resume flights to Luang Prabang domestically and to Bangkok Don Mueang regionally, before partnering Khon Kaen airport in Thailand in launching regional tourist flights to Vientiane, Da Nang, and Siem Reap. Thereafter, flights to Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore Changi, Naypyitaw, and Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok are planned.

In an interview with the "Vientiane Times" newspaper, Od said (LCA) intends to acquire four 777-200s and eight 737 MAXs for use on flights to Europe and Russia (Vladivostok and Moscow in particular). It has reportedly been able to finalize terms with Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (Moscow Zhukovsky) which will allow for the delivery of its three outstanding SSJ100-95s.

(LCA) claims it is also in consultation with British Airways (BAB) and Lufthansa (DLH) about a proposed Initial Public Offering (IPO) though no firm dates have been set.


Click below for photos:
LCA-737-400 - 2012-06
LCA-SSJ100-95 - 2015-02.jpg

April 2016:

1 737-4K5 (CFM56-3C1) (1707-24127, /89 RDPL-34183), EX-(OO-TUA), (NBBL) LSD 2011-06. 168Y.

1 737-4YO (CFM56-3C1) (1680-24314, /89 RDPL-34189), EX-(YR-BAI), (BBB) LSD 2011-07. 162Y.


4 ORDERS 777-200:

3 ILYUSHIN IL-76TD (D-30KP-2) (073411338, /77 RDPL-34155; 053460832, /85 RDPL-34183; 093418556, /79 RDPL-34157), EX-(UP-17610), IN OLD AEROFLOT (ARO) COLORS. FREIGHTER.

1 +3 ORDERS SUKHOI SSJ100-95B (SAM146) (95026, RDPL-34195, 2013-02), 2 CLASS, 98Y.



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