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7JetSet7 Code: LNR
Status: Operational
Employees 1440
Web: lan.com
Email: serviciocliente@lan.com
Telephone: +54 1143782200
Fax: +54 1143782298

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Formed and started operations in 2005. Domestic, regional, & international, scheduled & charter, passenger & cargo, jet airplane services.

Aero 2000 sa
Cordoba 996 Piso 8 "A"
Buenos Aires 1010AAR, Argentina


April 2005: Parent company, (LAN) (LAN) forms (LAN) Argentina (LNR) by acquiring local Argentine charter airline Aero2000, a company which belonged to Argentine businessman Miguel Ciadi. It had been set up in 2001 and has rights to fly to Cordoba, Iguazu, Calafate, Bariloche, Montevideo, Santiago de Chile, Miami, and Madrid. The Argentine Government has given the go-ahead for (LAN) Argentina (LNR) to be set up on condition it takes on all the staff of Argentinian Government operator Lafsa (LAZ) (1,440) and regional operator Aerovip, plus support Southern Winds (SOW) for 3 months. The plan is for (LAN) Argentina (LNR) to eventually absorb (SOW) staff, should the airline be unsuccessful in its bankruptcy protection.

737-230 (22114, LV-BBI), (LAN) leased.

June 2005: Launches (LAN) Argentina (LNR) with its inaugural flight from Buenos Aires to Mendoza (2/day). Paul Petrelli, General Manager (LAN) Argentina. Is part of the (LAN) Alliance including (LAN) Airlines, (LAN) Peru (LPU); & (LAN) Ecuador.

Started operations from Buenos Aires to Cordoba and Mendoza initially using 2 737-200 airplanes. The number of daily flights to each destination were increased from 2 to 4 and Bariloche has been added to the schedule. New services to Montevideo, Sao Paulo, and Madrid are planned for 2006.

Parent organization/shareholders: (LAN) Group (49%).

In August 2005, will begin flights to Miami with a 767 and plans to add 6 more domestic routes.

Will eventually replace 737's with A320-200's. In 2006, will have 4 737-200's, 11 A320-200's for domestic and regional routes.

August 2005: 2 737-230's (22121, LV-BCB; 22122, LV-BCD), (LAN) leased.

November 2005: (LAN) Argentina (LNR) will launch its 1st international service December 1 with a daily flight between Miami and Buenos Aires using a 767-300.

June 2006: (LAN) Argentina (LNR) will inaugurate nonstop service from Buenos Aires to Miami on August 15th. The airline will operate 3x-weekly with a 767-300, departing Buenos Aires on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Miami on Wednesdays, Fridays, & Sundays.

October 2006: (LAN) Airlines more than doubled its 3rd-quarter net income to +$51.5 million from +$23.8 million in the year-ago period as revenues grew +22.6% to $762.3 million, boosting operating margin +7.6 points to 9.3%.

The carrier said that the "significant margin improvements [resulted] mainly from higher revenues per (ATK) in both the passenger and cargo business. The company's strong 3rd-quarter operating performance provides a solid base for long-term growth and profitability." With 48 airplanes being added to its fleet in 2006 -2008, passenger capacity is expected to grow +10% - +12% for full-year 2006 and +23% - +25% in 2007.

3rd-quarter operating expenses rose +13% to $691.8 million and operating income widened significantly to +$70.5 million from +$10 million in the year-ago quarter. Traffic increased +10.2% to 5.07 billion (RPK)s on a +11.9% lift in capacity to 6.7 billion (ASK)s, producing a load factor of 75.7% LF, down -1.1 points. Yield rose +17% to 9.4 cents.

(LAN) said it is moving forward with its domestic and regional business model overhaul, which aims to reduce overhead costs by -30% per (ASK) on short-haul routes by the end of 2008. It is targeting airplane utilization of 12 block hours per day for narrow body operations in Chile, Argentina and Peru. It will phase out 737-200s in favor of new A320s in 2007, and will operate more point-to-point flights. It plans for future "fare reductions" made possible by the cost savings.

November 2006: (LAN) Argentina (LNR) and (LAN) Ecuador will join Oneworld (ONW), the alliance announced last week. (LAN) Airlines of Chile became a full member in June 2000, along with LAN Express (LDE) and LAN Peru (LPU). (LAN) Argentina (LNR) and (LAN) Ecuador will become affiliate members "as soon as the necessary joining technicalities can be completed," which the alliance said would be "as early as possible" next year. Japan Airlines (JAL), Malev Hungarian Airlines (HGA), and Royal Jordanian (RJA) also will join in 2007. (LAN) Argentina (LNR) operates from Buenos Aires to 6 domestic destinations with flights to El Calafate and Ushuaia set to launch Tuesday and Miami with 3 A320s, 4 737-200s and 2 767-300s. (LAN) Peru (LPU) flies to a variety of domestic and North and South American destinations with 7 A320s and 2 767-300s.

February 2007: The Oneworld (ONW) alliance confirmed that Royal Jordanian (RJA), Japan Airlines (JAL)/(JAS), and Malev Hungarian Airlines (HGA) will join the alliance as full members on April 1. +5 subsidiaries of JAL Group (JAL)/(JAS) will join the same day as affiliates: JALways (JAI), Japan Asia Airways (JAA), JAL Express (JEX), J-AIR and Japan Transocean Air (SWL). At the same time, Aer Lingus (ARL) will withdraw from the alliance. 3 other airlines are lining up to join as affiliates in 2007: Dragonair (DRG), (LAN) Argentina (LNR), and (LAN) Ecuador (LNE). The membership changes will expand Oneworld (ONW)'s reach to almost 700 airports, nearly 150 countries and 9,000 daily departures by around 2,500 airplanes.

May 2007: (LAN) Argentina (LNR) pilots (FC), maintenance (MT) personnel and ground employees staged a surprise strike that forced the cancellation of all of the carrier's domestic flights for the past two days. Labor leaders showed no signs of backing down. "The strike will continue," a pilots union representative told the "Buenos Aires Herald." Management appeared to be caught off guard by the workers' absence and reportedly is seeking assistance from Argentina's Labor Ministry to resolve the dispute.

Later, (LAN) Argentina (LNR) said it reached an agreement to end a strike by pilots (FC) and mechanics (MT) that forced cancellation of all its flights for 4 days. The work action, which began without warning on May 14, ended following a "lengthy meeting" with labor unions representing both groups at the Argentina Transportation Secretariat. "(LAN) Argentina (LNR)'s management team engaged in negotiations with the Secretary of Transportation and sub-secretary of Commercial Air Transport of Argentina, and reached an agreement on an accord mutually beneficial for both syndicates," the airline said.

Other (LAN) alliance carriers were not affected by the strike, although (LAN) conceded that passengers originating in Argentina had difficulty reaching connecting flights. (LAN) Argentina (LNR)'s network comprises 10 destinations. It issued refunds and rescheduled flights for passengers affected by the surprise four-day work action.

(LAN) Argentina (LNR) maintained that "it has respected all of its obligations established by all collective bargaining agreements" and that it was unaware workers had issues, until they failed to report for work on May 14. But union leaders complained to South American media that the carrier failed to live up to labor agreements and to Argentine labor laws. No estimate on lost revenue was released.

July 2007: Calling it "the largest investment in the company's history," (LAN) Airlines announced that the board of directors decided to purchase 26 787s and acquire an additional 6 on lease. The commitment, which also includes 10 options, will require an investment of $3.2 billion and would make the carrier Latin America's largest Dreamliner operator. (LAN) said it will take delivery between 2011 and 2016 and that the options will be available in 2017 and 2018. "These new airplanes are aimed to replace and grow the company's long-haul fleet and will allow (LAN) to operate new international routes that will be added to (LAN) Airlines' current network including LAN Peru (LPU), (LAN) Argentina (LNR), and (LAN) Ecuador (LNE)," the carrier said. (CEO) Enrique Cueto said the "historic investment assures the future growth of the company."

June 2008: A320-233 (LV-BFO) has Oneworld (ONW) colors - - SEE ATTACHED PHOTO - - "LNR-A320-233-JUN08."

March 2009: LAN Argentina (LNR) is an affiliate member of the Oneworld (ONW) alliance.

(LNR) is launching a new route this spring. In April, it will connect Buenos Aires with Tucuman, a city in northern Argentina with a
population of about a half million residents.

April 2010: 767-316ER (35229, LV-CDQ), (LAN) Airlines leased.

September 2010: LAN Argentina (LNR) is an Argentinian affiliate of the Chilean (LAN) Group of airlines. It operates jet airplane flights on domestic services and a route to the USA.

(IATA) Code: 4M 469. (ICAO) Code: DSM (Callsign - AERO DOSMIL).

Parent organization/shareholders: (LAN) Airlines (90%); & Argentine Investors (10%).

Alliances: American Airlines (AAL); & TAM Linhas Aereas (TPR).

Main Base: Buenos Aires Aeroparque Jorge Newbury Airport (AEP).

Domestic, scheduled destinations: Buenos Aires; Cordoba; & Mendoza.

International, scheduled destination: Miami.

December 2010: The "Associated Press" reported that a strike by (LAN) Argentina (LNR) flight attendants (CA) is expected to cause the delay or cancellation of about 30 flights daily.

March 2011: (LAN) Airlines and affiliates Lan Peru (LPU), Lan Argentina (LNR) and Lan Ecuador (LNE) signed a bilateral interline agreement with JetBlue Airways (JBL), under which (LAN) passengers gain access to up to 55 cities in the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean through (JBL)'s hub at New York (JFK). (JBL) customers gain access to (LAN) destinations in South America. Under the terms of the deal, customers will be able to purchase a single ticket for travel on both airlines and take advantage of one-stop check-in for boarding passes and baggage.

"This agreement makes it possible to connect passengers with attractive new destinations and offers more convenient connections, including 150 new daily interline flights to and from New York, Boston, Chicago, and Washington DC, as well as others in the Midwest and Western USA," (LAN) Airlines (CEO) Passenger Division, Armando Valdivieso said.

(JBL) in January disclosed it would seek to add "another 6 partnerships or so" this year. (JBL) also interlines with American Airlines (AAL), Lufthansa (DLH), South African Airways (SAA), Aer Lingus (ARL), Emirates (EAD), El Al (ELA) and Cape Air.

December 2011: (LAN) Airlines and Amadeus have signed a full-content distribution agreement. The multi-year agreement guarantees Amadeus travel agents worldwide access to the entire range of fares, schedules and inventory relating to >18 million seats sold annually by the (LAN) Group Airlines ((LAN) Airlines, LAN Ecuador (LNE), LAN Perú (LPU), LAN Argentina (LNR), Aires (AIR), and LAN Express (LDE)).

Amadeus has content agreements with key airlines in Latin America including AviancaTaca (AVI)/(TAC), Copa Airlines (COP) and (TAM) (TPR).

September 2012: (LAN) Argentina (LNR) is reportedly no longer allowed to increase its fleet of 12 A320-200s and 2 767-300ERs any further according to a news report by newspaper "La Nación Argentina" saying that the government would have taken this step to protect national carrier Aerolineas Argentinas (ARG). (LAN) VP Corporate Affairs, Pablo Querol has downplayed the news article saying that (LAN) would have excellent relationship with the Argentinian government and that the two parties would jointly agree on fleet increases in the future as and when (LAN) would choose to do so saying it would not have received any official notice of such a ban on new airplanes for subsidiary, (LAN) Argentina (LNR).

October 2013: Domestically, Aerolineas Argentinas (ARG) benefits from a lack of competition, as Argentina is not open to new entrants including low-cost carriers (LCC)s. Its only main domestic competitor, (LAN) Argentina (LNR), has been unable to expand and has had to overcome numerous challenges, including a recent attempt to evict (LNR) from its maintenance base, which could have forced it to withdraw from the domestic market.

August 2014: (LAN) Airlines ((IATA) Code: LA, based at Santiago de Chile International) and (TAM) Linhas Aéreas ((iata) Code: JJ, based at São Paulo Congonhas) (TPR) will begin the transition into a singular brand before the end of the year (LAN)'s (CEO) Ignacio Cueto, has said. Speaking to Colombia's "El Tiempo" newspaper, Cueto said (LATAM) Group management is working hard to find a suitable name that will unify the (LATAM) brand, but which "will not necessarily be that of (TAM), (LAN), or even (LATAM)."

The (CEO) went on to add that the creation of a single brand would also better facilitate promotion of the group companies and will also allow passengers to better identify the group's network of destinations, particularly in places where they are less well known.

(LAN) and (TAM) (TPR) merged in 2012 to create the world's 2nd largest airline by market value.

(LATAM) Airlines Group includes (LAN) Airlines and affiliates (LAN) Perú ((IATA) LP, based at Lima) (LPU), (LAN) Argentina ((IATA) Code: 4M, based at Buenos Aires Aeroparque) (LNR), (LAN) Colombia ((IATA) Code: 4C, based at Bogotá) (AIR), (LAN) Ecuador ((IATA) Code: XL, based at Quito International) (LNE), (LAN) Cargo ((IATA) Code: UC, based at Santiago de Chile International) (LCO), Linea Aérea Carguera de Colombia ((IATA) Code: L7, Bogotá), MAS Air ((IATA) Code: M7, based at México City) (MSR) and (ABSA) Cargo ((IATA) Code: M3, based at Campinas Viracopos) (BSB), alongside (TAM) (TPR) and its subsidiaries, Pantanal Linhas Aéreas ((IATA) Code: GP, based at São Paulo Congonhas), (TAM) Airlines ((IATA) Code: PZ, based at Asuncion) (LAP), and (TAM) Cargo - Táxi Aéreo Marília (based at São Paulo Congonhas).

November 2015: 767-316 (34628, LV-CKU), ex-(CC-CWH), ferried from Mexico, (LAN) leased.

September 2016: A320-233 (1568, LV-CKV), ex-(CC-COL) sub leased from (LATAM) Airlines Chile (LAN).

January 2017: A320-233 (3556, LV-GUS), ex-(CC-CQP).


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LNR-A320 - 2011-09

November 2017:

0 737-230 (JT8D-15) (657-22114, /81 LV-BBI, 2005-04; 720-22121, LC-BCB, 2005-08; 721-22122, LV-BCD, 2005-08; 781-22135, LV-BBM, 2005-04), EX-(DLH), (LAN) LEASED. 8C, 102Y.

0 767-316 (34628, LV-CKU), EX-(CC-CWH), 2015-11.

1 767-316ER (CF6-80C2B7F) (641-26329, /96 LV-BMR), (ILF) LEASED 2007-11. 214Y.

1 767-316ER (35229, LV-CDQ), (LAN) LEASED 2010-04. 214Y.

1 767-375ER (CF6-80C2B6F) (430-25865, /92 LV-BTE), (TCI) LEASED 2008-12. 214Y.

10 A320-200 (V2527E-5). 16F, 120Y.

1 A320-233 (V2527E-A5) (1304, /00 LV-BRA; 1332, /00 LV-BSJ; 1351, /00 LV-BRY; 1491, /01 LV-BOI; 1512, /01 LV-BHU; 1548, /01 LV-BTM; 1854, /02 LV-BET; 1858, /02 LV-BFY; 1903, /02 LV-BGI; 16F, 120Y.

1 A320-233 (V2527E-A5) (1877, /02 LV-BFO - - SEE ATTACHED PHOTO - - "LNR-A320-233-2008-06, (LAN) WET-LSD 2008-06, IN "ONEWORLD" (ONW) COLORS. 16F, 120Y.

1 A320-233 (V2527-A5) (3556, LV-GUS), EX-(CC-CQP) 2017-01.

1 A330-233 (V2527E-A5) (1568, LV-CKV), EX-(CC-COL) (LAN) WET-LEASED 2016-09. 16F, 120Y.






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